Chapter 132: The Big Wedding


In the middle of the night, there was a rush of footsteps and then sounds of dispute.
Because of the quietness outside, hearing this sound at this moment was particularly clear.
Li Wei Yang was sober at once, opened her eyes in the dark night, and watched the movement outside.

Zhao Yue's voice came across the door panel: “Why is Furen seeking Xiaojie when she is ill, you should go seek the doctor!”

“Where does this make sense! I'm here to see Third Xiaojie, how dare you block my way! Get away!” It was Rong Mama’s voice.

Li Wei Yang turned over and didn't speak.
Mo Zhu listened with close attention and there was no movement inside; it was as if the people in the room were sleeping soundly, no matter what happened outside.

Rong Mama shouted outside: “Third Xiaojie, Furen is unwell, please go and see her!”

There was no movement in the room, Zhao Yue coldly said: “Our Xiaojie orders us to light a calming incense every time she sleeps.
This kind of thing is very fragrant and helps one sleep naturally so how can she wake to your call.
You should just find a doctor and not delay this any further!”

Rong Mama was full of resentment, this damn yatou, adamantly guarding the door that she can’t even see Li Wei Yang's face! She said angrily: “Is it necessary for you to direct me, what kind of thing are you!” Wherever she went recently, she was well-respected by everyone and she had never been given a refusal of entrance! Unexpectedly, they were blocked from entering here!

Zhao Yue has been following Li Wei Yang for a long time so she has learned to be clever.
She said: “Nubi is indeed nothing, but Nubi must also remind Rong Mama that this is the yard of Third Xiaojie and Nubi is Third Xiaojie’s yatou.
If you want to punish me, you’ll have to leave it up to her.
In front of Third Xiaojie, you are nothing! I advise you, if Furen is really feeling uncomfortable, go and see the doctor.
Since she is pregnant now, if the time is delayed, it will be your fault, Rong Mama!”

“Lao Ye and Lao Furen had placed Furen under the care of Third Xiaojie!” Rong's Mama was very angry.

Zhao Yue smiled coldly and said, “Based on what Mama is saying, Third Xiaojie is still a young miss, how much can she know about a woman's pregnancy and raising a baby? Lao Furen had already said it, we are using Third Xiaojie’s birth date to bring luck.
Taking care of Furen is still your responsibility, our Third Xiaojie can’t hold up these responsibilities!”

Rong Mama's face turned more and more ugly.
Since Furen became pregnant, Lao Ye must visit every day, so Furen is the most precious person in this family! After staying here, their treatment should still be the same.
Li Wei Yang must take good care of Jiang Yue Lan and cannot let her suffer any damage at all.
This is her duty and she can never shirk her responsibility! But Rong Mama didn't expect that the other party didn't mean to take good care of her.

There were sounds of footsteps outside and it seemed that Rong Mama had left.
Mo Zhu pouted her lips contemptuously and then used a small fan to gently fan the breeze on the incense pot in front of her so that the room was filled with the restful fragrance.
Xiaojie hadn’t been sleeping well and was often awakened by nightmares in the middle of the night.
But every time when they asked, Xiaojie always avoided talking about what dream she had.
Mo Zhu whispered in her heart, Xiaojie is enjoying peaceful days, what is bothering her so much that she was having nightmares every night?

Li Wei Yang smiled faintly and continued to sleep.

Jiang Yue Lan listened to Rong Mama's report and couldn't help but feel more resentful.

Rong Mama whispered: “Furen, based on Nubi’s opinion, let’s just forget it.
Third Xiaojie is a diabolic person, we shouldn’t provoke her.”

On her side, Jiang Yue Lan was getting angrier.
She had always been cautious everywhere she went just to acquire a good marriage.
Now she was married to Li Xiao Ran, she was the imposing First-Ranked Furen and she would have enjoyed the respect and envy of everyone.
But in front of a lowly girl like Li Wei Yang, she was always lower by a rank.
She hadn't felt that way before, but ever since she saw Li Min De looking at Li Wei Yang with that expression, she hated her wholeheartedly!

In any case, you must get rid of Li Wei Yang, otherwise she will never be able to raise her head high in this family like how she was before she got married! Jiang Yue Lan thought about it in her heart and a cold expression appeared in her eyes.

