Chapter 122: Pressing Every Step

1) 文房四宝 – scholars’ four jewels, which include calligraphy brush, ink stick, ink slab, and paper

Zhao Yue glanced at Li Wei Yang from the top to the bottom, and she could not help but smile.
Xiaojie’s anticipation was right.
She flew up and down from the beam, but acted astonishingly fast, drifting like a ghost, and in a blink of an eye, the person landed firmly at the window.

At this moment, more than a dozen people outside the house had already fired their weapons, Chen Xiang quietly made a gesture to them, telling them that the people inside had turned off the lights and had fallen asleep, which was a good time to start.
As long as they rushed in, quickly subdued the maidservant, and strangled Li Wei Yang, success would be in their hands.

However, as soon as he entered, he was coldly questioned: “Who are you?!”

Li Wei Yang suddenly sat up, staring brightly at these menacing men in black without showing any fear.

The leader, Chen Xiang's expression was faint; Li Wei Yang's expression was not afraid at all, how could this be—

“Why is it that your master is so scared of me that he risks killing me here?” Li Wei Yang sneered.
Her voice was cold yet emitted a fascinating charm that belonged to a girl alone.

“Kill her!” Chen Xiang immediately ordered after deciding.

Everyone who had been frightened by Li Wei Yang had almost forgotten their purpose.
They woke up like a dream, showed their weapons with their cold expression like a cold tide, with each wave higher than preceding waves.
But at this moment, countless black shadows quietly jumped out from the outside, the windows, the beams, and the bed, silently surrounding the more than a dozen people in black.
In a hurried manner, they heard a woman softly speak: “Disturbing people’s sleep in the middle of the night, how annoying …”

In the early morning of the second day, Jiang Yue Lan knocked on Li Wei Yang's door as planned.
At this time, all the Jiangs were guarding the spirits in the hall as if they hadn't slept the entire night.
Although Li Wei Yang was a granddaughter by name, she was actually an outsider.
She did not take the initiative to ask, and no one asked her to stay up and guard, but the next morning, she still had to go to the mourning hall.

Jiang Yue Lan took a deep breath before telling the girl to go up and knock on the door, taking it for granted that she would see her place tainted with blood.
She almost closed her eyes slightly.
I'm really sorry, Xian Zhu.
Although I have no hatred with you, our positions are different.
If I was on your side, how can I rely on the strength of the Jiang family in the future?!! So I'm sorry.

The door opened gently, but then something happened that scared her.
A pretty girl came out of the room and said softly, “Furen.”

These two words seemed to be a life-threatening sign.
Jiang Yue Lan took a step back as her entire body tumbled backwards.

“Mother! What's the matter with you?!” Li Chang Le couldn't wait to arrive, just as soon as she was in the corridor, she saw this scene, and quickly came up to support her.
She secretly blamed Jiang Yue Lan for her lack of courage; it was just a few dead bodies yet she was frightened like this.
She was just about to look up and scold Jiang Yue Lan's yatou for not taking good care of her mother, but when she looked up she saw Bai Zhi's gentle face, and was stunned.

“Mother, Da Xiaojie, what's the matter with you two?” A look as if she has seen ghosts, Bai Zhi added, but her face was deliberately surprised.

Li Chang Le looked at her with surprise: “You …
you …
why are you–” Why didn't you die?!! How can that be?!!

However, something happened that made her feel even more disbelief.
Li Wei Yang was undressed and Shi Shi Ran walked out of the room.
At this moment, the air in the garden was mixed with the fragrance of soil.
The sky was pure, blue and quiet.
The sun was shining on Li Wei Yang's white face.
The sparkling waves in her eyes flashed and everything reflected was clearer.
However, seeing this face, Li Chang Le couldn’t help but her heart was about to jump out from her chest!

Li Wei Yang was displeased: “Bai Zhi, since Mother and Da Xiaojie are here, why not invite them inside the room?!” Her voice was soft, her face pale as a spring flower, extremely beautiful.

Li Chang Le's teeth began to tremble in fear.
For a moment, she thought she was dreaming, and then felt that she must be seeing a ghost.
Finally, she began to suspect that Jiang Hua didn't do anything! A series of conflicting ideas took place in an instant.
Li Chang Le's face changed several times, but she could not control her shaking hands and feet no matter what.

