Li Min De caught up to them with a smile that looked very ordinary.
One glance at him and no one would be able to tell at all that he and Li Weiyang have just planned the deaths of 500,000 people, “The steward of the Jiang family has left Da Li and he will never come back again.”

Li Weiyang sighed and said, “I didn’t want to do this either.
Once the fire burns through, Mo Bei will not merely lose their grasslands.
In the next year, I don’t know how many cattle will starve to death and how many people will be hurt.
I’m just bothered that just an earthquake in Da Li managed to attract 500,000 troops from Mo Bei.
Jiang Hua did not hesitate to sell out the country in order to regain his military power and naturally indulge Mo Bei to obtain countless cities.
That way, the Jiang family would be the ones to turn the tide, and that is something that I will never allow again!” Moreover, according to their usual habits, wherever Mo Bei’s army went, pandemonium would break loose.
Killing innocent civilians, deflowering women and mutilating children— all of which were done by beasts. 

With this fire, the Emperor of Mo Bei would have no choice but to bring his people far away in order to find a new land to reign and prosper from.
Even if this year passed and new greeneries started to sprout by the next year, Mo Bei, that lost half a million troops, would not be able to regain their strength.

Li Min De looked at her for a moment and said, “I didn’t expect you to give this credit to Tuoba Yu.
In fact, I thought you had already given up on him.”

Li Weiyang didn’t show any sort of emotion on her face and said coldly, “Indeed, I have given up on him.
But at present, he is the best candidate for the job.
I would rather give this kind of credit to a stranger than to grant it to the Jiang family and Tuoba Zhen.
On the contrary, the Crown Prince’s reckless action this time gave Li Yuan Heng a chance to flee.
It is conceivable how much he will be blamed if we were to compare him with the other two.”

Hearing this sentence, Bai Zhi and Mo Zhu looked at each other in blank dismay, but Li Min De was shocked, “I thought you were reluctant to let those innocent commonfolk suffer.”

Li Weiyang smiled, “I have only one purpose— and that is to make sure the Jiang family has no chance of rising up ever again,” Even if Tuoba Yu really desired the throne, he would never get it! As for everything else…she merely managed to help out while she worked on her own goals.
Li Weiyang didn’t have any intention to be a saint nor a saviour.

Li Min De just smiled.
To grant Li Weiyang’s wish, he could do anything.
He smiled and said, “Li Yuan Heng is a petty person like no other.
Now, he probably feels like Jiang Hua betrayed him, so he will most definitely collect that debt very soon.”

Zhao Yue had been following them without making a sound, but she finally couldn’t help it.
She asked, “But, shouldn’t he take revenge on our Lady first?”

Li Weiyang turned around.
Upon looking at Zhao Yue’s confused expression, she said softly, “No, he is a very arrogant person and the last thing he can tolerate is betrayal.
He is the only one who can betray others in this world but he won’t allow others to betray him.
He and I were not friends in the first place, so it’s not surprising for me to string him along.
However, Jiang Hua sent 500,000 of his men to their deaths.
He’s going to think that Jiang Hua schemed an entirely elaborate plan against him.
So tell me, how do you think he’s going to treat the Jiang family? He’d probably want to tear them into pieces, don’t you think?”

Although Li Weiyang had been with Li Yuan Heng for a short time, she had already seen through the other party’s character.
He was the same as Tuoba Zhen— results were the most important thing to them.
Jiang Hua ‘destroyed’ the other party’s great cause, resulting in losing half a million men.
He would lose his rights to succeed the throne of Mo Bei and was probably afraid of receiving his impending punishment once he went home.
It was conceivable how much he would despise Jiang Hua, perhaps going as far as to handle this revenge before dealing with anything else.

Jiang Hua, you are the one who tried to harm me, so you can’t blame me for being vicious.
Plus, what you have always wanted was my life, so I will naturally repay you in the same way.
Li Weiyang looked at the night sky and her voice became softer,”It’s almost spring, it seems.
The wind doesn’t feel that cold anymore.”

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