Rong Mama sighed slightly in her heart, her eyes full of unending worries: “Furen, Third Xiaojie will eventually be married in the future, why make it difficult to live with her? When she gets married, everything that wasn’t yours will be yours, Furen, we shouldn’t risk it!”

Jiang Yue Lan said coldly: “What if she gets married, doesn’t she still have her mother and her younger brother in the Li family? Would she easily give in, you don't know her that well!” She said this out loud, but she wasn’t really thinking about this in her heart.
This was not the case.
Indeed, Li Wei Yang will eventually marry and will not hinder her too much in the future, but every time she sees Li Wei Yang and Third Gongzi standing together, the poisonous snake in her heart will come out.

Yes, this feeling was wrong, even abnormal but she couldn’t control herself! Why, why did she have to marry a man who was old enough to be her father.
If her husband was handsome and young, she would certainly not like a man who was impossible for hers!

In the middle of the night, the doctor came, and even alarmed Li Xiao Ran, who was resting in the courtyard of Fourth Yiniang.
But when he came over, he went back after seeing nothing was serious.
Of course, when Li Xiao Ran saw Li Wei Yang continuing to close the door to sleep, his expression also twisted for a moment, but he didn't really come to the door to disturb.
Subconsciously, he already had an inexplicable fear of Li Wei Yang.
Since the other party has agreed for Jiang Yue Lan to stay here, she was already treating them with respect.
He has a hunch that if they do too much, Li Wei Yang might not even mind giving him a lesson too.
This yatou was such a cold-hearted person.
Li Xiao Ran thought about this and naturally dismissed the idea of ​​scolding her and instead just repeatedly comforted Jiang Yue Lan, who felt mistreated and then left.

Early the next morning, Li Wei Yang yawned while having breakfast.
Mo Zhu said, “It's all because of the noise from them.”

Li Wei Yang glanced at her, but she said nothing.
Yet she knew in her heart that her insomnia had nothing to do with Jiang Yue Lan.
Every time she closed her eyes, she would always dream of some past things, which didn’t feel good at all.
After drinking a small half bowl of congee, Li Wei Yang put down her spoon.

Outside the door, Li Min De probingly asked: “Can I come in?”

Li Wei Yang looked at him with surprise.

Li Min De suspiciously said: “What's wrong, are you still sleeping?”
Li Wei Yang frowned: “Didn’t I tell you that it's inconvenient and that you shouldn’t come?” Jiang Yue Lan lives here yet Li Min De still came over, which wouldn’t look too good if this spread.
So she asked him to avoid suspicion, but obviously, this guy didn’t listen.

The wronged Li Min De said: “I just came to see you.”

Li Wei Yang tapped her forehead and said, “Why are you this disobedient?”

Li Min De's eyes were shining and his smile was pure: “I just heard the wind blowing loudly in the middle of the night yesterday and I was worried that you wouldn't sleep well…” The voice stopped abruptly, “What's wrong with your eyes!”

Needless to say, Li Wei Yang also knew what he was talking about.
She saw it when she was freshening up.
Her entire eyes were flushed red, apparently because she did not rest well last night.

Li Min De hurried over and rushed in front of Li Wei Yang.
Her fingers gently touched her under her eyes.
He distressingly said, “Why do you always not sleep well!”

Li Wei Yang didn't care and said: “Maybe it's because I’ve done a lot of bad?”

Li Min De looked at dark spots under her eyes, as if he didn't hear her words at all: “Wei Yang, I can come over to help keep watch at night, so you can sleep well.” His amber eyes flickered as they expectantly looked at her.

Li Wei Yang was speechless: “Where do you think you are that you can just mess around?” She pointed to the house opposite of them.
“There are people watching over there, waiting to grab my hold of evidence against me!”

Li Min De smiled and said, “I can do it without anyone knowing it!”

Li Wei Yang: “…” She really didn't know what to say.
In short, ever since Li Min De was injured, he seemed to have found a way to deal with her, and it had proven effective every time.
She said in a serious tone: “Don't make trouble! The problem is not whether you will be discovered!”

Li Min De's eyes became brighter: “Did Wei Yang finally not treat me as a younger brother?! Do you think I'm a man?”

It was weird how that sounded.
Li Wei Yang caressed her forehead: “Forget it, disregard what I said.
Have you eaten in the morning, do you want to eat together?”

