Chapter 121: Assassination Late At Night


“The top priority now is that we must use the death of our grandmother to build up momentum.
I have a hunch that regardless of the Seventh Prince or Consort Lian, Li Wei Yang is the head of the group! So we first remove Li Wei Yang.
And second, let His Majesty feel that the Jiangs’ power has been weakened; the idea is to let His Majesty make a decree to allow Second Uncle to retain his official position in order to see results.
And third is to save Fourth Brother.
So, let’s do this step by step.”

Jiang Hua spoke slowly, took another look at Li Chang Le, and then his eyes showed a fiery look.
If he hadn't known that his grandmother's life would soon end, he would have killed the idiotic Li Chang Le with a sword.
She possess such a beautiful appearance but was actually born stupid like a pig's head, he couldn’t help but to frown.
“Everyone knows that grandmother and Li Wei Yang are at odds with each other.
Last time with Fourth Brother, Li Wei Yang held onto Fourth Brother's little braids and was unwilling to spare him that she openly debated with Grandmother in the Imperial court.
Even the most good-natured person would have a lingering heart.
When Grandmother died, the person that had a motive to poison was Li Wei Yang! Let’s solidify her crimes!”

Li Chang Le was confused just a few moments ago.
But now they were finally talking about the detail she was most concerned about, and quickly said, “But no one found poison on her!” She ordered her maids but why didn't Li Wei Yang's body have any trace of the poison? Where did it go?”

Jiang Hua slowly took a look at Li Chang Le, his voice with a hint of coldness, “Shut up! From now on, you must do as I say!”

Li Chang Le's mouth moved but she didn't dare to retort.
She vaguely felt that if she dared to do bad things, this person would kill her mercilessly.

In the hall, Jiang Yang was left to greet other guests.
His appearance was not inferior to that of his other brothers but he was a little feminine and his eyes were very gloomy, especially when they scanned past Li Wei Yang inadvertently.
Although his face was still laughing, his eyes turned a little darker.

In the memory of Li Wei Yang, the second son is well-bred and he is a young man well-skilled in both military and scholar arts.
However, whenever he is inadvertent, he will reveal that he is staring at you like a venomous snake.
This is a complicated yet distinctively ambivalent personality that he won’t let others understand.
What is unpredictable about him is not his facial expression, but also his mind, who always has terrifying ideas that it is said that he is also the cruelest among the brothers.
He often collected people's skulls as admiration toys —- this kind of viciousness is rare in the world.

The Crown Prince seemed to be absent-minded when he was talking to Jiang Yang.
He had been sitting here for three full hours and he couldn't even sit still.
The people outside must have been experiencing a much more difficult time.
Because the main hall is filled with high-ranking nobles, there were drinks and refreshments but outside, there were none of these.
He glanced at the direction of the room from time to time with anxiety shown on his face.

Jiang Yang talked to him freely as if he didn't notice the absent-mindedness of the Crown Prince.

At this moment, Jiang Xu stepped out and apologized to the crowd: “I'm sorry it has been so long! We have already discussed this matter clearly, our mother's body cannot be touched! But according to Wei Yang and Official Yao’s theory, there seems to be insufficient evidence.
In this case, we can only ask Li Furen, Anping Xianzhu, and Chang Le, who were in the house at the time, to stay here at the Jiangs for the time being, and then ask Official Yao to send someone to investigate this case.”

Although the Jiangs disagreed with examining the corpse, they were acting very generous towards the suspect, which made everyone feel that the Jiangs possessed a very generous heart.
If they were another family, they might have forced Yao Chang Qing to send Li Wei Yang to the government court.
And once there it doesn’t matter whether you have committed a crime or not!

The Crown Prince stood up and said, “What about the guests outside?”

Jiang Xu sadly said: “It's all because of matters in my family that have caused everyone inconvenience.
I'm really sorry.
Since this matter has nothing to do with other people, Official Yao, please let them go.”

Yao Chang Qing nodded.
He also thought that the real murderer was in the parlor at the time and that the people outside were waiting for nothing.
He said: “So the Duke’s Furen …”

Jiang Xu said: “Although it is important to arrest the killer, the current weather is really hot so I am afraid that we cannot prolong keeping the body here.
We will investigate the killer and also handle the funeral.”

Li Wei Yang looked at the other person's face coldly and shook her head gently.
Once the Duke’s Furen was buried, it was even more difficult for her to free herself of the allegations.
They said that they needed to investigate clearly but she felt that it was not that simple! And why did the other party want to keep her at the Jiangs? This made her feel very uneasy.
This kind of hunch came from her premonition, a premonition that the danger was approaching!

Sure enough, Li Min De said, “Lao Furen, I'm afraid that this is not right.”

