Chapter 116: A Trap! A Trap!


Jiang Nan was surprised that he drastically turned his head back.
He saw a heavy object landed on his head causing him to stagger.
He was being hit multiple times behind his head and in seconds, blood flowed down covering his eyes.
Soon, countless men in black rushed forward as they held him down by his neck.
He fought hard against them but because of the pain from the attack, he felt dizzy and light-headed!

Li Min De coldly said: “Tie him up tightly! Throw him into that corner!”

Jiang Nan couldn’t believe it but he was already tied up that he couldn’t budge at all and was thrown into a corner.
Li Min De walked towards him and from above spoke: “I’ve told you before, reality is very brutal.
You really shouldn’t have target her, this daydream is a bit too early!”

Jiang Nan is a skilled martial fighter but he was caught off guard just now and additionally, they had more people so they were able to subdue him.
Rationally, he should be able to free himself but as he struggled more, the rope used to tie his hands and feet seemed to have cut into his flesh.
He couldn’t free himself and as he became agitated, more blood flowed down his head and reddened his face even more.

He angrily bellowed: “Li Wei Yang! You crazy yatou, what are you doing?!”

Li Wei Yang looked at his disordered situation, her thin lips were tightly closed, revealing a silky icy smile, “You’re actually not crazy, but if you want to abduct someone, then you should have found the right target —— you can abduct any ordinary Xiaojie.
If others find out, they would just call you a romantic flirt —— but you took the initiative to provoke me, then that’s not good!”

Jiang Nan was stunned.
He suddenly realized something from this sentence.
He suddenly gasped without closing his mouth, he finally reacted: “Li Wei Yang, you stinking thing, you set a trap ——“

“What did I?!” Li Wei Yang's smile became oddly warm, “I was just beating you at your own game.
If you obediently stayed home and reflect on your misdeeds, then everything would have been fine.
Now you’ve sent yourself to my door.
Ah, yes, in your own words, this is called walking right into the trap.”

Jiang Nan didn’t believe her.
“What did you say?”

Li Wei Yang slowly said: “Fourth Gongzi, rather offend a gentleman than offend a woman.
This phrase, you should remember it, keep in mind, otherwise, even the Heavenly Emperor can’t help you!”

The overt attacks on the battlefield actually couldn’t be used here.
But this is ordinary because speaking of ruthless tactics, Li Wei Yang had seen more.
Jiang Nan’s stratagems can only be used on the battlefield and wouldn’t be useful in the inner household.
Yet he doesn’t understand and dare play tricks in front of her.
If he was smart, he would have been aware that she wouldn’t come defenseless.
He can only blame his own self-conceit and viewed Li Wei Yang to be very inferior and stupid! Clever people usually have this problem; they often like to underestimate their competitors!

Jiang Nan couldn't believe that he had been set up by the other party.
He viciously stared at Li Wei Yang and threatened: “If you don't let me go ——“

Li Wei Yang smiled slightly and said: “Fourth Gongzi, why don't you understand your situation? If you ask me, I will consider it for you.”

Jiang Nan glared at her and then looked towards the cold-intentioned Li Min De.
He suddenly laughed aloud: “I don’t believe you both would dare to do anything to me!”

Li Min De cocked his lips up; as he stood, his handsome and suave face discouraged others to look at him directly.
He calmly spoke: “We, of course, don’t dare to do anything to you.
But since we took the effort to invite you over, we can’t invite you over for nothing, isn’t that right?” His expression carried a trace of coolness.

Jiang Nan vigilantly stared at him and felt that this person standing in front of him possessed a deep sense of animosity.
He looked Li Wei Yang up and down and then looked at Li Min De.
He suddenly showed a cold smirk: “No wonder you’re not interested in me, it’s actually because you’re already in an illicit relation with this young man! You both are cousins, this is really filthy!”

Li Min De stepped forward, unexpectedly grabbed onto his collar, and gave him a punch, landing on Jiang Nan’s nose.

