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Zi Yan lowered her eyes and replied, “Except for Hua Mei who left to pick up some tea, nobody else left the courtyard.” Then, as if she realized something, she added, “Hua Mei left for about half an hour before returning.”

Li Wei Yang gently chuckled.
“Call her in for me.”

Zi Yan hesitated.
“Xiaojie, if you need something, just let me do it.”

“You can’t.
Today I want to put on a play.
How can I not make it a good show?” Li Wei Yang grinned.
“Go summon her for me.”

Zi Yan obeyed and went out to summon Hua Mei.

Meanwhile Li Wei Yang enjoyed her tea and patiently waited.

Shortly after, Zi Yan returned with Hua Mei following.
Li Wei Yang didn’t even care to raise an eyelid.

Hua Mei had always been guarded by Zi Yan, therefore, she rarely has the opportunity to enter Wei Yang’s bedchamber.
But today she was summoned by xiaojie, she couldn’t help feel restless.
Even though Hua Mei was a lowly maidservant, she had never feared Li Wei Yang, mainly because she had Da furen as her powerful backup.
Even if San xiaojie disliked her, there was nothing San xiaojie could do to her.
Yet after the last incident, Hua Mei truly thought San xiaojie was .
a little unpredictable.
It was hard to know what she would do next.

Li Wei Yang lifted her head.
“Hua Mei, from today onwards, you will help me look after the wardrobe and accessories.”

This was an important task, which was why Zi Yan was shocked.
Her lips twitched as she looked at Bai Zhi who was actually quite calm and composed.
Noticing Bai Zhi’s expression, Zi Yan swallowed her words and didn’t say anything.

Startled, Hua Mei stared at Li Wei Yang.

Li Wei Yang continued, “Bai Zhi, hand over all those important coffers to Hua Mei.
Let her look after them.”

“Yes.” Bai Zhi immediately turned around and left.

Hua Mei beamed happily. San xiaojie was probably afraid of Da furen, which was why she decided to give me this important task! Hmph! Then again, she’s still just the concubine’s daughter, still need to live according to the matron’s mood!

Bai Zhi heaved out three coffers and said to Hua Mei, “These three coffers will be looked after by you.
You cannot be careless.”

Hua Mei cheerfully laughed and grabbed the keys from Bai Zhi.
“That’s obvious! Xiaojie need not worry!”

Early the next morning, Hua Mei didn’t have time to give the coffers a thorough check-up before she was interrupted by Lao furen’s people, who was sent over to tailor new clothes for San xiaojie.

Hua Mei brought out the coffers, opened it up, then immediately heard Bai Zhi’s angry voice.

“Hua Mei! What is the meaning of this?!”

Hua Mei stiffened and looked down.
The silk brocades were all tangled up in a messy pile and had cat scratch marks all over.
Worse, it was all destroyed!

Hua Mei turned pale white and abruptly kneeled on the floor.
“San xiaojie.
. Nubi .
. Nubi don’t know why it’s like this!”

Li Wei Yang furrowed her brows and stood up.
“Tie her down!”

Hua Mei suddenly wanted to grab a hold of Wei Yang’s dress but was shoved away by Bai Zhi.
“Do you not hear xiaojie’s words?!”

Hua Mei viciously shoved Bai Zhi as she screamed and pushed herself towards Li Wei Yang.
“San xiaojie, you can’t punish me!”

Li Wei Yang didn’t look back.
“Then we’ll wait until I’ve seen Lao furen and Mother!”

On the way to He Xiang Yuan, Li Wei Yang didn’t stop but walked right into the courtyard.

Tears welled up in her eyes.
“Lao furen, Wei Yang’s silks have all been ruined by a cat.

Lao furen was sitting and sipping on her tea but the moment she heard Wei Yang’s voice, her eyebrows furrowed.
She was about to say something but right then, Lu Zhi stumbled into the hall.

“Something bad has happened, Lao furen! The parrot.

Lao furen shot up on her feet.
The tea cup in her hand fell and shattered into pieces.

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