Chapter 123: The Play of Reason


Li Chang Le screamed, “Save me! Quickly save me!” However, things happened so suddenly that people only had time to escape, no one could save her, and the wolf dog fell onto her, biting her wig.
Li Chang Le's voice has turned into a scream.
Jiang Hai stood the closest and was the first to respond.
He was about to go up to help but his wife Han-Shi was scared by the terrible scene.
Shakily, he quickly held her up and yelled loudly: “Go pull away that dog!”

Immediately, a servant held a wooden stick to attack the dog, but the wolfhound looked at the wooden stick without fear.
But it became more fierce and it barked and bit Li Chang Le's arm.
She screamed and rolled to the side and the wolf dog followed along, giving her no way to escape.
She screamed loudly and the wolfhound barked as his two front legs pressed against her head and then it bit her forehead, tearing her face alive.
Blood suddenly gushed out.
The dog trainer also hurried up and grabbed the rope to pull the dog back, but the wolfhound was half a man tall so how could it be easily held back.

Li Wei Yang looked at it from afar, with infinite sarcasm in her eyes.

Yao Chang Qing was shocked.
He had never seen his dog so crazy.

Li Chang Le hugged her head sideways, and the wolf dog opened its bloody mouth again to bite her shoulder and tore it so hard that she screamed and kept trying to grab onto the Crown Prince’s feet who was not far away.
The Crown Prince was so frightened that he didn't care about the manners and kicked her away with one foot, fearing that they would be bitten together.
Li Chang Le’s entire body kept rolling on the ground.

When Jiang Hua saw the situation was not getting better, he immediately drew his long sword to kill the dog.
Yao Chang Qing shouted: “Don't touch my dog!” Jiang Hua ignored him, holding the long sword to kill him, Yao Chang Qing loved the dog sincerely so he went up and grabbed Jiang Hua's arm.
Jiang Hua shouted, “This evil dog is hurting people! Let go!” However, Yao Chang Qing shouted simply, “Who dares to touch him!”

At this moment, the dog trainer finally caught the wolfhound, Jiang Hai shouted, “Saved!”

Everyone saw the scene in front of them, and they all took a breath.

Li Chang Le has become a bloodied person.
A large slab of skin on her forehead is gone.
Her shoulders and neck were bleeding nonstop.
There were countless peanut-shaped teeth on her arms and there were many claw marks on her body But this was not the reason why everyone looked at her.
The real reason was that they actually didn’t see how Li Chang Le ’s face had been bitten by the dog but saw several cracks appear.
Pieces of human skin fell down one by one, making the scene was unbelievable, as if seeing a draped beauty skin gradually cracking, and her true face, her skin had been ulcerated and purple, The pus was constantly flowing from the top, which looked very disgusting.
This was simply the most disgusting and terrifying scene in the world.

Countless ladies and ladies missed their manners and ran out desperately.
Han Shi, who was not far away screamed and fainted.
Jiang Hai quickly supported her, but she stared in shock towards Li Chang Le.

The whole hall was already in a mess.
Even the Crown Prince and the Jiangs had incredible looks on their faces.
A beautiful girl, like a fairy, had skin that kept falling off, obviously revealing the fact that it had a fake face wrapped around her face and her real face was actually ulcerated.
The yellow thick juice made people almost puke.

Seeing the horrified expression of everyone, Li Chang Le couldn't care about the severe pain of being bitten by a dog on her body, but just desperately covered her face with her sleeve and screamed: “Go away, get out! Don't look at me! Don't look at all me!” For a beautiful woman, there was nothing more terrifying than being ugly in front of everyone.
And she was not only ugly, but she has become much more terrifying than the ugliest woman in the world.
The most terrifying ugly ghost! She has become synonymous to the most disgusting rotten person …

However, Li Wei Yang came to her at this time and said coldly: “This is the reason why the wolfhound pounced on her!”

Although everyone was frightened by this scene, they couldn't help but look at the place she pointed at, but they saw a black hairpiece, a phoenix hairpin actually broke, and several white …, the Crown Prince asked: “This …
what is this?”

The examiner quickly stepped forward and gently took a little with the tip of the needle.
He resisted the nausea and smelled it before saying: “It is arsenic–“

Li Wei Yang sighed and said, “Sure enough, it's no wonder that we have all gone through a careful search, but we can't find any remnants of the poison.
It turns out that you hid the poison in your hairpin and everyone neglected to search there!”