Li Lao Furen certainly feels something was off too but in this situation, she is afraid that there is no room for them to negotiate.
The other party has given in and has not asked Jing Zhao Yin to immediately arrest the person most suspected, Li Wei Yang and bring her to justice.
Even if they asked Li Wei Yang to stay at the Jiangs for the sake of the grandmother’s funeral, there was nothing unacceptable for the granddaughter to stay.
So even if Li Lao Furen wanted to prevent it, she couldn’t.

Li Wei Yang gave Li Chang Le a glance.
The opposite party abnormally said nothing and never mentioned that she was the murderer.
This situation was very strange.
The Jiangs were just anxious to have her convicted but in a blink of an eye, they changed their attitude and put on a tolerant look, showing that they are willing to investigate the matter slowly.
Are they trying to drag this out? If she can't produce evidence to prove her innocence, she still has to accept her punishment.
Is this the purpose of the Jiangs? Li Wei Yang was thinking quickly, she felt that she had faintly grasped, but passed by again.

Li Min De took a step forward but Li Wei Yang blinked at him.
Li Min De paused for a moment, then came to understand and nodded inconceivably.

Other than Yao Chang Qing who stayed at the Jiang family, the guests who had originally come to congratulate were disbanded.
The Crown Prince was the first to leave with the Crown Princess but they thoughtfully left behind Jiang Lan for their use.
For a woman, once she became a royal daughter-in-law, she would no longer have any relations with her maternal family.
Although a loved one can return to pay homage, they can only stay for a while so receiving the grace of the Crown Prince, it naturally shows that the Crown Prince loves Jiang Lan very much.
When Tuoba Zhen left, he saw Tuoba Yu standing next to Li Wei Yang and talking to her.
He couldn't help but groaned and walked out quickly.

When Tuoba Yu saw Tuoba Zhen's strange look, he didn't take it seriously but just reminded Li Wei Yang: “You can be rest assured, I will find a way to help you get rid of these suspicions.”

Now that the Jiang family can't wait to convict her, how can it be so easy? Li Wei Yang said lightly: “I will think of something for myself, you must be careful about Tuoba Zhen, I'm afraid he will take this opportunity to cause trouble.”

Tuoba Yu was stunned for a while, his handsome face was showing disbelief: “Are you afraid of what he is going to do?”

Li Wei Yang slowly said, “Better to be safe than sorry.
We must always watch out for him in advance.
Recently, we eliminated his own people.
He must be restless!”

Tuoba Yu nodded and said, “I will be careful, but you should also be careful.” In these words, it is difficult to hide his feelings, Li Wei Yang turned her head slightly and said: “Of course.”

When Li Xiao Ran left, he instructed Jiang Yue Lan to take good care of his two daughters.
After all, leaving his wife and two daughters here has many inconveniences.
Jiang Da Furen smiled and said, “Prime Minister Li does not need to worry, Yue Lan was originally from the Jiangs.
Chang Le and Wei Yang are also my granddaughters, so there is nothing wrong with them staying here.”

The smile on Li Xiao Ran’s face stiffened, even if it's inappropriate, what else can he say? If he wants to forcefully take Li Wei Yang away, he's afraid that someone will think he is trying to hide something and is trying to cover up for his daughter.
He gritted his teeth and smiled, “Then I am bothering you to take care of my daughters.”

Jiang Da Furen said lightly: “We are after all a family, this is rational.” Jiang Nan suffered because of Li Wei Yang.
Jiang Da Firen lost a son but the smile on her face was as gentle as ever, which made people feel goosebumps.

Li Lao Furen said a few words to Li Wei Yang, but ignored Li Chang Le who stood on the side.
Li Chang Le didn't care and just lowered her head as if she didn't hear anything.
Li Lao Furen and Li Xiao Ran left and the Jiangs began to arrange funerals.

According to Da Li’s laws, all of Jiang's family members were to wait in the mourning halls day and night in turn to mourn for the deceased.
No matter if it is day or night, cries must be heard to show the pain from the heart.
From the beginning of the funeral, you can’t discuss anything unrelated to the funeral.
No one is allowed to laugh and make noise.
The chicken, duck, fish, and raw seafood that were originally used for the birthday party have all been removed.
The simple porridge is completely plain porridge that you can see your own shadow on it and you can't even smell the slightest smell.
Although Yao Chang Qing and his officials also stayed at the Jiangs, they and the Jiang family had no relations or family ties so only his and his subordinates’ diet was as usual.
Although there were no grand meals, it was still a proper four-course meal with soup.
Others, like Li Chang Le and Li Wei Yang, must start drinking porridge twice a day like the rest of the Jiang family.

