[1] A concubine third in ranking after the Princess Consort and Side (Secondary) Consort


The Crown Prince had especially set up more than a dozen guest rooms for the injured guests to be treated.
They were not ordinary people, so the entire Imperial Physician Court was dispatched.
Among them was Imperial Physician Wang who often came and treated the Li family, so he was familiar with them.
No need for Li Wei Yang’s orders, he had gone ahead to examine Li Min De.

Li Wei Yang stood outside the door, her body feeling chills at times then feverish the next.
She quietly watched as everyone ran back and forth, occasionally hearing an ear splitting scream.
She should go inside, but at this moment, she wished the cold wind would blow her back to her senses!

At that time, Jiang Yue Lan and Li Chang Xiao went to visit the Side Consort, who is currently pregnant, so they were not in the garden and fortunately avoided disaster.
At the same time, the Crown Prince had Tuoba Zhen and many guards by his side, so he was perfectly fine.
The most tragic victims were the defenseless noble ladies, the young misses as delicate as flowers and jade.

This was originally the Crown Princess’s birthday banquet.
The majority of attendees were pampered young misses of large, influential families.
It could be said that they were doted on and spoiled to no end.
On any typical day, they did not leave their homes through the front door, nor sneak out the back.
They did not even have the strength to run away when they encountered the assassins.
A total of twelve people died.

The Crown Prince saw the tragic situation and couldn’t help but grieve in his heart.
He quickly ordered individuals to go announce the funerals to each household and arranged for survivors to rest in the guest rooms.

Li Wei Yang coldly looked at this scene, her mind racing.
Once the Crown Prince settled the wounded, he personally entered the palace to report everything to His Majesty.
Not only had the assassins entered the Crown Prince’s residence in broad daylight and killed indiscriminately, they also claimed to kill a rebel.
A rebel, who is rebelling? The Crown Prince?

This was the Crown Princess’s birthday banquet.
The vast majority of attendees were aristocratic ladies, but why were they massacred too? It was as if they killed to stir up hatred and grudges.

“Were you frightened?” A sudden voice interrupted her thoughts.

Li Wei Yang turned and saw that the person in front of her had changed into a moon-white brocade robe with a belt adorned with eight, precious and glazed jade ornaments.
His brows were sharp as swords, with a radiant, jade-like face—it was none other than Tuoba Zhen himself!

“I was covered in blood.
I was afraid I’d frighten you, so I changed my clothes.” Tuoba Zhen explained.

Li Wei Yang looked at him coldly without saying a word.

“I told you to hide in the rockery just now because that yatou brought the assassins.” Tuoba immediately spoke after seeing her remain silent.

Who could stand the bloody scene of people being cut in half by swords, blood splattering everywhere.
Li Wei Yang said nothing about it.
The terrible things she witnessed in the Cold Palace surpassed that.
Zhao Yue had received rigorous training, but what about Bai Zhi? Although she had witnessed murder before, she had been psychologically prepared.
This time, not even Li Wei Yang could stand the brutal scene, it left her involuntarily shaking, and now Tuoba Zhen had the audacity to put the blame of drawing in the assassins on a yatou.

Tuoba Zhen looked at her pale face and unexpectedly yet softly said: “I will find out who did this good deed.”

Tuoba Zhen’s personality is quite similar to the reigning Emperor.
The rain that was drizzling in that moment before could suddenly become a thunderous rage.
The sight of him humbling himself, as if he genuinely cared, would make anyone else feel blissfully happy.
Li Wei Yang remained silent for a while before responding with a question: “I heard Fifth Princess Consort Wu Yue Ling is safe and sound and even protected a few other women.”

Tuoba Zhen paused and nodded: “It’s true, but I think this matter is quite strange.
Those assassins kill anyone they see, so how could they let her be? Isn’t this strange?”

Li Wei Yang stared into his eyes and lightly said: “Your Royal Highness wants to say that this matter has something to do with the Fifth Prince Tuoba Rui.”

Tuoba Zhen slowly said: “This…naturally, we need to further investigate.
In any case, the Crown Princess unfortunately perished, the Crown Prince disheartened, and moreover, quite a few people died.
Therefore, this must be carefully investigated.”

Li Wei Yang stared at him intently.
Her gaze bore into him as if she understood everything, making Tuoba Zhen almost unable to look directly at her, but he suppressed it and only said, “You can rest assured, I will arrange for someone to send you back safely.”

Li Wei Yang no longer looked at him and coldly said, “No need.” Then, she went over in the direction of the guest room, where Imperial Physician Wang was treating Li Min De.

