Chapter 116: A Trap! A Trap!



With Jiang Nanyin's cold look, Jiang Tian couldn't help but shiver.
He really didn't want to mingle into this matter, because Li Wei Yang's gimmicks always gave him a terrified feeling that whoever is involved would be embroiled into trouble.
However, his position is destined to stand with Jiang Nan.
One stroke can’t write out two Jiang characters; he can't help outsiders.

“How about this, you do as I say.” Jiang Nan beckoned him and whispered: “But, you can’t tell anyone about this.”

After listening to his words, Jiang Tian’s expression greatly changed: “This —— I’m afraid the two families will completely fall out?! Eldest Uncle originally wanted to bury the hatchet, if we pull this off ……”

Jiang Nan coldly smiled: “Don’t be foolish, who said my father did it to appease the fight.
He was only complying with paternal grandmother’s desire.
Grandmother is eager to see her die so I am doing this according to Grandmother’s intention.
If she finds out, she wouldn’t blame me!”

But a man like you who’s plotting against a young girl is actually disgraceful.
Jiang Tian’s heart couldn’t bear this; he is born differently from other men of the Jiangs.
They like guns and sticks, but he likes …… For this reason, he doesn’t know how many times his father has given a beating yet he still refused to touch the art of warfare learned by his cousins.
In his eyes, those who shouted didn’t understand the appeal of medical skills.
It is because of this that he is an oddity in the Jiangs.
Others don’t say it aloud but they think that he is a good-for-nothing scoundrel..
Even if he tries to seek Lu Gong as his master, the result will still be the same.
Now, he is forced to be involved in the battle between the Jiangs and Li Wei Yang.
He really thinks …… “Fourth Brother, Eldest Uncle said that the man's mind should be used in the court.
To fuss about a young girl is no victory at all.”

Jiang Nan listened as he watched a pair of bright eyes stared at him for a long time until he felt goosebumps.
He suddenly sneered and said: “She has humiliated us up to our doors and you are here chattering like women.
Speaking of being cruel and merciless, you are not even as good as Li Wei Yang.
If you don’t dare to do this, from now on, I will never say anything good about you in front of the Second Uncle!” After that, he turned to leave.
Jiang Tian quickly pulled him back and said: “Fine! I will help you!”

He felt discomfort in his heart because Li Wei Yang was a simple figure.
When he thought of her eyes as deep as the ancient wells, he felt a feeling of hair rising from his back.
In perceiving of danger, he has a natural intuition.

At the moment, Li Wei Yang is holding the rattle and playing with her young brother.
Min Zhi was laughing as he was holding his rattle in his cradle.
He held his head up and his black eyes were sparkling.
Not for long, he became tired of the rattle that he crawled out and reached out to Li Wei Yang.
Even a baby of one year could accurately judge people's attitude towards him: whether they really like him or pretends to like him, or they hate him, this It is an instinct of a child who can't talk.
Li Wei Yang poked her finger on his small, chubby cheeks and he immediately giggled and looked happy.

Tan Shi showed a gentle smile as Li Wei Yang tried to teach her brother some words.
Working on her embroidery, the needle in her hands never stopped.

Right at this moment, there were three knocks on the window outside.
Li Wei Yang made a sideways glance and then told Tan Shi: “Niang, I will come back soon.” After she finished speaking, she passed Min Zhi over to Mo Zhu and then turned to leave.

Tan Shi felt that something was off with her expression that she curiously stood up.

In the corridor, Zhao Nan was waiting outside.
When he saw Li Wei Yang coming out, he whispered: “Miss, I’ve followed Lu Gong up until an alleyway where he disappeared.
After half an hour, a young gongzi came out.
However, he didn’t know that I’ve had quietly marked him so I was able to recognize him and follow him to the back door of the Jiangs.
Unexpectedly, I’ve heard many people calling him Fifth Young Master …… Unfortunately, the Jiangs’ residence is heavily guarded; there are seven rows of guards, so I wasn’t able to get in and find more evidence.”

Li Wei Yang listened carefully, but smilingly said: “This is enough.” Sure enough, Lu Gong is indeed a member of the Jiangs, but she did not expect that he would turn out to be the Fifth Young Master of the Jiang family, Jiang Tian, who appears one moment and disappears the next.

Zhao Yue who was following on the side spoke: “Miss, do you still have to go five days later?”

Li Wei Yang smiled slowly floated up in the corners of her lips, like a blooming rose shining brightly in the dark night: “Go, they specifically set a trap for me, so why don't I go! This show would naturally be more fun the more people there are! Zhao Nan, you tell San Shaoye and say that everything works according to the plan.”

Zhao Nan lowered his head and said: “Yes!” Immediately after, he disappeared into the darkness without a trace.

The next day, Lu Gong visited Li Xiaoran, saying that he needed to return to his residence to tend to some matters.
Li Xiao Ran couldn’t keep him, he still left.
Li Wei Yang heard this and only smiled and didn’t show much interest.
Up until the fifth day before their meeting, Li Wei Yang only brought along Zhao Yue and Bai Yu as they left the household.

