Chapter 129: Jealousy Turns Into Insanity


“Mother is in good spirits.” Li Wei Yang casually walked over with a smile on her face.

Jiang Yue Lan’s heart gave a start, her face quickly bore a smile.
“I just came with your Fourth Sister to see Third Shaoye.” Recently many groups of people have been visiting this courtyard so it shouldn’t seem too weird or out-of-the-ordinary.

Li Wei Yang gave Li Min De a glance, saw that he was breathing very heavily, and faintly knitted her brow.
Raising her voice, she said, “Are there people outside?”

Servant girls immediately came inside, watching Li Wei Yang with fear.
“Third Xiaojie.”

“Mother accidentally knocked over her tea cup, clear it away well, be careful not to cut your hands.” Li Wei Yang indifferently said.
Jiang Yue Lan’s complexion became even whiter.

The servant girls immediately began to clear the dregs.
Jiang Yue Lan’s face slightly regained her composure, and she said, smiling, “I should be going.” Then, “Third Shaoye, I’ll come see you another day.” Saying this, she walked out.

Li Wei Yang said mildly, “Mother, I’ll see you out.”

Li Chang Xiao who was outside had just entered when she saw Jiang Yue Lan and Li Wei Yang walking out one after the other and involuntarily showed surprise.
Jiang Yue Lan softly said, “Your Third Brother isn’t well and is resting.
Let’s come back another day.”

Li Chang Xiao, at a loss, blankly followed the two ladies out.
But when Jiang Yue Lan turned towards the garden, she guessed that the two wanted to have a chat and said smiling, “I’ve been outside for a long time and will head back first.
Third Sister, you can accompany Mother.”

Li Wei Yang nodded, her eyes watching Li Chang Xiao’s departing figure.
Her head then turned towards Jiang Yue Lan saying, “Did Mother want to say something to me?”

Jian Yue Lan sighed.
The servant girl beside her brought her a chair.
Jiang Yue Lan felt the chair’s handrail, letting out a pensive expression.
“It’s been a while since I’ve entered the family, but I’ve never had a heartfelt talk with you.”

Li Wei Yang couldn’t help a small smile.
Jiang Yue Lan was from the Jiang family after all, her innate competitiveness hadn’t disappeared for a single day.
In the two years since she’s arrived in the Li family, she had played not a small number of ploys in secret but had not once openly made herself an enemy, always hiding behind Li Chang Le.
Is she finally stepping out in the open? But hasn’t she realized that even though she has the status of stepmother, strength is what matters in the Li family? How highly does she think of herself?

“What advice does Mother wish to give?”

“Listen to yourself.
With your status today, although I am the official wife, even I have to yield a bit to you.
I had nothing to do and just wanted a chat with you.
Why be so aggressive, keeping others at arm’s length?” Jiang Yue Lan’s whole face showed a look of suffering.

“Of course Wei Yang didn’t mean it like that, it’s just Grandmother has handed me a lot of tasks and I really don’t dare stop—” Li Wei Yang’s expression was calm and did not play along with Jian Yue Lan’s “talk”.

Jiang Yue Lan suddenly smiled, carefully sizing up Li Wei Yang and said, “Other tasks? Like taking care of Third Shaoye?”

Jiang Yue Lan meant it casually, but to Li Wei Yang’s ears, there was a hidden meaning to them.
She smiled slightly, her gaze gracefully fixed on the other party, “Third Furen entrusted me with Min De before she died.
Moreover, his wounds this time were partly because of me.
Therefore, there’s nothing with me looking after him.
Why, does Mother have an issue with it?”

Jiang Yue Lan, hearing this, unexpectedly fell silent, an inexplicable ache rising up in her heart.

Why, why did all the best things belong to Li Wei Yang? What did she lack compared to her? Why did she have to be married off at a young age to a man old enough to be her father, and also have to cautiously ingratiate herself with everyone else? Why couldn’t she follow her own heart and be with a man that she liked instead of being controlled by others?!

Li Wei Yang watched Jiang Yue Lan.
A ray of sunlight illuminated her body, her clothes were bright and magnificent, her beautiful eyebrows were gently raised, her every action faintly noble.
It seemed as though no matter what time you saw her, she would always look this beautiful and gentle.
She suddenly thought of what Jiang Yue Lan just said and her eyes flashed with a hint of a smirk..

