Chapter 133: Continuous Traps


Under the moonlit eaves of the curved window in the courtyard, a thick black shadow covered the empty garden, creating a suffocating feeling.
Li Xiao Ran rushed to the front, practically the first person to run over to Li Wei Yang’s courtyard, but the entire courtyard was in chaos at the moment and no one paid mind to him.

Even the bride and groom no longer carried about the consummation night as they helped Lao Furen quickly walk over.
Li Wei Yang walked slowly the entire time.
She asked Zhao Yue in a low voice: “Has your Eldest Brother prepared everything?”

Zhao Yue nodded and said: “Rest assured Xiaojie, that person admitted to everything.”

Li Wei Yang briefly paused, then smiled and quickly walked ahead.

The two people gathered at the gate of the courtyard saw a yatou quickly running over with a basin of warm water.
Li Xiao Ran’s tone of voice changed: “What the hell is going on!”

The yatou trembled and slowly turned back.
Her small, pale face could be seen under the candlelight as she looked at everyone: “Furen, Furen was just fine, then suddenly fainted—”

The yatou’s tone made Li Xiao Ran’s heart tighten.
He could not care about anything more and quickly walked into the room.
Lao Furen glanced at the Second Young Master: “Don’t go in, hurry and take your bride back to the room, this is a taboo!”

Li Min Kang froze for a moment, then hesitantly glanced at Sun Yan Jun before nodding: “Let’s not stay and add to the chaos here, quickly head back.”

Sun Yan Jun was very worried.
She encountered this kind of thing the first day she married into the household.
This was very inauspicious.
She hoped Lao Furen would not have a bad impression of her because of this.
She originally wanted to stay to see the situation, but her husband said to head back, so there was nothing more she could say.
She could only turn her head back and give Li Wei Yang a small nod before leaving with Li Min Kang.

Lao Furen brought everyone else into the east room.
Upon seeing Jiang Yue Lan, Li Lao Furen knew something serious had happened, blood seeping out from Jiang Yue Lan’s clothes.

Li Xiao Ran quickly walked over to embrace her.
Jiang Yue Lan stared at him, pale-faced and said with the last bit of her strength: “Master, I beg you! I…
My child…
Must save him.”

The tears that flowed down her pale face made Li Xiao Ran’s heart ache…
This was his son, the first son after Yue Lan married into their house, it could be said this son was the only hope, especially after he was described with the fate of Wen Qu Star, Li Xiao Ran even looked forward to it, but now…

“Hurry, go and invite Imperial Physician Wang!” Li Lao Furen urgently reminded them.

Li Xiao Ran awakened from his daze at once.
At today’s wedding banquet, Imperial Physician Wang had always been close with the Li family and so he also came to celebrate.
Not to mention he was just in the other guestroom now.
He immediately said: “I’ll go, I’ll go and personally invite him!” After he had finished speaking, he left Jiang Yue Lan to Rong Mama, who came with Lao Furen, and quickly left.
Rong Mama ran over to comfort her with softly spoken words.

Li Wei Yang watched as Jiang Yue Lan laid crying mournfully without stopping, but she did not bother to go over and only helped Lao Furen sit down, then ordered people to bring tea.

Li Chang Xiao looked very pale as she hovered near the bed, looking at Jiang Yue Lan as if she was about to cry.
The Second Furen and Second Xiaojie could not keep the joy and smugness off their faces.
When it came to revealing their true faces, this mother and daughter pair were second to none.
At times, Li Wei Yang felt genuine admiration for them, betraying everything on their faces like this.
If Second Furen didn’t have the backing of her powerful maternal family and Li Lao Furen’s tolerance, who knows when they would have fallen victim to hidden schemes, yet they even came here to make a scene for Lao Furen, an injustice for the eldest son.
She will naturally be biased towards the son she gave birth to, but Li Lao Furen was a fair person nonetheless.
Not only had she raised the concubine-born sons, she even married wives for them, wishing them good futures, and even readily forgave the Second Furen, who had no self-restraint, countless times, this itself was enough grace.

However, seeing Second Furen express her joy, Li Lao Furen had to give her a fierce glare.

Second Furen had to lower her head, pretending like she hadn’t seen anything.
Everyone knew how much Lao Furen valued this grandson who was about to be born, but Jiang Yue Lan’s mishap had nothing to do with their second household.
Wasn’t she staying at Li Wei Yang’s place? Li Wei Yang must be the one to blame, Second Furen thought to herself, wishing the first household would fall into bigger chaos!

Jiang Yue Lan was crying on the bed and kept crying out in pain.
A while later, Imperial Physician Wang arrived, practically dragged in tow by Li Xiao Ran.
Li Xiao Ran urgently said: “Imperial Physician Wang, everything is in your hands, you must save my wife’s child!”