Sitting in the room, you can still hear the cryings in the Jiangs’ mourning hall.
Li Wei Yang stroked her forehead with her hands.
She couldn't stand the heartbreaking cry.
In that hall, except for the Jiangs, how many were really sad? Maybe even Li Chang Le may not be really sad.

The yatou Shen Xiang, who was sent to serve Li Wei Yang, looked at Li Wei Yang calmly, only to find that she was as quiet as water, which was completely different from the legendary Anping Xianzhu who rebuked her Official Mother and Uncle in the Imperial Hall; she was just like the ordinary misses of a noble family.
And, compared to Li Da Xiaojie who has been picky in the other room, she is more easy-going.
Thinking about tonight when she will turn into a wisp of incense soul, she weakened her expression and lowered her head.
With the Third Shaoye and the Jiangs on one side and a stranger on the other side, she was quick to make a decision.

Bai Zhi is also observing this girl named Chen Xiang.
She is very warm and doesn't talk much, but she understands the rules.
First, she told Li Wei Yang that the hot water was ready to wash and asked if supper was needed or anything else.
Then said: “Xian Zhu, if you need anything, please ask Bai Zhi Jiejie to call and there will be someone outside to help you ……

Li Wei Yang looked at her respectful attitude and only nodded slightly.

Chen Xiang saluted and said softly: “Xianzhu, rest early, Nubi will retreat now.”

“Go on!” Li Wei Yang smiled casually, her face was calm, but strangely emitted a dazzling brilliance.
Chen Xiang lowered her head and retreated respectfully.

This time Li Wei Yang came to the Jiangs’ residence with only Zhao Yue and Bai Zhi.
At this time, once they see that Chen Xiang retreated, Zhao Yue snorted coldly: “Xiaojie, this girl is not weak at her martial arts.”

“Oh? How is it compared to you?” Li Wei Yang raised her tea cup and asked indifferently.

Zhao Yue thought it over and said, “I'm afraid it's comparable.”

It's not surprising that the Jiangs has such a martial master but they actually sent her here because they were afraid that Li Wei Yang might escape.
Li Wei Yang groaned for a moment, but suddenly realized something that she couldn't help sneering.
“Zhao Yue, let's rest early tonight.”

Zhao Yue showed a confused look, but Li Wei Yang beckoned her without changing her expression and said, “Come here.”

Zhao Yue affixed her ears, Li Wei Yang whispered a few words into her ears in a very light voice.
Bai Zhi on the side said out loud, “Xiaojie, the tea is cold, Nubi will change it for you.” Her voice was so loud that the people outside, no matter how good their ears are, there was no way to hear exactly what they were talking about.

“Third Shaoye!” In the other room, Chen Xiang knelt respectfully before Jiang Hua.

Jiang Hua said lightly: “Is everything ready?”

Chen Xiang said: “There is only one martial master beside the Xianzhu.
Nubi is sure that I can subdue her by then.”

Jiang Hai who stood beside him said: “Third Brother, what are you doing?”

Jiang Hua glanced at his Elder Brother and slowly said, “Kill.”

“At home?” Jiang Hai hesitated for a long while before he said, “If she died in the Jiang family, I'm afraid it will bring countless troubles! Don't you say that she is allied with the Seventh Prince, and Li Xiao Ran, do you think they will let this go easily? “

“No, Li Wei Yang committed suicide by fear of her sins.”

“Fear her sins and commit suicide?” Jiang Hai said incredulously, “Is this — proper?”

“How is it improper? A little girl poisoned her maternal grandmother and remained calm in front of people but she got scared at night, she would naturally hang herself.
And of course, we would have a letter of her handwriting left behind confessing her crimes.
This way, we can convince others.
Also, if her maidservant can testify, it would be even better.” When Jiang Hua was speaking, the red mole was very enchanting.

Jiang Hai's face was a bit pale.
He has been suffering too much lately.
His eyes have turned red and he hasn't slept soundly for many consecutive nights.
At this moment, he is still very worried.
thinking this plan was too risky since Yao Chang Qing was also here.

“What is Li Wei Yang doing?” Jiang Hua asked suddenly.

“After drinking her tea, Xianzhu said she was tired and that she was going to rest after dinner.” Chen Xiang replied.

“She rested that early?” Jiang Hua smiled, and then seemed to think of something.

He turned around and walked to the window.
The evening lights slipped through the window and fell on his face.
His figure was tall and straight, his indifferent expression converged the youth and handsomeness, and his face showed a playful smile …….

“No matter what, Li Wei Yang must perish …
Moreover, Jiang Yue Lan may not be fully acknowledging alliance to us so we must guard against her too.
We must keep her firmly in the palm of our hand to avoid future troubles!”