Jiang Yue Lan was utterly sophisticated and seasoned, no matter how strong her inner turmoil, her face stayed calm and composed.
“Wei Yang, you don’t need to read so much into it.
As your mother, I don’t want you to go down the wrong path and wanted to give you a reminder.
I didn’t mean anything else.
Since I’ve come here, I’ve slowly realized how close you two are.
Your sibling relationship has always been good and since this incident, it’s gotten even better, this is a fact.” Jiang Yue Lan suddenly changed her tone and lightly said, “But you are quickly nearing marriageable age and always staying with him is getting inappropriate.
Even if others don’t talk about it, they’ll still think it’s suspicious, and if such rumours ever got out, how bad that would be.”

She always claimed that she was just concerned about Li Wei Yang, and if it weren’t for that phrase just then, Li Wei Yang might have believed she had some good intentions.
But now… she would never seriously consider the words of a woman with sinister intentions.
Even if it was improper, so what? Who would dare say anything about it to Li Wei Yang’s face? Among all the powerful families and great clans, which one didn’t have a skeleton in their closet? If anyone did come to her seeking their disgrace, Li Wei Yang wouldn’t mind sending two slaps their way.

The relationship between her and Min De was pure and innocent, completely aboveboard, and never had any illicit incidents, what was there to be scared of?

Li Wei Yang thought this far, merely smiled a cold smile, and said, “Mother is overly worried.
In this household, no one other than Mother would think such.”

This was certainly true.
Whether it was Lao Furen or Li Xiao Ran, they all believed that Li Wei Yang took especially good care of Li Min De because of Third Furen.
Moreover, they have been together since they were little and grew up together.
It was natural that they would be closer to each other than with others.
There was nothing to comment on.
However, in Jiang Yue Lan’s eyes, probably because she herself had ulterior motives, there was something perverse about it.

“I know you’re not very receptive to these words, but as a young lady, you need to check your behaviour a bit more.
I once heard that because the Xiaojie of the Imperial Censor Cheng’s family was close to her cousin, it created much malicious gossip and she had no choice but to become a nun.
Wei Yang, you’ve become Xianzhu, you have excellent prospects, you should keep this in mind!” Jiang Yue Lan looked as though she were so flurried she couldn’t breathe.

Li Wei Yang looked at Jiang Yue Lan.
According to the information she gathered, Jiang Yue Lan hadn’t been ruthless since birth; on the contrary, she was actually just an ordinary young miss.
Even though her family environment was a bit complex, forcing her to constantly watch her words, her character was fundamentally different from the former Da Furen that she had followed.
At least her hands weren’t bloody.
So even though she was secretly spying for the Jiang family and sending them information, Li Wei Yang thought she was doing it out of self-preservation.
But as things stood now, Li Wei Yang realized she was still a bit too merciful.
The opposition that had lent their aid to the Jiang family once or twice and hadn’t been found out, has finally gotten greedy.

“Mother, since you have the time to worry about me, you should go and find a doctor.” Li Wei Yang said, smiling slightly.

Jiang Yue Lan froze, looking at her suspiciously.

“You’ve been married for so long but you still haven’t bore father a son or daughter.
Grandmother is not pleased.
She even told me today about giving father more concubines to avoid a situation where father’s only heir is frail.”

The rules of great successive dynasties are: the official wife’s position cannot be shaken, but taking concubines is perfectly right and proper.
Li Lao Furen visited Marquis Dongchang’s residence just yesterday, saw there were an impressive number of Dong family’s concubines, and that their appearances were even more extraordinary.
Each and every one was an uncommon beauty, validating the old saying: Marry a wife, marry virtuously.
Receive a concubine, receive colour.
The entire Marquis Dongchang’s residence had many wives and concubines creating many branches full of leaves.
Numerous young children were running here, running there.
Returning home to see her own family, the children were all grown up leaving just one smiling little milk baby that didn’t even have a playmate.
It truly was very depressing.
Lao Furen sighed a long sigh, and discussed with Li Wei Yang if there should be more concubines.

Traditionally, such a topic wouldn’t be discussed with the Li family’s Third Xiaojie, but Li Lao Furen didn’t trust anyone else aside from her.
Li Wei Yang also agreed with Li Lao Furen, and so the decision was made that very morning to give Li Xiao Ran a few pure concubines with good family backgrounds.
But for Jiang Yue Lan, it was nothing less than a bolt from the blue.
She suddenly realized that the opponent was completely aware of everything she had done and this was her retaliation.
Moreover, this retaliation was open and aboveboard, a kill without spilling blood.

Li Wei Yang indeed knew what a person’s weakness was.
Jiang Yue Lan originally wanted to tell her, under the guise of a warning, I have taken hold of your weakness so you better restrain yourself a bit.
But then Li Wei Yang gave her a slap from a place unseen, warning her to watch her steps and to be careful of traps.