Li Chang Le suddenly raised her head and said sharply, “No! It's impossible–” She closed her mouth suddenly.
She did poison Jiang Lao Furen with arsenic and it was right in her phoenix hairpin.
She was originally going to leave the hall with the excuse of dizziness to dispose of the hairpin but Li Wei Yang refused to allow her to leave.
Later, she had to be inspected.
Fortunately, she spent a fortune to hire this craftsman to make this specifically delicate.
The inside was hollow and the hidden arsenic was also very cleverly stored so no one can find it! In order to rid her fears, she wanted to discard this quietly but someone had been watching her room.
She was afraid that she would lose the hairpin and get in trouble so she simply left it in her hair.
Nobody knows! Why?! She turned her head and said loudly: “Tan Xiang, you betrayed me! You damn yatou, you betrayed me!”

Tan Xiang stayed there, completely unaware of what was happening, and said in awkwardness: “Nubi …
nubi didn't do anything!” She really didn't know what happened, how would she dare to betray her master?!

Li Chang Le stared at her fiercely but heard Li Wei Yang said: “Aren't you guilty yet?” Li Chang Le immediately got up from the ground and stretched out her hand to grab Li Wei Yang's face.
Zhao Yue fiercely kicked her and she turned over on the ground!

Li Xiao Ran angrily said: “Wei Yang, how can you allow your own yatou to injure someone!”

Li Wei Yang glanced at him, smiled coldly, and said sensibly: “Father, have you seen this clearly, this is not your daughter Li Chang Le, could my Dajie look this ghostly? She is clearly a monster, using Dajie's face pretending to be Dajie!”

Everyone heard this and looked at Li Chang Le in horror, almost speechless! Even Jiang Xu showed an unbelievable look on his face.
Indeed, how could Li Chang Le look this ugly?! Absolutely impossible! They didn't know what happened to Li Chang Le's face at the time and the only people who knew about it were a few people such as Li Lao Furen, Li Xiao Ran, Jiang Yuelan, etc.
At this moment, they were all calmed down by Li Wei Yang's stern words and almost thought that the woman in front of them was not Li Chang Le!

Jiang Yuelan couldn't help but think of the fact that Li Chang Le's face was destroyed and then miraculously recovered.
She was almost certain that Li Chang Le was wearing a fake mask and this woman with a completely ruined face was not who Li Chang Le then who was she? But she did not dare to refute Li Wei Yang in public because of her guilty conscience!

Li Wei Yang vowed to say: “My Dajie is as beautiful as a fairy, and she is kind-hearted, how could she murder her grandmother? And she has no reason to do this! Unless the woman in front of us with a piece of human skin is not my Dajie!”

Jiang Xu said angrily: “Who is she if she is not Chang Le?!”

Li Wei Yang said with no expression: “Who knows! My Dajie returned to the Jiangs some time ago and stayed for four to five days.
After she came back, she became a different person.
Even her usual preferences have changed.
I haven't asked uncle yet, where did you hide my Dajie, who is this monster?”

Li Chang Le could hardly believe her ears and shouted: “Li Wei Yang you are a bitch, I am Li Chang Le, if I am not the Da Xiaojie from the Lis then who can I still be?!”

Li Wei Yang looked down at her condescendingly and a dazzling cold awn flashed in her eyes: “My Dajie is alluringly beautiful and unparalleled in beauty.
You repeatedly say you are her, why don't you look in the mirror yourself! When your wig fell off at the hall, I started doubting you at that time, and now it turns out that you are a fake!”

Li Chang Le was almost mad and threw herself on Jiang Hua.
Although Jiang Hua had seen countless dead people on the battlefield, he still took a step back in horror with her filthy and bloody appearance and leaned against the pillar.
However, Li Chang Le grabbed the long sword from his hands, turned and aimed at Li Wei Yang.
She has completely lost her mind now and could care less.
Before she even approached Li Wei Yang, a collective dark item fell from the sky.
She was caught off guard and she was covered in it at once.
Before she could react, she felt tight all over as she was tied up and fell straight to the ground.

Yao Chang Qing shouted from behind: “Tie her up!” Then his guards went to remove the nets used to catch people and tied up Li Chang Le with an iron chain without any sympathy.
She was like a beast after being chained, she shouted frantically: “Li Wei Yang, you will die! You will die!”

Yao Chang Qing covered his mouth and nose and said, “This smell is really disgusting.”

After the mask was ripped open, the foul smell was even more indescribable.
At first, everyone thought that the smell of the body powder on Li Da Xiaojie's body could suffocate people, and now they know it’s just disgusting.

Li Wei Yang reminded him coldly: “Official, since we have already caught the murderer, we can't let her frantically bite people anymore.”

Yao Chang Qing was staring at the grisly monster, and then he recovered before he heard her words.
He hesitated and said: “Shut up her mouth! So as not to let her speak rubbish!” When the guard approached Li Chang Le, he vomited in disgust.
He had to close his eyes as he pushed the cloth into Li Chang Le's mouth.
Li Chang Le slanted her head and bit his hand.
The painful guard shouted and hurried back.
Yao Chang Qing said angrily: “Useless things, fast, hold her down?!”