Tuoba Zhen watched her turn away, dumbstruck.
He was just in the flower garden and was met with the faces of aristocratic young ladies.
There was not one person who wasn’t crying and smiling, lucky survivors who even took initiative to find ways to comfort and shelter him, but Li Wei Yang was different.
Tuoba Zhen felt a bitter and sour feeling rise in his heart.
He could not say what it was that he felt exactly, but he could not help but extend a hand.
Before he could say anything, Li Wei Yang turned back: “There’s one more thing I would like to ask about.”

Tuoba Zhen’s face slightly contorted.
He took a deep breath: “Say it.”

Li Wei Yang looked at him for a long time, then suddenly smiled: “Have you seen the members of the Jiang family since the accident? Are they hurt?”

Tuoba Zhen’s breaths became uneven, but he quietly said.
“The women of the Jiang family and your mother, as well as your Fourth Sister, were with Shu Consort Jiang[1], so they are safe and sound.”

Li Wei Yang had a faint, somber trace on her face and softly mumbled: “So that’s how it is.”

At that moment, Tuoba Zhen thought she had seen through everything, but Li Wei Yang’s expressions were strangely calm.
She turned and entered the guest room without a second look back.

In the room, Imperial Physician Wang frowned as he examined the wound on Li Min De’s chest.
The arrow had pierced him from front to back.
Imperial Physician Wang was frightened by just the sight of it and was genuinely at a loss.
How could he bear it?

Li Wei Yang asked Imperial Physician Wang, “How is he?”

Imperial Physician Wang sighed, “The iron arrow has been pulled out, but there was poison on the arrowhead.
Removing the poison is not something that can be done overnight, I’m afraid he won’t make it until then—”

Li Wei Yang stiffened and lowered her voice, “He can! He will be able to make it through!”

Imperial Physician Wang nodded and cautiously said, “It’s just this wound is too severe, even I don’t have enough confidence.”

The wound was a bit off and fortunately did not pierce the heart, but faced with an unknown poison, it was really hard to say.

Li Weiyang looked at the unconscious Li Min De.
A cold gleam gradually consumed her eyes like a terrifying flame burning through the ice: “I know how to save him.”

Although Imperial Physician Wang said the patient was not allowed to be moved, Li Wei Yang insisted on taking Li Min De back to the Li residence.
Others saw that she was so obstinate, but they were helpless.
Zhao Yue was also injured, only on the shoulder and although not severely, Zhao Nan became the person in charge of the main guard.
As soon as she got onto the carriage, Li Wei Yang told Zhao Nan: “The Jiangs’ route home must be obstructed.
Force them to go through Yong Hua Gate.
After that, you all will change your clothes and ambush them at Yong Hua Gate.
No matter what you do, bring people back to me!”

Zhao Nan said: “Your subordinate understands what Xiaojie means, but it is difficult to avoid confrontation, which will inevitably attract outsiders.”

Li Wei Yang smiled indifferently.
The mercilessness in her eyes could not be put to words: “Jiang Hua and the others must remain in the Crown Prince’s residence and help them clean up the mess.
I only need the masters of the Jiang family.
Any of them will do! Of course, there is a way to not alert outsiders.
When spooked horses run wild, one or two people might go missing, isn’t this quite simple?”

Zhao Nan was surprised for a moment, then realized that Li Wei Yang was not joking and immediately looked down: “Yes, it will be arranged immediately.”

“This is all for your Master’s life, there’s no room for mistakes!” Li Wei Yang emphasized every word.

Zhao Nan was extremely efficient and thoroughly understood Li Wei Yang’s intentions.
Half an hour later, Jiang Tian was tied up in the Li residence dungeon.
When it comes to the Li family dungeon, it has been uninhabited for over a decade.
There was dust everywhere and rats on the ground.
It was truly disgusting.
However, Li Wei Yang chose to hold Jiang Tian here like the last time.

Jiang Tian was shouting: “Li Wei Yang, you little bitch, you kidnapped me again!” He was confined in the Jiang residence for some time.
Unable to bear it, he took advantage of the residence’s busy affairs today to sneak out.
Who knew that the moment he walked out, he was intercepted by someone.
Once was one thing, but being to be kidnapped twice, wouldn’t that mean he, Jiang Tian, was good for nothing?!

At this time, he only heard a click from the cell door, then Li Wei Yang walked slowly down the steps.
There was blood on her soft dress, revealing that she had yet to change out of her clothes after returning to the residence.
There was no light in the dungeon, but a torch was lit.
The flames light up her jade-like face, and the cold, dark eyes bleak as an ancient well.