Before she even finished talking, Li Min De had quickly sat down on her side, and his movement was so fast that it was just a blink of an eye.

Li Wei Yang stared at him: “What the hell are you thinking about? Why are you becoming stranger and stranger?”

Li Min De picked up the chopsticks brought over by Bai Zhi, and then answered without any grudges: “Because I worry about you.”

Li Wei Yang froze for a moment and then smiled bitterly: “Min De, you tell me what I should say to you.
If you really travel too often to my room, people will start to gossip.
Do you really want me to become the subject of gossip? Or are you making fun of me to entertain yourself?” Before she finished her words, Min De held onto her hands.

Li Min De looked at her quietly, with faint eyes, he said: “I will not cause you any trouble.”

His palms were hot, making her feel involuntarily odd that she immediately withdrew her hand.
She unnaturally spoke: “…I don't mean that.” She was speaking about gossip but she didn't actually fear any of those things because she didn’t care about those people at all.
But she just felt that his attitude was wrong and she had already made it clear to him so he should also change his attitude.
But he didn't change the way he acts towards her at all.
He was treating her more like his beloved girl rather than a kin.
What was going on? He clearly should have given up.

Li Min De changed the subject and then said: “Jiang Yue Lan lives in this yard so I am not at ease.
I have already investigated the Physician He who treated her.
He is indeed a highly-skilled physician but his medical virtue is not very good.
Many years ago, he was bribed to give false testimony in Liucheng.
There is a family in Liucheng and the old patriarch had just died.
A woman appeared with a child to make trouble, saying that the child is also the son of the patriarch, but he is an illegitimate child.
However, he is also eligible to receive a share of the property.
This matter went to the government but there was not enough evidence to prove that the child was indeed his child.
Finally, Physician He came out to help testify which helped the woman and the child receive a share of the property.
Then, one year after the incident, the illegitimate son’s biological father appeared.
This proved that Physician He had collected money from the people and gave false testimony—” His voice was low and his tone sounded ordinary, but Li Wei Yang knew he must have spent a lot of time to find out about this.

“So that was why Physician He left Liucheng?” Li Wei Yang asked right after.

Li Min De nodded and said, “It's true, because he couldn't stay there, through his disciple brother, he traveled to the Capital.
Although this person’s virtue is doubtful, his medical skills are really brilliant so he was later introduced to the Jiang family and became their family doctor.”

Li Wei Yang thought for a while and said: “Since he had a conviction in the past, I’m becoming more suspicious.” Jiang Yue Lan carrying a child had nothing to do with herself but she had to shamelessly move into this courtyard; this was very different.
At this moment, Li Wei Yang suddenly remembered one thing: “Zhao Yue told me that someone came to you recently.”

Li Min De was startled and the smile on his face faded.

Her lips moved and Li Wei Yang said: “Your father seems to wish that you return home to your country.”

Li Min De looked down: “But I don't want to go back at all.”

Li Wei Yang wanted to say that he wouldn’t be able to deny his own identity even if he didn’t go back.
But she felt those words were too hurtful.
After careful consideration, guided gently and said: “Now, do you have no plans? After all, you have a different origin, don’t you feel wronged if you spend the rest of your time here with me like this?”

Li Min De: “I don't want to see those people.”

Li Wei Yang stared at him stunningly: “What do you mean?”

The sunlight fell on his face through the mottled lotus window and he didn't speak for a moment.
His face looked a bit lonely: “My biological mother is already dead, and the rest of the people have nothing to do with me…
including the one who is related to me…”

Li Wei Yang was silent for a long while, not knowing what to say.
Her heart softened, she understood the bitterness of not having any family, but…
she finally said: “But it’s not a plan for you to avoid this.
I heard that your father is anxious to bring you home and he wants to protect you.
If you stay here, this is after all beyond his authority to protect you…”

Li Min De's eyes blinked, and his long eyelashes seemed to be dyed by the golden light from the sun.
His hands covered her hands, and in his raised amber eyes, there was a humble-like pleading.
“You just want to drive me away, wouldn't it be nice for me to accompany you?”

Of course it's not bad, it's just that…
she always felt that leaving him here was more dangerous.
Sooner or later, those people will come to them and by that time, they will cause great trouble.
Of course, returning home may not be safe as well.
Or, let’s just say that in this world, everyone is fighting for power and killing each other.
If you want to survive, you can only enjoy peace by defeating all the enemies.
Li Wei Yang was concerned to let him face the wolves alone.