Perhaps it was because they had talked for too long, the air was a little heavy and Jiang Yue Lan’s face was a little flushed.
She couldn’t help but say furiously, “Li Wei Yang, don’t be so difficult!”

Li Wei Yang only said, as if thinking out loud, “The Counsellor’s family has a Xiaojie — Mother has probably never met her — named Zhu Yu whose beauty is outstanding and brimming over with talent, a piece played on the pipa reaches the gods’ domain.
Unfortunately she fell seriously ill two years ago and her fiance’s family broke the engagement.
Her marriage plans have been delayed for this reason as well.
Lao Furen has met with Zhu Furen a few times and because of their acquaintance, Zhu Furen recently came to visit.
First, she and Zhu Lao Furen hadn’t met for some time and sorely missed each other.
Second, Zhu Xiaojie passed the age of becoming a concubine, Zhu Furen wanted to…
Mother please don’t take offense, Father is an official of the highest rank, most are those that want to climb up the social ladder.”

Jiang Yue Lan’s complexion went from red to white, she nearly lost control of the composed look on her face.
If they wanted to take a concubine, they could take a concubine.
The Counsellor was an official of the 6th rank, which was not that much lower than her own background, and if she gave birth to a son first — this sort of concubine was a matriarch’s worst nightmare! Li Wei Yang was truly ruthless!

Li Wei Yang didn’t look at her expression, just said, smiling, “Grandmother actually asked me for my opinion.
I said to wait and see a while.
If it is the daughter of a rich and powerful family, there is no harm in complying, and if average, then choose one that is of similar social status.
Our family is not one where just anyone can come into, after all.”

Saying this, Li Wei Yang finally earnestly asked, “But Grandmother insisted on having this Zhu Xiaojie pay a visit, what does Mother think about this?”

“It’s not impossible to have her pay a visit, but your maternal grandmother just passed away and there’s much going on in the Capital this autumn.
There’s lots of trivial matters.
If we want to receive guests, I’m afraid we would become too busy.
Let’s delay this discussion for a later date.” Jiang Yue Lan’s tone was a little stiff and she seemed breathless.
She then added, “As for Lao Furen, I’ll go talk to her.” Saying this, she quickly left in the direction of He Xiang Courtyard.

Li Wei Yang watched her back, a cold smile on her lips.
People, for the sake of survival, would be able to do anything.
Jiang Yue Lan completely understood that if she wanted to gain a firm foothold, she must not let a woman with a higher status than her enter the residence.

Back in the room, Li Min De wanted to sit up but had a throbbing pain in his chest.
He miserably coughed, a coughing fit so heart-rending that a trickle of blood came out of the corner of his mouth.

“What are you doing…” Li Wei Yang had just returned when she suddenly heard his coughs, and couldn’t help but quickly enter.
Supporting him, she said, “If you want anything, order the servants to do it!”

“It’s fine!” Li Min De exerted great effort to suppress the itchiness in his throat and turned to Li Wei Yang, smiling, “I’ve only suffered a minor wound, it’s fine.”

Li Wei Yang was still worried.
“You’re still saying you’re fine.
You have no idea how scary that day was…” She suddenly couldn’t continue on and creased her brows, “Jiang Hua’s arrow, sooner or later I’ll have to return it to him.”

Li Min De had been mostly sleeping for the past few days and now was more worried about the outcome of the banquet.
He couldn’t help but ask, “What weakness did the Jiang family get a hold of to be able to force the Fifth Prince to rashly rebel?”

Li Wei Yang made sure he was settled in a good spot before sitting beside the bed, and in a soft voice, explained, “Tuoba Rui once took charge of repairing a canal, do you remember?”

Li Min De frowned and softly said, “Huanan Canal?”

“Yes, Tuoba Rui was responsible for repairing the Huanan Canal.
For about 3 years, he commanded more than ten thousand conscripted labourers.
With tens of thousands of funds at his disposal, he made a lot of moves; not only did he falsify his expense reports, he decreased the labour force, to the extent that he buried alive six officials that conspired to secretly report him.
But that isn’t the worst.
What was even more dire is that someone discovered him in the Hecheng armoury.
Think about it, a prince secretly collecting weapons and gathering manpower, what else could it be other than a rebellion? When the Jiang family heard about it, they were ecstatic and immediately sent men to Hecheng.
Unfortunately, Tuoba Rui’s men stole the initiative and destroyed the armoury and with it, the evidence.
It seemed like a dead-end.
But Jiang Hua came up with an idea.
He sent someone to spread a rumour that there was a survivor of the armoury who was now hiding in the Crown Prince’s mansion.
They also wrote a memorial to the Emperor to report Tuoba Rui but then sent someone to secretly inform Tuoba Rui.
With this, Tuoba Rui thought the rumour was true and quickly decided to strike first.
He truly went all out, he sent all the dark guards that he had gathered to assassinate the Crown Prince with the intent of letting them die there.”

