Lao Furen stood up as everyone also did the same to walk out with her.
But suddenly a yatou shouted and everyone looked back and noticed how a corner of Li Wei Yang’s dress was drenched.
On the ground was a teacup which was obviously knocked over when the tea tray was being removed.
The yatou alarmingly kneeled: “Xian zhu, please forgive me!”


Li Wei Yang looked at Li Lao Furen and saw how she frowned.
Han Shi rushed over: “This yatou, how could you mess up such a small task! Xian Zhu, we are very sorry!” She spoke with a face filled with apologetic remorse.


Jiang Yue Lan also rushed over: “How did this happen? Your dress is drenched! Wei Yang, why don’t you change in our guest room?” After she finished speaking, she looked over towards Bai Zhi and said, “Did you bring a backup attire for your Xiaojie?”


The Xiaojie of prestigious families must prepare backup attires for unexpected needs —— Bai Zhi replied: “It’s in the carriage, Nubi will go retrieve it.” She glimpsed at Zhao Yue and the latter faintly nodded back before she left with ease. 


Jiang Yue Lan caringly said: “Wei Yang, I’ll accompany you to the guest room.”


She was showing her motherly affections and if she declined, it will show that she’s unreasonable.
Li Wei Yang smiled faintly and as if she didn’t detect anything out of line, she nodded and turned to speak to Han Shi: “Eldest sister-in-law, I have to borrow your guest room for a bit.”


Han Shi smiled: “Han Xiang, bring Xian Zhu to change her clothes!” A beautiful plain-clothed yatou immediately walked up and spoke: “Please come with me.”


The guest room was very quiet.
Zhao Yue had been guarding from the outside and hadn’t noticed anything alarming until Jiang Yue Lan walked out with Li Wei Yang.
The yatou named Han Xiang lowered her head and said: “The Duke furen invites you both to come.”


Now? Li Wei Yang glanced at Jiang Yue Lan and saw that she was very astonished: “Aren’t we going to receive the Crowned Prince and Crowned Princess?”


Han Xiang apologetically smiled: “The Duke furen only gave these orders, Nubi don’t know about anything else.”


Li Wei Yang calmly said: “If that’s the case, Mother please go ahead.” She turned to leave, revealing that she had no intentions to go along.


Han Xiang was struck with awe as she blocked her path and bowed forward: “Xian Zhu, the Duke furen said, if enmity is not settled amicably, there is no end to it.
She has the intention to resolve the enmity.
Xian Zhu, please reconsider.”


What do those words mean? Li Wei Yang turned to look at Jiang Yue Lan who seemed like she was deep in thoughts.
Li Wei Yang didn’t reply but Jiang Yue Lan walked forward: “Wei Yang, it seems like the Duke furen intends to resolve the enmity between you two.
Why don’t you go and see what happens?”


Li Wei Yang looked at Jiang Yue Lan with a forced smile: “Mother is telling me to go?”


Jiang Yue Lan awkwardly expressed: “Wei Yang, you must understand my position.
Ever since I’ve become your mother, I’ve never harmed you, so why do you have to guard against me like others? If you are worried, then you should bring your yatou along.
Everyone in the room are female members of the family, who can harm you? You have too many suspicions.” Her expression was filled with unbeatable sadness.


Li Wei Yang blinked at Bai Zhi and Bai Zhi smiled as she lowered her head.
Li Wei Yang slowly said: “Since it’s Mother’s orders, I will go.
Mother, you first.”


Jiang Yue Lan unnoticeably let out a sigh: “Let’s go.”


Upon entering the room, she spotted the Duke Furen sitting on her bed as she laid against a soft pillow.
Li Chang Le and other yatous were busy helping her change.
Below her window was a five bat longevity pear blossom table and on it sat a burner releasing the scent of sandalwood, a calming aroma.
The Duke Furen has changed into her festive attire and turned her head once she heard footsteps.


Li Wei Yang greeted the Duke Furen and the latter warmly spoke: “I have a few words I want to say to you.”


Li Wei Yang lifted her eyes and saw Li Chang Le whose hands were trembling as she fixed the tail of the dress.
The Duke Furen quietly took her hands as if she was extending Li Chang Le her energy, helping her calm down.
The Duke Furen sighed: “Li Wei Yang, I know you are the one behind everything, which includes the death of my daughter, the loss of 200,000 army soldiers, the punishments of Nan-er.
Everything was plotted by you.”


Li Wei Yang watched her and slowly replied: “Please forgive me but I don’t understand what you are talking about.”


