Two days later

“I heard that Xianzhu has gotten a cold, fourth miss is anxious to the point of not knowing what to do, now seeing Xianzhu is fine, she can rest easy now.”

Caught a cold? When was this? Li Wei Yang looked at the person in front of her, couldn’t help smiling and said: Fourth Yiniang, you are very well-informed on current event.”

Fourth Yiniang has already gave birth to 2 daughters, yet her body is still as delicate as a willow, a pale face that seems to carry a trace of sadness, it makes others feel sorry for her.
It’s no wonder, even though in the past there was the beauty Sixth Yiniang and the refined Ninth Yiniang, Father has never forgot about her.
Seeing Fourth Yiniang’s excellent singing face, Li Wei Yang couldn’t help but find it funny, these days Fourth Yiniang has been sucking up to the new Da Furen, why did she suddenly came here?

Li Wei Yang thought, this Fourth Yiniang was able to raise two daughters under Da Furen’s eyes, she can be considered a part in this house, thus waved her hands and said smilingly: “Yiniang don’t say so, I always knew of fourth sister and your thoughts.”

Fourth Yiniang immediately smiled apologetically and said: “Si Xiaojie was called away by the new Furen, said it was to prepare fresh flowers and such for Lao Furen to make a forehead wrap, thus unable to come visit.”

Li Wei Yang smiled and waved her hands, saying: “No harm done,” letting Bai Zhi served tea to Fourth Yiniang.

Looking at the smile on Li Wei Yang’s face, Fourth Yiniang was immediately happy.
She is originally of low birth, to be able to survive until today in the Li manor, naturally she has her strength.
Her greatest strength, is taking stock of the situation, reading people, who is more powerful, who will be more advantageous, after understanding it, she will make a judgement, in the past when Da Furen is the most powerful one, she could be like a tiger bending before a snake, kneeling before the other person’s foot, carefully waiting on; afterwards for the sake of her daughters’ future, she could also fall out with Da Furen, turning to help Li Wei Yang, when Li Wei Yang was attacking Da Furen, she always stick out a foot at the right time…

But when the new Furen entered, she actually kept a distance with Li Wei Yang, because she needed some time to observe, to see if it will be the new Furen who is powerful or will it be Li Wei Yang who is more malicious.
These two days, she has heard that Jiang Nan’s Wu Wei General position is gone, the Jiangs even lost command of 200,000 soldiers, secretly she feels that Li Wei Yang definitely has some remarkable ability, inevitably there is the thought of gaining a favour, because right now this concubine born daughter is not the same as in former time, she can completely reach the sky in the first flight, unstoppable, she heard that she is even close to Seventh Prince, arousing Tuoba Yu’s heart…

Fourth Yiniang feels that, in these years Li Xiao Ran’s feelings for her are becoming fewer and fewer, especially after the new Furen have married in, his feelings has faded even more, but this kind of situation she is pretty open about it, a man’s thousands of adoration, tens of thousands of tender feelings, are in fact all false, she doesn’t have a son, so in the future she wouldn’t have a support, she need to find more supports, she definitely cannot bet all of her treasure on the new Furen! What’s more, Fourth Miss will soon be married off, she must think of a way, she cannot let the new Furen do as she want, as long as her daughter marries well, then there is hope for the rest of her life!

A resolute light flashed in Fourth Yiniang’s eyes, the smile on her face becoming more brilliant.

“Xianzhu, can you dismiss the yatous?” She asked quietly.

Li Wei Yang glanced at Bai Zhi, Bai Zhi immediately understood and ordered all the yatous in the room to leave.

Fourth Yiniang breathe a sigh of relief and then said: “I came today, to inform Xianzhu of an important matter.”

Li Wei Yang looked at her, her face placid, not expressing any curiosity, also not expressing any interest.

Fourth Yiniang become a bit anxious: “It concerns your marriage!”

Bai Zhi was shocked and hurriedly looked at Li Wei Yang, Xiaojie’s marriage? What does this means?!

Li Wei Yang smiled and said: “Fourth Yiniang’s meaning is…” Her voice is like the running water of a cool, clear spring, the sound is melodious and moving, unable to hear any mood from the owner, even Fourth Yiniang who is accustomed to reading people’s expression, couldn’t help but feel some fear.
This large house, the person whose mood often cannot be seen clearly is the most fearful kind.

Fourth Yiniang took two steps closer and said: “Xianzhu is a smart person so I will speak straightforwardly, last night Laoye stayed at my place, yet he accidentally said something.
He said the Jiangs has approached him about your marriage.”

Li Wei Yang’s gaze flashed, slightly condensed, instantly her brows straightened and slowly spoke: “Oh? Really?”