Jiang Xu hurriedly said: “Don't worry! You’ve only found arsenal, how can you conclude that she did it?!”

Li Wei Yang laughed: “Is there anyone other than us in that room? If it weren't for her, did you poison your maternal grandmother? What's more, if she is innocent, why hide arsenic in the hairpin? Are you going to mix it in tea as sugared water?! It's the biggest joke in the world! I don’t know what method she used to poison grandmother and then deceived me into the room.
Using the identity of Li Da Xiaojie, she placed the tray of poisonous jujube in my hands, framed me deliberately, and then smoothly extricated herself!”

Jiang Hua sneered and said, “Since she did it all, why not use the same poison?”

Li Wei Yang looked at the post-mortem examiner but heard him slowly say: “Third Gongzi don't know this but once arsenic is placed on the jujubes, it will leave behind a layer of hoarfrost, which is easy to be discovered.
The murderer expected that no one will perform a post-mortem, so they use different poisons to avoid being discovered that the jujubes are unordinary.”

Jiang Hua immediately asked: “How did she poison?”

The examiner pondered for a moment and said, “I found a large pinhole on the back of the Duke’s Furen’s left shoulder, which glows bluish-black.
If I guessed it well, it should be a tube-like object penetrated into the Duke's Furen’s body.
No, it is more likely to be needle-shaped, so it is not easy to be noticed and it is definitely not ordinary arsenic.
It must be refined through many processes before it can be dissolved into poisonous juice …”

The examiner’s guess was almost correct.
Li Chang Le ’s phoenix hairpin has a small organ that can be turned into a needle tip with a slight twist.
The venom inside the hollow phoenix hairpin penetrates into the body of the person.
The victim will only feel a sting, and would not even be aware of it …

At this time, a yatou exclaimed: “Yes, when changing clothes, Da Xiaojie said that one of the shoulders of the old lady was too large so she had to alter the clothing and then I heard the Duke’s Furen cried out.
I actually thought she was accidentally stabbed by a needle …

As soon as this remark came out, everyone believed in what the examiner had said.
Jiang Xu suddenly remembered what Jiang Hua said in the study and immediately understood everything!

Li Chang Le said loudly: “I didn’t! I didn’t! I really didn’t! Uncle, you have to believe me, I didn’t do it!”

Jiang Hua stared at Li Wei Yang and said, “In the past seven days, she had countless opportunities to destroy the evidence.
Why would she leave it on herself?”

Li Wei Yang smiled slightly and said, “There are so many people in the Jiangs.
If she loses something or buries something, it is easy to be discovered.
Once it reaches the ears of Official Yao, he will suspect her.
It seems inappropriate to place it anywhere so naturally, the least noticeable place would be on her own body.
After all, it’s been searched once, and no one will suspect it anymore.
Isn’t this a simple rationale?

Jiang Hua sneered and said, “Isn’t this explanation too far-fetched?”

Yao Chang Qing said slowly: “No, this explanation is not only not far-fetched but also very reasonable.
For the past seven days, I have asked the guards to monitor the suspected people every day.
Their actions were all reported to me, even It was just the yatou pouring out wash water or rouge.
I asked people to check it in detail as I was afraid that the murderer would take the opportunity to destroy the evidence.
Now it seems that she is very smart and she has been hiding the evidence in her hairpin.
Who can find out?” In fact, his people were not really good, otherwise he wouldn’t have been unaware of Jiang Hua's assassins, but he will not admit it.

Jiang Hua did not answer Yao Chang Qing.
He found out that Li Wei Yang had already calculated everything.
Even Yao Chang Qing would send someone to watch Li Chang Le.
He had already expected that he underestimated this woman! It is often said that taking one step leads to the next three steps yet she has already seen the next ten steps away!

“Let me go! Uncle! Father! Mother! Save me! I am innocent!” Li Chang Le shouted, trying to open the iron chain, trying to grab Jiang Xu's leg.
But Jiang Xu saw the horrifying face and subconsciously took a step back.
The Jiangs who had been standing behind Li Chang Le and supporting her now stared at her with a terrified look.
Li Chang Le couldn’t believe why it became like this.
She climbed desperately to Li Xiao Ran’s feet, however Li Xiao Ran didn't even look at her.
The official’s subordinates dragged her back immediately, entangled all the chains, and she kept wailing like a beast, making painful noises.

Li Wei Yang looked at this beauty who had always shown hatred but she felt extremely happy in her heart.
Her beauty was her weapon.
As long as she blinked, countless men would fall down at her feet.
As long as she spoke softly, others would feel that she is gentle and kind.
On the contrary, no matter what she does, she is still malicious, selfish and cunning.
In that case, she will let everyone take a look at what she was hiding under that beautiful skint.
She looked at the Jiangs here, saying one word at a time: “Are there any more doubts?”

