Chapter 124: Death by a Thousand Slices


Jiang Tian's tears and snots rolled down his face and he said, “This horrifying woman, she …
she made people use a short knife to open a four-point long opening on the crown of my medicine boy and poured mercury into it.
A red streak of white flesh jumped out, it was terrifying — really terrifying!”

Everyone in the room shuddered.
Mercury was far heavier than blood.
They could separate the skin and flesh.
Under severe pain, the flesh would rush forward and drill out of the knife wound.
This kind of method was unheard of.
It sounded cold and sweaty.
It was really terrifying, Jiang Hua blurted out: “Did you see it with your own eyes?!”

Jiang Tian was stunned, and immediately said: “I …
I watched them drag the medicine boy out and said they would pour mercury into him.
Soon I heard screams and later they showed me the white flesh, I was too scared to look at it clearly …

Jiang Hua sneered: “It's just a deceptive trick.
If they really wanted to kill someone, why didn't they just do it in front of you? Isn't it more stunningly effective? They were clearly intimidating you! Gutless thing!”

Intimidation? Even the intimidation was also the cruelest intimidation in the world.
Jiang Tian couldn't help but shivered slightly but noticed Jiang Hua was still calm.
However, his red mole between his eyebrows had become more vivid.
He smiled strongly: “I …
I am indeed timid, anyway, you have already arranged countless secret guards so even if they come in from the tunnel, they would definitely not be able to hurt you all.
Why should I lose my life! If I wasn’t sure that those people can’t kill you, I would be struck by lightning and I would have never said a word.

Jiang Yang shook his head and said: “That kind of scene is terrifying, don't blame Fifth Brother.
He is really scared enough, otherwise he won't say it all, this is also human nature.”

Jiang Hua sighed and lowered his eyes slightly: “It's really stupid.
From the beginning, Li Wei Yang was not prepared to kill you.”

Jiang Tian hurriedly said: “No, they didn't show mercy at all! Look, my back has been beaten by rattan!”

Jiang Hua looked at him with hatred and said: “Li Wei Yang is a vengeful person.
Not only will she take revenge, but she would avenge a hundred times and a thousand of times worst.
This kind of person also has a characteristic.
She would never forget the people who she owe gratitude to.
You saved her younger brother and for this one reason, she wouldn’t kill you! If you carried it at that time and said nothing no matter how they tricked you, you would still be safe and sound in the end.
But you idiot confessed everything without being pressed!”

Jiang Xu's face was also difficult to look at; he stared at Jiang Tian with wide eyes.

Jiang Tian looked at Jiang Hua in surprise and said, “How would you know, just in case—“

Jiang Hua sneered and said, “Not in case! I can be sure of this! It's ridiculous that you have been fighting with her for so long but you still haven't even understood her personality yet! You couldn’t even grasp her personality, no wonder you will fail!”

Jiang Tian froze: “Didn’t you fail this time as well?”

Jiang Hua choked for a while, then smiled and said: “I want to get rid of her, there are many ways, you slowly wait and see.”

It was almost evening before Li Wei Yang returned to the residence.
Once she changed her clothes, a yatou came to inform her that it was the Seventh Prince Tuoba Yu who had been waiting in the main hall for a long time.

Li Wei Yang said: “Please ask him to wait in the parlor.”

Tuoba Yu waited for half a cup of tea before Li Wei Yang turned into the yard and entered the parlor, laughing: “I’ve let Your Highness wait for a long time.”

Tuoba Yu was garbed in a long dress and looked more and more beautiful under the candlelight: “Wei Yang, I went to the palace and personally reported the incident to Imperial Father.
He was very angry at the death of the Duke’s Furen and how the Jiangs shielded the murderer and framed you.
He also said if there is evidence, the Jiangs must be severely punished.”

Li Wei Yang smiled absently: “No matter whether evidence can be found, His Majesty will not punish the Jiang family for now.”

Tuoba Yu froze for a moment and said, “With these events that caused such harm to their reputation, would Imperial Father still keep them?”

“Your Highness,” Li Wei Yang sat down, lowered her eyes, flashed her thick eyelashes and said after a long time: “You must understand that as long as Duke Jiang is still alive and he is guarding the country gate for His Majesty, he will not move the Jiangs that easily.”

Tuoba Yu's face showed a disappointed look: “So, we still can't shake them?”

