As soon as they got out, the Ninth Princess smiled and said, “Consort Dowager Liu is too strange.
I was feeling pretty guilty just now, but after seeing her cry and listening to her reason, I was almost laughing.
She is already so old, so how could she think that Mo Bei’s Prince is targeting her? Wow, that was just too ironic.”


Li Weiyang didn’t smile.
Instead, she said, “This is also human nature.
The only thing worth noting is that Consort Dowager Liu just hasn’t slowed her pace down,” Since the plan today was failed, Li Weiyang wondered what sort of regrettably horrific facial expressions would Consort Dowager Liu make once she realised that the Fourth Prince wasn’t targeting her in the slightest. 


Li Weiyang sighed and said, “How can His Royal Highness the Crown Prince allow anyone else to focus on such things?” In fact, she was already taking special care of Tuoba Yu, so if the Crown Prince or Tuoba Zhen really wanted to take action, she’d let them go ahead.
Li Weiyang would rather not stain her hands and leave the grudges to those two.
However, she guessed that Li Yuan Heng would also despise the Crown Prince by now.


The Ninth Princess glanced at her before speaking with relief, “Sister Weiyang, now that the Prince of Mo Bei has escaped, you don’t have to avoid him anymore since he wouldn’t dare to turn back! And he will never take a single step into the capital again in the future.
Since he technically kidnapped the Consort Dowager, this issue will be out in public by tomorrow.
How unfortunate that he will become the laughingstock of every other country.
Still, it’s a pity that we didn’t manage to apprehend anyone.
If we did, the royal family of Mo Bei would be pissed.”


The Ninth Princess still thought that she was helping Li Weiyang get rid of Li Yuan Heng, even predicting that Li Weiyang was only giving him a small punishment that came with a huge warning.
But if she was to give the matter a bit more thought, how could things be so simple? 


Li Weiyang merely smiled and didn’t give much of a serious explanation. The Ninth Princess thinks that the situation is over just like that? A good play shouldn’t ever stop halfway; the show must go on.


Seeing that Li Weiyang was deep in thought, the Ninth Princess said once more, “Escaping just like that without supplies and support, the Prince of Mo Bei will most definitely suffer.
This can be regarded as a lesson for him! It’s a punishment he has to take for always pestering you to no end! “


Li Weiyang’s smile became deeper, but she didn’t say anything more.


At this moment, Li Yuan Heng was in an extremely embarrassing situation.
He waited for a long time, but seeing that Li Weiyang was not coming anytime soon, he guessed that she would not be going with him.
Nevertheless, he was recently always reduced to a fuzzled mess by her.
He didn’t like the fact that she had managed to toy with his heartstrings so easily, so he simply obeyed Jiang Hua’s order, cooperating with him to avoid the Emperor’s line of sight.
He left the capital early without saying anything and even took the Li family’s carriage.
It’s a pity that he ran into the Crown Prince’s carriage as soon as he walked out of the city gates.
He knew that the Emperor wanted to take him as a hostage, so how did the Crown Prince find out that he was going to leave ahead of schedule? It’s a shame that the two met on a narrow road, which left him no choice but to lose Li Weiyang and his guards, managing to only bring He Chang along with him as they escaped.


They ran all the way without resting.
Behind them, the Emperor had ordered a thousand imperial guards to chase after him.
In order to avoid the pursuing soldiers, Li Yuan Heng and He Chang changed their outfits and headed north the entire way.
Even though the two of them were usually rich and well-clothed, their purses were still in possession of their servants.
Now that both of them were penniless, there was no way they could manage to go far.
Besides, with their pursuers searching every nook and cranny for them, they could only hide every time they were on their tail.
After walking for 4 full days, they hadn’t left the border of Da Li.
Instead, the two remained stranded in Suicheng because of excessive investigation.


However, at this moment, a turning point for them appeared all of a sudden.
First, someone inexplicably arranged food and lodging for them before obtaining a carriage.
Li Yuang Heng was extremely vigilant as he was about to grab hold of the mysterious person and ask for his identity, but suddenly, he recognised that the helper was from the Jiang family.
Steward Jiang hurriedly handed over the required documents, telling them that the entire scheme was arranged by Li Weiyang.
They had mistakenly attempted the kidnapping of the Consort Dowager, which was the reason the Emperor was sending his men after them.
Now, all they could do from here was to disguise themselves and leave Da Li as soon as they could.

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