hind everything to save you.
Once you are caught, you will die without a burial! Everyone be alerted, don’t make any mistakes again!”

Bai Zhi is the most trusted main yatou by Li Wei Yang’s side.
She usually didn’t say much so everyone was so scared that they knelt down immediately, their expressions worsen: “Nubis don’t dare to betray Xiaojie, Xiaojie please be rest assured, Bai Zhi Jiejie please be rest assured.”

Bai Zhi coldly said: “That's good.
Otherwise, today's Rong Mama will be you in the future.”

Sun Yan Jun couldn't help but look at her eyes.
When did even the yatous beside Li Wei Yang become so formidable? Looking at the stunned expressions under the stairs, she had a hunch that there would be no one in this courtyard in the future who would dare betray Li Wei Yang.
Because of today, they have experienced all the shocks they would have experienced in this lifetime, and no one will take the initiative to send themselves to death.

Coincidentally, Jiang Yue Lan had a miscarriage here, but there was good news in the palace from Consort Lian.
Nowadays, the most beautiful concubine in the palace is Consort Lian and she is also the most favored by the Emperor.
As soon as he heard that she was pregnant, the Emperor was very happy that he ordered a feast to be held and invited all his subjects and noble wives to enter the palace to celebrate.
As a Xianzhu of second rank, Li Wei Yang was also invited.

In her lotus yard, Lao Furen leaned on the peony flower butterfly rich pillow sitting on the big brick bed, with a smile on her face, she said: “For this banquet, the palace has released news that His Majesty will choose a wife for the Third Prince and the Seventh Prince.” As she spoke, she looked at Li Wei Yang and said, “Wei Yang, what do you think?”

Li Wei Yang pretended not to know, and smiled: “It is presumed that His Majesty will choose someone from a well-established family with matching looks and talents for both princes.
It seems that the tailor shop in the Capital will be busy again these two days.”

Seeing how she was acting ignorant, Li Lao Furen could not help sighing: “You don't have to feign confusion, I know your thoughts, and I also have the intentions to fulfill your wish.
But unfortunately when I went into the palace last time, I mentioned this marriage to Virtuous Consort Zhang and she actually refused and said she will help you find a suitable match in the future.
How insulting is it for her to think my child can’t be married off? He’s merely the Seventh Prince and even if he is the future emperor, our family is quite reputable.
It might be a good idea to not marry into the royal family and be embroiled in troubles.” Lao Furen has always been cautious and has never said such things.
Today, it is obvious that Virtuous Consort Zhang made her feel belittled.

Li Wei Yang knew in her heart that Lao Furen was always proud.
She took the initiative to mention this matter to Virtuous Consort Zhang and was thinking about her wholeheartedly but she didn't know that this wasn’t her intention.
She said softly, “Thank you for Lao Furen’s compassion, they look down upon us, there’s no need for us to climb to them, let’s just pretend this never happened and everything will be fine.”

Li Lao Furen looked at her seriously, seeing that there was neither worry nor regret on her face, she was relieved and said: “It is great you’ve thought it through, otherwise you will be upset if you see something you don't want to see at the banquet.
I would feel grievances for you to watch you feel that way.
I know Virtuous Consort Zhang's thoughts, she looks down at your concubine-bred status.
We don't have to pay too much attention to her.
After a while, I will find you a good match.”

Li Wei Yang smiled and said: “Wei Yang understands the importance, thank you Lao Furen for your care.”

Lao Furen nodded, but at this moment, she saw Luo Mama walk in quickly from the outside and kneeled with her head down, saying: “Lao Furen, Da Furen, she—she hanged herself …
and was just saved.”

Lao Furen stood up at once, then—but slowly sat down.
In the past ten days, although the truth of the matter was not revealed, there were more gossips than snakes, worms, and ants rushing around in dark corners.
Although the yatous were told to vacate at that time, they didn’t know the truth and they were banned from talking about it afterwards.
Yet they still gathered in groups of three and five in a corner and when no one was around, they would secretly gossip about it and add their own versions to the truth.
Although Li Xiao Ran had made great efforts to rectify and he specifically disposed of a few of the leaders, the gossip was not cut off for a day.
It was like endless spring grass that breeds endlessly.