“Truly a hopeless fool.” Li Min De slowly said, coughing lightly.

Li Wei Yang heaved a sigh and said, “Actually, he even sent a letter to Tuoba Yu, inviting him to collaborate together.
If he could get Duke Luo to deploy troops to his aid, once he took the throne, he would split the land in half following the river for Tuoba Yu to rule.”

“Seems like his advisors have been bought.” Li Min De said insightfully.

Li Wei Yang smiled.
In her series of confrontations against Jiang Hua, she’s given Jiang Hua enough could-be-truths, could-be-lies to analyze to give him a headache; in return, she’s received numerous half true, half false news, causing her to constantly think deeply in the past few days.
Deeply hidden amidst the 17 questions he had given her was the situation that had happened at that time.

Even though the Fifth Prince rebelled, Noble Consort Mei’s family was well-established and strong with many members doing good deeds.
The plan to force the Emperor off the throne wasn’t completely stupid either.
Originally, a dozen or so suicidal soldiers who were expert martial artists under the command of Tuoba Rui would be planted in the imperial guards using a fake edict.
They would wait for an opportunity to kill the deputy commander, unite with their allies within the imperial guards, and capture the thirty thousand imperial guards to let the Fifth Prince take control of them.
After taking control, Marquis Nanyang and his three sons would personally lead the imperial guards and the soldiers who have been stationed in the Capital for many years to attack Chao Yang Men.
At the same time, they would send assassins to the Crown Prince’s residence, assassinate the Crown Prince and Tuoba Zhen, and thoroughly eliminate their political opponents.
If these three steps were carried out successfully, the Fifth Prince would, under the name of eliminating evil, lead armed forces into the city.
Marquis Nanyang’s son-in-law, Shi Guang, would lead his personal guards and one-third of the imperial guards to eliminate hostile forces outside of the palace, preventing political opponents from attacking from outside in.
The Fifth Prince would enter the palace and use the Crown Prince’s head to force the Emperor to abdicate and give him the throne.
When all the dust settled, even with the seventh prince’s help, the Fifth Prince would already have the Emperor’s edict and would officially be enthroned.
With the power to move the entire empire’s troops, there was no need to fear anyone anymore.

All of this was a beautiful dream, but what happened in reality was cruel.
The Fifth Prince knew very well that he hadn’t prepared enough yet, but if he let the Emperor believe the Crown Prince’s report, his only path would lead to the gallows.
So he thoughtlessly struck first, not expecting to fall into someone else’s trap.
Originally, the Crown Prince didn’t have reliable proof on hand, but now he had conclusive evidence.
First, Tuoba Rui was captured by the commander of the imperial guards before he succeeded, then there were all the assassins that had entered his residence were to be executed, and after that, Marquis Nanyang was beheaded before the battle.
All could be described in 4 syllables: utter defeat.

To knock down enemies, the Crown Prince naturally spared no effort.
In a few days, the Ministry of Justice had collected an enormous amount of proof.
Someone discovered that the eunuch that was beside the Emperor excelled in martial arts and acted suspiciously, often doing underhanded deeds for the Fifth Prince.
Before the rebellion, he would even sneak out of the palace to meet with the Fifth Prince.
The two of them would meet in a secret room and discuss for half a day, conspiring to kill the Emperor at the critical moment if he wasn’t willing to abdicate.
Furthermore, several secret letters were found in Tuoba Rui’s study, the contents of which all pertaining to the rebellion.
How to take control of the imperial guard, how to get in contact with Marquis Nanyang’s former subordinates, when to execute the plan, etc.
Every step, every stroke laid out in detail.
The Emperor was incredibly enraged and of course ordered the beheading of the Fifth Prince and Marquis Nanyang’s entire family.
Even the family of Marquis Yongning was exiled even though they were not involved.
Of course, the arrogant and overbearing consort to the Fifth Prince, only a few months after marrying into the family, was also executed at the same time and became the laughing stock of the entire country.

The one who benefited from this the most, other than the Crown Prince that eliminated his political opponents, was the Jiang family.
During the turmoil, Jiang Xu “happened” to be at the Capital discussing official business when he heard of the Fifth Prince’s uprising.
He immediately called all who could be called to enter the palace to “rescue the king”.
If it weren’t for him, the Emperor would have been assassinated by the men the Fifth Prince had arranged for.
Like this, the Jiang family once again became heroes, moreover, heroes that exterminated traitors.