“What are you doing!” Jiang Nan could only feel an aching pain as if his nose was broken.
Yet he couldn’t fight back and could only look at the person with rage.
He had never been beaten up by anyone! How could Li Min De dare to!

Without much hesitation, Li Min De continue to put out a punch: “I’m warning you, if you dare say anything that disrespects her, I’ll give you two more punches until your teeth fall out! Also, remember this, it’s nobody’s fault but your own! Serve you right that you have to endure this!” As he spoke, he gave him three more punches.
His last punch made Jiang Nan almost unconscious and couldn’t breathe.

“You — you lunatic! Stop it!” Jiang Nan had always been distinguished and noble but this time he was being attacked.
Li Min De coldly voiced: “Why do you deserve to be superior to others, what do you think you are? If you didn’t have the Jiangs’ reputation, where can you win the title of a long-standing victorious general?! It’s only because your ancestors planted trees for the benefit of posterity, do you actually think you’re really that superior!”

Of course, if he didn’t have the Jiangs’ prestige, Jiang Nan wouldn’t even have the opportunity to exercise control over the military! These words actually affected Jiang Nan; he seemed like he was being lit on fire because no one dared to reveal his shortcomings directly to his face! Within seconds, he exploded: “Shut up! You dare start a rumor — you dare discredit me! I’ve relied on my own capability for my military achievements, what do you, a fair-faced man, rely on?! You rely on your looks?!”

It’s not pleasant to be called a fair-faced man especially when Li Min De hates it when others pay attention to his appearance.
His smile turned colder: “Who has the patience to discredit you?! You’re narrow-minded and seeks revenge on the smallest things — isn’t it because she is not interested in you! You harbor other intentions! Which is why you must force her into a dead end without any reservations!”

“Rubbish!” Jiang Nan cared less about the aches throughout his body and raucously spoke: “I am the dignified and imposing descendant of the great military family — what other intentions would I have? Li Wei Yang is worth nothing! She is not even worthy to carry my shoes!”

Li Min De was greatly infuriated yet Li Wei Yang obstructed his path: “Why be affected by this type of person? He was born with a golden spoon so everyone treat him differently just because his surname has Jiang in it — even if he had military achievements, so what? If it wasn’t for the Jiangs, do you think he would be bestowed the third-rank title of military warrior just from a few battles? Jiang Nan, you’ve only used three years and completed the unfinished lifetime journey of a forty-years old, do you really think you only relied on your capabilities? Or you deceiving us or yourself?!”

Jiang Nan’s fury stopped abruptly and only his shoulders were slightly trembling.
He couldn’t deny Li Wei Yang’s words because what she said was the truth.
Even with his military accomplishments, without his family backing, he must start climbing from the bottom.
Even if he climbed up to forty-years old, he still might not be able to show his face to the Emperor.
He couldn’t come up with words to refute her words so he felt even more enraged and couldn’t back: “Li Wei Yang, you lowly —”

“Forget it.” Li Wei Yang chillingly spoke, “With your appearance now, who is actually the lowly one here?! Does it matter who my birth mother is? Jiang Nan, the future is earned by one’s own fights.
If successful, then you are a well-respected General of Wei Wu; if unsuccessful, then you are an unknown wastrel! What does this have to do with your background! You’re right, I am born by a foot-washing maid, so what? Now I am the one standing and you’re the one kneeling! I’m speaking and you’re listening! Since you’ve lost then you should play no tricks and kneel.
Don’t call others lowly or else you’re only humiliating yourself!”

Jiang Nan looked up; even though his eyes were filled with blood, he still desperately looked at the person he despised earlier.
But he saw Li Wei Yang’s pair of eyes emitting splendor, making her seemed shockingly admirable.
He had truly never encounter such a woman like her, domineering, cunning, treacherous, and sinister — what kind of person is she?!

Li Wei Yang didn’t look at him anymore and turned to speak to Li Min De: “Did you bring the person here?”

Li Min De raised his brows and ordered: “Bring her in.”