“I won't go unless you leave with me.” He said solemnly.

Li Wei Yang was stunned for a while, but before she could react, he had to touch his cool fingers to her cheeks.
That gentle and careful attitude made Li Wei Yang stunned, and then his handsome face was inching closer and closer.

…Wait, there seems to be something wrong!

In this critical moment, she suddenly stretched out a finger and pressed it between Li Min De's eyebrows, preventing the other person's lips from coming over.
This guy was getting shameless, he dared flirt with her while she wasn’t paying attention.

Li Min De turned his head silently and quietly said, “It's such a good atmosphere, we almost had it …”

Li Wei Yang was speechless, because she felt soft-hearted just now…it was intentional, clearly intentional, it must be intentional! She was annoyed in her heart, but just snorted coldly: “If you dare to be this rude next time, I’ll just throw you out.”

Li Min De just laughed and looked wronged, but his eyes became brighter and brighter.

“Okay, stop fooling around! If you want to see me in the future, just send me a letter directly.
You don't have to run over here, didn't you see how many people outside were staring?” Li Wei Yang said.

Of course, Li Min De saw it, but he just came to visit his non-blood related cousin.
Of course, there will be occasional behaviors that exceed the limits and there were people who he trusted so no one can see anything outside, who would dare say anything? If Li Wei Yang couldn't marry someone because of this, he would just be happy——of course, he can't say this in front of her.

“I’ve been thinking that the old witch must have some other plans for moving in.” Li Min De subconsciously glanced outside the door.
Although there was a curtain, he still felt that someone over there was always monitoring their movements.

“This is natural, the mystery is in her belly.” Li Wei Yang smiled slightly.

Jiang Yue Lan, who was residing in the east wing was delighted when she heard about Li Min De’s visit, but when she saw that he was heading into Li Wei Yang’s guest room and did not come to greet her, the look on her face turned dignified and gloomy.
She thought she would have more chances to see him when she moved here, but she never thought she had to watch him run over and pay so much attention to that little demoness!

Rong Mama looked at Furen’s gloomy face and resentfully looked at Li Wei Yang's guest room.
She didn't move for half a hour, and her heart was uneasy.
Although Furen wasn’t that old, yet she had always been very calm.
She had never acted this strangely so she couldn’t figure out how Furen became like this?

And Jiang Yue Lan had been looking at the guest room where Li Min De was with envy, jealousy, and resentment.
She watched him go in and out and watched his figure left until she couldn’t see him anymore.

“Rong Mama, help me get dressed.” Jiang Yue Lan seemed to get up and go out.


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Chapter 132: The Big Wedding


“Furen! No!” Rong Mama suddenly knelt on the ground.
“Furen, you have to think about it! There are things you can’t do, moreover can’t think either!”

Jiang Yue Lan twisted her eyebrows: “Why do you even have to go against me? I just want to go out for a walk, what are you afraid I’ll do!”

Rong Mama looked blue and white for a while, and finally opened her mouth in a low voice, but changed her way of address: “Xiaojie, I know you are wronged in this marriage, but sometimes people have to admit their fate.
If you live stably with Prime Minister Li now, there will always be time for you to enjoy the future.
But if you do this now, it will not end well for you…
Do you remember the Xiaojie of the Fang family? The Fangs only said that she was dead to others, at that time, she was still not married, a beautiful Xiaojie who besottedly acted wrong once…”

Of course Jiang Yue Lan knows who Rong Mama was talking about, not only did she know, but she also remembered clearly.

Fang De Zhen was the daughter of Zhong Ji Dian scholar of the Fang family.
She only had a younger brother from a concubine in the family.
She was famous for her alluring beauty and because of her noble origin and the Fang family was well-treated by His Majesty, she lived in luxury.
Jiang Yue Lan still remembered that Fang Xiaojie had a delicate and pleasant melon-shaped face, slender and delicate brows, a faint mono-lid phoenix eye, and a small cherry mouth.
When she saw others, she would smile which made others feel elated towards her.