Li Wei Yang had to admire Jiang Hua’s ability.
Regaining the Emperor’s trust isn’t something that could be done overnight, and yet he did it that quickly.
Of course, Jiang Hai’s death cast a giant shadow over the achievement, the Jiang family didn’t even have time to be happy before falling into gloom.

Li Min De gently smiled, saying, “Since we’ve let him perform a heroic rescue, haven’t all our efforts gone to a complete waste?” Indeed, if Jiang Xu regained His Majesty’s favor, the matter that occurred during the mourning of his parent would be overlooked.

Li Wei Yang smiled at him.
“Who said they could be pleased with themselves? I’ve already sent news out.”

“Oh? What news?”

Li Wei Yang’s eyes gleamed and there seemed to be a flame burning in her eyes.
“The news is, at the time the Emperor was doing fine in the palace when the eunuch at his side suddenly attacked him.
Just in time, General Jiang entered the palace and saved the Emperor.
The Emperor had been so scared he wet his pants, trembling under the Emperor’s throne.
If it weren’t for General Jiang’s dedication to his service, entering the palace to rescue him, the Emperor would have lost his life — This news has already spread all over the country, when the Emperor hears this, how do you think he’ll respond?”

Li Min De was dumbfounded, then laughed, before all of a sudden coughing even more severely.
Li Wei Yang promptly patted his back.
“Are you alright? Who told you to take pleasure in other people’s misfortune, be more careful.”

Li Min De hid his smile.
It seems like just as always, he was the single elegant and beautiful young master in the midst of this murky world, ignoring his abnormally pale complexion, of course.
Li Wei Yang looked at him and suddenly understood a bit why Jiang Yue Lan was like that.
Ah, beauties, no matter if they were men or women, you couldn’t resist them.
Moreover, a single smile from him could obliterate a woman’s ability to think.
And this beauty wasn’t from his skin, but an inner charm that shone outward that caused people to helplessly get caught up in his smile.

This was probably a magic that only Li Min De wielded.
At least, Li Wei Yang hadn’t met anyone else who could do the same.
Jiang Yue Lan was the companion of a man who was old enough to be her father.
Not only was it lonely but also something she 100% did not wish for.
Then before her suddenly appeared a young man so pretty that the surrounding world greyed out in comparison, plus, his attraction negated resistance.
It was a problem.

Li Min De softly said, “Yes, the more the rumor makes the Emperor seem like a coward, the more it makes Jiang Xu seem brilliant and divine, and once it reaches the Emperor’s ears, the more he’ll be angry.
He’ll naturally think that while Jiang Xu did save him, he also took this opportunity to spread the rumors, hoping for more rewards.
The avaricious and insatiable snake trying to swallow an elephant.
Not only will Jiang Xu not be awarded for his meritorious service, he’ll actually have a serious offense.”

Li Wei Yang smiled, saying, “Exactly so.” Not only would there be rumors, but she wanted ballads to be made and sung across the land.
As for how to get it to the Emperor’s ears, she had plenty of ways.
It was important to know that rumors and such were the most effective at rousing suspicions.
Most of all, the Emperor was naturally prone to suspicion, he might at first have complete confidence in the Jiang Xu that arose in the time when he was most vulnerable, but once he heard of the rumor going around outside, upon thinking of the Jiang family, he’d feel a sense of humiliation at being spied upon.
Li Wei Yang took hold of this and blew it up, easily blotting out the contribution the Jiang family had long been counting on.
This would undoubtedly be a huge blow to the Jiang family.
If Jiang Hua learned about it, he’d need to lie down for a month again.

Li Min De shook his head, saying, “No, we still need to be careful, they won’t give up easily.
Tuoba Zhen especially.”

Li Wei Yang saw that his complexion had gained more red, but it was a sickly red, and involuntarily placed her hand against his forehead.
Only then, she discovered that his high fever hadn’t retreated and she couldn’t help saying, “You have such a high fever, what are you worrying about these silly things for? Quickly lie down.” Saying this, she instructed a servant girl to fetch a basin of water and personally gently washed his face, neck, and palms.
She felt that his face was scorching hot yet his hands were cold, and couldn’t help but be even more worried.

Li Min De lay down but looked at her with the world’s clearest expression in his eyes.
At last he smiled faintly.
“No matter what happens, you have to tell me everything, don’t bear it all yourself.
You’ll get tired.”

For some reason, when Li Wei Yang heard this very common phrase, her eyes suddenly misted over.