Imperial Physician Wang nodded and said, “I will do my best.” He came forward to check Jiang Yue Lan’s pulse and slowly emerged from behind the curtains an hour later, solemnly saying: “Furen’s life has been saved, but the child is gone, alas, what a pity, a pity indeed!”

When Li Xiao Ran heard that they were unable to keep the child, he almost fell over and was quickly supported by those around him.
He inhaled deeply, anger hidden in his dark eyes: “What on earth is going on!”

Rong Mama couldn’t stop wiping her tears away: “Master, everything was fine today, but that yatou Chun Ju misspoke this morning and accidentally angered Furen.
Furen had Chun Ju go out and kneel in the courtyard.
Nubi thought of having Third Xiaojie come and say a few words of reassurance, but who knew Third Xiaojie wouldn’t even spare us a glance and left.
Furen was angry for half a day, then she called Chun Ju in to scold her and became angrier the more she said.
The result is—”

These words pushed the blame onto Li Wei Yang—Li Wei Yang listened and indifferently said: “Mother has become more irritable since she became pregnant, and the yatous around her are always scolded.
In the past, I would naturally come to persuade a little, but today is Second Brother’s wedding, and Lao Furen called me over to greet our guests early in the morning.
I really didn’t have the time to spare.
Who would have thought Mother would be this angry over a trivial matter…”

Li Xiao Ran glared at her and said, “Are you saying your mother is petty?”

Li Wei Yang sighed and said, “Wei Yang does not mean that, but it’s difficult to look after pregnant women.
Wei Yang has already said that I am a young lady who has not left her boudoir.
How can I take care of Mother? But Father didn’t believe me and even said that as long as I lent out a room, it was enough.
Now that something has happened, you blame your daughter.
I’ve really been wronged.”

Li Xiao Ran knew that he was determined to move Jiang Yue Lan to this courtyard with ulterior motives.
He originally intended to keep Li Wei Yang on guard and take advantage of her eight-character destiny to protect the child.
His efforts unexpectedly amounted to nothing, but in the end, he couldn’t blame her.
However, he couldn’t swallow his anger either: “Even so, you should not–”

Li Wei Yang looked to Lao Furen.
Li Lao Furen frowned: “Enough, enough, what are you blaming a child for! Yue Lan paid too much mind to this, she shouldn’t always be angry when pregnant.
Now this happened, who else is there to blame! As for that yatou, beat her to death!”

Chun Ju had been locked in the woodshed ever since the incident and was still unaware that her fate had been decided with just a few words.

Imperial Physician Wang suddenly said: “Li Lao Furen, I have examined Da Furen’s pulse before, and she was steady in her third month of pregnancy.
Now that this happened, I wonder what the reason could be…”

Upon hearing this, Rong Mama quickly said: “Imperial Physician Wang, you mean someone tampered with it?”

“Da Furen has always been in good health, the child was healthy too, how could this happen all the sudden? It doesn’t make sense that this happened because she was angry with a yatou.” Imperial Physician Wang explained.
He was someone with experience.
He wasn’t paranoid, but this kind of thing often happened in the Palace.
This had nothing to do with him, but Li Lao Furen wanted to beat that yatou to death, and as a doctor, he could not agree.
If others had harmed Li Da Furen’s child and caused an innocent yatou to die…
For that reason, he chose to speak up, hoping to remind the Li family before they made their final decision.

Right at that moment, Jiang Yue Lan, who was lying in bed, suddenly cried out, loud and clear: “Master, Master, you must find justice for me! That child was doing well, yet is no more after just one evening, someone must have deliberately harmed me!”

Wiping away tears, Rong Mama said: “Furen, don’t say anything more, quickly rest up and take care of your body.”

Jiang Yue Lan was crying: “What use is taking care of my body, my child…
My child is no more…”

Rong Mama clenched her teeth and quickly walked over and prostrated before Li Xiao Ran: “Master, you know that Furen is always in good health.
Even when she gets sick, she won’t need to take medicine.
After Furen became pregnant, she only drank herbal nourishing soup.
Although she occasionally did not feel well, it was only due to the side-effects of pregnancy, nothing out of the ordinary, how could she lose a child without reason, someone must have had a hand in this!”

Li Xiao Ran looked over in Imperial Physician Wang’s direction: “You have been in the Palace for many years.
Imperial Physician Wang, according to you, what do you think the cause is?”

“I suspect that Furen has mistakenly used musk incense.” Imperial Physician Wang slowly said.

“Musk incense?” Li Lao Furen suddenly stood up, her face turning pale.