As soon as Jiang Tian looked up, Li Wei Yang’s dark eyes fell on him like an arrow.

“As long as you treat my master, we will let you go.” Zhao Nan said coldly.

Jiang Tian laughed loudly and said, “I don't understand what you are talking about!”

“My master was injured at the Crown Princess’ birthday banquet and was poisoned.” Although Zhao Nan was impatient, he had to clearly state the situation.

Jiang Tian laughed: “He deserves it! It's a shame, why aren’t you the person dying, Li Wei Yang?! In any case, with fewer people to protect you, your death will come swiftly!”

After being disciplined by the Jiang Third Young Master, Jiang Fifth’s courage fattened up.
He knew that Li Wei Yang would not kill him because they approached him first, which was an indication that Li Min De’s injury was not ordinary, and only he could save him! If Li Wei Yang killed him, Li Min De would have to be buried with him, but he would not save this person no matter what Li Wei Yang did.
He only needed to endure!

Zhao Nan was furious.
He lifted his leg and kicked him down, seized him by the collar and slapped him more than a dozen times.
Jiang Tian clenched his teeth from the pain but did not make a sound and only glared back at him.
Zhao Nan furiously concentrated all of his strength into a kick to Jiang Tian’s chest.

Li Wei Yang suddenly spoke up and said, “Bring him in.”

Jiang Tian’s eyes widened as he watched his Eldest Brother Jiang Hai being forced in.
Jiang Hai was in a sorry state with his head down, covered in dust.
Even one of his arms seemed to have been broken, leaving him with a strange posture.

“You—! How dare you!” Jiang Tian was furious.
Jiang Hai escorted Jiang Da Furen and Er Furen to the banquet.
Of course, there was also Jiang Hua, the third son of the Jiang family.

In reality, Li Wei Yang originally intended for Zhao Nan to abduct the women of the Jiang family.
Unfortunately, Jiang Hua stayed back in the Crown Prince’s residence, so he was very careful to let Jiang Hai escort them back.
Halfway there, Zhao Nan’s people and the Jiangs’ guards fought.
Zhao Nan had seized the reins of Jiang Da Furen’s carriage, but Jiang Hai unexpectedly stopped him.
As a last resort, Zhao Nan ordered everyone to attack Jiang Hai and forcibly brought him back.

In regards to this, this was an accident, but to Li Wei Yang, whether they captured the two Jiang Furens or Jiang Hai, it achieved the same effect.

“You wouldn’t dare kill my brother! You definitely wouldn’t dare!” Jiang Tian furiously glared at Li Wei Yang.
He remembered that his Third Brother once said that Li Wei Yang was just bluffing, she would not dare to use torture!

“The Jiangs have many enemies, who knows who took this into their own hands?” Li Wei Yang sighed.
She spoke calmly, but only she knew that her heart was burning nonstop.
If she wasn’t forced to hold back, the heads of the Jiang brothers would have fallen already!

“They will find out! They will find out! Eldest Uncle and Third Brother will definitely come here!” Jiang Tian immediately cried out.

Li Wei Yang’s lips curved and said, “When they come, your bones will have become gray ashes.
What can be found?”

Jiang Tian's face became even uglier.
He could not believe it.
Li Wei Yang actually dared to do such a thing! “You think the Capital is a place where you can do as you please! There is still the Emperor, Imperial Guards, and you went to kidnap—”

Li Wei Yang chuckled: “The Imperial Guards? His Majesty? Right now, they are busy looking for the assassins that attacked the Crown Prince’s residence.
They don’t have the energy to pay attention to you all.
The assassins even dared to enter the Crown Prince’s residence.
Why would they pay mind to a small, insignificant Jiang family? You can rest assured.
I do a very good, clean job.
Outsiders will only see this as a revenge case and say the former Minister of Rites of the previous dynasty was also randomly murdered on the side of the road.
No murderer was ever found.
I am only following suit, so what is there to fear?”

Jiang Tian did not expect Li Wei Yang to be this terrifying and was stunned speechless.

At this point, Jiang Hai who had been beaten unconscious suddenly woke up.
When he moved, he felt terrible pain in his arm.
He opened his eyes and saw the situation in front of him and could not help sneer: “Li Wei Yang, you want to use my life to threaten my Wu di? You little bitch, we won’t do as you want, and in the end, you will have to send us back unharmed! “

Li Wei Yang heard these confident and arrogant words, but her face did not change and remained blank and frighteningly cold.
She lightly asked, “Have you two carefully thought about it?”