At this time, Jiang Hua also came over slowly, but he was already mentally prepared, because all night yesterday, Chen Xiang didn't bring anyone back to him.
It was only three weak women that he had to deal with …
it is easier to kill directly, but they can not leave obvious scars.
So Jiang Nan calculated that if they strangle a Li Wei Yang, it would take at most an hour to clean up, but he didn’t receive any news at all, which was very unusual.
After finally coming out of the mourning hall, he got here immediately, he had to see for himself!

But when he saw that Li Wei Yang was still alive, his heart sank suddenly.

“Oh, Wei Yang just got up a little late, not only did I startle Mother and Dajie, but now even Third Gongzi is alarmed too.
It is my sin.” Li Wei Yang looked guilty.

Li Chang Le clenched her lips: “You …
how did you sleep yesterday?”

Li Wei Yang sighed and said, “Of course not good.”

Jiang Hua stared at her with an eyebrow, but heard her continue: “Since my grandmother died, I should go to the mourning for one night; I felt unease in my heart and I can’t sleep as I keep tossing and turning.
But the environment here is extremely well, it’s very quietly, the yatous also served attentively— ” Speaking of the yatous, she suddenly expressed a doubtful expression, and said, “Speaking of it, I didn't see that girl named Chen Xiang when I got up early in the morning, yes, did any of you see her? “

Jiang Hua was the only one who remained calm at the scene, but his face and muscles were beating faintly.
He looked down and took a deep breath, suppressing the momentary fear in his heart.
Raising his eyes again, his eyes naturally detached again, and then said: “I don’t know where the girl went to loaf on the job.
I will order someone to look for her later, now, let’s go to the hall.”

Having said that, he was the first to leave the yard, and he didn't even need to glance into the room, because he knew that it must have been so calm in there as if nothing had happened.
Li Wei Yang, he thought he had seen through her, but in fact, he never knew this deep-scheming girl! No, maybe he should think about this young girl as his opponent, not just a stumbling block! He had never encountered such a young girl that made him feel incredible! Let’s wait and see, who can laugh to the end!

Li Chang Le and Jiang Yue Lan looked at each other.
Jiang Yue Lan smiled reluctantly: “Wei Yang, we'll wait for you in the lobby first.” Then, pulling Li Chang Le along, she quickly left without looking back.

Bai Zhi sighed and said, “They’ve been frightened.
They thought they would see us dead.
They really deserve it …”

“Yeah, it's a good show.
Seeing the expression of Da Xiaojie, it's like swallowing a dead fly …” Zhao Yue agreed with a smile.

Li Wei Yang took a sigh of relief, do they think it was over? No, she has a big gift waiting for them!

At the entrance of the hall, the crying sounds were very light.
After seeing Li Wei Yang, the wailings suddenly became loud and resounding.
Li Wei Yang turned a deaf ear, slowly walked up, solemnly placed an incense in the pillar.
Everyone in Jiangs were all dressed in mourning attire, staring at her with complex expressions, but she acted as if she didn't even notice.

Among a group of people who hated her, Li Wei Yang could still show such a calm expression.
No matter whether she was really fearless or just feigning, it was enough to startle the Jiangs.
However, the thing that really surprised them was not over yet, when everyone was staring at Li Wei Yang, suddenly a person broke in: “It’s bad! It's bad!”

Jiang Xu first stood up and frowned, “Why is there noise in the mourning hall?”

The person who charged in was filled with sweat – it was the steward of the Jiangs.
He was terrified: “Official Yao — something happened to Official Yao!”

Jiang Xu and Jiang Hua looked at each other, did not dare to delay, and hurriedly walked outside the hall.
Everyone saw this and followed them.

Bai Zhi whispered: “Xiaojie, shall we go?”

Li Wei Yang raised his eyebrow and said, “Let’s go, why don’t we go? It's a pity to miss such a good show.”

Everyone from the Jiang family arrived in the room where Yao Chang Qing lived, but they saw that Yao, who always pays attention to cleanliness, had no hair, stood barefoot at the door, and looked extremely ugly.
Seeing this scene, Jiang Xu quickly went up: “Official Yao, you are—“

Yao Chang Qing didn't speak, raised his finger and pointed it into the room, Jiang Xu frowned, and looked in the direction he pointed …

Looking at the direction, the study had the scholar’s four jewels(1).
There is a blue and white porcelain bottle in the upper left corner of the cabinet, and the orchid in it is blooming.
This peaceful scene is like the countless peaceful mornings, but on the ground, on the table, on the window, it was full of corpses, and the most frightening thing was the female corpse, who didn't even close her eyes, staring at a hollow place.
When everyone saw this scene, they felt that the cold wind was rushing towards them, and they didn't dare to say anything, their bones were trembling slightly.
Jiang Lan, who was not far behind Jiang Xu, screamed, her eyes fainted when she rolled her eyes, and her yatou quickly hugged her.
Li Chang Le and Jiang Yue Lan looked at each other, and they saw the expression of horror in each other's eyes.