Jiang Nan coldly watched as they escorted a person in a coral cloak in.
As she stepped over the threshold, her hood accidentally slipped off and revealed the features of an almond-shaped young girl.
There were blush on her cheeks and a cross-like scar across her forehead that greatly damaged her face.
Moreover, her eyes showed a murderous expression as if she wanted to eat someone.
He couldn’t help but shiver: “Li Wei Yang, what do you want!”

Li Wei Yang smiled: “Fourth Gongzi, don’t you want me to be your concubine? Then I should also send you a gift of equivalence.” As she spoke, she waved her hand.
The man in black quickly escorted the girl next to Jiang Nan.
Jiang Nan began to feel extremely anxious: “What is the meaning behind this!”

Li Wei Yang didn’t answer him and instead said: “Alright, you all can leave.
It seems like it’s about time.”

Everyone listened and left.

Mo Zhu, who entered with Li Min De, handed Li Wei Yang a bundle wrapped in cloth.
Afterwards, she took off the coral red cloak from Li Chang Xi and then wrapped the cloak of peacocks around Li Chang Xi as Li Chang Xi stare with terror.
As for Li Wei Yang, she smiled and then went into the inner chamber and put on the coral red cloak before she returned to her seat.
She leisurely sipped her tea but Jiang Nan didn’t care too much about her because this insane young girl was staring at him with her beautiful pair of eyes, as if she didn’t know where to bite him first.
He couldn’t help but tremble because he had seen countless expressions but never this one, which seemed like it wanted to break him apart.
Something flashed across his mind and he shouted: “Li Wei Yang, you lowly thing, you want to —”

At this moment, the door outside was knocked open with a group of people rushing in. 

The leader was wearing the wardrobe of an official and his expression was austere.
He looked to be about twenty-seven or twenty-eight-years old.
Jiang Nan quickly identified him to be the newly-installed capital administrator, Yao Chang Qing.

This Official Yao is young but he is well-known for his unyielding nature, hot temper, and adherence to principles; even his life is known to be hard.
In the court, he does everything based on the law that he doesn’t even buy what the Emperor says.
Five years ago, he was already installed as the new capital administrator and the Third Princess’ Prince Consort was drunkenly causing a ruckus on the streets.
He was arrested by Official Yao and even with the princess’ pleadings, he still took off the prince consort’s pants and gave him a beating.
The princess cried in front of the Emperor and consequentially, summoned Official Yao to scold him.
However, he didn’t buy what the Emperor was saying and in the end had the prince beaten again, which caused him to bed-ridden for half a year.
The Emperor was infuriated that he didn’t do him a favor and sent him far away to a small town.
However, who would have known that he was able to climb up again and after the assassination attempt, the Emperor thought that he is still the perfect candidate for the capital administrator position.
Even the royalties have to pay him respect — this was the first odd event that ever happened since the start of Da Li.

Of course, in comparison to his reputation for being fated to mourn his wife’s death, this was nothing.
At the age of thirty four-years old, he had already lost three wives.
His first wife was his childhood lover and had excellent health.
But after marrying for three years, she died.
His second wife lived even shorter — only a year.
The third one …… only three months.
The fortune-teller told him that he has a hard fate so he must mourn the deaths of three wives to overcome his fate.
But who dares to be his fourth wife, so no one dares to marry their daughters to him even if he is a good-natured person.

Once Jiang Nan saw him, he quickly felt discomfort.

Li Wei Yang coldly said: “Official Yao, I’m afraid you won’t dare to handle this case!”

Official Yao frowned since he had already recognized the person tied up.
He did feel shocked but after that vanished, he reproached: “What do I not dare to handle! There is no case in this world I dare not to handle!”

Li Wei Yang spoke: “Then alright, today, this Fourth Gongzi of the Jiangs forcefully abducted my sister.
If I didn’t discover immediately, then my sister’s innocence would have been ruined in his hands!”

