Chapter 114: Marriage Alliance

Tuoba Zhen only looked at her steadily: “…Still angry?”

“Angry?” Li Wei Yang was surprised, “The anger that Third Dianxia spoke of, Wei Yang do not know what you mean.”

Tuoba Zhen smiled bitterly: “I just say some harsh words last time, it’s rare that you would be angry until today.”

Li Wei Yang seems to be dumbstruck, she can’t even remember what she has spoken to Tuoba Zhen about last time, as for being angry, that’s just pie in the sky, she has never put this person’s words to heart, how can one even speak of anger? This Third Prince, turns out to be too sure of himself.

“I was never angry at you.” Because you don’t qualify, Li Wei Yang added in her heart.

“Since you are not angry, then it’s good, I was worried that you held resentment in your heart this whole time, therefore you didn’t glance at me once last night at the banquet.” Tuoba Zhen smiled slightly and said.

His biggest help is dead yet he actually still have the mood to come to the Li's.
Li Wei Yang have to admire preservation of this man in front of her, but she only smiled slightly and said: “Your highness, I will go and get big sister, please wait for a moment.”

Li Wei Yang has just stood up yet Tuoba Zhen stood in front of her, Zhao Yue watched at him warningly, unfortunately without Li Wei Yang’s order, she also cannot move.

Tuoba Zhen said: “Don’t leave, listen to what I have to say!”

Li Wei Yang stopped coldly, Tuoba Zhen looked at her, not knowing what to say for a moment, then couldn’t help and said: “…I did not come to look for your older sister, I came to look for you…”

Both of Li Wei Yang’s eyes raised, her expression changing rapidly, surprise, suspicious, sneer, as well as some expressions that Tuoba Zhen couldn’t decipher were mixed unpredictably in that lucid and elegant eyes, disappearing in the end, leaving only a chill down to the bone like a freeze over water surface, crystal clear and dust-free, however there is no trace of warm.
Under the stare of such gaze, Tuoba Zhen’s eyes unconsciously seems to be folded in the mist, with only a glimmer of light or flash.

“My attitude towards you before is not good, but not because I did it on purpose, it is because from a young age, I am used to seeing those people, for their own selfish gain, racked their brain to butter up to me, therefore I have never trusted any one.
Everyone by my side are contacted with a purpose, each friend for me are of some use, to the extent that when I first judged you, I was judging you on whether you are of any use to me.” Tuoba Zhen said with difficulty, “I know, my attitude of taking things for granted in the past has left you with disdain, if I am sincere in wanting marriage, naturally I should clarify with Imperial Father, but by the time I have thought it out thoroughly, the matter with mother has occurred, I really didn’t know how to explain it clearly to you, but you have to understand, my feelings for you are real, I have never had this before…” Tuoba Zhen was unable to speak further, the expression on his face is unexpectedly that of true love and genuine concern.

Li Wei Yang listened carefully, it seems as if his every words came from the heart, it almost made her think that he is completely and absolutely sincere.
If she didn’t know him enough, she would definitely believe him, because there is no one who can refuse such genuine expression, such deep feeling, such moving yet perfect confession.

“I wouldn’t marry your older sister, no matter what price I have to pay, even if it means to be on unfriendly terms with Prime Minister Li, even if it means to be spurned by everyone, the one I want to marry is only you, I will ask of Imperial Father to allow you to marry me, to let you be my principal consort, please forgive me, before I was too arrogant, I only know how to butter up to others, to win over others yet don’t know how to love someone, to the extent that my attitude towards you before was so weird, so easily changed, that is because I was not sure of my own feelings, I wasn’t clear whether I like you or on guard against you, loathe you or love you.
Now I finally understand, from today onwards, I will treat you well, learn how to love someone, are you willing to give me this chance?”

Li Wei Yang looked at Tuoba Zhen, using a gaze of examination, but she didn’t open her mouth, not even saying a word, but the look in her eyes, seems to give the other person a huge encouragement, he continued to speak: “Let the things that happened in the past remain in the past, let’s get to know each other anew, I am not the Third Prince, you are also not a Xian Zhu (Honorary Princess), we are just a young man and woman who met again by chance, you just have to remember that I am Tuoba Zhen, I know that you are Wei Yang, this is enough, cast away those so-called status, you can also get to know the real me, ok?”

Li Wei Yang looked at him, after a while, she suddenly laughed, she said slowly: “Your highness, your adoptive mother just died and you came to me and say these words, do you feel it is appropriate?”

In the end she still speaks of Able Consort Wu’s incident, Tuoba Zhen paused and said lightly: “Wei Yang, I have to confess to you one thing, yesterday’s incident was not an accident, the Jiangs has bribed Yin Tian Zhao, have him think of a way to accuse you of being Da Li’s demon star, then let Imperial Father kill you, this is a trap that they set in order to take avenge Jiang Rou, I am not going to hide it from you, because in this incident, my adoptive mother has also taken part of it.
I must ask for your forgiveness, because mother had hoped that I can inherit it all, hoped to gain the Jiangs’ support, therefore she did not hesitate in using the innocent you to gain a debt… originally I could not tell you anything, but I honestly cannot deal with my own conscience, yesterday seeing mother died tragically, I asked myself, if I saw you die in front of me, can I accept it, afterward I find that just of the thought of it makes my heart twist, I cannot be helpless and watch you die in front of me, therefore I hope this kind of thing doesn’t happen again, as long as you are willing, I will think of some way to eliminate the hate between you and the Jiangs…” (Translator's note: Tuoba Zhen…why you no be a storyteller!)