Jiang Xu was furious: “What the hell is going on?!”

Yao Chang Qing was also stunned.
At this time, he sobered up and said: “I got up early in the morning and saw this person who wanted to kill me with a dagger.
I struggled hard, but her arm broke off ……” When he spoke, it was as if he was in a dream.

Now everyone's face has changed.
Official Yao lives in Jiang's house, but there was someone that wanted to assassinate him early in the morning? This is really too serious! Jiang Xu quickly said: “Who was keeping vigil last night, how could this happen?!”

The steward said neatly, “Lao Ye, Nucai has already asked those guards, and no one has noticed anything abnormal!”

Jiang Hua's complexion suddenly turned pale.
He couldn't contain the shock in his heart.
The dead people in this room were clearly the dead men he sent out.
There were eleven people together with Chen Xiang, all in the room! What's the matter! He almost suspected for a moment that it was these idiots who went to the wrong room and entered Yao Chang Qing's room! But how was this possible?!! Li Wei Yang lived in the inner residence, Yao Chang Qing lived in the outer residence and he couldn't find all of them even with eight poles.
How did these people get here?!!

Not long after, Zuo Zuo rushed in with panic after receiving news that Official Yao was staying in the Jiangs and was assassinated! At this moment, he panicked, but when he got here, he found that Official Yao was unharmed, but was only frightened off a bit.
Yao Chang Qing sternly said, “What are you doing?! Go investigate!”

Zuo Zuo went in immediately, and everyone saw him roll up his sleeves, touch the deceased's shoulders and arms one by one, and held his head again.
The body was already stiff.
In order to see the face of the deceased, she had to lay the body back on the back of the chair.
Li Wei Yang turned her head as if she could not bear to look at it.
He almost wanted to hold Li Wei Yang and ask, what the hell is going on? !!

Bai Zhi screamed, “Isn't that Chen Xiang?”

The faces of the people changed greatly, especially Yao Chang Qing, who immediately asked: “Do you know her?”

Bai Zhi showed an incredible expression: “She is a yatou of the Jiangs! She disappeared yesterday.
I heard that she has been serving at the Jiangs—“

At this moment, Jiang Hua's face became extremely ugly, while Yao Chang Qing stared gloomily at the Jiang family.

After a short while, Zuo Zuo came out, saluting respectfully, and then said, “Blood has solidified, and the body is stiff, so she must have died yesterday night.”

Yao Chang Qing nodded, and muttered in his mouth, “They came to kill me last night, but they were killed before they even killed me, which is strange.”

Li Wei Yang sighed and said, “Official Yao, this shows that you have the protection of God, I don't know who has eliminated these scourges for you.
However, these people's odd deaths in the house really make others think this is strange.”

Yao Chang Qing heard this and his eyebrows squinted tightly: “I obviously sent someone to guard the courtyard last night.
How did these people come in?”

Zuo Zuo added: “Subordinates looked at the walls, small windows, and air ducts, but I couldn’t find any traces.
It is very strange— I don't know if there is a secret pathway into the house of Official Jiang’s residence……”

However, it is no secret that the pedigree of the family and the centuries-old family have secret pathways into their homes.
It is like the secret pathway behind the rockery in the Li family’s residence.
Even though it leads directly to the residence, only a few people know about this and would never leak this out to others.
Speaking cautiously, Zuo Zuo was in fact very frightened.
This kind of thing could not have been said by him, but it was important, so he had to ask!

Jiang Xu's complexion changed, and then he said, “There is no secret pathway to the guest room, and there is no secret door.
There is no way to enter or exit this room without this door!”

When he said it with firm determination, Li Wei Yang curled her lips and raised her eyes to see Jiang Hua's solemn expression, and said lightly, “What's wrong with Third Shaoye? Have you been frightened?”

Jiang Hua suddenly raised his head and stared at her, revealing boundless complexity in his eyes.
He really wanted to know how exactly Li Wei Yang sent those people to Yao Chang Qing's room silently! With so many guards outside, how did she kill someone and send her in here?!! This is simply incredible! No, things must be considered from the beginning.
Since Li Wei Yang was able to escape the assassination, she must have arranged people to protect her, but how did these people come in?!! Does she know where the Jiang family’s underground tunnel is?!! How incredible!

