the palm of his hand and repeatedly played with them.
He felt that it was quite fun, and the taste is better than anyone he had ever tasted before.

Li Yuan Heng was looking at He Chang but thinking of Li Wei Yang.
The more he thought about it, the more unbearable it became.

He Chang understood that his temperament was that of someone with a passion for hunting prey, yet she intentionally let her soft body gently press into his arms.
Li Yuan Heng smiled a little and fiercely embraced her behind, going over to the divan nearby…

Li Wei Yang didn’t tell Li Min De why she agreed to meet until they went out the next day.
Li Min De surprisingly also refrained from asking.

It was just that it involved horseback archery this time.
It was not convenient to bring Bai Zhi and Mo Zhi, so Li Wei Yang only brought Zhao Yue along.
Li Min De only ordered Zhao Nan to follow them, which made Li Wei Yang turn back and curiously look at him.

Li Min De looked at her and explained: “I can’t bring as many people along this time.
I always have the feeling that he is someone who will be hard to deal with.
It will be very troublesome if he finds out that I’m from Yue Xi.”

Li Min De had exposed his shadow guards in front of others before, but few people in Da Li had a deep understanding of Yue Xi’s affairs, including Tuoba Zhen.
He only suspected that the Li family had their own hidden forces, but Li Min De was especially careful this time, so the situation must not be ordinary.

“Have you sent someone to look into Li Yuan Heng?” Li Wei Yang considered this possibility.

Li Min De nodded and said: “Aside from the Eldest Prince who has the highest noble status and born to the Empress, Mo Bei has four other powerful contenders for the throne, including Second Prince Li Yuan Lin.
His mother is a Da Li native.
He himself is proficient in the art of Qimen Dunjia (1), someone who could secure the country and the martial arts abilities to keep the peace.
He was highly regarded by the Mo Bei Emperor, but strangely, two years ago, when he went to patrol the Mo Bei border, he was attacked by stray bandits and died from a poisoned arrow.
The Third Prince Li Yuan Xiao had 80,000 soldiers at the age of seventeen and guarded southern Mo Bei, a capable and powerful general indeed.
However, he accidentally fell from his horse while he was chasing after bandits and died within three days after he was carried back to his territory.
The Sixth Prince Li Yuan Jing had supernatural strength bestowed by the gods, capable of striking down thousands of weights.
He was even knowledgeable and strategic.
His grandfather was from a family recognized as the most meritorious subjects in Mo Bei.
He was originally a strong contender for the throne—”

“But he also died?” Li Wei Yang guessed what he was going to say next.

Li Min De nodded and said: “Yes.
The cause of his death is very strange.
It’s said that he fancied a lieutenant’s beautiful concubine and was later killed by that beautiful concubine.
Isn’t it strange how a defenseless woman could strangle a person born with supernatural strength?”

However, Li Wei Yang smiled and said: “If the Second Prince is really as powerful as you said, how could he be easily killed by bandits? Were the royal guards that accompanied him to protect him all big, dull bodies? Besides, that Third Prince is a strong general that knows how to ride horses.
How could he even fall off his horse while guarding the border? Isn’t it ironic to say that the fish drowned in water? There is also the Sixth Prince, who died in a more bizarre manner.”

Li Min De smiled and said: “That’s right.
According to my investigation, all these things have something to do with the Fourth Prince.
Therefore, he is also a ruthless character who is not inferior to Tuoba Zhen.”

Li Wei Yang sighed and said: “It’s not surprising that a successful person with great ambitions will not expose the exact details.” On the other hand, compared to Tuoba Zhen, she felt that Li Yuan Heng’s actions were nothing to be alarmed about.
At least he used his own schemes to deal with his opponents instead of borrowing someone else’s knife to deal with a group of defenseless women and children.
The scenes back in Crown Prince’s Manor reappeared in Li Wei Yang’s for some reason.
She frowned and turned around: “Let’s go.”

Li Min De smiled slightly.
He heard that since Virtuous Consort’s death, Tuoba Yu had not stepped foot out of his manor for more than ten days.
He obviously must feel really miserable.
On the other hand, Li Min De was very content.
After all, nothing made him happier than seeing his love rival ashen-faced.
He felt even happier especially since Tuoba Yu no longer came to bother Li Wei Yang.

Just seeing that flowery, powdered face unhappy—Li Min De thought to himself, put in such a good mood that he forgot he was still better looking than that person.

After leaving the city and arriving at the agreed location, Li Wei Yang got off the carriage and saw Li Yuan Heng in riding clothes, pulling a white horse along as he stood there, waiting.
Li Wei Yang smiled and said: “Your Fourth Highness.”