If it was any other girls, hearing this kind of sentimental words that also carry countless pity, they would be moved, Li Wei Yang sighed and said slowly: “Your highness, why do you say these words to me, you should know, the sides that we stand on, are not the same.”

Tuoba Zhen’s face became pale, his lips trembled, unable to speak, as if he suffered a deep blow due to her disbelief and said forcefully: “Why am I this way, I already told you.”

Li Wei Yang spoke unhurriedly: “Of course I know, for a man to not care about anything, aside from love, there is probably nothing else.
But that is a normal man, for your highness to not care about anything, there is only power.”

Tuoba Zhen said hoarsely: “I don’t ask of you to stand at my side right now, but I beg you to not use such harsh words to hurt my heart, I beg you to not stand by seventh brother’s side against me, I don’t care about you helping him to deal with me, but I don’t want to see the woman I love be together with another man.”

Li Wei Yang smiled, yet there was a chilliness in her eyes, eventually saying slowly: “Your highness, for there to be such person who can say these words without feeling guilty, there could only be you, if you have anything else to say, then say it all today.”

Tuoba Zhen looked at Li Wei Yang in surprise, he thought she would be moved, yet her expression right now is indifferent, he thought that at least she would feel his real feelings, but she was not moved at all, why is that? Don’t all women believe in these kind of nonsense? He thought…in the past, this has never failed before… he secretly clenched his fist but the expression on his face became more serious: “Wei Yang, you ask me why I tell you these words now, I just don’t want us to regret it, if last night you were really sentenced to death, I probably cannot accept it at all.
As for Able Consort Wu, ,my own biological mother died at her hands, how can I feel sad for her!”

“As far as I can remember, the situation I see the most is my biological mother crying, she is born of low status, Imperial Father was taken to her on a whim and then she gave birth to me, afterwards she was awarded the title of Imperial Concubine, although my mother was not considered pretty, her singing was stunning.
Every time I hear her singing,I would forget how unhappy we are.
But in the palace, aside from Imperial Father’s favor, she has nothing, because everyone treat her with envy, hate and sneer, one after the other would kick at her when she is down, always thinking of ways to bully her.
Her disposition is weak, she just resigned to everything that comes at her, thinking that this way others will let her off, only Able Consort Wu always treated her well.
Because my mother could not protect me, therefore the me at that time, even low rank eunuchs would bully me behind others’ back.
Afterwards…finally that incident happened, Imperial Father said my mother colluded with officials, scheming to usurp the throne, I didn’t believe it, crying and begging like hell, but even though I have bowed until my head burst, still no one was willing to speak up for my mother.”

“Able Consort Wu has taken me into her palace, saying that from now on, she will be my mother, but I wouldn’t listen, I secretly went back in the middle of the night, only to see with my own eyes that that group of eunuchs strangled my mother to death, at that time I was only 4 years old, hiding trembling, didn't even dare to go save her, after they left, I grabbed and shook her hand vigorously, kept calling her yet no matter what, she wouldn’t wake.
I felt scared, calling and shaking that I couldn’t even cry.”

Tuoba Zhen was deep in his memory, his voice slightly shaking, Li Wei Yang looked at him, these words, he has never told her before, even after being husband and wife for 8 years, very intimate, he has never revealed a word to her.

“I am a prince, I have the most noble birth in today’s world, why do I encounter such thing? Why do the Crown Prince, Tuoba Yu live in luxury with one call, while my only mother was taken away from me? Why is this world so unfair? Why does it treat me like this?”

Tuoba Zhen’s fists slowly tightened, his voice becoming heavy: “I am unreconciled! Therefore I returned to Able Consort Wu’s side myself and seek punishment, telling her that I will properly be her son in the future.
Afterward, I discovered, the one who set my mother up was Able Consort Wu! These years, I have endured the humiliation, listened to her, she said east, I wouldn’t dare go west, she made a promise to Prime Minister Li on my behalf, I have to agree to marry your older sister as secondary consort, I did this not because I fear her, but because she is of use to me, she can help me stand in that highest position!”

“Every day I am conflicted, even though she has set my mother up, but she did treat me very well, schemed everything on my behalf, therefore I couldn’t blame her, couldn’t hate her, I could only not have a good night sleep, Wei Yang, do you understand me? Yesterday when mother wanted to harm you, I was very nervous, almost wanting to go against her because of you, do you know, all these years this is the first time that I have the thought of going against her, lucky you are all right, otherwise I would have a hard time…”

Li Wei Yang looked at his and suddenly laughed, laughing until tears almost comes out of her eyes.