Jiang Xu’s expression changed several times, and he seemed to want to say something, but suddenly he heard Jiang Hua clenching his fists and clucked: “God didn’t shelter us, we didn’t even realize that this monster was posing as Chang Le, which caused our grandmother to have been victimized, she really deserves to die!”

Li Chang Le originally thought that the Jiangs would rescue her.
But she heard this sentence and could not help but feel terrified.
She couldn’t help shouting: “You are crazy! Do you also believe what the slut, Li Wei Yang said! We grew up together! I remember everything about you, if I am not Li Chang Le then who is! Father, you say a word, say a word, you used to love me the most, how can you refuse to say something?! “

This face has been ruined like this.
The beautiful Li Da Xiaojie is just a hopeless case.
Under the eyes of everyone, Li Chang Le had already become a nightmare for everyone.
Even if she was proven to be Li Chang Le, she will only discredit the Li family.
When others speak of her, they would only say that Li Da Xiaojie had poisoned her grandmother in order to injustice her sister.
The Lis actually taught such a vicious daughter, which is really a disgrace to the family reputation.
He raised his head and stared at Li Wei Yang, deadly.
Staring at her, he finally realized that Li Wei Yang was simply forcing him to abandon his daughter, Li Chang Le.
As long as he denied it, everything would be solved —

“She is not Chang Le at all!” Li Xiao Ran said: “Chang Le had a red mole behind her ear–“

“I have it! I have it!” Li Chang Le wanted to prove it, but Li Xiao Ran interrupted her coldly: “No, you don't!”

Li Chang Le's heart sank all at once and she didn't want to prove her identity again and suddenly said sharply: “Li Wei Yang, all of this was arranged by you, you are a vicious heart! You will be banished to the eighteenth layer of hell!”

The eyes of Li Wei Yang, like an ancient well, flashed a trace of indifference.
Eighteenth layer of hell? She had already been there and now it was Li Chang Le's turn!

Li Min De, who had been watching this scene silently, gently reminded: “Official Yao, Your Majesty is still waiting for you to report the case.”

“Take her away,” Yao Chang Qing was originally shocked by the big show only to understand it now.
He whispered something to the prince and after getting his approval, he waved his hand lightly and commanded his people to drag Li Chang Le, who was still cursing loudly, out to stop the farce from continuing.
He then said to Jiang Xu: “I will leave someone here to search her room and see if there is any other evidence.”

After Li Chang Le was taken away, Jiang Xu was relieved.
No matter what, as long as the Jiang family had no problems, everything was fine! However, at this moment, I heard Li Xiao Ran surreptitiously said: “Since this monster is not my daughter, where is my biological daughter?!”

Jiang Xu was furious: “If you want to look for your daughter, go home and find her! I haven't even blamed you for indulging the murderer to kill my mother!”

Li Xiao Ran sneered and said, “Indulged the murderer?! This fake Li Chang Le ran to the Jiangs from time to time.
Since the last time she went to the banquet, she has been a fake! You actually helped her deceive us and say that she only had favus on her head so she had to wear a wig.
She clearly colluded with you to murder the Duke’s Furen!”

“Nonsense! How could I murder my mother?!” The blue veins on Jiang Xu's forehead jumped straight.

The examiner said: “Official Yao, there is something else very strange — please forgive the sins of your subordinates before I dare to say it.”

“Say!” Yao Chang Qing frowned, and the other people in the hall were completely dumbfounded.
Today's play, one after another, had completely exceeded their imagination.
First, Li Da Xiaojie was exposed to have possessed the poison and then her fake face was exposed.
And now there seemed to be a hidden detail, even if it was a play on the stage, it was definitely not as exciting!

“No, Lao Furen was already suffering from severe heart failure.
Even if she didn't get poisoned, you can live at most for a few more days.” The examiner said calmly.

When this sentence was said, everyone froze, and then looked at Jiang Xu.
Everyone was thinking that Lao Furen was going to die soon.
Before she died, she took advantage of her own impending death to rid of their biggest enemy, Anping Xianzhu and this idea was really cost-effective.
There were even more nosy people who had begun to conceive the entire plot in their minds.
The Jiangs first replaced the real Li Da Xiaojie with a fake Li Chang Le and then murdered the Duke’s Furen who was about to die, and planted her death on Anping Xianzhu.
The mastery of such scheming was really terrifying! Now no one cared about whether the whole situation was reasonable or unreasonable.
They just thought that this ethical drama will surely become the big news that will make a sensation in the capital tomorrow!


Translator: Erica

Editor: Erica

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