Jiang Hai laughed and said: “You little bitch, if you don’t let us go within an hour, my Third Brother will come to your doorstep.
What do you think will happen to you then? Think about it!”

Zhao Nan’s face changed and kicked him down hard.
Li Wei Yang waved her hand: “Eldest Young Master, someone at the banquet saw the Third Young Master of the Jiang family with a bow and arrows.”

When Jiang Hai's complexion changed, Li Wei Yang continued to watch his face change.
At this moment, she slowly exhaled and said, “I understand, I will certainly settle this with him, but— Not now! Right now, I want a doctor to treat Min De.
Since you are so stubborn, do not blame me for being impolite.”

Jiang Hai sneered.
He had nothing to fear after having seen the terrible means of torture in the army.
As long as he endured through the hour, Jiang Hua will receive news of their disappearance, and he will know that they are here.
At that time, Li Wei Yang will be met with a dead end! He had confidence in Jiang Hua's methods and scheming, and this will absolutely not go wrong!

Li Wei Yang looked at the Jiang brothers’ indifferent faces and smiled thinly: “The Jiangs took part in this matter.
So many people died.
Are you happy? As long as you don’t provoke me, I will not do anything, but you are the ones who like to chase after dead ends, so who is to blame? Jiang Hua injured Li Min De, so I will demand a little interest on this debt from you.
It’s only fair.”

Jiang Hai was not afraid of anything among the likes of whip, tongs, branding irons, or finger torture irons.
In his opinion, they were mere child’s play in the army.
He thought Li Wei Yang’s methods were no different.
However, Li Wei Yang slowly began to say: “At today’s banquet, Liu Xiaojiie could not run because of her tiny feet, and so, she was killed.
That scream is hard to forget.
Did you hear it, Jiang Hai?”

Jiang Hai did not know what she was trying to say and just coldly stared at her.

“Her feet are small because men like women to have swaying figures and delicate feet, but they don’t know that women desperately torture themselves to gain men’s favor.
I heard Liu Xiaojie still maintained the foot binding tradition of the previous dynasty.
Eldest Cousin, I want you to have a taste of this footbinding tradition.”

Zhao Nan did not blink.
A long sword had cut Jiang Hai’s left foot in half.
Jiang Hai’s scream almost overturned the roof.
Li Wei Yang smiled and asked: “Is this already unbearable? Come here, help Eldest Cousin up.”

The guards in black laid a steel needle bed on the ground.
They pulled Jiang Hai up and forced  him to walk over the steel needles, step by step.
Fresh blood flowed, forming long trails.
Jiang Hai did not expect Li Wei Yang to be so cruel and cursed her without pausing for a breath.
Li Wei Yang smiled, “And the other side?” In the blink of an eye, only half of Jiang Hai’s right foot was left.
Jiang Tian heard his family’s eldest brother’s miserable wailing and desperately retreated for his own safety.

Li Wei Yang's smile was like a blooming flower in the dark, secluded and beautiful, with a touch of emotionlessness: “In the Cold Palace, the eunuchs who stood guard at the gates were very bored, so they came up with a very interesting game.
They heated up an iron plate and forced Imperial concubines that had fallen out of favor to dance on the iron plate.
They even gave it a very poetic name and called it Bu Bu Sheng Lian (Step By Step Lotus).” At that time, her legs had been cut off, so there was no way for her to dance.
Those people forced her onto the iron plate, crawling bit by bit.
Her entire body was severely burned, and that kind of pain was far more terrible than the fires of hell.

Jiang Tian’s eyes widened as he watched General Jiang Hai who braved the battlefields wailing miserably and involuntarily shaking.
Li Wei Yang was not kidding, she was serious! She’s serious! She did not hesitate to kill in order to force him to save a life!

With every terrible cry, it sounded less and less human.
His feet had been cut in half, then he was forced to walk on a needle bed, leaving long blood trails.
It was such a horrifying scene that even the guards in black holding Jiang Hai down turned pale.
Li Wei Yang continued: “You all knew that there were innocent noble ladies at the banquet but still helped the Crown Prince arrange this massacre.
You all deserve to die.”

Jiang Tian shouted, “No! We don’t know anything! Let us go! Let go of my Eldest Brother go!”

Li Wei Yang smiled, “You don't know? Then I'll let you know.
Only the Jiang family left unscathed today.
Ah no, maybe your hypocritical Third Brother will be hurt a bit.
The Crown Princess was killed in the Crown Prince residence.
Twelve of the noble ladies she invited died.
There are others who were critically injured and bedridden, not knowing if they will live or die.
That is twenty or thirty people!

