[TPWY] Chapter 18

August 17, 2016solstar24

I thought I should clarify some relationships (it may be complicated) before we get started on this chapter and delve further into the story.
Li Xiao Ran is the Prime Minister who is Wei Yang’s father.
Li Xiao Ran has two brothers (as far as I remember and up to this point of the story).
Those two brothers have wives and children.
The second brother married Wen shi (whom you have already met in a previous chapter) and the third brother, who is already dead in the story, married Zhou shi, who adopted Li Min De as her son (because they didn’t have any children of their own).
Alternatively, the second brother and his branch of the family may be referred to as “Erfang” and the third brother’s branch = “Sanfang”.

So Li Min De and Li Wei Yang are more like cousins than siblings, although not really either because he’s adopted.
I know it’s confusing, as with all these ancient novels and their complicated relationships, and we haven’t even mentioned the royal family yet.
Regarding the age, Wei Yang is said to be thirteen years old and Min De—according to Wei Yang—is probably 8-10 (let’s say 10) years old but of course, this is based on her opinion and what he looks like on the outside.
All I can say is there’s more to Min De than meets the eye.
Anyway, things are getting juicy from this chapter onwards.


Chapter 18: Covering For Each Other

Witnessing this scene, Bai Zhi panicked to the point of almost fainting.

Unlike what she was expecting, a few moments later, Li Wei Yang had resurfaced and dragged Li Min De out of the water.
Even though Li Min De was still young, he was nevertheless a guy and therefore, it was hard for Wei Yang to pull him out.
If she had loosened her grip by just a little, she would have dropped Min De back into the water.
Bai Zhi quickly rushed over to help.
Together, the two of them dragged him out onto the shore.

Li Wei Yang touched his chest.
“Still warm.” Then she started to use all the techniques she had seen villagers used to save a drowned person.
First she pressed down on his chest two times then used her knee to press on his stomach.
After a while, Li Min De, who had became unconscious due to suffocation, came around and was able to breathe again.
Coughing two times, he spat out the water in his system and regained his conscious.

Finally he was breathing again.
Li Wei Yang sighed in relief.

Li Min De turned around.
His eyes were dark black but also clear and sparkling like the stars in the sky.
He had a set of full, long lashes which still had water droplets dripping from them.
Li Wei Yang was startled, noticing that his features were even more dazzling than the sunlight.
Goodness, he was so beautiful that it was unbelievable.
His eyes were alluring and attractive, even if he wasn’t smiling.
He had smooth, porcelain-like skin.
If he was a girl, he would definitely be able to compete with Li Zhang Le’s beauty.
Not to mention, he was probably only ten years old right now.

His crystal clear eyes sparkled and he was about to say something but was interrupted by Li Wei Yang.
She covered his mouth.
“Don’t scream! If you scream, I’ll leave you here right now!”

Bai Zhi shuddered.
Xiaojie’s voice sounded like she was a bandit on the way to steal someone else’s belongings.

Li Wei Yang noticed how dazed Li Min De seemed as he stared at her.
She reached up and touched his face.
It was soft and white, like tofu in water.

“I’m your San jie, Li Wei Yang.” As she spoke, she cued Bai Zhi to remove her dry outer shirt for Min De.
Then she proceeded to remove Li Min De’s wet outer shirt but suddenly, out of him fell a half-moon jade with a red string to wear around the neck.
Without looking at the necklace, Li Wei Yang put it back on his neck.
She then gathered his wet shirt together.

Li Min De sat still, staring at her with a pair of shimmering eyes.

Li Wei Yang stared at him.
Truly, the longer she stared at that face, the more beautiful it became.
However, she grabbed the collar of his shirt and said, “Go back and tell your mother that Da furen wanted to kill you and it was I, your San jie, who saved you.

This looked like a scene of intimidation and threats.
Bai Zhi’s voice was stuck in her throat as she stared with wide eyes.

Li Wei Yang stared intently at Li Min De.
She was about to abandon him but Li Min De, who had just been through a near-death experience, was afraid of being abandoned the most at this moment.
He reached out and grabbed a corner of her dress then quickly threw his arms around her.
“San jiejie!”

The feeling of warmth enveloped her, in addition to the weakened voice, she suddenly felt clumsy.
A long moment later, she finally hugged Li Min De back.

He was truly a nice child.
She was abruptly reminded of Yu Li, her son in the previous lifetime.
He used to always act like this in front of her.
Every time he saw her, he would rush over and throw himself at her.
There was pain in her chest.
Unable to control herself, she started pinching Li Min De’s face before caressing it.
Li Min De was still young but also very acquiescing.
He sat still in one spot and let this strange sister touch him to the point his face was distorted.

Bai Zhi furrowed her brows.
She thinks that xiaojie had forgotten this child was ten years old, meaning he was only three years younger than xiaojie herself.
Thinking of this, Bai Zhi coughed loudly.
Li Wei Yang snapped out of her daze and relinquished Li Min De.