They took the chaise all the way to Lu Gong’s residence and a young servant ushered them into the door yet said that Lu Gong had gone to the pharmacy and asked Li Wei Yang to change the place.
Li Wei Yang deliberately said: “This …… I’m afraid it’s not okay.”

The young servant smilingly said: “What is Miss afraid of.
Our family’s master is a physician, not some rascal.
It’s just changing the location to the pharmacy, there’s lots of people there so who dares do something to Miss?”

Li Wei Yang only smiled: “If your master is preoccupied, then we’ll meet another time.”

The young servant paced forth and continued to smile: “Miss, the carriage has already been prepared.”

Li Wei Yang raised her brows: “Carriage? Surely it doesn’t mean the Li family doesn’t have any carriages?”

The young servant replied: “Miss, your family carriage draws attention, isn’t this announcing to the entire capital that you’re arriving? How inappropriate, our master is taking this into consideration! Changing into a carriage to the pharmacy only takes half an hour, it’s best that you go!”

Li Wei Yang glanced at Zhao Yue and Zhao Yue spoke: “Miss, don’t worry, Nubi is here!” Her face was filled with confidence.

The young servant coldly snickered inside yet showed a sincere smile on his face: “Miss, this way please.”

Li Wei Yang went to the back door of the Lu residence.
The carriage had already been prepared but it was merely a simple oil-covered cart.
The coachman gave her a glimpse and saw Li Wei Yang dressed in a peacock cloak and with her the hat blocking off her appearance so he wasn’t able to clearly see her face.
But this wasn’t surprising at all since the misses of big families that go out naturally has to be low-key.
He jumped down and kneeled: “Blessings, Miss.
Our master sent me to escort Miss, please get on the carriage.” Li Wei Yang bowed her head and stepped on the stool prepared by the coachman.
The coachman was still looking around, Zhao Yue replied: “Lower your head, be careful or I will dig your eyes out!”

The coachman was terrified to the point that he didn’t dare to take a glimpse of Li Wei Yang’s appearance.
With the landing of the whip, the carriage charged forward.

The carriage passed through familiar streets and alleyways.
Bai Zhi could see from inside that they were not taking the route to the market.
She loudly asked: “Why are we going this way?”

The coachman cheerfully replied: “Our master’s pharmacy is in this direction.
Miss, no need to worry, we’ll be there very soon.”

Bai Zhi looked at Li Wei Yang and Li Wei Yang in turn gently made a hand signal, Bai Zhi understood and nodded.
All along the ride, Zhao Yue had been attentively leaving behind a trail and didn’t open her mouth to speak a single word.

About an hour later, the carriage finally began to slow down.
Bai Zhi lifted the curtains and jumped down and then helped Li Wei Yang off.
In front of her eyes wasn’t the pharmacy but a secluded compound surrounded by forests.

“Is this the pharmacy? Are you blind that you bought us the wrong way!” Bai Zhi complained.

The coachman smilingly said: “Nucai is only following master’s orders, I don’t know anything else.”

Bai Zhi angrily spoke: “This courtyard is very quiet.
What is it that your master can’t tell us that he must force us to run all the way here!”

The coachman didn’t respond and only paid his respects and retreated.
Li Wei Yang calmly said: “Forget it, we’ll go in and see.” Once the three reached the entrance, swords were placed against the necks of Bai Zhi and Zhao Yue.
Everything happened momentarily that they didn’t even have time to call for help.
Li Wei Yang coldly smiled: “I wonder who invited me, whose way is it to receive your guests this way?”

The guards that appeared out of the air didn’t utter a single sound.
Only the leader spoke: “Li Xiaojie, please enter.
My master wants to speak to you.”

Li Wei Yang was expressionless yet she blinked her eyes towards Zhao Yue’s direction.
Zhao Yue could scarcely wait to nod her head.
Li Wei Yang let out a chilling humph as if she was helpless and was forced to walk up the steps.
She pushed the door open and walked inside.
Since the room was in poor light, it was dark and nothing could be seen.
She moved towards the right when the draperies suddenly lifted.
Li Wei Yang took a step back and noticed a gongzi in an embroidered outfit.

“So it’s you —” Li Wei Yang snickered, “When did the fourth gongzi of the Jiang start doing these kind of things.”

Jiang Nan’s face looked even more handsome at this moment.
It was just that his face now carried a sneer: “Li Wei Yang, I’ve told you before, you can never escape my reach ——” He originally thought of countless ways to fool her here because he heard she was known for being overly skeptical.
He was afraid she was going to bring along many people so he specifically arranged twenty skilled guards.
But now it seemed like he overestimated her; she was this trusting of Lu Gong.
However, this was understandable, after all, Lu Gong saved her younger brother’s life before.
Ordinary people usually wouldn’t suspect their saviors, Jiang Nan thought.
To lure the enemy, one must use the most unthinkable people and ways.