Jiang Yue Lan had always been helping the Jiang family prepare for their plans! But it was obvious that Jiang Hua was still skeptical of Jiang Yue Lan! Grandfather said that the Third Brother is the most cautious and thoughtful, that’s really true! Jiang Hai couldn't help but think.

Jiang Hua said, “But …
the two yatous can’t stay either to prevent them from saying something wrong.
The one who knows martial arts should be killed, and we’ll find a way to distract the other so she can be kept for future testimony.”

In the evening, Jiang Yue Lan came to Li Wei Yang and told her that her earrings were missing.
She couldn't find them everywhere and because she was a guest in someone else's house, it was inconvenient to bother the Jiangs.
So she asked Bai Zhi to help her find them.
Li Wei Yang reluctantly agreed.

As Jiang Yue Lan took Bai Zhi away, Zhao Yue whispered: “Xiaojie …”

Li Wei Yang shook her head gently, whispering in a low voice that only Zhao Yue could hear: “Did he responded yet?”

Zhao Yue wore a smile and said, “Third Shaoye just sent back news, yes.”

Li Wei Yang nodded and said, “Everything goes according to plan.”

Zhao Yue nodded solemnly.

In the evening, Bai Zhi came back by herself.
Li Wei Yang looked at her oddly.
To be taken away by Jiang Yue Lan meant that there was a possibility that they wanted to use Bai Zhi as their witness.
Since she was valuable, they would leave Bai Zhi alive.
But Bai Zhi is back.

“Xiaojie gets thirsty in the middle of the night and I’m worried that Zhao Yue's clumsiness will cause her to carelessly serve Xianzhu, so Nubi must stay with Xiaojie.” Bai Zhi said softly.
Although she didn't know why Jiang Yue Lan wanted her to stay, she intuitively wanted to stay with Li Wei Yang.

Zhao Yue smiled and said: “You are belittling me!”

Li Wei Yang smiled and said, “In this case, let's wait for it together.” Bai Zhi showed a very confused expression, but Li Wei Yang smiled slightly and did not explain to her anything.

In the middle of the night, more than a dozen figures like ghosts, slowly approached the East Chamber where Li Wei Yang stayed ……

After bathing, Li Wei Yang opened the window and clearly watched the movement at the gate.
There was no peace in her eyes.
Only vigilance and shrewdness remained, like a hunter dormant in the dark waiting for her prey!

Everything was calm, there was only the sound of wind blowing outside and occasionally, there were one or two birdsongs.

Such boundless silence couldn’t make one feel happy at all and instead only left behind waiting in the darkness.

Jiang Hua will definitely act tonight, but she is gambling in her heart …
Jiang Hua is a very smart person.
He knows when to act on something.
As long as she dies at Jiang's house, he will arrange it as if Li Wei Yang committed suicide because of her guilt.
According to Li Xiao Ran's selfish personality, he would never investigate on this matter.
As for her two Nubis who serve her, they were nothing in the eyes of the Jiangs.
Everyone will think that the Li’s Third Xiaojie committed suicide because she poisoned her maternal grandmother —

Li Wei Yang shook her head.
Just as the other party understood her plan, she also knew the other party's plans very well.
To see who goes farther, then they will have to see who has the better luck! Moreover, this game can be regarded as a match between chess opponents and both sides are gambling.
It is very interesting!

Zhao Yue slept on the eaves, and Bai Zhi was sitting not far away, quietly doing needlework.
But it was obvious that she was in an uneasy mood and had been pierced by the needle several times.
Li Wei Yang shook her head and walked over.
She turned the wick brighter, and under the dim candlelight, her face floated with flashing lights and shadows without sorrow or joy, just like a sculpture.

An hour passed slowly and Li Wei Yang took off her coat and rested her head on the pillow, as if she was sleeping soundly.
There seemed to be a strange movement outside the house.
Li Wei Yang changed a pose and continued to feign her sleeping.

Zhao Yue heard a slight movement.
It was the sound of the blade striking the paper window.
The footsteps are light and well-trained.

There was a mocking smile on the corner of Li Wei Yang's mouth.
To deal with us three women, he also had to use a dozen top masters.
Jiang Hua was really cautious.
Just now, she once thought that she had guessed wrong.
Jiang Hua would not do it tonight, but it was obvious that the other party was here now!

“It turns out he had been guarding against him until this point!” She chuckled.

If Li Wei Yang is dead, although Li Xiao Ran will not investigate but Tuoba Yu would find the Jiangs to settle their accounts.
Jiang Hua was aware of this yet he did not hesitate to prepare to kill her himself.
He is definitely taking the less walked path and it was not an action any ordinary person would dare to take! It seemed like the current situation had really arrived!


Translator: Marienawaty

Editor: Erica

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