Li Xiao Ran did not understand: “How could there be musk incense?”

Li Wei Yang idly arched an eyebrow in an unhurried manner: “Rong Mama, does Mother have a habit of burning incense?”

Rong Mama quickly answered: “Someone who is pregnant absolutely cannot use musk incense, this is a taboo! Furen always avoided it, we Nubi definitely did not let Furen come in contact with this either!”

Li Lao Furen’s face was solemn as she looked at Imperial Physician Wang: “Indeed, there is no musk incense here! Do you have proof behind your words?”

Imperial Physician Wang nodded: “Furen’s pulse is unstable, and there is a dry heat on her body.
I have seen four of the previous Emperor’s concubines give birth prematurely because they had mistakenly used musk incense.
Furen’s current condition is precisely like theirs.”

Jiang Yue Lan looked at Li Xiao Ran.
At first, there was a pitiful sense of expectation in her eyes, and in the end, only vulnerability remained, as if all her hopes were put into Li Xiao Ran’s hands, depending on him for justice.

“Bring all the yatous that served by Furen’s side here.” Li Xiao Ran coldly said.

The decision to investigate was made.
Li Wei Yang looked down and coldly smiled.
Li Xiao Ran put more importance on having an heir than the average person.
After what happened with the previous Da Furen, he resented those who wanted to harm his sons even more.
He simply couldn’t wait to catch the culprit now.

All the yatous in the room immediately prostrated themselves on the ground, heads sincerely bowed.

“All of you need to report in detail, which fragrant incense has Furen been using these days?” Li Xiao Ran slowly asked.

“Reporting to Master, everything Furen uses is recorded, Nubi is responsible for receiving items from the steward.
Everything is written down in the account books.” Ah Luo was a maidservant by Jiang Yue Lan’s side and respectfully continued: “Furen has not used any incense since she became pregnant.
Furen feared that even the sandalwood bead bracelets could affect the fetus, so Nubi removed and put them away.”

Li Xiao Ran stared intently at Ah Luo: “What Furen eats and wears everyday passes through all of your hands, no one else could have touched them! What else could it be if not for your carelessness?” He was furious, but he wasn’t unreasonable.
Li Wei Yang could not have tampered with Jiang Yue Lan’s food and clothing, so how did Jiang Yue Lan come in contact with musk incense?

Ah Luo did not panic.
Seeing Li Xiao Ran staring suspiciously at her, she kowtowed and said: “Nubi is indeed responsible for Furen’s everyday necessities, others would not be able to tamper with them.
Because it is a great responsibility, Nubi takes utmost care and absolutely would not make such a serious mistake.”

“Master, Ah Luo is loyal to me and very attentive with her work.
I believe Ah Luo.
Besides, where did this musk incense come from? As for how it made its way to me, it is impossible that my people made a mistake.
Although I have always treated others modestly, I will never endanger the life of my child.” Jiang Yue Lan’s eyes reddened as she spoke in a weak and pitiful manner.

Li Xiao Ran sighed deeply and said: “I’m afraid there is a possibility that a servant accidentally came in contact with it…”

Rong Mama interjected: “Master, this is not an accident at all.
Furen is right, we servants are very careful with our work and have never been negligent.
If there is actually an issue, then it must have happened after moving here—”

Li Wei Yang heard these words and scoffed: “Rong Mama is saying that Mother’s child is gone because I had a hand in it?”

Rong Mama quickly answered: “Third Xiaojie, don’t misunderstand, Nubi isn’t trying to say that!”

Li Wei Yang coldly said: “Before moving in, Lao Furen also sent people to check everything.
Certainly there was nothing wrong.
If you weren’t talking about me, then are you saying that Lao Furen tampered with things?”

Rong Mama’s face turned pale as a sheet: “Third Xiaojie, Nubi certainly does not dare to suspect Lao Furen! It’s just that the investigation was done in a hurry and may not be sufficient.
Maybe someone took advantage of the chaos to act.
If there isn’t anything wrong with Furen’s food, then it must be the furnishing, the decor here…
It’s best to carefully check at once.”

“Since that’s the case, then check the entire room.” Li Xiao Ran ordered.

Li Lao Furen instructed several experienced Mamas to carefully inspect everything.
The entire room was overwhelmed by an oppressive atmosphere, making everyone feel like something big was about to happen.
The Li family in festive spirits moments ago was suddenly plunged into a suffocating crisis.

Luo Mama was the least biased person because she represented Lao Furen.
After carefully inspecting the entire room three times, she walked over to the landscape painting on the wall to the left, took the painting down and solemnly inspected it but found nothing.
The moment the painting was laid down, her hand suddenly froze.
She brought the painting up to her nose to smell it, then her face changed.
She brought the painting over to Imperial Physician Wang: “Please take a look at it.”