Fourth Yiniang looked at the smiling Li Wei Yang sitting upright above, deeply sighed and said: “Xianzhu don’t want to know what Laoye has answered?”

Li Wei Yang’s eyes cleared, she glanced at Fourth Yiniang and said slowly: “If Father has agreed, would Yiniang be standing here still?”

Fourth Yiniang was shocked, then she realized that her own actions has already said everything, yes, if Li Xiao Ran has consent, then Li Wei Yang is also someone abandoned by him, why would Fourth Yiniang come here? A useless person, why would she provide useful information to them?! Li Wei Yang looked at the change of expression on Fourth Yiniang’s face from shock, turned her body, faced the Bai Zhai beside her and said smilingly: “Look at Fourth Yiniang’s expression, seems like I did guessed right.”

Bai Zhi smiled slightly and lowered her head: “Miss is right.”

Li Wei Yang smiled and said: “Fourth Yiniang is really, if there is something then say it out, why bother to bring such useless news to exchange?”

With nowhere to hide herself in front of the other person, Fourth Yiniang’s entire body became thoroughly ice cold, as if passing through water.
She just feel like opening and closing her mouth seems heavy, sweat flowing from the hair on her temple, a trace of fear climbing up her back following the sweats, her heart instantly raised up.

The atmosphere gradually became stagnant.
“Xianzhu, I…”

“Yiniang drink some water, if there is something to say, speak slowly, what’s the need for being so anxious.”

Li Wei Yang’s smile is warm, unable to see any anger or happiness, this caused the words that Fourth Yiniang originally wanted to speak to be completely stuck in her throat.
Yes, she originally wanted to use this news to bargain with Li Wei Yang, but before she could even speak, the other person has already guessed the answer, causing her useful news become useless, Li Wei Yang’s brain is really sensible and accurate, she cannot not respect it.
Fourth Yiniang oddly feels guilty, because, when she just stepped into this room, not yet opening her own trick, Li Wei Yang has already brought all of her cards out.
What else can she use to bargain with the other person?

Li Wei Yang smiled slightly and said: “Fourth sister is of marriageable age soon right.”

Fourth Yiniang’s sweats are pouring like rain, the back of her clothes already showing some sweat stains due to her uneasiness, she raised her head and said with a smile: “This…”

“I hear that, mother’s intention is, to marry fourth sister to Fifth Prince as secondary consort.” Li Wei Yang said lightly.

Fourth Yiniang’s smile was instantly suppressed, then she said: “Nothing can be hidden from Xianzhu, yes, Furen does have this intention.”

Li Wei Yang laughed and said: “Yes, Fifth Prince is dignified and cultured, his mother is Noble Consort Mei, it appears to be a good marriage, the previous Furen, didn’t she also said so as well?” This new Furen, unexpectedly brought up old matter, preparing to send Li Chang Xiao to be a stepping stone.

It’s just a concubine born daughter, Li Xiao Ran wouldn’t take pity, at first Fourth Yiniang did not have any opposition, why did she suddenly changed her opinion? Li Wei Yang size up Fourth Yiniang and said lightly: “What’s wrong, Yiniang don’t like the Fifth Prince’s principal consort?”

During the banquet, the Emperor has already bestowed marriage for Tuoba Rui, the one he is marrying is the granddaughter of Maquis Yong Ning, Miss Wu, Fourth Yiniang previously has thought eagerly that this is a good marriage, a change of face and she has come begging to her here, it definitely has to do with this Miss Wu.
Li Wei Yang thought, Fourth Yiniang ah, Fourth Yiniang, you want to bargain with me, but only a few words and already exposed your trick, such nervousness and fluster, a step taken by the pawn seems not like a step, I want to see, what do you still want now?

Fourth Yiniang’s thoughts were exposed in an instant, she raised her head in shock, and saw the implied sharp smile hidden in her brow, was shocked and cannot not explained: “That Miss Wu, was spoiled from a young age, her attitude is very bold, I already sent someone to check it out, the maids by her side need to be changed every six months, Maquis Yong Ning himself don’t even know how many methods he has used to try disciplining her, even once locking her up in the ancestral temple to try and force her to change her bad habit, who knew that she would rather not eat or drink for three days, three nights yet unwilling to change her attitude, in the end when she was let out, she unexpectedly grabbed a scissor wanting to kill the wet nurse who told the old Maquis on her… towards her own wet nurse she is even like that, how would she like towards her husband’s concubines?”

