rs, experiencing the ups and downs together.
At his most difficult time, she was the only one beside him but when he became the Emperor, he suddenly loved Zhang Le.
He wanted to depose her but at the same time, said he didn’t want her to worry about food and shelter.

“Everything I’ve done was for you.
Just to protect you, I didn’t even care about my own life but in the end all I’ve received is a saying to not worry about food and shelter? 8 years! We’ve been husband and wife for 8 years, but it can’t even be compared to Li Zhang Le’s beauty.
A comfortable life? Who needs a comfortable life? All of the danger and suffering I endured is to achieve what I have today but you so easily handed it to some other woman! Yet you want me to be grateful towards you guys?”

Tuo Ba Zhen pounded his hands down on the table.
The teapot fell to the ground.
He frowned.
“Shut up! What other woman?! Zhang Le is your sister!”

Li Wei Yang sneered.
“Sister? She is the fairy sent from heaven, she is the noble young lady of the Li family, and what about me? I’m merely the mistress’s daughter, a misfortune that my father wouldn’t even look at, like the dirt on the ground! If she had really thought of me as her sister, how could she steal my husband from me? How could she steal the position of Crown Prince from my son?”

Tuo Ba Zhen softly scoffed.
He lowered his gaze onto Li Wei Yang’s pale face.
His gaze was wicked and intimidating to the point it could make a person forget how to breathe.
“Zhang Le is pure and kind-hearted.
She wouldn’t even kill an ant.
You can’t be compared to her! As for Yu Li, he has no respect or sense of filial piety.
He dared to say disrespectful things towards Zhang Le.
He has no rights to be the Crown Prince!”

Pure and kind-hearted? Since young, she was always the one helping others and doing the good deeds, but the person to benefit from it all was her sister.
It’s simply because she has the face of an Angel, beautiful enough to make others believe her heart was also a reflection of her appearance.

Li Wei Yang wanted to laugh at herself.
His voice was like a sword, stabbing straight into her heart as blood oozed out.
It felt like there were hot tears streaming out of her empty, dried up eyes.

Her eyes were filled with unspeakable despair.
“That’s right, I can’t be compared to Zhang Le but Yu Li is innocent.
He’s a 4 year old child.
There are many things he doesn’t understand.
He sees his mother hurting and crying, that’s why he couldn’t help but to say some resentful words towards Zhang Le, but you’re so cold-hearted to lock him up for 3 days and 3 nights!”

Tuo Ba Zhen emotionlessly stared at her without saying a word.

Her heart broke even more.
“If it weren’t for that, his lungs wouldn’t be infected.
He wouldn’t have to die at an age so young! He’s your flesh and blood.
All because of one word from you that he is too disrespectful and you treated him like that.
Am I wrong? I called upon all the Imperial Doctors to treat him because I want to save my flesh and blood! You only think about Li Zhang Le.
My Yu Li was suffering from a high fever.
He told me that he was hurting.
Do you understand how painful it was for me? If I could, I would trade my life in exchange for his.
That precious son of yours has you and Li Zhang Le, but Yu Li only has me! Why should I go see Li Zhang Le and take care of her? At that moment, my Yu Li was fighting between life and death.
Right now I don’t need anything.
All I want is for Yu Li to live again! I hate Li Zhang Le, I hate her to death.
I hate that I can’t mince her into pieces!”

“You bitch!” Tuo Ba Zhen was furious.
He was filled with disgust and disdain for this woman before him.
“If you want to hate then hate me! She didn’t want to enter the palace but it was me who forced her to enter the palace, wanting to make her the Empress.
She’s an innocent and kind-hearted person.
How could she possibly have such an evil and scary little sister like you?” He walked quickly towards Li Wei Yang and evilly pulled on her hair.
“I will definitely not forgive you! I want you to suffer for the rest of your life! Guards! Cut off this bitch’s legs and throw her into the Cold Palace!”

Then Wei Yang saw some sort of yellow thing.
The palace was dark and somber, but that yellow thing blinded everything else.
It was even brighter than the candlelight, penetrating through the entire world.
She knew right then that it was the Emperor’s royal decree to depose the Empress.

The Eunuch announced the decree.
Somewhere, there was a pair of eyes that looked like poisonous arrows wanting to shoot through her heart.
Her soul was lost, she was empty.
All thoughts disappeared inside her head except for two words: revenge and hatred.
She could not hear a word; her devastated soul had long flown away to somewhere far, far away.

Tuo Ba Zhen, you are ruthless.
Truly ruthless!

Holding her heart, she lay down on the ground but he didn’t spare her a second look.
He lifted his foot and kicked her mercilessly.
This kick didn’t just hurt her physically but had trampled on her dignity and spirit.

Li Wei Yang laughed hysterically.
She had once said she loved Jiang Nan’s landscape.
One of these days, when everything has come to an end, she wanted to go to Jiang Nan to view its scenery, to drink good tea, to listen to the best folk songs and to travel the world.
Tuo Ba Zhen said he would remember those words for the rest of his life.
And it’s because he remembers, that’s why he used this method to punish her.
She said she wanted to travel the world, so he cut off her legs.
She said she wanted to be Empress, so he deposed her and threw her into the Cold Palace.
Tuo Ba Zhen, you are truly sinister, truly ruthless!

Under the Cold Palace’s roof, Li Wei Yang slightly narrowed her eyes.

Afterwards, Tuo Ba Zhen made Li Zhang Le into Empress, made her son into Crown Prince.
For the rest of their lives, they were loved and bathed in glory whereas Li Wei Yang had been forgotten and abandoned.
Staying alive was merely to prolong the last breath.
She had promised herself to live longer than Li Zhang Le.
She must live longer than Li Zhang Le!

Right then, the doors to the Cold Palace opened.
Li Wei Yang saw a faint ray of light through the crack in the door.

“Li Wei Yang, kneel and accept the decree!”

Kneel? Her legs were amputated, so how can she kneel?

Li Wei Yang didn’t understand what the man was saying.
His voice was hoarse yet sharp to the ears.
She was dragged out into the hallway by someone.

“The Emperor has decreed: the deposed Empress Li has no virtues and does not reflect on her wrong-doings, instead cursing the new Empress day and night.
She is granted the poisoned wine!”

“Consort Li, don’t blame others.
The Empress has been terrified and restless, losing sleep at night.
The Emperor found a diviner and it was determined that your karma is too strong and opposes the Empress.
You should hurry and go reincarnate!”

Poison wine.
Of course it was going to be poison wine! Her life was spent as a good wife.
She did everything for him.
She was a good Empress.
On the battlefield, she didn’t care about her own health but personally went around and encouraged the soldiers’ morale.
When a natural disaster happened, she immediately donated silvers and gold to the citizens.
Even if he got angry at her, she helped him point out and corrected his faults.
She treated the palace maids and eunuchs with tolerance and kindness.
But what happened to her now? When she was met with misfortune, not a single person has come forward to help her.

Li Wei Yang laughed like a maniac.
“Tuo Ba Zhen, Li Zhang Le, good for you guys! You guys treated me so well! In the next lifetime, I – Li Wei Yang – swear to never do people favours, to never step into the palace and to never become the Empress!”

The senior eunuch looked at the deposed Empress Li with pity and sighed deeply.
“Drag her down.”

Miles away, Li Wei Yang’s voice could still be heard.
Her voice was hysterical but also filled with painful suffering.
That noise sounded like endless curses filling up the entire palace, instilling fear into people’s hearts.

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