“I assume the Emperor will investigate and find out that those assassins are connected to the Fifth Prince.
After that, everyone will say: Ah right, why was only the Fifth Princess Consort unharmed and able to protect other ladies? Doesn’t this prove that the Fifth Princess Consort came prepared?

“After that, with more and more evidence, even the Seventh Prince, who isn’t even in the Capital, can be implicated alongside the Fifth Prince.
Then, everyone will feel that the two colluded and forged evidence of the Crown Prince’s rebellion.
The Fifth Prince faked the Crown Prince’s rebellion in the Capital to draw the bow while the Seventh Prince secretly communicated with Duke Luo to cooperate from outside.
Then Duke Jiang will send troops out to kill Tuoba Yu, a rebel, and you, Jiang Tian, will disguise yourself as a physician and bring the antidote that would save countless people.
This would win back the Jiang family’s reputation, wouldn’t you say?”

Jiang Tian was completely stunned and looked at Li Weiyang with a horrified expression: “This is ridiculous, you made this all up!”

Li Wei Yang sneered.
Yes, this was all nothing but speculation, but now — she was almost certain.
She slowly said: “The Fifth Prince has always been a foolish person, so this matter cannot be regarded as an injustice to him.
I think the person flicking the reins behind the Crown Prince has grasped the Fifth Prince’s fatal flaw and forced him to act first.
You already anticipated the arrival of the assassins, so you cast an open net and waited for him to advance.
It can be said that the one who killed so many people is not the Fifth Prince, but those who set the trap!”

Jiang Tian backed away, almost backing into the wall.

Li Wei Yang’s smile had a trace of regret from beginning to end: “Of course, what I said is not entirely accurate.
In order to gain the Emperor’s trust, you must have cited a lot of evidence, but who are you doing this for? The Crown Prince or Tuoba Zhen?”

The fear in Jiang Tian’s eyes reached its peak.
He did not expect Li Wei Yang would think so much of it, even asked about the key points.

Jiang Hai had almost passed out just now, but he was reined in by sheer willpower.
He opened his eyes and managed to bite out: “Little bitch—kill me if you dare!”

Li Weiyang smiled at Jiang Tian: “I said that I would only charge a little interest, and look how anxious your Eldest Brother is.” Jiang Tian was so shocked that he couldn't say a word.
Li Wei  Yang’s smile thinned, and he curled up into a ball.

Such torture is unheard of and never seen before.
Jiang Tian swears he never wants to see Li Wei Yang again in this lifetime! He was about to promise to save Li Min De, but Jiang Hai’s crippled figure reared, and he loudly insisted: “You cannot agree! You dare agree—“ He had yet to finish his sentence when Zhao Nan kicked him in the chest.

He was worthy of being a man who braved the battlefield.
He was quite tough.
Li Wei Yang lowered her head and smiled for a moment, then raised her head and asked: “Are you really not going to save him?”

Jiang Tian found his teeth clattering: “I ……
I ……”

Li Wei Yang heaved a long sigh, “I remember the roast lamb served at the banquet today.
It didn’t taste very good, the aroma was a bit strange.” She gestured and someone immediately brought over an iron grid.
They stripped the bloodied Jiang Hai of his clothes and tied him down to it.
Li Wei Yang lowered her gaze, “Not long before Liu Xiaojie died, wide-eyed, she declared that the most delicious thing in this world is the taste of tender, newborn lamb.
I’d think so, Jiang Tian, do you think so?”

Jiang Tian didn't know what she was going to do.
He just watched in horror, but he didn't realize he had wet himself from fear.
Jiang Hai, however, endured the severe pain without a word.

Seeing that Jiang Tian was afraid yet still unwilling, Li Wei Yang sighed, “Go ahead.”

Zhao Nan had already been instructed beforehand and began to heat the iron grid.
Slowly, Jiang Hai only felt the burning heat rise from his feet.
The feet that had already lost all sensation seemed to be able to feel again, but it was an extremely painful sensation.
He was about to scream, but he was gagged with a rag.

Jiang Tian looked at the iron frame that cooked his Eldest Brother's flesh bit by bit.
Zhao Nan held a large, iron knife and slowly sliced the cooked flesh on Jiang Hai’s thigh and tossed it onto a tray.
A gruesome, burnt smell wafted up.

“I know Eldest Cousin is a very heroic person, and he can still bear with this bit of pain.” Li Wei Yang smiled dryly.
Jiang Tian fearfully watched Zhao Nan bring the tray to him.
He cried out and tried to stop him from coming any closer, but Zhao Nan was getting closer and closer.
Jiang Tian stared intently at the pieces of meat, desperately bent over and instinctively hurled.
He almost vomited up bile.