Li Wei Yang smiled faintly, and said: “It's not exactly that.
Has Your Highness ever seen a tree being cut down? If you are going to cut down the tree during the healthy period of large branches and leafy leaves, then you don't know how much energy to waste.
If it has been during a period where there insides have been emptied out, then the situation would be very different.
If I want to get rid of the Jiang family, it’s not a one-time job.
I’m not in a hurry so why is Your Highness this impatient?”

Tuoba Yu nodded and said, “You are right.” The aloof boy during their first encounter had now obeyed Li Wei Yang's words, and Bai Zhi and Zhao Yue were very surprised as they watched.

Li Wei Yang lowered her head to drink tea.
There were some things she knew about without him explicitly saying them.
For example, this time, he did a lot of work behind her back, but since he is an ally, she didn’t have to express her gratitude.

Tuoba Yu looked at Li Wei Yang and knew that she was safe and sound so he should leave.But there was another important thing, he slowly said: “I must leave the capital for some time.”

Li Wei Yang raised her eyes and Tuoba Yu said: “Imperial Father ordered me to visit Nanjiang.”

Li Wei Yang stunned, Nanjiang? That's where Duke Jiang was.
The old general was still the mainstay of Nanjiang.
Now the emperor ordered Tuoba Yu to go.
What did this mean? She thought for a moment, then smiled slightly, and said: “The road to Nanjiang is far away, there are many things in the world, Your Highness, you must be careful during this visit.”

Tuoba Yu only felt hot in his heart, thinking that she was very concerned about him.
But when he realized the underlying meaning behind this sentence, he was shocked: “You mean, Imperial Father doubts me?”

Li Wei Yang said lightly: “No, I'm not talking about His Majesty.
In the past few years, you have removed many people under the Crown Prince and Tuoba Zhen.
In my opinion, His Majesty has become more dissatisfied with the Crown Prince.
He already has the thought of modifying the successor but he is still hesitating.
As long as the Empress is still alive, he will not easily abandon the Crown Prince.
This time, it is a chance given to you by His Majesty and other princes would see this in their eyes and be even more jealous.
By that time, if you suddenly suffer from a disease or die on the road, who would be the happiest?”

Tuoba Yu stared at her seriously, but saw Li Wei Yang slightly hooked her lips, and printed her smile between her brows and eyes.
For a moment, he only felt as if there was a faint gentle pounce and even his thoughts were a little trance: “You mean Tuoba Zhen?”

Li Wei Yang smiled calmly: “I'm afraid it's not just Tuoba Zhen, I guess, the Jiangs has already formed an alliance with him.”

Tuoba Yu was shocked, but Li Wei Yang said: “Why is Your Highness panicking? Isn't this a very clear thing? The Jiang family will one day turn to Tuoba Zhen, but it's only a matter of time.
It's just that for a highly regarded family like them, there was no need to rely on anyone.
But with the recent series of blows, they have forced them to make a decision.
The Crown Prince is mediocre is stupid.
So it’s only between you or Tuoba Zhen and they rather choose a prince with no power and no powerful matriarch so they can revive the Jiang family's prestige.
On the contrary, if they are on your side, they will not get more than Duke Luo.

Tuoba Yu said slightly, “You are right.”

Li Wei Yang's expression was very leisurely, she said: “A lot of things are plainly in sight.
Since the Jiang family turned to Tuoba Zhen, they will naturally help him get rid of his competitors.
If you go to Nanjiang and they falsely accuse you of befriending the subjects on the frontier and intending to rebel, what do you think the result would be?”

Tuoba Yu frowned.
During this time, he had also vaguely doubted the Jiangs but the Jiang family had always been low-key and never showed true support for Tuoba Yu …
everything makes people feel it can be true or false, no one would have thought as no one would have noticed any connections.

Seeing him hesitate, Li Wei Yang showed a half-smiling expression and said in a cold voice: “You would certainly be bogged down in crisis on this trip to Nanjiang, but if handled properly, it would be an extremely cost-effective deal.”

Tuoba Yu frowned: “What does this mean?”

Li Wei Yang smiled and put a jade-like hand in front of him, paused for a moment, then waved decisively: “Your Highness, these four words(1) are for you, permanently rid of troubles!”