Seeing her strange expression, Imperial Physician Wang quickly said: “Wait.” He immediately took the painting and carefully examined it.
Everyone held their breath and nervously looked at him.

After a while, Imperial Physician Wang came to a conclusion: “Prime Minister Li, I found traces of musk incense on this painting.” He handed the painting over.
Li Xiao Ran tilted his head and eyed it, his brows knitting together…

Li Wei Yang continued to watch, her expressions calm and steady as if what had been said had nothing to do with her.

“This is just an ordinary landscape painting.” Second Furen said, confused as she was unable to spot a difference.

Imperial Physician Wang shook his head: “Usually, if someone has ill intentions, they will put musk in the incense burner, so the fragrance of the musk incense will be strong and spread far and cause a miscarriage.
However, it is easy to be discovered if they do this.
The culprit is very cunning and mixed musk into the ink, so that the fragrance is subtle.
If it’s not carefully checked, it will not be found.” Imperial Physician Wang took a small knife and cut off a piece of the painting as he spoke.
Then, he ordered servants to bring a boiling pot of water over and put the paper in.
The painting immediately began to fade.
After a while, the paint had dissolved and a faint scent appeared.
Imperial Physician Wang gestured to a yatou to bring it to Li Xiao Ran.

Luo Mama solemnly said: “Please carefully smell it, Master.
The scent on the painting is very faint and difficult to detect if you are not up close, but it’s different when the paint is dissolved in water.
Nubi boldly suspects that the culprit grated the solid musk incense into flakes and added it to the paint.
It will be difficult to detect once the painting has dried.
That way, those who are not familiar with aromatics will not suspect a seemingly ordinary painting, even if they carefully inspect the entire room.”

Everyone’s faces changed after those words.

Rong Mama shouted: “It’s no wonder we servants couldn’t find it.
This painting was hung there, so who would go and check it?” With just a few words, she had helped the yatous that waited on Furen escape punishment.

Imperial Physician Wang said: “Normally, you cannot detect it.
Many painters like to add a bit of the finest grade musk when creating calligraphy and landscape paintings.
The fragrance will linger, and if the painting is sealed, it can last for a long time.
However, this is very troublesome for pregnant women.
Most people will not notice this kind of painting, and even if they do, they will find that it’s quite normal.
If not for Luo Mama’s careful inspection, we would have missed it.”

Jiang Yue Lan burst into tears and wailed: “So who tampered with this painting?!”

Li Xiao Ran angrily said: “Investigate.
Thoroughly investigate where this painting came from!”

Rong Mama pretended to be surprised yet fearful: “Master, the painting and all the furnishings in Furen’s room were not moved over.
When Furen saw the empty walls in the new room, she ordered Nubi to find Liu Mama to open the small storeroom and ask for a painting to hang up.”

Li Xiao Ran was furious: “Liu Mama? Call her in!”

Li Wei Yang blankly looked on without saying a word as if she didn’t know what they were trying to do.

Not long after, Liu Mama ran over, panting and out of breath, nearly falling over because she was running too fast.

“Liu Mama, who ordered you to bring this painting here!” Li Xiao Ran coldly demanded.

Liu Mama’s forehead was covered in sweat and looked at Li Xiao Ran in confusion, then she saw that painting and suddenly remembered: “Master is talking about that painting? Furen said the empty room did not look good, so she had Rong Mama find Nubi, saying that there was a need for some decor, not of particularly high value, so Nubi opened the small storeroom and let Rong Mama choose–”

The Emperor, Consort Rou, and Lao Furen presented Li Wei Yang with quite a few rewards.
Among them were some large gifts that were not particularly valuable, so Li Wei Yang did not keep them in her room, including some landscape paintings and mahogany chests that she handed over to Liu Mama to store away into the small storeroom behind the courtyard.
Liu Mama was one of Lao Furen’s people.
Li Wei Yang felt more at ease after looking into her, but she had not expected her to open the storeroom for Rong Mama as she saw fit.
Truly unbelievable.

“Liu Mama, you opened the small storeroom yourself?” Li Lao Furen frowned.

Liu Mama finally realized that something wasn’t right.
Although Lao Furen sent her to look after Third Xiaojie, there were already favored yatous in Third Xiaojie’s courtyard.
She wouldn’t have a turn to speak.
Third Xiaojie rarely let her take part in internal affairs, so she could only guard a pile of inanimate objects, unable to make anything out of it.