Li Wei Yang said, “People say that when fighting tigers, it must be with brothers, and when fighting in battle, it must be father and son.
You two have such a good relationship.
Naturally, you must eat meat together.”

Jiang Hai prided himself in being a heroic figure.
No matter what, no terrible punishment will make him pale, but now, he saw his limbs had become white, protruding bones.
Of course, it was very painful.
The fear was driving him insane! His eyes rolled back, revealing white as he lost consciousness.

Li Wei Yang smiled gently: “Jiang Tian, there is a limit to my patience.
Tell me, do you want—”

Jiang Tian stumbled, throwing himself at her feet: “I’ll save him! I’ll save him! Don’t kill me! Don’t kill me!”

Li Wei Yang sighed.
Her voice softened as if she was speaking to a lover: “You bear a grudge though.
I’m worried you will hurt my loved ones.
What should I do now?”

Li Weiyang sighed, and his voice was soft as if he were a lover: “You have hatred, I'm so scared that you hurt my loved ones, what should I do?”

Jiang Tian gritted his teeth: “I'm afraid of death, I will never do that!”

Li Wei Yang smiled and stroked his forehead, “What a good boy.”

Jiang Tian flinched.
Li Wei Yang said, “Send Physician Jiang to treat him.”

Jiang Tian was lifted up to his feet.
He put on a tough look on his face and mumbled: “Let… Let my Eldest Brother… Can you…”

Li Wei Yang glanced at him.
His heart almost missed a beat, sending him into a panic.

Li Wei Yang gently told him: “I have said that the Jiang family has taken so many lives, so they need to pay a little interest.
You can go.”

Jiang Tian didn’t dare to say more, afraid he’d anger Li Wei Yang.
Her approach was unspeakable.
If he said anything more, he was afraid she would not let him keep his life.
He had seen Third Brother interrogate prisoners in the army before and felt that he was rather cruel, but Li Wei Yang—she surpassed him, no less.
Having fallen into her hands, he was living no better than dead.
He began to regret it, deeply regret it, why did he provoke her…

Zhao Nan ordered people to forcibly escort Jiang Tian away to treat Li Min De.
Then, he looked over at the unconscious Jiang Hai: “Xiaojie, what about him?”

Li Wei Yang looked at Jiang Hai and smiled wryly: “I heard Eldest Cousin dotes on a certain beauty.”

Zhao Nan did not understand the meaning of Li Wei Yang’s words and only looked at her in confusion.
Li Wei Yang sighed: “You don’t need to know.
Just follow my instructions.”



Translator: Chau V.

Editor: Chau V.


Chapter 127: Cruel Punishment

In the other room, Jiang Tian changed into clean clothes before going in to treat Li Min De.
Once he finished his diagnosis and prescribed medication, he turned around to see Li Wei Yang standing behind him and panicked.
However, seeing Li Wei Yang’s calm expression and the absence of murderous intent, he finally spoke up: “I neutralized the poison for him, but he was severely wounded, so he cannot move around, nor can he be around water.
It’s best to let him stay in bed, recuperate and do absolutely nothing at all.”

Li Wei Yang glanced over at the old physician that she had invited.
He confirmed with her, “I have checked.
There are no issues.”

Jiang Tian let out a sigh of relief.
No wonder Li Wei Yang dared to let him examine and treat Li Min De.
It turns out that there was another physician present.
If he had tampered with something just now, he would have been caught right away and lost his life.
Li Wei Yang nodded: “I will send you off.”

Jiang Tian followed Li Wei Yang out, trembling in fear.
Once he reached the door, he suddenly fell to his knees in front of her: “Let me go, I’ll never dare to go against you anymore! As long as you let me go, I’ll leave forever and never step foot back into the Capital!” He was different from his brothers.
He wasn’t some hero from the battlefields.
He was only a physician.
When he was idle, he treated people and saved lives.
When he was in a good mood, he would find a beauty to accompany him.
He absolutely had no reason to go against Li Wei Yang.
He did not even measure up to others in terms of skill and ability, so he figured it was best to get out and go far, far away.

Li Wei Yang did not say anything.
She just quietly looked at him.

Jiang Tian became even more afraid and kowtowed again and again: “I know you think I’m a wayward rogue, but I’m begging you to spare my life! I will never help Third Brother harm anyone again!”

Seeing a refined Young Master reduced to this state out of fear, Li Wei Yang smiled and suddenly motioned to Zhao Nan.
Jiang Tian was scared to death and fiercely clung to Li Wei Yang’s legs.
“Let me go! Let me go! Don’t kill me!”