Li Wei Yang said nothing, Fourth Yiniang continued to speak: “Xianzhu, if Fourth miss’ temper is like yours, with Fifth Prince it is a good marriage, if nothing else, she is still the secondary consort of prince of first rank, but of all thing, Chang Xiao is a weak and incompetent person, she couldn’t even learn half of my capability, how can she establish herself in the Fifth Prince’s manor in the future? I’m afraid she will die due to ill-treatment from the Princess Consort.
Chang Xi is already of no help, I only have this one daughter by my side, I’m afraid that if she is also snapped in, then what hope do I have in this lifetime? Xianzhu, Chang Xi’s heart is not good, I am also someone who can easily offend others, these I admit, I am also not afraid of retribution, for the sake of surviving, I will do anything, but Chang Xiao has never harmed you, even always speaking on your behalf, even if you look upon her as a daughter of the Li Manor, help her once!” Fourth Yiniang suddenly kneeled on both legs, grabbing Li Wei Yang’s skirt.

Bai Zhi hurriedly help her up, Fourth Yiniang deadsetly shake her head, Zhao Yue also came over, Fourth Yiniang is clearly afraid of her but yet unwilling to stand up.
Until Li Wei Yang personally helped her up then she asked, full of hope: “You… agree?”

Li Wei Yang signed and said: “Fourth Yiniang want me to go to Lao Furen and plead on fourth sister’s behalf?”

Fourth Yiniang look hesitantly at Li Wei Yang and said: “Is Xianzhu willing to go?”

Li Wei Yang stared at her, as if seeing Qi Yiniang’s eyes, yes, Fourth Yiniang is not a good person, but Li Chang Xiao has never done anything bad, in the past life, Li Chang Xiao did died at the hands of this Miss Wu, must her tragic ending be repeated this lifetime? Li Wei Yang nodded and said: “I will try my best.”

Fourth Yiniang smiled through her tears, as long as Li Wei Yang agree, then there is a thread of hope.

“It’s just that Lao Furen also thinks that this is a good marriage,” Li Wei Yang thought for a moment and then said slowly, “Therefore, if fourth sister really want to reject this marriage, why don’t we think of some other method.”

“Method? What kind of method? If Lao Furen is not willing to help, then Chang Xiao will only have the road to death!” Fourth Yiniang began to get anxious again.

Li Wei Yang smiled slightly and said: “Fourth Yiniang, if someone told Father, Fifth Prince has once requested permission to marry eldest sister from his majesty, now fourth sister is being married to him, it will inevitably draw criticism, people will think that the daughters of the Lis are not marriageable, must grab Fifth Prince as the only one, especially it would also make his majesty think that these daughters of the Lis being interchangeable, with the intention of being a social climber, it wouldn’t be good.”

Fourth Yiniang’s eyes turned, immediately understanding, Li Xiao Ran is a cautious man, Fifth Prince has once asked for Li Chang Le in marriage and was severely reproved by the Emperor, if at this time the Lis still send the fourth daughter in marriage to him, it is inevitable that the Emperor would think that the Lis have some other intention, this instead turn into failing to steal a chicken, which instead ate the bait1, Li Xiao Ran was not one to make a losing deal.

“Even though the principal mother has the final say in the matter of a girl’s marriage, but in our family, Jiang Yue Lan is after all the second wife, Father’s opinion is the conclusive one, understand?” Li Wei Yang simply remind the other person.

Fourth Yiniang has already skirted past the curve, but she still has some misgivings: “I have begged of Laoye before yet he said that Furen has the final say in the children’s marriages, now if I go talk about it once again…”

Li Wei Yang laughed and said: “Relax, these words I will explain it clearly to Lao Furen.”

Fourth Yiniang was extremely happy, repeatedly thanking her, eased her expression and said: “Xianzhu’s generosity, I and Fourth Miss will remember it in our heart.
Regarding the matter I just spoke about, Laoye did actually reject it, this Xianzhu has guessed correctly.”

Li Wei Yang nodded, Bai Zhi spoke instead: “Which of the Jiang’s son has asked for Xiaojie’s hand?”

Fourth Yiniang replied quietly: “The fourth one.”

Jiang Nan? Certainly, even though he doesn’t have an official position, he is still from a meritorious family, there is nothing wrong with his background.
Li Wei Yang suppressed the oddness in her heart and said slowly: “Then how did Father rejected them?”

Fourth Yiniang smiled and said: “Laoye naturally said that Xiaojie’s marriage will be decided by His Majesty, it’s just that the Jiangs are not willing to let go so easily, perhaps they may make a wave again, if they insist on going to get an edict from His Majesty, the matter of marriage will be finalized, Xianzhu, your days from today onwards will be trying.”

Bai Zhi frowned, Fourth Yiniang’s words are not pleasant to the ears, but it certainly is a fact that cannot be changed.
If Li Wei Yang is married into the Jiangs, what’s waiting for her is definitely nothing good, first of all Guo Gong Furen would not let her off, while the fourth son of the Jiangs also detest her, this kind of marriage, what exactly are the Jiangs thinking?