After all, the Fang family only had this one legitimate daughter, so she was very spoiled and they allowed her to spend a large amount of money pampering herself.
Every year, she would leave to evade the summer heat for half a month and would bring along ten boxes of silk and satin.
It has been eight years since the incident and at that time, Jiang Yue Lan was only eleven years old and she admired Fang De Zhen who was visiting her mother.
Fang Xiaojie's family had arranged a marriage for her and she was bestowed to the son of the ambassador to Fengjiang.
They had arranged this when they were both young and it was a union of equal social rank.
This Shaoye was handsome and tall and he was a character of both civility and martial arts.
This would have been a wonderful family matter but who would have known that after the Fang family invited a teacher for Fang Xiaojie’s younger brother, things turned into troubles.
Fang Xiaojie actually fell in love with this young scholar of unrecognized talent.

The matter is still spreading to this day so it was inevitably for descendents to add more details to the story.
Everyone also shamefully described this love story between the noble and the poor, using words like “The Eldest Xiaojie secretly met with the scholar, lost her chastity, and brought disgrace to the marriage alliance.” In the end, the scholar lost his life and this Fang Xiaojie was also forcibly taken back to her hometown by her family and was locked up in the ancestral hall.
No, perhaps she had already died.
Jiang Yue Lan thought of this person, and suddenly trembled.
Was this all caused by her not willing to admit to this fate?

“Xiaojie, don't blame Nubi for talking.
Nubi grew up watching you so I must not watch you make mistakes.” Rong Mama stopped speaking.
Looking at the charming young Furen in front of her, it seemed that it was too cruel for her to admit her destiny.
Young women all yearn for handsome young men.
Why should others blame them? “You should rest, if you need anything, call me.” Rong Mama sighed, and before she reached the door, a trembling and weak voice came from behind: “I can't help it.”

Rong Mama looked back: “Xiaojie…”

“You say it's dangerous to be unwilling, I…
I also know, but this at least proves that I am still alive, and this will not let me guard an old man for the rest of my life…” Jiang Yue Lan's voice slowly became cold, “I don't want to guard him or else my life is over…”

Rong Mama's eyes intrepidly widened——how can this be done! She had already married Li Xiao Ran and now she regrets it.
When Furen first mentioned the marriage, Jiang Yue Lan was not happy when she spoke about it but she was still satisfied.
After all, it was the honor of a First-Ranked Furen and the countless glory and wealth in the future.
But now that she has enjoyed the wealth, she wants a young and beautiful partner, how can there be such a good thing in the world! How can the Jiang family afford to lose face like this?! Thinking that she was just bewildered for a while, she forcefully quelled the fire and said: “Furen, don't think about it–” It was just a short moment, but her address has changed again.
It was to constantly remind her not to forget her identity.

“I am not!” Jiang Yue Lan was excited, she threw a voice and said, “I can get what I want, I must get it, it’s our own mere courtesy and vain that is making it hard for ourselves——death is like the extinguishment of light, we would have nothing left, I am not afraid of anything, why don’t you let me do as I wish ……”

Rong Mama looked at her with a horrified expression on her face and Jiang Yue Lan unexpectedly stood up, threw herself into her arms and tremblingly said, “Help me! Help me! I just can't quell my affections for him, I thought, for a person like him, no woman can have his heart but now I know it is possible! He is actually with her and it’s also impossible for them, but he still likes her.
Since she can, why can’t I, I have nothing that can’t be compared to her …”

Rong Mama looked at her Xiaojie who she raised with her own hands but she felt a little uncomfortable in her heart.
After a while, she said: “Nubi——will try my best.”

In the guest room, Bai Zhi reported: “Xiaojie, Nubi has already told our yatous here that without announcing to you, no one can enter the Furen’s house without your permission any time.”

Li Wei Yang nodded.
Jiang Yue Lan had moved into the east wing and in order to avoid suspicion, Li Wei Yang's people couldn't go there often, avoiding any inexplicable rumors.

“Furen is also guarding against us, she uses her own cook, her own yatou, and never uses the people we arranged for her.” Bai Zhi continued.

Li Wei Yang pondered for a moment, her lips curled up, and said with a smile: “This would be the best.” However, Jiang Yue Lan lived in her yard while guarding against her, what was it for? Is it really for Li Min De? It shouldn't be this simple.
Li Wei Yang was a bit incomprehensible towards what Jiang Yue Lan was thinking.