“Wei Yang, go visit your mother for me.” Li Lao Furen's voice was silent for a while, and she said so at last.

Li Wei Yang raised her eyes and looked at Lao Furen.
She didn't ask anything, just smiled slightly and said, “Yes.”

Li Wei Yang bid her farewell and left He Xiang yard without delay.
The garden in front of her showed traces of winter, which revealed its sparseness compared to before.
The tiles were grey, the leaves were haggard, and the grass was only scattered with gray withered flowers.
The courtyard was extremely quiet, and only one or two birds were heard.
Such an environment always makes people feel inexplicably cold, but Li Wei Yang obviously did not care.
She just walked through the dilapidated scene, looking thoughtfully.

“Xiaojie, Lao Furen just told you now to go see Da Furen, what does that mean?” Bai Zhi said quietly.
Why did Lao Furen talk about asking Xiaojie to visit Jiang Yue Lan after she finished talking about the banquet? This is something that has never happened before.
“Is it because of her hanging herself, did she forgive her?”

Li Wei Yang only smiled and did not answer.

The two came to the courtyard where Jiang Yue Lan lived.
Since the incident, Jiang Yue Lan was sent to the ancestral hall to kneel for ten days before being carried back to the courtyard.
She never came out again.

Seeing Third Xiaojie, the yatous in the yard looked at each other.
A Luo came out of the house carrying a basin of water.
When she saw Li Wei Yang, she was shocked and her hand was slipping.
The basin of hot water was all spilled, and her eyes were full of fright: “Xiaojie…Xiaojie, why are you here?” She had on a damned expression full of fear.

Li Wei Yang laughed: “Lao Furen asked me to visit Mother.”

A Luo was still stunned and she stood there motionless.
Li Wei Yang crossed her and walked straight into the house.

The door was half-covered, and there was only a slit of sunlight that shone in.
It was very quiet, and almost made people think that no one was there.
Li Wei Yang walked straight over and saw Jiang Yue Lan sitting on the brick bed at a glance, wearing only a plain white undershirt with plum blossoms.
She wasn’t even wearing an outer robe that made her face even more bloodless, except for the deep purple mark on her snow-white neck.
It was as if she was telling everyone that she had just crossed over to the underworld and then was dragged back.

“Mother, how is your health?” Li Wei Yang's voice was clear and pleasant.
In a quiet room, it was like a bell ringing in the wind, but it was soothing.
Outsiders who listened in would never think that the two people in there have such great hatred towards each other.

Jiang Yue Lan was suddenly stunned and then drastically turned around to stare at Li Wei Yang with a venomous look.
At that moment in her eyes, Li Wei Yang's cheeks were carefully carved with white jade, her pair of ancient well-like deep eyes blinked slightly, and the long and slender eyelashes would give people a delicate and pleasant feeling.
The aqua blue dress with sapphire butterfly tint was just right showing off her beauty and youth! She is obviously the same age as her but why is she decaying and dying here every day, but she is getting more and more livelier? Why is it so unfair?

Jiang Yue Lan looked at herself again and wanted to cry angrily.
In just ten days, she seemed to have aged decades and her eyes were covered with fine lines when looking at herself in the mirror.
Although it was as thin as a silk, she could still see it at a glance—she desperately smeared herself with grease and powder but she still couldn’t hide her haggardness on her face.
When she was pregnant before, she needed to nourish her body constantly so her body propped up like a balloon.
Now, even though she had a miscarriage, her body shape couldn’t return to its original shape immediately.
Her waist was like an over-stretched pocket where she can only tighten it with silk straps.
Hugging the loose fat tightly, she had never discovered how many shortcomings she had before, but today she discovered all of them.
It was because of this sudden discovery that she felt extremely intolerable.

Jiang Yue Lan stared at Li Wei Yang with frustration, so desperate she just wanted to cry that her resentment and anger towards the other party became stronger.
If there was a chance, she would definitely avenge herself—in fact, she and Li Wei Yang have no deep hatred, but it’s because she likes Li Min De and that she cannot stand how Li Wei Yang lived a better life than her as a concubine-bred offspring.
As a result, she and Li Wei Yang formed this so-called hatred.
Women are such strange creatures; even a little jealousy will turn into a prairie fire at a critical moment.


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