It wasn’t so bad on most days, but recently, she saw Xiao Mama, who had also been sent to Fourth Xiaojie, walking around in gold and silver, she couldn’t help but feel that it was unfair.
At that time, Furen had sent Rong Mama to request a few things, she intended to gain favor, but she was afraid of Li Wei Yang, so she sent someone to ask for her opinion.
However, Li Wei Yang had just entered the Palace, so she thought it was not a big deal anyways and agreed, allowing people to enter the small storeroom.

She had been worried that Rong Mama would choose items that were a little too special.
Who knew she would only take a painting, so Liu Mama was relieved and said she would report back to Xiaojie.
Rong Mama assured her it was just a small thing, no need to report back and estrange the mother and daughter.
Furen will find time to inform Xiaojie herself.
She even gave Liu Mama a gold bangle.
Liu Mama understood her intentions and didn’t say anything more.
Now that Lao Furen asked her, Liu Mama felt cold sweat had broken out all over her head and only glanced at Li Wei Yang, almost unable to say a thing.

Rong Mama coldly said: “Liu Mama, back then, you told me that Third Xiaojie had already agreed!”

Liu Mama was shocked, her mouth agape as she stiffened: “I didn’t say that! Rong Mama, how can you say such nonsense! You obviously insisted that there was no need to report back.
Furen will tell Xiaojie herself! How can you throw dirty water everywhere on me!”

Li Wei Yang interrupted her: “Lao Furen, Father, I never gave this servant permission to give Mother this painting!”

Rong Mama loudly shouted: “Master, Lao Furen! Would a small, insignificant servant dare to do so without Third Xiaojie’s permission? Could it be that Liu Mama tampered with the painting?!”

Li Xiao Ran’s face turned rather ugly as he snapped: “Liu Mama, someone planted musk incense on this painting, causing Furen to miscarry, did you know about this?!”

Liu Mama was already trembling.
Seeing Li Xiao Ran’s furious face, she couldn’t say a single thing, obviously terrified.

There was mockery in Li Wei Yang’s eyes, but outwardly, she appeared to be angry: “What are you shocked over! You still haven’t explained yourself!”

Shuddering, Liu Mama immediately said: “Nubi didn’t report back to Third Xiaojie, Nubi really doesn’t know anything, begging Master to spare my life, spare my life, Master!” She had never been a gossipy person and only knew her duties, she had no idea how this disaster came to be, so how could she not be afraid?

“Father, this is the Qing Feng painting of Liu Shu, a painter of the previous dynasty.
It’s a gift from the Princess.
Why would the Princess harm Mother? The painting was put in the small storeroom for half a year.
If someone did tamper with it, how could they have prepared ahead of time?! And cleverly tamper with the one painting that Mother happened to choose? Doesn’t this seem suspicious?” Li Wei Yang argued.

Li Xiao Ran’s expression became even more unpleasant.
He quickly brought the painting out to examine closely and denounced: “No, this isn’t Liu Shu’s work, it’s fake!”


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Chapter 133: Continuous Traps


Everyone’s faces changed, so it turned out to be fake?!

Li Xiao Ran had closely studied calligraphy and painting.
He pointed at the Qing Feng painting with a stiff face: “Liu Shu was drunk every time he painted.
It is precisely because of his eccentric personality that he titles the paintings contrary to convention.
According to convention, the opening title is written right to left, on the blank part of the painting, but he writes from left to right, inscribing it between the bamboo and stone.
The calligraphy style is a combination of Li and Kai, presented in a slanted manner and each word is different in size, staggered in height, truly a special intrigue! Although this painting is almost an exact copy of Qing Feng, the title is written like ordinary paintings, from right to left! So, this is by no means Liu Shu’s work!”

Li Lao Furen sighed deeply and said: “The Princess would not gift a counterfeit painting, so someone must have exchanged them!”

Everyone’s attention returned to Li Wei Yang once again, but she smiled coldly and said: “So everyone suspects it’s me? The food and clothing in the residence are all strictly managed.
Who bought which medicine, who used which medicine, which doctor? The residence knows best.
When have I ever even touched musk incense? Even the Calming Mind incense in the incense burner in my room is the lightest type.
There isn’t even the slightest of musk incense.
I boldly ask: if I wanted to harm someone, where would I even get musk incense? This isn’t an ordinary item.
Since everyone suspects me, might as well visit every shop and ask if you have seen me or my yatous ever step foot into a medicine shop!”

“Third Xiaojie, may I be as bold as to ask if you are willing to be searched?” Rong Mama said coldly.

“Then search.” Li Wei Yang responded indifferently.
She had already expected the other party would do so! It was just a trick.