Yao Chang Qing coldly glanced at Jiang Fourth who was beaten heavily: “Fourth Gongzi, is this true!”

Jiang Fourth almost snapped his own teeth: “Li Wei Yang, you did this intentionally! Yao Chang Qing, don’t be deceived by her!”

“I’m deceiving others?” Li Wei Yang let out a humph, “Are you claiming your innocence? My sister was in Physician Lu’s pharmacy, didn’t you trick her here, perhaps she came to the wilderness by herself? Official Yao, look, my sister was doing well, but now she can’t even speak clearly?! Which Miss of which family can calm herself down with such an encounter?”

Yao Chang Qing waved his hand and someone from his side immediately went over to check on Li Chang Xi yet was bitten by her, causing the person to bleed.
This person was startled, he quickly reported: “Official, this Xiaojie must have been provoked by something!” She didn’t leave any empathy in that bite and in addition to her disordered hair and disheveled clothing, it seemed like she was bullied.

Yao Chang Qing felt uneasy because he hated wastrels bullying innocent young girls the most.
He coldly ordered: “Search a hundred miles within the vicinity to see what other evidence there are!”

“Yes!” The guards immediately went and didn’t dare to look Li Wei Yang in the eyes.
This kind of Xiaojie from a renowned family rarely show themselves.
Now they get to see two, which was very unexpected.

Yao Chang Qing turned back: “This Xiaojie, you are —”

Li Wei Yang slowly replied: “I am An Ping Xianzhu and this is my Fifth Sister.”

Yao Chang Qing was taken aback and meticulously looked at the abnormal Li Chang Xi as he suddenly thought of the complications in this matter.
One side is the prime minister and the other side is the Jiangs, what is going on? Not for long, the guards bought in a trembling commoner.
Once he saw Yao Chang Qing, he immediately kneeled and replied: “Yes …… it’s Fourth Gongzi who told nucai to trick the person in the carriage over here ……”

Jiang Nan finally realized he fell into a trap, even his own people were bribed! Thinking more into this, he thought this was impossible! This carriageman is on his side; he couldn’t help but remember how Li Wei Yang was wearing a cloak and no one could clearly see her face.
Moreover, Li Chang Xi’s stature was similar to Li Chang Le so no one can differentiate them from the back.
Therefore, others would think the person bought here was Li Chang Xi! This carriageman didn’t see Li Wei Yang’s appearance from the start.
To be more cautious, he didn’t even tell him who the person was in the carriage.
As a result, it was easy for others to misperceive! 

Li Wei Yang watched the carriageman who was kneeling on the ground like a pile of dirt, she said: “Official Yao, you’ve heard, right? This carriageman and I are the witnesses! If you don’t think it’s enough, there are also other guards from the Li family, they came along with me and saw how Third Brother and I walked in.
If we didn’t arrive on time, I’m afraid my sister’s chastity would have been gone!”

The entire plan was very simple.
Li Wei Yang wore a cloak so others didn’t know what she looks like.
As for Li Min De, he followed behind and came along with Li Chang Xi.
Afterwards, Li Chang Le and Li Chang Xi switched their cloaks; that way, once the Jiangs’ servants arrived, it would be two people who entered the room.
And in the eyes of the Lis’ guards, Third Xiaojie and Third Shaoye entered the room together.
It seemed very simple but the timing must be right especially if they want to let others to misperceive. 

Originally, she could have been replaced by Li Chang Xi from the start.
But this can easily be found out along the way.

Jiang Nan bellowed: “Yao Chang Qing, think about this carefully, why do I have to abduct a mental yatou!”

Li Wei Yang indifferently replied: “Who said my Fifth Sister is a lunatic, she was frightened by you.
Once she becomes sober, she will be able to testify!”

Yao Chang Qing didn’t hesitate any longer and decisively voiced: “Why are you still standing here?! This kind of scum is Da Li’s most shameless of all! Tie him up and we’ll deliver his conviction!” The guards unanimously echoed and tied up both Jiang Nan and the carriageman.
Jiang Nan fought back but none of them was gentle on him, no one looked at his bloodied face.
There was nothing wrong with beating up such a scum who had abducted a young maid.