Zhao Nan laughed and single-handedly plucked him up: “Xiaojie said she won’t kill you, so she won’t kill you.
Crying and begging isn’t anything like a man at all! Hurry and stand up! Follow me out!”

Jiang Tian still could not believe it and looked at Li Wei Yang, afraid she would change her mind, but she only smiled: “Remember your promise, and don’t return to the Capital in this lifetime, if not—”

“There’s no if! There’s no if! I will never come back!” It was not to say that he disregarded the Jiang family for his own sake.
He was just an ordinary person.
He did not want to offend the fiendish likes of Li Wei Yang, but he was not heartless enough to watch the Jiang family be forced down a dead end.
Think of it as departing early to be reincarnated.
In any case, the Jiang family was not lacking in sons.
Let them fend for themselves! Jiang Tian secretly made up his mind and followed Zhao Nan and left without looking back.

Bai Zhi quietly said: “Xiaojie is really letting him go?”

Li Wei Yang responded lightly: “They say Jiang Hua Jiang is the cleverest person in the Jiang family, but I don’t think so.”

Bai Zhi looked at her Xiaojie, puzzled.
She did not know what Xiaojie meant by this, but when she turned, Li Wei Yang had already gone inside.

Li Wei Yang still felt her heart race a bit when she saw Li Min De’s wound and worried she would lose sleep tonight.
The maids in Third Shaoye’s room were his people.
Seeing Third Xiaojie, they all withdrew outside.
Bai Zhi and Mo Zhu also stood guard outside, not allowing outsiders to come too close.

Surprisingly, Jiang Yue Lan learned that Li Min De was injured and came to see him in person a few times but had been turned away by Bai Zhi and the others.
Bai Zhi just thought she was pretending to be concerned and did not pay any mind to it, but Mo Zhu felt Jiang Yue Lan’s expression was a bit strange.

“Did you see Furen’s face? It’s almost like she cares!”

“It’s just a cat shedding crocodile tears for the mouse, pretending to be merciful! Forget it! Xiaojie said to ignore anyone who comes!”

Mo Zhu quietly said: “Right.
Our Xiaojie seems to be very worried for Third Shaoye—”

Bai Zhi lowered her voice and told her: “It’s one thing to see it.
Don’t talk about it.
Be careful, Xiaojie might punish you.”

I’m not afraid.
I think Xiaojie speaks ruthlessly, but she really isn’t like what everyone says.
She treats Seventh Yiniang, Third Shaoye and Little Shaoye very well.”

Bai Zhi gave her a side glance: “You only know how to talk!!”

Mo Zhu laughed: “Who knows, the way Xiaojie treats Third Shaoye—”

Bai Zhi stiffened.
Her face immediately changed as she scolded Mo Zhu, “Bold of you.
How could you assume Xiaojie’s thoughts?”

“I… I’m just worried for Xiaojie’s sake.
Why are you being so fierce…” Mo Zhu sighed.
She didn’t dare to open her mouth again after seeing Bai Zhi’s solemn face.

Inside the room, Li Min De suddenly awakened from his unconscious state, opened his eyes and saw something bright reflected back.
It was actually Li Wei Yang’s eyes.
He did not quite believe it himself and forcefully propped himself up.
He wanted to take a closer look.
The wound on his chest could not bear any movement.
The moment he moved, the pain made him let out a soft groan.
“Oh.” Li Wei Yang rushed to support him by the shoulders and slowly laid him back down.
She softly asked: “Are you feeling better?”

Li Min De didn’t answer.
He felt dazed for a while before suddenly shutting his eyes and mumbled to himself, “I was dead.
Is this a dream?”

“Nonsense! You’re still alive and well.” Li Wei Yang looked at him and smiled, her heart easing up a bit, “It’s alright.
You’ll recover soon.”

Even the slightest movement prompted immense pain.
His throat was dry and burning.
He could hardly speak.
He opened his mouth and tried to say something, but he didn’t know where to start, “Wei Yang…”

Li Wei Yang held his hand and gently interrupted him: “There are still many things to deal with.
I may not be able to stay too long.
I will come see you in the evening.” He squeezed her hand, a little nervous as he looked directly at her.
He simply felt there was no way for him to grasp her in the palm of his hand.

Bai Zhi came in with medicine.
Li Wei Yang personally took it and checked the temperature before taking a spoonful and bringing it up to his mouth.
He opened his mouth and swallowed hard.
His chest was in great pain, but there was a warm smile in his eyes.