Luo Mama glanced over at Lao Furen.
Lao Furen nodded, and Luo Mama immediately left with people in tow.
She returned an hour later and reported: “Third Xiaojie’s room is clear, there was nothing.”

Li Lao Furen breathed a sigh of relief.
She really didn’t want Li Wei Yang to be involved in this matter.

At that moment, Jiang Yue Lan tightly clenched her teeth as if suppressing her hatred and cried out: “Master, if it’s not Third Xiaojie, then who tampered with this painting? You must find justice for Yue Lan!”

Li Xiao Ran had a headache, his voice was cold: “Was nothing really found?”

Luo Mama immediately responded: “Nubi carefully checked and found nothing.”

Rong Mama suddenly interjected: “Master, there’s still Seventh Yiniang, there’s no guarantee that it’s clear!”

Li Wei Yang sneered: “Rong Mama, Seventh Yiniang is an honest person, do you even suspect her? Or are you simply saying that there is musk incense on my Fourth Brother too!”

Rong Mama sneered to herself and feigned concern: “Third Xiaojie, Nubi speaks honestly, does Xiaojie need to be so angry?”

Li Wei Yang’s lips slightly curved, her smile appeared like burning flames engulfing thick sheets of ice: “Oh? You speak honestly? Then why do you want to throw dirty water on Qi Yiniang.”

“It will be clear if this is throwing dirty water or not once she is called here!” Li Xiao Ran said coldly, waving a hand to have someone invite Seventh Yiniang over.

Li Wei Yang’s lips rose into a smile, completely cold and solemn, making others tremble within.
She knew very well that she wasn’t her opponent’s only target! Looking at the weak, official mother lying in bed not too far away, Li Wei Yang sneered.
Jiang Yue Lan, you are rather daring, not only did you accuse me, you even dragged Seventh Yiniang in.
Fine, very well, so be it!

“Lao Furen, Master.” Tan Shi greeted but saw that no one said anything in response, so she awkwardly stood off to the side.
Liu Mama was kneeling down there, and Li Wei Yang had a cold expression.
Seventh Yiniang felt it was a bit strange, but she didn’t think much of it.

“Tan Shi, Furen miscarried.
Were you aware?” Li Xiao Ran looked directly at her with an unspeakable sternness.

When Seventh Yiniang heard Li Xiao Ran’s question and the displeasure in his voice, she quickly said: “What happened to Furen? I didn’t know, otherwise I would have already come to see her.”

“That is not necessary.
Let me ask you, has Wei Yang ever handed items to you?” Li Xiao Ran asked, clearly convinced that Li Wei Yang was using Seventh Yiniang to hide something away.

Imperial Physician Wang suddenly interrupted and said: “One moment.” Everyone gave him a strange look.
He quickly went over to Tan Shi and said: “Forgive my rudeness, Yiniang, please remove the fragrant sachet on you.”

Tan Shi was taken aback, but then she subconsciously complied and took off the sachet.

Imperial Physician Wang smelled it, and his face changed.
He immediately poured out the herbal pills inside the sachet, carefully tasted them, and then solemnly said: “These are Liquid Styrax Pills.” From the moment Tan Shi came, he had detected a very faint yet unique fragrance.
Now it seems it is really the case.

“What is that?” Li Xiao Ran frowned.

Imperial Physician Wang explained: “Some patients with ischemic chest pain or are prone to fainting will use Liquid Styrax Pills for relief.”

“What are the ingredients?” Li Xiao Ran was quick to ask, appearing to have caught onto a critical point.

“It is stated in ancient books that musk incense can quickly seep into muscles and bone marrow to exert its full medicinal potential.
Therefore, musk incense is one of the ingredients of Liquid Styrax Pills—”

Li Xiao Ran was furious.
Restless, he lunged forward to slap Seventh Yiniang, but Li Wei Yang was a step faster than him.
She signaled with a glance and Zhao Yue held Seventh Yiniang and avoided it.
Li Xiao Ran swatted at empty air, and his face grew even uglier: “Li Wei Yang! There is solid evidence, yet you still refuse to acknowledge your crime? Both mother and daughter are viciously cruel, even killing a little child, aren’t you afraid of retribution?!”

Li Wei Yang signaled to Zhao Yue to protect the frightened Tan Shi and responded with hostility: “Father, let’s wait for him to finish speaking before acting!” She turned around and asked: “Tell me, Seventh Yiniang, where did these pills come from?”

Tan Shi was absolutely terrified.
Seeing that nothing could be concealed, she answered honestly: “Ever since I gave birth to Min Zhi, I have been suffering from isometric chest pain.
I always wake up in the middle of the night.
I have gone to see many doctors, but there was no use.
I didn’t say anything because I didn’t want Wei Yang to worry! Later on, when I went to visit Furen, I happened to meet Physician He.
He said that these pills could cure my illness, so I took his advance and started to use them, but I didn’t know what these pills are made of!”