At the time, she had only rescued him on a whim.
No, perhaps she had another reason to.
Over the years, they’d experienced many life and death situations together.
He was always by her side.
Now, he was critically ill and injured, and yet when he talked to her, his expression was soft and gentle.
A youth that she looked after had become a warm, relaxing, safe harbor for her soul.
No, perhaps now he was taking care of her, at every moment of the day.

This sort of predestined affinity, who could have predicted it?

He held her hand to his chest and softly said, “You’re here, don’t leave.”

He sounded like a child and Li Wei Yang’s heart was a little moved.
At some unknown point in time, Li Min De started to have a strong presence that made others fear him.
The servant girls should have flocked to him like ducks due to his good looks, but there wasn't a single one who genuinely got along with him.
Every time she visited his courtyard, she found everyone was fearful and respectful.
Did this mean that Li Min De acted a different way in front of others? If so, how did he act?

She was very curious and wanted to know, but she was even more curious about something else.
“Jiang Yue Lan likes you.”


Translator: Alice

Editor: Erica


Chapter 129: Jealousy Turns Into Insanity


Li Min De slightly frowned, wrinkling that good-looking brow of his and exuding a bit of childish innocence while softening his expression.
“I dislike her.”

“Yes, so I threatened her.
But just then, I saw her expression, it was a very strange expression.” Li Wei Yang said softly, as if lost in her memories, “It was fear.
And not only her, but Chang Xiao and even Father.
They don’t say anything, but fear is written on their faces.
It’s as if they’re saying, ‘Look, that’s Li Wei Yang, she’s a monster, a monster that makes people fear and loathe her.
All those who have offended her won’t have a good future because she has deep schemes and uses vicious means—” Her expression was mild but her voice was sad, “Am I not very scary?”


“I think…I’ve become very scary.
I’ve gotten used to killing those who have betrayed me, gotten used to setting up traps to harm people, gotten used to doing something no matter the means.
Even if it’s Seventh Yiniang or Min Zhi, I protect them but I’m okay with using them.
Thinking back, I think I’m very scary.” Li Wei Yang looked at the drowsy Li Min De, not knowing if he would remember all that she’d said once he woke up.
“I think I’m very scary.
How…did I turn out this way?”

Li Min De didn’t say anything, merely calmly looked at her, his deep black pupils always containing a sort of gentle look, gentleness that penetrated the bone.

Li Wei Yang didn’t need others’ comfort nor did she regret her actions, she just didn’t know if she would turn into a monster that killed without batting an eye.

“I think I’m changing little by little, turning into someone that I can’t even recognize.
What will I turn into? If I do change, Min De, will you fear me too…”

Li Min De whispered, but firmly interrupted her, “I’m not afraid of you.”

Li Wei Yang blankly repeated, “You’re not afraid?”

“Everything is because they forced you to do so.
Saying you’re vicious while at the same time thinking up all sorts of ways to harm you.
If you don’t fight back, the one that would die is you.
In such an environment, a noble young girl who didn’t know the ways of the world would die a miserable death.
If one hasn’t been eroded by the rain and the wind, hasn’t been polluted by the outside world, it just means that once the thing that was protecting them from the wind and the rain is gone, they would forever be bullied by others.” He said each word clearly.

Li Wei Yang was thoroughly choked, unable to say out even a half a word.

“You asked me if I would be afraid of you.
I’m telling you now, I will never be afraid of you, no matter what you become.
Killing people, harming people, even if you become a cannibal, I would never be afraid of you.” Li Min De’s tone was cold, but persistent like a sharp blade, making you unable to doubt his words.
“I’ve long before gone to hell already, what would it matter if I walk through it again with you? Why would it be scary?”

Li Wei Yang looked at him, and involuntarily began to laugh.
Her laughter became relaxed, “That’s right, why was I confused? Perhaps I was worried that one day everyone would look at me that way, that would be true loneliness.” What does it matter if she became alienated from others? If a kind heart couldn’t save people, if a broad mind couldn’t help people, then she would kill to stop killing, fight to stop fighting.
Otherwise she would not be able to open up a bloody path to escape.
After spending a long time pondering so, Li Wei Yang finally made up her mind.

Li Min De had said a lot and was clearly tired.
He leaned his head on her hand, muttering, “Working yourself up over nothing.”

Li Wei Yang couldn’t help but smile even more strangely, however Li Min De truly was very sleepy and fell asleep.