Bai Zhi was also finding this very strange.
She originally thought that Jiang Yue Lan wanted to take this opportunity to find Third Xiaojie's trouble, but she was only surrounded by her own yatous and her daily life couldn’t be interfered by others so who would gossip about this.
If something did happen to the child, even if she wanted to instill the crime on Li Wei Yang, she couldn't do much.
In this way, wouldn't her work be completely in vain? This kind of action didn’t seem to be what Jiang Yue Lan would do.

The days passed by in a hurry, and the Li family was calm and quiet for a month until the big day came for the Li’s Second Shaoye.

Early in the morning, Jiang Yue Lan was sitting in front of the bronze mirror, and her yatou was cleaning her face.
Jiang Yue Lan looked at the woman in the mirror.
Her face was pale, and she ordered the yatou to put on two more layers of rouge, which made her countenance look much better.

“Furen, these clothes can't fit easily anymore.
Nubi will loosen it two inches by the waist.” The yatou Chun Ju came smiling with a red dress in her hands.

Jiang Yue Lan stared at the luxurious dress, her eyes flashed a few times.
She even picked up the dress, flipped it in her hands for a long time and suddenly flipped the tray over to the ground.

Chun Ju trembled, and Jiang Yue Lan smiled deeply that it made Chun Ju feel chills.

“Furen! Please forgive Nubi!” Even though she said the wrong thing, Chun Ju didn't know where she was wrong.

Jiang Yue Lan reached out and stroked her hairpin, and said casually: “Are you saying I'm fat?”

Pregnant women, eat more and exercise less, so they would naturally gain weight, was this any strange? But looking at Jiang Yue Lan's expression, Chun Ju shivered in fear, even making herself wrong.
Her body was trembling in the beginning and had turned stiff now.
It was getting colder and colder, until it froze into ice, and there was no trace of temperature.

Jiang Yue Lan's eyes were cold, and there was a sarcastic smile at the corner of her lips.
Her voice was as cold as ice and snow: “Slap your mouth.”

Chun Ju's body was stiff, but she didn't dare to say much, and began to slap her face desperately.
Jiang Yue Lan listened to the sound of her slaps happily, eyes intoxicated.
In the room, the sounds of slaps continued as blood stains from her face gradually gathered on the ground.
Every time Chun Ju slapped herself, Jiang Yue Lan's smile became brighter.

After a hundred slaps, Chun Ju's entire face appeared bruised, and Jiang Yue Lan slowly said, “That’s good enough.”

“Furen…” Chun Ju raised her head suddenly, with tears in the corners of her eyes, and wept: “Furen, Nubi was wrong, please forgive me.”

“Get out! Kneel outside, when will I tell you to get up, that’s when you can get up again!” Jiang Yue Lan said coldly.

Chun Ju couldn't help it.
She slowly retreated with her sad face, and then knelt down in the hallway.
Rong Mama said coldly, “Go far away.”

Chun Ju kneeled all the way to the courtyard and knelt, her face full of bruises, it was extremely pitiful.

Zhao Yue saw this and frowned, “Xiaojie, look.”

Li Wei Yang glanced at the scene over there and said lightly: “We don’t have to mind her.”

Bai Zhi frowned: “But the guests will come to the door later, in case something happens, it wouldn’t look good.”

Li Wei Yang said indifferently: “It's her own yatou who would cause trouble, so let’s pretend we didn’t see anything.”

Zhao Yue grew up in the heap of dead people from an early age.
After rigorous training, she will do whatever the master tells her.
Bai Zhi is completely different.
Her heart is soft.
Seeing the trembling look of the yatou made her heart uncomfortable.
However, she had always been very convinced by Li Wei Yang's judgment.
Xiaojie said don't mind it, then don’t mind it.

Poor yatou Chun Ju had been kneeling in the yard.
She originally thought Li Wei Yang would intervene.
After all, things happened in her yard, but the other party did not move at all.
She originally thought that other yatous would come and ask if something happened.
But everyone who came and went seemed to have not seen her.

At this time, Li Wei Yang came out and she was going to entertain her guests in the front yard.
Rong Mama, who had been standing under the corridor, gave Chun Ju a fierce glance, and Chun Ju quickly fell to Li Wei Yang's feet: “Third Xiaojie, please help Nubi! Nubi knows that you are wrong, please help me ask for forgiveness from Furen! Please spare Nubi!”

Rong Mama looked coldly and said nothing.