Li Xiao Ran was furious: “You didn’t know, how could you not know? What you carried around is clearly used to harm people!”

Tan Shi was shocked.
At that moment, she finally understood.
Her legs went soft, and she fell to her knees, crying: “Master, Lao Furen, I would not dare to harm a single hair on Furen’s head even if I had such guts.
Not to mention a human life, I am also a mother, how could I do such a thing!”

“Think it’s over if you don’t admit it? Someone find Physician He to address this!” Li Xiao Ran said coldly.

On the bed, Jiang Yue Lan continued to cry incessantly.
She hadn’t quite made an appearance the entire time, but she only said a couple things, not a single word of accusation, and Li Wei Yang and Tan Shi were dragged underwater.
One had to give her respect for that.

The whole room was silent.
Everyone was waiting for Physician He to testify.
Tan Shi kept looking at Li Wei Yang worriedly, but seeing her daughter had remained calm, she decided not to mind this matter too much.

Second Furen suspiciously eyed the panicked Tan Shi, then looked at Li Wei Yang, who was steadfast and calm.
She grew even more suspicious, wondering whether the two of them were really mother and daughter.
Why were they not alike at all? Compared to the honest Tan Shi, Li Wei Yang could be likened to reincarnated evil spirits.
No, rather, she came to collect debts, why else was she unable to sit still in one place? The more Second Furen thought about it, the more convinced she was that this was the case.
She whispered to Li Chang Ru: “When will this matter be decided? I want to rest early and look forward to tasting my daughter-in-law’s tea tomorrow!”

Li Lao Furen angrily said: “Is this the time to be whispering about this! Not a bit of tactfulness at all!”

With the sudden scolding, Second Furen saw Li Lao Furen’s stiff expression and trembling face muscles and did not dare to say anything else.
She only looked away.
Second Xiaojie quietly said: “Mother, don’t say anything else, Lao Furen is angry.”

Er Furen who always ran her mouth kept her mouth shut.
The entire room was dead silent again, and yet there were still guests outside at the banquet.
Li Min De had to go to the front and greet guests.
He had sent someone to invite Li Xiao Ran over three times, but he refused to leave, determined to wait for the result of this investigation.

Physician He is about fifty years old with a white beard and clever eyes.
He used to have a spirited appearance in the past, but when he came in through the door today, he was trembling and kept his head down.

Li Xiao Ran felt somewhat anxious: “Physician He, what are you doing with your head down?!”

Physician He responded: “Replying to Prime Minister Li…
I accidentally fell, I wasn’t careful and injured my face, so I don’t dare to meet anyone.”

“It’s alright.
I invited you here today because there are important matters to ask about.” Li Xiao Ran, “Seventh Yiniang said that when you came to examine Furen, you gave Seventh Yiniang Liquid Styrax pills, is this true?”

Physician He’s voice subtly shook: “Of course it’s true, it’s true—” He repeated it twice as if frightened and refused to even lift his head up.

Li Xiao Ran raised his voice: “Physician He, raise your head!”

Physician He had no choice but to raise his head.
His face was covered in bruises and even his nose was broken.
How could he have fallen? He was clearly beaten to end up in such a state.
Everyone was shocked.
Li Lao Furen quickly said: “Physician He—who dared to be so bold!”

Li Wei Yang frowned.
She told Zhao Nan that he must not leave any injuries when seizing people, so who ultimately beat Physician He up? Could it be that Zhao Nan went against her orders? No.
That didn’t seem right.
Zhao Nan never mentioned this, so he must not have even laid a hand on a single one of Physician He’s fingers.
She believed Zhao Nan had nothing to do with this.

Physician He fell to his knees with a thump and lamented: “Prime Minister, I don’t dare to say more! I will die no matter what I say! I cannot offend the Third Xiaojie of your residence! I beg you to spare my life!”

Li Xiao Ran scoffed loudly and shot up to his feet from his chair.
His gaze swept over to Li Wei Yang like a sword.
Maybe he didn’t know it himself.
Although his eyes were sharp, there was deeply rooted unease and worry in them like the sharp tip of a sword trembling in the wind.
There was fear in his heart reserved for Li Wei Yang, a terrifying fear, but he must punish her now.
If he backed down, he would lose all his respect and authority as a father and the head of the household: “Li Wei Yang, what did you do! Did you go and threaten Physician He!”

Li Lao Furen’s looked as if she wanted to spit something out stuck in her chest, but her lips remained stiffly shut.
She didn’t say anything yet.