Li Min De’s body recovered very slowly, but it was still recovering.
The Capital was in a mess while going through a series of purges and everyone found themselves in danger.
Afterwards, things slowly calmed down and life resumed.
But Li Wei Yang still had dreams.
In her dreams, Liu Xiaojie’s smiling face often appeared, looking a little shy, then a little curious, then the startling image of her dead body.
It was strange, she wasn’t scared for herself, but she was dreaming of someone that she didn’t have any relationship with.

She and Liu Xiaojie were hardly acquaintances.
Even before the incident, they hadn’t talked more than twice, but she still remembers that person.
Perhaps, it’s likely that she will never forget that day, because it was too tragic.
A young and beautiful woman in a blink of an eye turned into a corpse.
It was too cruel.
Plus, the ones manipulating everything behind the scenes weren't the Fifth Prince but were the Jiang family and Tuoba Zhen.
Thus, these people must pay the price.

When Li Min De’s health improved a bit more, he strongly requested to go outside for a walk.
Li Wei Yang had Zhao Nan support him and specially wrapped a very thick cloak around him before letting him sit a while in the garden.

“Seems like it’ll be autumn soon.
The weather is getting colder.
If you’re cold, we should go back in sooner.” Li Wei Yang urged again and again.

Li Min De cocked his head, distressed, “I’ve almost grown mold staying inside the house.”

“Growing mold is better than worsening your wound!” On this point, Li Wei Yang brokered absolutely no arguments.
“I took great pains to bring you back safely and it wasn’t to let you die.”

Li Min De suddenly quietly looked at her, his pupils a deep black.
It was as if there was nothing to say and at the same time there were too many things to say and he couldn’t figure out how to express them.
Li Wei Yang’s heart skipped a beat at his gaze and she laughed, “Why are you looking at me that way?”

Li Min De was silent, his long eyelashes sweeping down to cover his eyes, “It’s nothing.”

This youth, she has to guess more and more what was on his mind, Li Wei Yang thought in her heart.
“Recently, there has been a lot of movement in the government and the people.
I think Tuoba Zhen will make his move soon.
I don’t know what it will be, but I know he likes to stir things up, to revolt, to create conflict, and this is an opportunity to do so.” She spoke slowly, trying to distract herself from her worry over Li Min De.
She didn’t like the feeling of not being in control.

“So, get well quickly…” She suddenly reached out and patted the back of his hand.
“I really need you.”

Something clearly flickered in Li Min De’s eyes.

Li Wei Yang softly said, “Before this, we had a little disagreement, but that’s all in the past right? You will always be by my side and I’ll always be your most faithful family member.
This won’t change, right?”

Li Min De turned his head away, his pretty features obscured in the shadow of the sun, so she couldn’t clearly see his expression.

Although he didn’t say anything, Li Wei Yang intuited that he was a little angry.
She said in a low voice, “I don’t want to lose you, so don’t be angry.”

At this, Li Min De turned his head to look at her, showing an expression that was a little aggrieved, his breathing clearly tight.

“I’m not afraid of death and not afraid of killing people, but I will feel lonely.
I will think that everyone on this earth fears me.
I don’t want to be like Tuoba Zhen, so you have to stay by my side to remind me, remind me that I’m still alive…” At this point, Li Wei Yang gazed at him.
“So, please don’t ever be mad at me.”

Li Min De looked at her for a long time, in the end, unable to say half a word to her, and could only gently “Nn” in response.

Li Wei Yang stared at him, and involuntarily laughed, “Look at you, you say you’re bigger than me, but sometimes you need me to coax you.
Isn’t that just like a child?”

Li Min De immediately pulled his hand out of her hand, then frowned and stared at her.

Li Wei Yang’s eyes gleamed, “We just agreed, no more getting angry!”

Li Min De dropped his expression and in all seriousness said, “In the future, you have to remember those words, the words you said yourself.”

Li Wei Yang raised an eyebrow at him and he said lightly, “You said those words.
You need me and you want me by your side forever.
I didn’t beg you, you brought it up yourself.”

Was there a difference? Li Wei Yang thought and thought, but didn’t come up with an answer.

Seeing her acceptance, he smiled, revealing two dimples.
As he smiled, his eyes were deep, turned into crescents, seeming particularly harmless, as if on each eyelash hung a smile.
As if Li Wei Yang’s promise was his greatest reward.

While the two of them talked in the pavilion, somewhere far away, the sight of them arose a feeling of loneliness in someone else.

“Furen, the wind is strong outside.
Let’s return.” A servant girl softly reminded her, after glancing at her face.

Jiang Yue Lan abruptly turned around, her face was indeed wooden and pale.
The servant girl gave a start upon seeing her face.

