hang Le liked.
With a fake smile, she said, “Da jie, I really like this silk brocade and even the color is quite suitable for me.”

Li Zhang Le grinned.
“Then Er meimei should go ahead take it.” Obviously Li Zhang Le didn’t want to give away that particular silk brocade but she wanted to appear generous and kind-hearted.
Li Wei Yang quietly laughed as she lowered her head to drink her tea, acting like she didn’t see anything.

Li Zhang Le’s hands stopped on the sparkling Hayun hong silk brocade but at the same time, Li Chang Ru’s hands also reached for it.
It happened again for the next three times.
Even if Li Zhang Le had self-composure, her smiling face was long gone.

Er furen giggled and said, “Da xiaojie has always been greatly taken care of but your meimei is still a child.
She finds everything new and refreshing so you should tolerate her a little.
In return, I will gift you a set of jewelry made of gems.”

Zhang Le had plenty of jewelries made out of gems but didn’t have much of these rare silks.
Her face slightly turned red but she couldn’t talk back to the seniors.

Li Wei Yang lowered her gaze.
All of these silk brocades were brought by Da shaoye.
Although it was supposed to be for everyone in the family but in reality, all the good stuff would be given to Da furen and Li Zhang Le.
 However, Er furen and Er xiaojie were being shameless and thick-skinned.
As a result, it made Li Zhang Le angry but she had to hold it in.

Da furen casually said, “Zhang Le, they’re just silks.
If you like something in the bunch, just tell your Da ge to bring a few back.” Despite speaking in a casual manner, her words were meant to pressure Er furen.

Er furen’s expression changed as she immediately retorted.

Dafang and Erfang over there were acting the two warring sides.
Meanwhile, San furen was sitting to one side, grinning as her eyes stopped on Li Wei Yang.
The Li’s had Da xiaojie who was known for her goddess-like beauty, Er xiaojie with her dazzling charms, Si xiaojie and Wu xiaojie who were both cute and adorable, yet when it comes to Li Wei Yang, she possessed a unique, individual charm.

Right at this moment, Li Wei Yang looked up and caught San furen’s eyes.
The two of them exchanged a smiling look.
There was a special, silent communication between the two of them.

After Li Wei Yang had rescued San shaoye, she and San furen had developed a secret, implicit agreement to be allies.
This was something that Da furen had absolutely no knowledge of.
All Da furen knew was that her two mumus had been careless, which caused their failures.
They didn’t check to make sure the body was dead before disposing the body.
She believed that San shaoye had good fortune and was able to escape death but didn’t realize it was Wei Yang who had saved him.

The room was filled with gorgeous and splendid silk.
It was hard not to be tempted.
Even Si xiaojie, Li Chang Xiao, who was generally simple-minded couldn’t help but browsed through the numerous brocades of silk.
Only Li Wei Yang remained in her seat, not moving an inch.

Lao furen suddenly spoke up, “Wei Yang, don’t just sit there.
You should go and pick out a few that you like.”

Li Wei Yang stood up and said, “Wei Yang thanks Lao furen.”

She had just picked up a brocade of golden oriole silk to examine when suddenly, a strong breeze from the outside blew in.
Following it was the sound of a servant’s scream.
Wei Yang promptly felt there was something sharp and curvy on her shoes.
She was taken by surprise and instinctively took a step backwards.

It was a snow-white Arabic cat.
One of its eyes was blue and the other was yellow.
It was looking at her arrogantly.

Li Zhang Le’s slender hands reached down to pick up the Arabic cat.
“Did it scare you, San mei? This is the fortune cat that Da ge sent me.
Take a look, isn’t it pretty?”

Of course Li Wei Yang recognized this particular cat.
In the previous lifetime, it had been Li Zhang Le’s most adored pet.
It had entered the palace with her.
Not only was it arrogant and proud, it had once used its claws to scratch Yu Li’s small hands and drew blood.

Wei Yang could never forget the moment when Li Zhang Le was hugging her cat and said to her, “San mei, my fortune cat likes to sunbathe in the flower garden but it does not like strangers.
It’s better if you could keep an eye on the Crown Prince and don’t let him get too close to Yuhua Yuan.”

Underneath her sleebes, Li Wei Yang’s hands clenched into tight fists.
Her smile grew brighter.
“Da jie, it’s such an adorable cat!”

As she spoke, a plan was already established in her head.

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