Li Yuan Heng was rather suspicious at first, but when he saw the exit documents, he stopped thinking about it altogether.
After carefully checking the authenticity of the information, he was provided with some money, a four-wheeled carriage and was able to hire a driver to get on the road.
The journey was light and easy, leaving the border of Da Li smoothly after relying on the documents to go through customs.


Stretching her head out of the carriage, He Chang suddenly smiled and said, “Fourth Brother, we are leaving Da Li soon!” She was the most vigilant at first, but the long-term depression and inexplicable fear of being caught by the soldiers slowly wore off.
Coupled with the fact that she was about to see Mo Bei’s army in front of her eyes, she began to relax her vigilance a little.


Li Yuan Heng nodded before he added, “One day, I will avenge the loss I suffered this time!” He had never been this embarrassed before, so he must not just let Li Weiyang go without any sort of retribution! Thinking of this, Li Yuan Heng’s expression became more sinister. 


In fact, they hadn’t entirely rid themselves of Da Li’s pursuers.
These men seemed to be lingering ghosts as they kept following the pair closely.
Li Yuan Heng knew that the Emperor specially sent the Seventh Prince Tuoba Yu to lead his troops in pursuit.
Now that they had reached the junction of the two countries, it was the boundary where both sides were keeping an eye on closely.
The initial thousand-man army had also merged with the 100,000 troops by the border long ago.


Although Mo Bei’s 500,000 troops were already within sight, Li Yuan Heng didn’t dare to take the risk of stopping as the carriage sprinted forward desperately.
He had already decided that when he arrived in Mo Bei, he would attack Da Li immediately.
A mere 100,000 troops were originally short-handed, and after the Da Li earthquake, the numbers would seriously drop— it was nothing short of the best decision to attack at this moment! Once he marched his way into the capital of Da Li, he was going to chop off Li Weiyang’s head to vent his hatred! To avenge this girl’s teasing!


He Chang glanced at Li Yuan Heng’s gloomy expression and couldn’t help shaking her head.
She originally thought that Li Weiyang had a great plan, but it turned out that she was just jesting with them.
After all, didn’t she allow Li Yuan Heng to seize the opportunity to escape? 


That naive girl would know what terrible consequences that decision of hers will cause in the future! When Da Li’s blood flows into rivers, Li Weiyang will definitely regret today’s rash teasing! At first she thought that Li Weiyang was the same kind of person as herself, so she really looked up to her! Who would have thought that Li Weiyang was just an ignorant idiot who relied on her cheeky cleverness to tease and frighten others!


The carriage sprinted the remaining way towards the endless grasslands in front of them.
Li Yuan Heng laughed loudly, knowing that when he returned to the army, he was going to turn around and kill Tuoba Yu!


Just then, the sentries in Mo Bei had spotted them.


Looking at the golden flag of the military that was adorned with a black wolf’s head, Li Yuan Heng couldn’t help feeling ecstatic.
The vanguard army at the front lines had already received the news and was waiting for the arrival of the Fourth Prince, but obviously did not expect that there would be pursuers right behind them.
The carriage then rushed the entire way towards the troops before stopping hastily.


“There are 100,000 cavalry in the rear, how many of you have come?” Li Yuan Heng asked loudly.


“Your Highness, 500,000 men have already assembled.
His Majesty already gave out an order, so we’re awaiting Your Highness’s further instructions,” Immediately, a General answered Li Yuan Heng’s words as he saluted the Prince.


“This is an emergency, so no customary etiquette is required.
Immediately set up your formation and prepare to engage with the enemy!” Li Yuanheng jumped out of the carriage, quickly turned around and got on a war horse.
He Chang also followed him closely behind.


Hearing the Fourth Prince’s order, a soldier immediately took out a horn and blew it.


At this moment, Tuoba Yu had already led the vanguard army close by.
He watched Li Yuan Heng run to his men with cold eyes as he ordered loudly, “Relay the order to set fire.”


The millennia of soldiers responded in unison.
Immediately, they lit the torches in their hands and threw them on the grassland before retreating.
It was the end of winter, which meant that the vegetation had dried up.
Paired with the dry skies and the wind, the fire was soon growing into a blaze.
In addition, the winds blew from the south to the north, instantly powering a raging fire that ignited the entire grasslands.


Li Yuan Heng said angrily, “Hurry up and find someone to put out the fire!”

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