“It’s ok, my head just hurts.” Jiang Yue Lan didn’t look at the scene anymore and briskly crossed the corridor towards her own courtyard.
The two servant girls behind her looked at each other in dismay before being obliged to catch up.

Jiang Yue Lan reached her room.
Suddenly she quickly walked to stand in front of her mirror, desperately staring at it.

Ah Luo and Rong Mama shared a strange look between them.
They’re not sure why, but since a while ago, the affable and introverted Furen had become restless and a bit abnormal.

Jiang Yue Lan looked at the person in the mirror.
This person…was it really her?

The woman in the mirror, at first glance, seemed quite young, perhaps 18 or 19 years old, and good looking.
But on closer inspection, through the tip of the eyebrow and the corner of the eye seeped out an unclear feeling of tiredness and age.
No! This clearly isn’t what she looked like! Where were her beautiful eyes? Where was her gentle smile? Her satisfied self-confidence? Where did they go?! Where did they all go!

Jiang Yue Lan examined herself in the bronze mirror, from her left side to her right, from her eyebrows to her chin.
All of a sudden, she was furious.
“Ah Luo, fetch me my rouge!”

Ah Luo, trembling with fear, fetched the rouge and very carefully applied some on Jiang Yue Lan.
After applying the rouge, Jiang Yue Lan was obviously unhappy with the simple, gold hair ornaments that she had personally styled.
“Am I really this old? Give me the ruby hair ornaments instead.”

Ah Luo gave a start and hastily retrieved the hair ornament that Jiang Yue Lan had specified from the make up box.
This ruby hair ornament was a lifelike peony flower.
The surface was covered with a light gold foil, but the flower was indeed made from ruby.
As expected, it was magnificent to wear and dazzling to the eyes, and made her look much lovelier and charming.

Rong Mama frowned.
Her family’s Furen was actually still very young, there was absolutely no trace of aging on her face.
Usually, in order to appear dignified and noble, she had always dressed very solemnly and her hair ornaments were chosen to match.
Why has she suddenly changed? She could not help but anxiously look at the Jiang Yue Lan sitting in front of the dresser, engrossed in examining herself from top to bottom.
Even if she dressed up as beautiful as a goddess, who would look at her? Laoye? He’s always appreciated light beauty, and not Furen that dress too bewitchingly.

“Ah Luo, have I gotten old?” Jiang Yue Lan continued to stare at herself in the mirror.
Her tone was calm as she asked, but if you listened carefully, you would discover it contained a slight chill.

“Furen is young and beautiful.
Those who are a bit older can’t even match.” Ah Luo immediately replied.

“Is that so.” After listening, Jiang Yue Lan merely answered and continued to paint her eyebrows.

“Furen, what’s wrong?” Rong Mama could not help but ask.

Jiang Yue Lan carefully examined her face in the mirror, as if seeking out any fine lines.
Only after she didn’t find any, did she let out a breath.

No, even though she is young and beautiful, as soon as she married Li Xiao Ran, everything was over.

That ideal and beautiful young woman, that hope for a harmonious and affectionate relationship, that fancied dense honeyed feeling, it was all over.

She must diffidently comply with a man old enough to be her father.
She also must restrain her desire and be dignified just like a middle-aged Furen.
But she clearly isn’t a middle-aged Furen! Why does she need to act so mature, speaking in a manner that doesn’t suit her age, and doing things only old women need to do? Clearly those new wives that got married to a young man all spoiled sweethearts, gentle and innocent.
Why does her eyes only show worldly wisdom and indifference? Why?!

She was born so beautifully, it was certainly a gift from the heavens, but why can’t she be like that person, freely living as she pleases? In the fuzzy bronze mirror, an image arose of a pair of youths, one male, one female, gently looking at each other.
Jiang Yue Lan involuntarily tightened her grip on the rouge box.
Li Wei Yang, Li Min De, I’m living so miserably, how could you two be so happy together?

Li Xiao Ran quietly walked in, not uttering a sound, looking at Jiang Yue Lan from behind the mirror.
Rong Mama wanted to sound a warning, but Li Xiao Ran waved his hand.

When Jiang Yue Lan once again sighed with feeling at the mirror, she suddenly saw a scholarly and refined and clearly middle aged man’s face.
Her heart leapt to her mouth.
She placed a smile on her face and immediately stood up.
“Laoye? Why are you here?”

How come both the father and daughter have such a scary habit of standing behind someone! As Jiang Yue Lan spoke, a bold idea suddenly appeared in her mind.
What if there was no Li Wei Yang, what if there was no Li Wei Yang…

Yes, if she was out of the way, everything would be different.


Translator: Alice

Editor: Erica

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