Hearing him say those words, Li Wei Yang didn’t show much astonishment on her face.
On the contrary, she slowly sat down, took the tea cup on the table, and gradually poured herself a cup of tea.
Her expression fogged up with a trace of mockery, she said: “Fourth Gongzi, you’ve passed off as Physician Lu and abducted me here, are you bored with life?! Perhaps you don’t know abducting the Miss of an official is punishable by execution? Or do you think the Jiangs have special authority, so you are free from punishments?”

Jiang Nan was stunned but he smilingly replied: “You are such a clever person so how is it that you don’t understand? I am not the one who abducted you now but you were the one who obediently walked in.
How should I say this, it’s you who came walking right into the trap.”

Li Wei Yang lifted her head up and looked at him: “Oh? Walked into the trap?” Calm fleer floated in her clear eyes but sadly, he wasn’t able to tell.
She slowly said, “Then, I wonder why Fourth Gongzi invited me over, what is the meaning behind this?”

Jiang Nan let out a sneer and said: “Of course it is to see my soon-to-be concubine!”

Li Wei Yang was taken aback and glanced at Jiang Nan from top to bottom, she said: “Fourth Gongzi must be insane? Why do I have to see your concubine?”

Jiang Nan let out an unbridled laughter: “You are my soon-to-be concubine! Don’t tell you think after we are here together for a day, you can still become the main wife bestowed to me by the Emperor?”

Li Wei Yang stare dumbfoundedly at him and spoke: “Don’t tell me you’ve lured me here to ruin my reputation?”

Jiang Nan’s laughter brought forth a chill: “I can’t just invite you here to entertain you.” Once the abduction of a Miss from a noble family is publicly brought to trial, it would be a death penalty.
But he was positive that if he abducted Li Wei Yang, the Li family would silently put up with it and also marry Li Wei Yang to him as his concubine.
No matter how valiant or arrogant Li Wei Yang is, she is still after all a woman so she would never sacrifice her own reputation.
If her abduction was known, she could only resolve this by death.
Compared to suicide, forbearing this matter and marrying to him as his concubine is a better option.
So he was winning this gamble for sure!

Li Wei Yang leisurely let out a sigh.
Her gentle intonation was like the jade green spring water that not a single trace of anger can be heard: “Fourth Gongzi, I’ve really overestimated you.
I originally thought even though you are a little short-tempered and arrogant, you are still a hero on the battlefield.
I would have never thought you would be able to think of such a degrading method.
Oh, what a disappointment!”

Jiang Nan began to panic because he didn’t expect her to be this calm.
Soon he smiled; her calmness must be feigned.
If she was imprisoned here for a night, regardless of whether or not he does something to her, by tomorrow morning, she wouldn’t be able to marry into the Jiangs as a chaste woman.
Of course, by that time, she wouldn’t be able to marry other people and could only marry him, moreover, as his concubine! This way, this would appease Lao Furen and he wouldn’t object.

He had never thought about marrying Li Wei Yang.
Even if Li Wei Yang made him overly excited, even if each time he sees her, he would develop this feeling of subjugation, which he only felt on the battlefield.
Moreover, she was the first person to make him develop this feeling.
But he doesn’t believe that just based on this, she as a lowly-born daughter of a concubine, is not qualified to become his main wife! Although his position was gone, but he was still the legitimate son of a meritorious family! Let alone, she actually feigned illness to escape the marriage! She doesn’t want to marry, that’s fine, then he must force her to marry him, especially as his concubine!

She can’t help but remark that Jiang Nan’s method was despicable and dirty.
When used towards an unmarried Miss, it was extremely ruthless and simply brutal.
But it was very effective to the point that Li Wei Yang couldn’t hold back her smile.

“Why are you smiling?!” Jiang Nan began to think Li Wei Yang was odd since she was still able to smile at this moment, “Do you think your guards can save you? There is no harm in telling you, I’ve already moved those guards away from here, they wouldn’t be able to come save you! If you are smart, then behave and stay here until the morning.
At least then, I can still give you a concubine status.
If you decide to play tricks and try to escape, then we’ll see a clothless An Ping Xian Zhu amongst the hobos.” Jiang Nan coldly explained.

Li Wei Yang laughed as she shook her head.
She almost laughed until she coughed that Jiang Nan started to regard her as crazy.
He was starting to feel goosebumps from her laughter, he furily said: “What are you doing?!”

Li Wei Yang was hardly able to restrain her laughter and said: “Fourth Gongzi, your actions are not synonymous with those of gongzis from a noble family.
You are no different from the local ruffians.
Take a look, for all these years, the Jiangs have nurtured such a person like you.
I really feel bad for Eldest Uncle.
If he knows of your behavior today, I’m afraid he will be disappointed!”

The education Jiang Nan received from the battlefield was truly different from the ordinary gongzis of a noble family.
Integrity and sense of shame were things he didn’t care about.
The most important thing to him is his pride and Li Wei Yang as luck would have it stepped on his dignity.
Towards a girl like this, why should he show mercy.
He laughed aloud: “Perhaps, I should consider pushing up our consummation to tonight.”

Afterwards at this moment, a voice suddenly raised: “What a great thought, but sadly, it is very brutal now.”

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