The wrinkles on the Duke Furen’s forehead seemed to have been smoothened, she calmly said: “You’ve done it so why be pretentious?”


Though her voice was light, her words were deep.
A gust of wind from the window blew in as the leaves on the ground flew around creating a sha-sha sound.
Unknowingly, the room was enshrouded with cold intentions.


Jiang Yue Lan witnessed this scene and quietly retreated to the side.


Li Chang Le bit her lips: “Li Wei Yang, besides you, me, Mother, grandmother is here.
If you want to say something, there’s no need to hide it.
Let’s be frank and put our cards on the table!”


Li Wei Yang smilingly said: “Are we having a trial today? Grandmother invited me here to ask for the truth or to punish me?”


“Punish you?” The Duke Furen lightly sneered and dejectedly said, “I’m old, Chang Le is incompetent, my sons can only kill on the battlefield so in regards to the battles within the inner harem, no one can rival you, what is there to punish you for?”


Li Wei Yang responded, “You are right, you are the undisputed elder, I don’t dare to argue.”


She uttered a few “pity” as if she was very sad and dreary.
Li Wei Yang attentively watched her showing a rather odd expression.


This pair of old and young were scrutinizing each other with expressions showing dancing fire.
The Duke Furen stopped talking for a while until Li Wei Yang thought she wasn’t going to speak again that she suddenly said: “I’ve called you over today not because I want to be your rival but I was thinking we should resolve our enmity towards each other.”


Li Wei Yang calmly smiled: “Wei Yang doesn't understand your meaning.”


Li Wei Yang lifted her face and declined to comment.
Momentarily, she responded in a low voice: “Grandmother really thinks this way?”


The Duke Furen slowly let out a sigh and said: “Frankly speaking, I still feel hatred towards you but —— we must consider the overall situation.
I want to resolve our enmity and from today onwards, we will mind our own business.”


Hearing those words, Li Wei Yang felt very strange.
She observed the Duke Furen’s expression as if she was pondering and also waiting for something. 


The Duke Furen smiled, “You are only a 15-years old young girl.
You have to wed in the future.
What is the point in fighting with your sisters?” She stopped temporarily, “Once someone dies, their misdeeds dissemble.
Rao-er has already left this world and I won’t be here for long.
To live until such an age, haven’t I seen through all this? I don’t want to seek revenge on you as long as you promise that you won’t harm Chang Le and the Jiangs, I will also promise you that you can peacefully be your Xian Zhu until you die.
But if you don’t promise me, through all the Jiangs’ resources, we will make your life difficult!”


Li Wei Yang smiled: “Grandmother, from the start, I was never the instigator.”


The Duke Furen coldly laughed, revealing that she didn’t think of this, she said: “You only have to say, you promise or don’t promise!”


She was the same old unyielding person! Li Wei Yang spoke: “There’s no reason for me to not promise.” But would Li Chang Le be able to do it? She held unbound hatred towards her and had already left a blood feud, how could this be resolved this easily?


The Duke Furen finally laughed and warmly remarked: “You are after all 15-years old.
If you are too stubborn, it’s not a good thing, now this is all good.” As she spoke, she stood up, “From today onwards, I hope you all can live together in peace, then I came rest in peace.” After, she looked at the red-painted fruit platter on the table and said, “Now, bring my platter of jujube over.” She instructed her warmly as if she was her own granddaughter.
If it were others, they would rush over to help her to show their loyalty.
But Li Wei Yang simply raised her brows and didn’t move.


Live happily together? This is indeed a very beautiful scene.
Li Wei Yang looked at Li Chang Le and said: “I hope so.”


The Duke Furen had finished changing and was slowly led over by the yatou as if she found it difficult to walk alone.
She took a jujube from the platter in Li Wei Yang’s hands.
She only took a bite and sighed: “At this age, I can’t taste anything!” As she spoke, she didn’t look at Li Wei Yang again and walked out.


The Duke Furen didn’t say anything but only suddenly raised her head to look at him with expression of desolateness.
Ultimately, her body started trembling and she spat out blood.


All of the blood landed on Crowned Prince’s face.


Li Chang Le who was on her side shouted: “Grandmother! Grandmother, are you okay?”


The Duke Furen fell backwards and sank into unconsciousness.
As for the Crowned Prince, he was frightened to the point where he didn’t know where he was with his face covered in fresh blood.


Everyone’s eyes gaped wide open and within moments, everything solidified.


Translator: Erica

Editor: Erica

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