However, Jiang Xu also thought about this.
If anyone came in through the Jiang's well-connected secret tunnel, who revealed it? He gritted his teeth: “Official Yao is frightened, I will arrange other rooms immediately!”

Yao Chang Qing said that this was more than frightening and that this matter must be reported to His Majesty.
Over a dozen people died in his room overnight, and there was a girl from the Jiang family…he almost suspected that to conceal the truth behind Jiang Lao Furen’s death, the Jiangs wanted to deliberately kill him, but was knowingly stopped by someone.
However, this kind of intention is very wicked!

In actuality, if the Jiang family really wanted to kill Yao Chang Qing, how could so many killers die inexplicably in his room? Yao Chang Qing turned a blind eye to such obvious doubts.
He just felt that if there was no shelter and acquiescence from the Jiangs, these people wouldn’t have been able to break through the many guards outside and enter his room.
Now the Jiangs were still pretending as if they didn’t know anything in front of him, how bold! But he can't leave now, otherwise he will look timid—

“Clean the room up immediately!” Jiang Xu snapped sharply, turning around and speaking to Yao Chang Qing again, “Official Yao, please.”

Yao Chang Qing's face revealed a particular ugly expression.
He said, “Thank you.” He decided to immediately order all the highly-skilled officials in Jing Zhao Yin’s government office to come over and guard, and never let the Jiang family have a chance! Twelve hours a day spent monitoring the Jiangs!

Everyone left in panic, except for Jiang Hua who walked in front of Li Wei Yang.
He stopped suddenly, and said slowly, “My Fifth Brother, is he in your hands?”

Li Wei Yang smiled slightly and said, “What do you think?”

At that moment, Jiang Hua had affirmed his guess, “He told you the secret passageway?”

Li Wei Yang had a peaceful face, but looked angrily into Jiang Hua's eyes.
“I and Fifth Shaoye are good friends.
He told me some secrets, and it's not surprising, is it?”

“He will never say such things! What did you do to him?!! “Jiang Hua handsome's face was momentarily hesitant.

Li Wei Yang smiled slightly and said, “Third Shaoye, you are really overestimating me.
I am a weak girl with no strength, what can I do to your Fifth Brother?”

Jiang Hua couldn’t believe his eyes.
He’s seen many women in the past yet he had never met one who can still stand in front of him expressionless.
Even though she didn’t kill them with her own hands, she was the one who instructed it! This woman is simply outrageous! At this time, he had already forgotten that he was the one who sent those people to their deaths and instead blamed all this on Li Wei Yang!

Seeing Jiang Hua's intention to kill, Bai Zhi was afraid for a while, but stood up in front of Li Wei Yang.
Jiang Hua raised his eyebrows, and his eyes were so cold that she took a step back involuntarily.
Li Wei Yang held Bai Zhi aside, and said softly, “It doesn’t matter, do you think Third Gongzi will touch me here? Official Yao still lives in Jiang's house!”

Jiang Hua's teeth can't help but make a slight noise.
In every mind games, one must always control the opposite’s party’s mind.
He thought he had seen through Li Wei Yang, but now he realized that what he saw was just the tip of the iceberg.
He felt chills within him.
After a while, he raised his spirit again and said, “Did you kill him?”

Li Wei Yang laughed: “You said I killed Fifth Gongzi?” Then, a hint of irony flowed in her eyes, “No, Jiang Tian saved my brother's life, so not only did I not kill him, but I would treat him kindly.
Now I am afraid that he is sleeping soundly so Third Shaoye does not have to worry.
When I leave Jiang's house safely, it’s when Fifth Gongzi will return home safely.”

“You think you can threaten me with his life—” Jiang Hua just looked at her coldly.
The girl in front of her was wearing a very plain blue mourning outfit, but she looked bright.
Who could have thought that her intentions were this formidable.

Li Wei Yang's smile grew calmer: “I never threatened you.
It's all because you first asked me if Fifth Gongzi was in my hands, and I told you that I invited him to be a guest.
Third Shaoye, please don’t misunderstand, I am very hospitable.
Fifth Gongzi is willing to stay for ten days, half a month, or even a year, it doesn’t matter.
Ah, yes, I haven’t had a meal this morning, so I’ll go first.
Farewell.” As she said, she smiled slightly and calmly left with Zhao Yue and Bai Zhi.


Translator: Erica

Editor: Erica

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