“This matter has something to do with the Crown Prince, Tuoba Zhen, and the Jiang family—” These words were clearly spoken.

Li Wei Yang gave him a pill and smiled: “Yes, it has something to do with them.
I know.
You don’t need to be hasty.
I just collected some initial interest from them regarding this matter.
Once you have recovered, we will settle the tab with them.”

Li Min De gave her a suspicious look: “My injury was quite serious—” How could he uneventfully recover?!

Li Wei Yang smiled and said: “I kidnapped Jiang Tian and forced him to treat you.” This was not something she planned to hide.
“I also cut off Jiang Hai’s feet and put him on a grilling rack.”

“You…” Li Min De burst up.
He sat up in bed so suddenly that the pain sharply dug into his internal organs.
He instinctively curled up from the pain.

Li Wei Yang did not expect him to react so strongly in a plight of panic and fury, “What are you doing? Do you not want to live anymore?”

“How could you do something so dangerous?” He nervously squeezed her hand.

Li Wei Yang was stunned: “Did you want me to just watch you die?”

Li Min De shook his head, frowned and said: “The Jiang family will come knocking on the door.”

Li Wei Yang smiled and said: “It doesn’t matter.
Jiang Tian has left the Capital.
I’m afraid he doesn’t want to see me again in this life.
As for Jiang Hai, I have sent him to a place where he should go.”

“The best move right now is to kill and silence him.” Li Min De sighed, “It’s just a bit risky.”

Li Wei Yang let go of his hand and stood up: “I can’t delay it anymore.
I'm afraid Jiang Hua is at the door now.”

Li Min De clenched his teeth and told Bai Zhi: “Instruct them to come in.
I want to get up.”

Li Wei Yang’s face darkened with fury: “What are you doing? I did everything I could to pull you back from Lord Yama.
Are you defying me?”

Li Min De shook his head: “Jiang Hua is not easy to deal with.
I should be present.”

Li Wei Yang felt a bit touched and then said, “So stubborn.
Are you deliberately doing this to upset or provoke me?”

Li Min De froze and looked at Li Wei Yang in disbelief, “You’re worried about me, aren’t you?”

Li Wei Yang was at a loss for words.
She couldn't understand how anyone in this state could think about such trivial things.
She calmed down, “If you don't rest up, I won't ever come and see you again!”

Li Min De looked at her and didn't say anything for a while.
He caught her hand in his own.
A sweet and sly smile appeared on his face.
“I should thank them.
If it weren’t for them, you wouldn't be taking care of me like this—”

Li Wei Yang was stunned.
He had caught her hand and gently placed it over his wound.
Li Wei Yang only felt that it was hot there.
The heat from his wound seemed as if it could burn through the palm of her hand, burning from the bottom of his heart.

Li Min De’s face seemed to be dusted with rouge because of his fever, a portrait of beautiful peach blossoms on a branch in full bloom.
He smiled, “You have to visit me in the evening.”

Li Wei Yang withdrew her hand and slowly agreed, “Alright.”

Coming out of the room, Li Wei Yang let out a long sigh.
Bai Zhi quietly observed her expression but could not pick out the slightest emotion.
There was neither happiness nor anger.
She could not tell if Li Wei Yang had any kind of affection for Li Min De either.
Perhaps it was not as Third Shaoye hoped, Bai Zhi thought to herself, sighing.

At this point, Zhao Nan had arrived at the door and respectfully said: “Xiaojie, Third Shaoye of the Jiang family is waiting in the main hall.”

Ah, so he had arrived at their doorstep.
Li Wei Yang smiled thinly.
This Jiang Hua wasn’t slow at all.

Jiang Hua had been sitting in the main hall silently drinking tea.
He didn’t say a word.
His face was quite calm, as if he was not aware that his brother disappeared.
He only looked up when a maid announced that her household’s Xiaojie had arrived and saw Li Wei Yang slowly walk into the main hall.

She had changed into pale, lotus pink and white clothes and looked delicate and gentle.
Jiang Hua panicked a bit.
He had looked down on her and resented her to no end but could not grasp any weakness at all.
She had a reserved, meticulous temperament and cruel schemes.
She appeared to act recklessly but had built up momentum for her schemes beforehand and had a delicate, pretty face.
Everytime he thought about her face, the only thing he felt was the urge to humiliate her and see her beg for mercy and watch her lose her mind!

Looking at the person in front of him, it wasn’t excessive to say that she was delicate and slender, but she also had a strong mentality.
Among the people Jiang Hua knew, he simply could not think of a woman as beautiful yet poisonous like her…


Translator: Chau V.

Editor: Chau V.

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