Rong Mama said: “Physician He, how did Third Xiaojie threaten you? Speak truthfully, Master will find justice for you! You won’t be wronged by bad people!”

Li Wei Yang let out a scoff: “That’s right, Physician He, how did I threaten you, why don’t you just say it?”

Sweat broke out over Physician He’s forehead.
He knelt down on the cold grounded as if he was deeply conflicted.

Finally, Lao Furen spoke up: “Speak truthfully, if it is true—you cannot hide it either!”

Physician He boldly glanced at Li Wei Yang and deliberately straightened his back: “Lao Furen, the other day, on my way back after treating patients, I was kidnapped by a group of thugs.
They took me away and locked me up.
They even tortured me and demanded I do as they say—I refused to comply no matter what, so they let me go.
Afterwards, they bribed me with gold and silver, instructing me to say that Furen is not actually pregnant but using medicine that made it seem like she was pregnant to deceive other physicians that came to see her pulse—I vaguely heard them say that their master was Anping Xianzhu…
Seeing that I wouldn’t give in, they even kidnapped my grandchildren, so I had no choice but to agree!”

Everyone in the room was stunned and became even more fearful.
They all stared at Li Wei Yang with incredulous eyes.

However, Physician He continued to say: “I did indeed prescribe Liquid Styrax pills for Seventh Yiniang.
The pill actually contains very little musk incense, so it would not affect people with a healthy body, but Seventh Yiniang insisted, saying that it was not effective enough, and she still had trouble sleeping everyday.
She made me increase the amount, so I gave her Liquid Styrax pills with a higher concentration, which this musk incense—”

Everyone came to an understanding at this time.
Li Wei Yang initially colluded with Seventh Yiniang to trick Physician He into giving them musk incense.
Then, the musk incense was used to tamper with the landscape painting, killing the official mother’s child.
They even forced Physician He to denounce Jiang Yue Lan of her “fake pregnancy” in front of everyone, then deliberately cause her miscarriage to wrong Li Wei Yang, truly a wicked mind!

Li Wei Yang glanced at Zhao Yue and also saw the surprise on her face.
She couldn’t help but sigh to herself.
Both brother and sister were guards with assassination skills.
They aren’t good at scheming.
Jiang Yue Lan planned for every possibility.
She was actually pregnant, but she purposely roused Li Wei Yang’s suspicion, making her think that Jiang Yue Lan was only pretending to be pregnant, so that she would find out the “truth” from Physician He.
Zhao Nan found out about Jiang Yue Lan “disguising” her pregnancy from Physician He, but it seems everything had been part of the plan from the start, including Physician He’s testimony, the cage had been cut loose, this was all part of Jiang Yue Lan’s thorough trap.

Physician He took out a silver banknote: “This is the banknote Third Xiaojie used to bribe me.
If I genuinely accepted it, I wouldn’t feel at ease! Master, please take it back!”

Things had come down to this where the witness and evidence were present, there was no room for denial! Li Xiao Ran did not explode in anger, but his eyes burned with a frightening light, murderous intent even, but when his eyes met Li Wei Yang’s cold eyes, his mouth quickly curved into a cruel and resentful smile—forcefully interrogating Li Wei Yang: “You wretched thing, do you have anything else to say!”

He made up his mind to use this opportunity to get rid of this out-of-control daughter for once and for all!

In Li Wei Yang’s current situation, she had been forced to the edge of the cliff, but she continued to condescendingly stare at Li Xiao Ran, thinking about how cowardly and ridiculous he was.
It was rather ironic to say it outright.
Her father occupied the position of Prime Minister, shouting this shouting that all day long and no one would say anything, but deep down, he was more cowardly than anyone else.
He himself knew that there was something strange behind this matter, but he only wanted to take the opportunity to get rid of her.
In the end, it was only because of her refusal to be controlled that made him even more anxious and afraid!

She lowered her head to hide her cold smile, then lifted her head and stared straight into his eyes.
Li Xiao Ran only felt that her eyes had a haunting chill, deep down to the bone.
He shuddered, the flames of anger suddenly vanished—he had never seen Li Wei Yang make this sort of face and was momentarily stunned.

Li Wei Yang faced him with a cold smile but slowly turned her attention to Jiang Yue Lan, her dark eyes bearing a sense of unpredictability: “Mother, I hope you won’t change your original plans now.”

Her voice was soft and gentle, but there was a hint of mercilessness.
Jiang Yue Lan seemed to experience a hallucination—she was about to fall into the depths of hell! No, how was this possible?! She was clearly the victor who was about to succeed.
She hardly believed there was anything Li Wei Yang could do to turn things around.


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