Tuoba Yu was shocked, but his face did not change: “I don't know what you mean by permanent trouble,”

Li Wei Yang smiled slightly and waved to him.
He walked over in doubt but Li Wei Yang opened his palm.
Between the fingertips and the skin brought by the light touch, he clearly felt the few words that Li Wei Yang lightly wrote.
Tuoba Yu was taken aback and the blood on his face faded instantly.
However, he hesitated for a while and finally nodded at Li Wei Yang.

Three days later, there was news that Li Chang Le was sentenced to punishment.
Li Lao Furen couldn't bear to say: “It's a guilt of the previous life.”

Li Wei Yang smiled slightly and said, “Since she is not from my Li family, why should Lao Furen be sad?”

Li Lao Furen sighed and said, “I don't want to see her being punished by the capital punishment in front of everyone.
Help me see her for me.”

Li Wei Yang calmly said, “You mean—”

Li Lao Furen glanced at her: “What do you think is meant by me, then it’s what I mean.”

Li Wei Yang lowered her eyes lightly and said, “Wei Yang understands.”

On the afternoon of the same day, Li Wei Yang ordered Bai Zhi to prepare a food box.
Bai Zhi curiously said: “Where is Xiaojie going?”

Li Wei Yang glanced at the food box and slowly said: “Go to the Jingzhao's Prison.” The Jingzhao's Prison is no different from ordinary prisons, only bigger.
Li Chang Le was a high-profile criminal so it would have been hard for Li Wei Yang to see her but Li Chang Le’s imprisonment was not decided by the Emperor personally.
After all, she was Official Yao’s future wife and sister, so she notified Yao Chang Qing of her visit and Li Wei Yang just walked in.

In the deepest prison cell, Li Chang Le was detained alone.
The Li Chang Le now, had lost the beauty of her life.
Instead, she looked like a female ghost with hair distributed over her face.
Because there was no medicine, her ulcers had intensified.
Now, people just don’t want to look at it, but she still thought she was a beauty and showed an expression of superiority.

The jailer walked past her cell and smelled a strong odor.

There were all kinds of odors in this prison, but there was no way to suppress this terrible fishy smell.
It was fishy, ​​not the smell of the body odor, but the smell of something rotting.

Seeing Li Wei Yang coming in, the jailer said with a gagging expression: “Xiaojie, you must not come near, this crazy woman is so stinky!”

Li Wei Yang smiled and said, “It's okay.” She stood quietly at the door, looking at the person inside.

As soon as Li Wei Yang appeared, Li Chang Le threw herself in front of the railing and stretched out her hand as if to grab her and tear her up: “Bitch! Bitch!” She kept roaring, all her outstretched hands already rotten.

“Did they use torture?” Li Wei Yang asked left and right.

The jailer hurriedly replied: “This kind of criminal, without the orders of the Official, we dare not act.
These wounds were all made by herself, it is very disgusting!”

Li Chang Le said sharply: “Li Wei Yang, you must die!”

Li Wei Yang smiled faintly and said, “Which time is it that you didn't provoke it first, I'm just fighting back.
Should I have bare my neck for your sword so that I can have a good death?”

Li Chang Le was full of hatred: “Uncle, they will let me out!”

“Let you out?” Li Wei Yang had no expression on her pale white face, and her/ dark eyes sneered.

“What do you mean?” Li Chang Le stared at her cautiously.

Li Wei Yang laughed again.

“What the hell are you laughing at?” Li Changle was furious.

“I am laughing — that you really are a stupid woman.
And, I have to say, the stupidest thing I have ever seen in my life.”

“What are you talking about?” Li Chang Le desperately wanted to reach out and grab Li Wei Yang but it was a futile effort.

“Jiang Tian is still in prison, will the Jiang family come to rescue you?”

Hearing this, Li Chang Le cracked a gap deep in his heart and began to drip blood.
And she was so angry that she was going crazy: “So what are you doing! Are you here to laugh at me?!”

Bai Zhi gave the jailer a silver coin, and he quickly backed away, leaving them with privacy.
Li Wei Yang smiled slightly and said, “Give her the food box.”

“Do you want to poison me?” Li Chang Le said, every word seemed to be soaked in blood and full of hate.