Li Wei Yang smiled, light like the clouds: “It looks like they really hate me.” Normally one would never use one’s descendants’ marriage as a bargaining chip, Guo Gong Furen will really do it imperiously.

Fourth Yiniang said with a rare sincerely: “Xianzhu, Laoye can refuse the Jiangs but he cannot refuse the Emperor, you should plan early, those people from the Jiangs… even if for the sake of Da Furen, will certainly would not let you off.
If you are really married over, I’m afraid before half a year, there will be unfortunate news about you.”

Bai Zhi scowled: “They dare!”

Fourth Yiniang shook her head and said: “This yatou of yours doesn’t understand anything, it’s not like this kind of things have never happened in the past, how incredible was that Zhou Xuan De in the beginning, he is the first rank of the most loyal subject of the previous Emperor, but his only daughter was bestowed by His Majesty to General Pang Chong’s manor who are generational enemies of the Zhous, originally he wanted to mend the fence of the two families through marriage alliance, who knew that that Pang Chong is not appreciative, that Miss Zhou is like flowers and jade, was the capital’s number one talented girl, with talents and looks way above others, did she not also… passed away four days after the wedding? That is the only daughter of a loyal subject of the Son of Heaven, Zhou Xuan De caused a ruckus in the Hall of Golden Chimes (throne room), yet Pang Chong said that his daughter passed away from illness, she was all well, where did the illness come from?! Even the previous emperor was enraged and sentenced that Pang Chong for flogging on the spot, but what’s use of that, Miss Zhou cannot come back from the dead! Once married in, matter of life and death are held in their hands.
Think about it, behind closed doors they can kill a person however they want, but only said it’s death from illness when the door is open, when the time's come, Xianzhu is alone there, that’s calling to the heavens but the heavens doesn’t answer, calling to the ground but the ground does not work, what kind of hopeless situation this is!”

These words, Li Wei Yang of course knew that it’s real, she also knows, if she reveals a bit of nervousness, Fourth Yiniang would immediately change sides.
Therefore she smiled slightly and said: “Thank you Fourth Yiniang for the reminder, I know what to do in this matter, as for fourth sister, you can be at ease.”

Fourth Yiniang observed Li Wei Yang’s expression, didn’t see a bit of uneasiness and felt more at ease, smiled and said: “Then I will take my leave.”

On the way to He Xiang Yuan, Li Wei Yang head down the corridor, besides her Bai Zhi raised her head several times wanting to speak but stopped for some reasons. 

Li Wei Yang has noticed her expression from the beginning, up until she can no longer bear it then she looked ahead and said lightly: “If you have something to say, speak up.”

Bai Zhi really couldn’t hold it back, she spoke uneasily: “Miss, don’t you feel that Fourth Yiniang herself don’t dare to disclose this news to you?”

Li Wei Yang stared ahead, smiling lightly and said: “On one hand she certainly did because of fourth sister’s marriage, on the other hand, it is Father who sent her to test me out.”

Bai Zhi became anxious: “Laoye? Perhaps he really want to marry Miss over? Miss is his biological daughter, clearly he knows how the Jiangs feel about you…”

Li Wei Yang: “Nothing but a concubine-born daughter, as long as there is enough benefits, would he resist on behalf of me?”

“Miss?” Bai Zhi looked at Li Wei Yang in shock, she is afraid that Li Wei Yang would really fall into the same ending as Miss Zhou.

Li Wei Yang saw her face full of fear but she suddenly laughed and spoke with her tone calm: “You don’t need to think too much, if he really want to sell me off so cheaply, then he wouldn’t have sent Fourth Yiniang to come test me out.
From the look of it, Father want to see, just how much cards I have, whether it is worth it for him to go against the Jiangs.” Li Wei Yang’s movement revealed a hint of thinking, the smile on her face however became full of sneer and chilliness.

Li Wei Yang has not yet reached He Xiang Yuan when she was requested to go to Li Xiao Ran’s study.

Inside Li Xiao Ran’s study, it is decorated with fragrant rosewood, carved and outlined in gold, luxurious and majestic, breathtaking.
Of course Li Xiao Ran wouldn’t arrive first to wait for his daughter.
It wasn’t until after Li Wei Yang has arrived in the study for half a sichen (one hour), that he changed his clothes at Jiang Yue Lan’s room, then returned to the study, Li Wei Yang is already waiting in the study, Li Xiao Ran looked at her and was at a loss of words for a moment.
Originally he thought that even if she is not in fear and trepidation, she would be full of caution, instead, she is sitting there drinking tea, not a single thought being revealed on her face.

Li Xiao Ran’s face is full of thoughts, after being silent for a while then he spoke: “The Jiangs has came to me to discuss marriage, wanting you to marry Jiang Nan as principal wife, the two families become allied once again.”

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