Li Wei Yang walked out of the room and then curtsied at Yao Chang Qing: “Official Yao, I have a favor to ask.”

Yao Chang Qing froze and stopped walking.

Li Wei Yang quietly asked: “This matter involves my Fifth Sister’s chastity, I wonder if Official Yao can secretly handle this?”

Yao Chang Qing nodded and said: “Xiaojie, don’t worry.
None of my men will let this out.
But since this involves many, I must report it to the Emperor and have it handled by His Majesty.” Jiang Nan was different from wastrel Third Prince Consort.
If this wasn’t handled correctly, it would lead to anarchy.
Yao Chang Qing wasn’t afraid of the Jiangs but for the civilians, he must handle be cautious.

Li Wei Yang had already predicted this from the start and ended: “We’ve bothered you, Official.”

Li Wei Yang returned back into the room.
Only the three of them were left in the massive room.
Li Min De looked at Li Chang Xi and shook his head: “Come, her illness hasn’t recovered yet.”

Li Wei Yang let out a laugh, took out her handkerchief and helped wipe the dirt off Li Chang Xi’s face.
When she reached the corners of her mouth and noticed the bloodied bite mark on her lower lips.
Li Wei Yang smiled and gently spoke: “Fifth Sister, I’ve already known your illness had begun to improve in the village.
At the very least, you understand what we want to do but you’re willing to play along with us.
That means you’re willing to gamble for you future prospects, isn’t that right? If you go according to what I planned, then I’ll help you secure a good marriage prospect.
Perhaps, if you continue to want to go against me, I more than welcome you to.” She cared for the very least about the Li’s family reputation so what Jiang Nan was saying how a woman would quietly suffer to save her chastity is a ridiculous move.
This complaint must be filed and it must be brought forth to His Majesty until he loses his life! But it seems like the victim must be replaced by another!

Li Chang Xi stared abominably at Li Wei Yang.
She gnawed her teeth but still wouldn’t say a word.

Li Wei Yang smiled: “You’ve been going against me from the start but now you should know, besides me, no one can help you leave that dilapidated place.
When we see His Majesty later, what should you say?”

Li Chang Xi lowered her head and didn’t speak a single word.
Li Min De frowned: “Actually, we can still replace the role of the victim.”

Li Chang Xi drastically raised her head and stared at them with her murderous eyes.
Li Wei Yang continued: “Fifth Sister, Fourth Yiniang had already told you about this and you’ve willingly came along, so why pretend to act like you were forced here? You must have seen the capital administrator just now and you should be satisfied.
We’re each taking what we need, I’m done with my words, you should weigh it in your mind.”

Li Chang Xi didn’t say anything but the hatred in her eyes slowly lessened and became more tranquil.

Li Wei Yang had harmed her in the past but as she calmly thought it over, this matter didn’t hold any disadvantages towards her! She finally nodded her head.

Outside the room, Yao Chang Qing couldn’t stop thinking about the case.
He only felt that he had never been affected before, he sighed: “Usually it’s fine but for today, if we don’t have a result, the Jiangs and the Lis would skin him alive.
I am not afraid of anything but these two families are not ones to be implicated with.
If they end up fighting, then it will alarm the civilians, and this will become the world’s laughingstock ……” In the end, the advisor suggested, “This is not easy to handle, why don’t Official go into the palace and ask for a verdict from His Majesty.”

Yao Chang Qing finally felt at ease, he immediately sent the booklet to the Emperor.
His Majesty was infuriated since he had ordered Jiang Nan to reflect upon his actions at home, how could he instigate another matter! He must be unafraid of death! He immediately summoned everyone involved to understand the situation.
Li Wei Yang was expected to be questioned but while she was waiting to be summoned in the guest room arranged by the capital administrator, the Empress summoned her first …… 


Translator: Erica

Editor: Erica

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