Li Wei Yang stood motionless.
After a long silence, she slowly sneered: “Kill you? The person who wants you to die is not me, but your biological grandmother.
Your maternal grandmother was killed by you.
Now your paternal grandmother wants you to die, isn’t it very interesting?” Li Wei Yang's eyebrows, once deepened, seemed inexpressibly cold.

Li Chang Le's body was trembling and she suddenly became horrified.
The original hatred was gone: “Wei Yang, Wei Yang! You let me go, please I beg you to let me go! I have admitted defeat, I don’t dare to provoke you anymore, please beg them, let me go! I don’t want to die, I really don’t want to die! Wei Yang, I’m your biological sister, seeing that we have the same blood flowing in us, let me go, let me go!” Her voice became more and more miserable, and every sentence was pleading.

“My biological sister …” Li Wei Yang sighed.
“Every time I hear you call me so intimately, I feel sick! I have been sick of you for a long time, Li Chang Le.”

Li Changle looked at her in horror and suddenly realized the fact: “Ever since you came back, you were looking for revenge? You are avenging us for throwing you in the countryside —“

With such a thought, many hazy events became clear in an instant, and they were juxtaposed side by side in an orderly manner that Li Chang Le was suddenly shocked.

It's terrifying, it’s terrifying, very terrifying! Li Chang Le's body began to tremble because of hatred and anger.

Li Wei Yang said with a smile: “Although I didn’t want you to live a good life since I came back, but for you to have fallen to this point today, you asked for it.
Do you still remember the fire in the room on the mountain? Do you remember Zi Yan who betrayed me? Do you remember how my Fourth Brother was poisoned? One by one, which one did you not provoke?! Now what qualifications do you have to blame me?” Everything in her previous life was already blurred in her impressions.
At that time, she really thought that once she returned to the Jiangs, the sisters could get along in harmony.
Yes, since she was born back to the Li family, she sincerely wanted to go against the mother and daughter …
But if Da Furen in this life didn’t force her to follow the same path and didn’t do anything to kill her, she might still keep them alive …

Li Wei Yang looked at her, smiled, and said, “Now, I just give back what you have done.”

Li Chang Le couldn't pretend anymore and screamed: “You slut! You are just a slut, why should you sit on par with me? You should have died, and you should have died from birth! We did this to you because you deserve it!”

Li Wei Yang looked at her calmly, and then shook her head: “It seems that you still don't know what you did wrong …
Oh no, it should be said that you are always so innocent, always so noble, and only others are sorry for you, without your share of sorry for others …
Since you are obsessed, you will be punished! As for this food box, forget it!”

With a wave of her hand, she knocked over the box.

Li Chang Le looked at the debris of the food box with surprise.
Li Wei Yang looked at her so condescendingly with a faint expression but with a force that was more hurtful than any contempt or ridicule and stared at her coldly without blinking.
She coldly said: “I want to see if the flesh on your body is cut down one by one, whether it can really be cut into three hundred and sixty slices.
Presumably, the scene must be very interesting.”

The slicing punishment was death by a thousand cuts, which was mainly reserved for people who had committed serious crimes such as rebellion and violation of human relations.
Although Li Chang Le's identity is in doubt, her crimes of murdering the Duke’s Furen had been finalized.
Yao Chang Qing's final sentence was that she was charged for the crime of murdering a kin so the punishment was extremely heavy.

“You shut up!” Li Chang Le screamed and threw herself over again but the jailer who hurried over and fling his whiplash through the railing straight across her cheek.
Li Changle looked straight at Li Wei Yang and said fiercely: “Li Wei Yang, I will come to you when I am a ghost!”

“If you don’t shut up, I’ll lash you to death!” The whip fell like a raindrop but Li Chang Le stayed hard next to her.
She didn't shout in pain but she kept scolding Li Wei Yang.
Li Wei Yang never looked at her again and turned around: “Bai Zhi, let's go.”

Bai Zhi was already terribly frightened by the strange scene, and immediately followed behind to leave.

Behind her, Li Chang Le still scolded: “Li Wei Yang! You come back! You come back to me!”

Walking out of the Jingzhao’s Prison, there was bright sunshine outside.
Li Wei Yang took a deep breath and turned towards the carriage.
After the Li family’s carriage left, a figure came out from the side and stared at her carriage with a sneer.

Li Wei Yang, you must be very proud, but your pride will not last for a few days …


Translator: Erica

Editor: Erica

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