She reminded Li Min De, “There’s nothing to worry about anymore.
Remember, in the coming hour, you shouldn’t appear in front of anyone else.
Let them think that you’re already dead.
What happened today, besides your mother, you must not tell anyone else!” Her nails dug into his shoulders and her eyes was burning with a fiery flame, intimidating others.
Underneath the fiery gaze, Li Min De was frozen and stupiefied.
Without knowing, he nodded his head.

Li Min De carefully walked off, dragging with him Bai Zhi’s oversized shirt.
He was clever to choose the road where nobody took.
Seeing this, Li Wei Yang nodded in satisfaction.
Earlier, at the most critical moment, he even pretended to faint so that the two mumus thought he had already died.
He was a clever child indeed.

Bai Zhi took a few steps before she made a noise.

Li Wei Yang also noticed it.
In the grass, there was a dead white crane.
In Da Li, white cranes were considered a symbol of good fortune.
They were exceptionally precious and rare.
Even the prime minister’s estate didn’t have any white cranes and yet, here was one.
Not to mention, it was already dead.
An icy smile formed on Li Wei Yang’s face.
Then she dug a hole and buried the white crane deep down.

When everything was done, a strong wind blew over causing Bai Zhi to shudder.
“Xiaojie, what should we do now?”

Li Wei Yang gave it some thought then said, “Go back and get me a change of clothes, one that I would wear on a daily basis.
Remember to be careful and to not make a sound lest it captures someone’s attention.”

Bai Zhi nodded.

Watching as Bai Zhi disappeared, Li Wei Yang hid behind one of the rockeries.

The bait had been dropped.
Obviously it was time to reel it in.
She knew those people were going to arrive very soon.

At this moment, Da furen and Li Xiao Ran, with the addition of Wu xiaojie, Li Chang Xi, was making their way towards Nan Yuan.

“Laoye, a white crane suddenly flew by the estate, heading in the direction of Lake Bibo behind Nan Yuan, you must come and take a look!” Da furen said with a chuckle.

Li Xiao Ran nodded his head.
This was a symbol of good fortune.

Li Chang Xi was beaming with happiness as well.
Just the thought of the misfortunes waiting for Li Wei Yang was enough to get her excited.

Halfway there, Hua Mei was seen rushing over from the side road with a panicky expression.

“Aren’t you San jie’s servant? What are you doing here?” Li Chang Xi yelled.

There was a hint of uneasiness and impatience on Hua Mei’s face.
She wanted to tell Da furen that she couldn’t find San xiaojie anywhere.
Perhaps San xiaojie had left to Nan Yuan before her, but laoye was here and she dared not say anything.

Li Chang Xi had no patience and urged, “Where is San jie? You should be serving her!”

Earlier Hua Mei had rushed over to Da furen’s place to relay the news but when she returned, she couldn’t find Li Wei Yang anywhere.
She was frightened and burst, “San xiaojie heard of Qi yiniang’s illness and wanted to visit her.

Li Xiao Ran’s face darkened as he said to Da furen, “This child doesn’t know what the rules are.
Even if she wanted to go visit, she should have at least told you first.”

Da furen smiled cheerfully like the Goddess of Mercy.
“Haiz, the child’s been away for so long that it’s understandable she doesn’t know the rules and protocols.”

Li Xiao Ran snorted loudly.
He was not happy with Li Wei Yang.
Not only was she born in the bad luck month of February, she wasn’t looking after her own behaviour and action.
Even if she wanted to visit her mother, she should at least say something to Da furen.
How ignorant!

The moon had already come out, shining down on the procession of people below.

The interruption had dampened Li Xiao Ran’s mood to see the fortunate white crane.
He slowly walked towards Lake Bibo and stared at the clear water which reflected the moon on the surface.
There were only tall, wild grasses and no sighting of the white crane anywhere.
His expression immediately turned for the worse.

“Didn’t you say there was a white crane?”

Even Da furen was surprise about this.
She had clearly instructed someone to put the dead white crane at this spot, but how come she couldn’t see it anywhere? Nonetheless she remained calm and composed.

“Perhaps it’s just too dark around here and it’s hiding somewhere in the wild grass.”

Li Xiao Ran’s mood dropped even lower as he furrowed his eyebrows.
He was about to turn around and leave when suddenly, a panicky mumu rushed towards them.
Behind her was about 3-4 other people.
Each one of them was holding a lantern.

“San shaoye! San shaoye! Where are you?!”

Da furen’s stiffened expression began to relax as she tried to suppress the blissful feeling inside.
“Aren’t you Min De’s wet nurse? What’s wrong that you’re looking for Min De?”

Who cares if the dead white crane could not be seen, the important matter was Li Min De!

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