Li Wei Yang said lightly: “Mother is the kindest person.
Since she punished you, you must have done something wrong.
Even if I want to plead for you, I can't break Li family's rules.
Kneel here and let’s wait until Mother forgives you.”

She actually didn't intend to save Chun Ju at all? ! Rong Mama was stunned.
She thought that Li Wei Yang would definitely say good things for Chun Ju.
At that time, Furen would be able to give Chun Ju to Li Wei Yang, and Chun Ju’s parents’ contract was still held by Furen so they weren’t afraid that Chun Ju wouldn’t help them.
But she didn't expect Li Wei Yang to not help at all—it was so unexpected!

“Rong Mama, today is the big day for my Second Brother.
I have to go out and greet the guests.
Lao Furen said, if Mother is unwell, she doesn't have to go out today.” Li Wei Yang smiled at Rong Mama, Rong Mama indifferently said: “Sending Third Xiaojie off.”

Li Wei Yang stopped speaking, and gracefully walked out with Bai Zhi and Zhao Yue.
Rong Mama kept watching her with cold eyes, and a trace of sarcasm appeared on her face.
Do you think if you don’t save Chun Ju, there are no other ways, Li Wei Yang, you are underestimating Furen!

Because the Second Uncle of the Li family could not rush back in time for his son’s wedding, everything was arranged by Li Xiao Ran.
In order to please the Lao Furen in the family and to quell the grievances of Second Furen, Li Xiao Ran specially ordered the house of Second Shaoye to be renovated that even the grass and landscape in the garden were specially asked to be taken care of, which made the whole house felt bursting with happiness.
Early morning, the Li family’s estate was covered with a thick red carpet from the main entrance to the side entrance to the second entrance.

The guests entered the door one after another, and gifts flowed in like running water.
The excitement continued until dusk.
Amidst the sound of firecrackers and gongs and drums, Li Min Kang watched the bridal sedan lifted from afar as he stood garbed with red silk all over his body.
Even though there was only a slight smile on that square face, at this moment, he showed off a touch of joy from the ambiance around him.

The bridal sedan fell to the ground.
Li Wei Yang heard some noise outside and stood with the acquaintances in the inner door to watch the noise.
A matchmaker stood outside the bridal sedan, raised the curtain, and handed a red silk ribbon in the bride's hand.
She helped her get off the bridal sedan, first stepped over a vermilion saddle, and then walked on the red carpet until they reached the wedding hall.

Some praisers shouted, “The auspicious time is here.” The matchmaker helped Sun Yan Jun stand to the right.
Li’s Second Shaoye was dressed in a suit, and he appeared to be tall and gentle.
He was flustered for a while and went in the wrong position.
When he came to the bride, someone immediately shouted, “Oh, how anxious!” Li Min Kang's face seemed to be red all of a sudden, and he quickly stood on the left side.
They worshipped the world, worshipped their ancestors, worshipped each other, and then the master of the ceremony announced “End of Ceremony”.

Li Wei Yang looked at it from afar and she just smiled.
She knew that Sun Yan Jun under the veil must also have a smile on her face.
In this world, not everyone can find a beloved husband.
Compared with the countless noble children in the Capital, Li Min Kang is not the most noble, not the richest, not even the most handsome, and looks very ordinary but Sun Yanjun just fell in love with him, this was fate.

However, this large house looked like a cluster of flowers but even the fierce call signs behind these, there was no possibility of revealing this at all.
Living in the Li family is like dancing on the tip of a knife, letting out bright red blood.
Even when the pain is severe, one must dance to the end.
Those wives and concubines are always fighting openly and bravely with the appearance of luxurious clothes and food yet behind these were loneliness and cruel fighting, can Sun Yan Jun bear it? Li Wei Yang thought about it, but found that Li Min De blinked at her in the crowd.
She didn't know why but seeing his smiling face and shining eyes, Li Wei Yang smiled subconsciously.

At this moment, the matchmaker said loudly: “The bride and groom are sent to their wedding room.”

With the help of the matchmaker, Sun Yan Jun walked back.
Li Chang Xiao quickly pulled Li Wei Yang's sleeve: “Third Sister, let's go quickly.”