Li Yuan Heng smiled and said: “I’m very happy that Anping Xianzhu did not go back on your word.” He Chang by his side also looked happy, but she secretly stole a glance at Li Min De as if she was actually infatuated with him.

However, at this time, Li Wei Yang looked over at He Chang without any trace of emotion.
He Chang acutely noticed her gaze.
The moment their eyes met, He Chang felt her heartbeat racing.

She saw through me! She definitely did! He Chang immediately understood.
The infatuation for Li Min De in her eyes momentarily disappeared, replaced by an all-knowing smile.
She vaguely knew that Li Wei Yang had already seen through her pretense, so what about Li Yuan Heng? Did Li Wei Yang already know what he was going to do and intentionally came here? If this is the case, Li Wei Yang’s mind must have terrifying and unfathomable depths.
He Chang shuddered, but the smile on her face turned even sweeter as she ran over to grab Li Wei Yang’s hand.

This cold sensation—the smile on He Chang’s face did not change: “Wei Yang, can I call you that?”

Li Wei Yang smiled very kindly as if she liked Princess He Chang very much: “Certainly.”

Li Min De did not seem to see anyone else.
He only had Li Wei Yang in his eyes.
At this time, beneath the shining sun, her face was faintly rosy, her smile invigorating and heartwarming as her entire person emanated charisma.
He rarely saw her smile like this, as if not guarding against anything, yet fully aware of everything.
He was a bit curious, what exactly is Li Wei Yang going to do this time?

“Is there something on my face?” Li Wei Yang turned back when she noticed him looking at her strangely.

Li Min De’s amber eyes flickered, “No.”

He Chang’s gaze swept over Li Wei Yang’s face before finally stopping on Li Min De.
This man hasn’t taken a single glance at her at all, how is this possible? She had never met a man who was not mesmerized by her!

At that moment, He Chang did not know that while her looks were exceptionally beautiful, they were still slightly inferior to those of Li Chang Le back then.
Li Min De’s contempt for Li Chang Le never changed, so what about her? But because He Chang had never failed, when she noticed that Li Min De didn’t even look at her, she secretly felt a little angry.
She turned this anger into an even sweeter smile, hugging Li Wei Yang’s arm and pointing to the snow white horse and said: “Wei Yang, look at the horse we brought from Mo Bei.
It can travel thousands of miles in a day, a truly fine thousand-mile steed and completely different from those soft-legged ones in your Da Li!”

Li Wei Yang smiled and ignored it, but she heard Li Yuan Heng disapprovingly scold He Chang: “He Chang, what are you saying!”

Princess He Chang stuck out her tongue and said in a playful manner: “Don’t be mad, gege! I’m just kidding, Wei Yang is open-minded and won’t go after me for it!”

Li Wei Yang’s eyes fell on the snow white horse.
Indeed, as they said, this is a rare horse that is hard to come by.
Not only is its body majestic and strong, its coat is gleaming white, and its black eyes are bright and spirited.

“This horse is a gift from me.
It doesn’t have a name yet.” Li Yuan Heng smiled warmly.

Li Wei Yang found that while the man before her had a deep and treacherous mind, when he wanted to capture a woman’s heart, it was very difficult to refuse him.
Thinking about it, it made sense.
If it weren’t for her previous life and experiences, perhaps she would readily agree.
She thought up to this point, then curiously glanced at the horse and said: “Is it really for me?”

Li Yuan Heng nodded vigorously and said: “You can give it a name.”

He Chang jumped in first and said: “How about Chu Yun (2)? Sounds very majestic.”

Chu Yun, Chu Yun, Li Wei Yang thought of something and gave He Chang a small smile: “It’s a good name.”

In the blink of an eye, He Chang almost felt that all of her thoughts were within her opponent’s grasp.
She smiled, but this smile was a little uneasy.

For the first time, she had the feeling of being seen through…
But this kind of feeling is not bad, He Chang thought.
She liked Li Wei Yang.
She liked this girl who hides countless secrets like her.
If they didn’t stand on opposite sides, she would want to befriend her at any cost! If she is willing to stand on their side, then even better! Forget those men, she can trample them all under her feet! She believed that Li Wei Yang had the same idea!

Some people are rather strange.
They might not have known each other for very long, but the moment they meet, they feel like they have known one another forever and go as far as to treat them as a confidant.
Now that He Chang felt this way, it was very subtle and even led her to decide to keep this from Li Yuan Heng! Yes, she was not going to tell him because she wanted to see for herself what Li Wei Yang will do!

This is presumably going to be very, very, very interesting!


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Editor: Chau

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