As a rule, Li's female family will go to the newlywed room to accompany the bride.
Li Wei Yang smiled slightly and said, “Okay.” Then she nodded to Li Min De and followed Li Chang Xiao away.
Li Min De watched her leave yet the smile on his face grew deeper and many of the young ladies who saw it began blushing.

When they arrived at the newlywed room, Li Wei Yang had not walked in.
She heard Second Xiaojie Li Chang Ru laughingly said, “Hurry up, everyone, let’s take a good look at the bride.”

Li Min Kang held up his square face and just held back his smile as he lifted the veil.

Although Sun Yan Jun was a little shy, she couldn't help but glance at the groom and then quickly lowered her head after seeing him smile.

“Okay, okay, let's go out to accompany guests!” Second Furen pushed Li Min Kang out.

As soon as the bridegroom left, the atmosphere in the room immediately became lively.

“The bride is really beautiful, and Kang'er is really blessed!” Lao Furen smiled and sat down on the embroidered stool, carefully looking at Sun Yan Jun.

“No, when Sun Jiejie came that time, I thought, someone like her with good looks and character should often come here.
Heaven had answered by wish and ultimately she became our sister-in-law, how delightful.” Li Chang Xiao shyly responded.
Ever since she started following Jiang Yue Lan around, this honest yet dumb of speech Fourth Xiaojie also began to learn to speak.

Li Wei Yang also smiled and came forward: “Second Brother is blessed to have such a good wife.
You can see that he just couldn't hold his mouth smiling just now.
He has never been so happy in the past.” Sun Yan Jun had always been close with Li Wei Yang but now that there are others around, she couldn’t say much and just sat on the newlywed bed, smiling with her brows curling.

“Kang'er is usually too cautious, studying in the academy all day.
According to me, since he married a wife now, he should live at home in the future.” Lao Furen laughed.

Second Furen whispered: “Yes, precisely, this silly boy never listened to my advice.
Now that Lao Furen has opened her mouth, he has to stay.”

“Hehehe.” The laughters of these women in the room sounded particularly lively.

Amidst this laughter, Li Wei Yang saw that everyone's face was filled with joy.
Such a smile has not been seen in the Li family for a long time.
In fact, if they don’t fight, they could all lead a good life.
It was ridiculous and sad to watch them fight to death for such trivial benefit.

Under the long sleeves, the bride squeezed Li Wei Yang's hand and smiled at her.
Li Wei Yang nodded as well.
Sun Yan Jun signaled something and she naturally understood it.

Everyone talked and laughed, and time passed quickly.
After a while, the bridegroom turned around, and the redness on his face deepened as soon as he entered the door to see that everyone was still there.

Lao Furen smiled and said, “Look, Kang'er is so embarrassed!” She was old and didn't know how many marriages of her grandchildren she could see.
Naturally, she cherished this opportunity very much.
Li Wei Yang inspected the words and smiled slightly: “Lao Furen is really happy today.
It is better to let Second Brother and Second Sister drink a cup of their wedding wine in front of Lao Furen, is that okay?”

Li Min Kang's complexion immediately became redder, as if he was bleeding.
Without waiting for his refusal, Li Lao Furen already said, “Yes, yes.” Sure enough, she was very happy.

Everyone was having fun to see Lao Furen this happy.
Second Furen immediately ordered the matchmaker to bring in a cup of wine.
As they watched the pair drink the cup of wine, there was another round of cheerful laughter in the room.

Li Wei Yang watched and just smiled.

Everyone was talking lively, but suddenly heard a burst of rapid footsteps.
Li Wei Yang was the first to hear the voice, and she frowned.
At this time, no one would disturb so perhaps something happened?

Rong Mama came in a hurry.
It was so cold outside that she had cold sweat all over her forehead.

“Lao Furen! Lao Furen! It's not good! It's not good!” Rong Mama walked to the door, but because she was too anxious, she tripped over the high threshold and fell to the ground all at once and almost rolled in.

“Shut up! Such a big day, what is not good!” Lao Furen could not help but sullen her face, and Second Furen rebuked immediately.
Today is her son's big day, it should be thousands of good, how could there be bad things! Is this Lao Nu suddenly crazy?!

Furen is showing red!” Rong Mama shouted without being concerned with anything.


Li Wei Yang raised her eyebrows.
Jiang Yue Lan said that she was afraid her child might be disturbed by the presence of this many people, so she rested in her room.
Who would have expected to hear such news now……


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