Tuoba Zhen stared at her in disbelief, “Why do you laugh suddenly?”

Li Wei Yang wiped the tears that doesn’t even exist and looked at him suspiciously, endless sneer in her eyes: “Your highness, save these words for my sister, she is your fiance.
Even though I want to make up our differences with you, our status are different, in the future, please stay away from me.
Regardless of whether you love or hate me, it has nothing to do with me, as for your past, I also do not feel any interest.”

Tuoba Zhen stared at her, a trace of hate showing in his gaze, but he suppressed this kind of anger, and said in a lowered voice: “Everything I just said, you don’t believe any of it?!”

Li Wei Yang slowly smiled, looking at the white dove flying afar, her voice carrying a hint of cold: “Believe, I believe everything, your highness’ words, at least everything that you said, concerning yesterday’s banquet are real, concerning your mother is also real, concerning that you don’t know what to do with me, even more real.” It’s just a pity, the purpose of you saying these words, is only to make me give in, what you couldn’t achieve with the methods used before, you immediately changed it to an expression of true feelings, if it was not for knowing Tuoba Zhen well, she would taken it as real.
Regardless that it is the death of his own biological mother, regardless of his own lowly birth, regardless of whether speaking of this past amounts to knife wounds for him, as long as it is successful, all can be used for scheming.

This is Tuoba Zhen, this kind of person, is cruel to others, towards himself, is it not the same as well? Li Wei Yang sighed and said: “It’s just that, whether I believe or not, in fact doesn’t matter.
Because regardless of whether you truly loves me, or it is to seek something else, I don’t even care.
Because I do not love you, will never love you, no matter what you say, what you do, even if you brought your heart out for me to see, I still can’t love you, therefore we cannot be together, Your Highness, don’t waste your efforts, go spend some thoughts on flattering some maiden who will be of use to you!”

Having said that, Li Wei Yang already left the pavilion, the two yatous scrambled to follow.

Tuoba Zhen stared at her back, yet his left hand is clutching his chest fiercely, frowning and panting, clearly it was just an act for her to see, everything last night was originally planned by him, Able Consort Wu is nothing but an accessory, he really did wanted Li Wei Yang’s life, not only because of wanting to curry favor from the Jiangs, more because she dared to reject him! It is due to last night’s failure that he realized Li Wei Yang’s value, a woman who can disrupt his overall scheme, towards those officials and subordinates who are not willing to come to his side, he also use a lot of efforts without care about the cost, in this case, such a smart woman, who might be very helpful to his great cause, he definitely cannot give up easily!

He believes that women are all soft-heart, Li Wei Yang’s refusal, it’s only arrogance, an arrogant woman is still a woman, who similarly will have weak points, as long as the right method is used, he will be able to move her.
His status, like hers, is lowly, he knows that this is a good point of attack, compared to the superior Tuoba Yu, him and her are the identical sort of people, willing to go any lengths to achieve their goals, they are so similar, so compatible, as long as he used the slight effort, then he can use her as he will, until that time, her intelligence and intention will be used for him.

But why, he has said so much, even putting down his self-respect and pride, yet she is still indifferent, talking about no love, what is love! Tuoba Zhen don’t understand! He doesn’t understand one bit! Women want love, is he not attempting to exhibit it in front of her? Why does she still refuse! Why does he see her turn and leave without hesitation, why does his heart, up to this point still has a sharp pain because of her?!

His heart can also hurt, why is this? How could this be possible…because of one woman? What a joke!

Tuoba Zhen quickly went down the steps, his voice turning cold: “Li Wei Yang, do not get closer to Tuoba Yu.”

Li Wei Yang stopped, her voice icy: “Your highness, why do you bother about what’s between me and him?”

Tuoba Zhen almost immediately ran in front of Li Wei Yang, grabbing her wrist, a ruthless look bursting out of his long and narrow eyes unscrupulously for the first time: “No matter what your relationship were before, it would be best to break it off cleanly from today onwards!”

Zhao Yue’s soft sword, in an instant was on Tuoba Zhen’s neck, but he didn’t even as much glance at it, because he knows Li Wei Yang cannot kill him here.

Li Wei Yang definitely would not, her black eyes like never ending deep river, impossible to look past: the only love for Tuoba Zhen is position of power! When he really become a ruler of a nation, looking down at the world, there will be no one else who can suppress him, when that time comes, everything that he wants will definitely become his, including Li Wei Yang, but she hates this, hates being under someone else’s control, hates being coveted by others, not everything that you, Tuoba Zhen, look upon will become yours, she is human, her life is decided by herself, never again for someone else!

“Zhao Yue!” Li Wei Yang said coldly.

Zhao Yue’s sword slightly moved, the sharp pain on his neck caused Tuoba Zhen to wake with a start, Li Wei Yang broke free of his hold, then take a step back, her voice slowly ringing: “Your highness, please forgive me for not being able to accompany you.”

A murderous intent flashed in Tuoba Zhen’s eyes, yet in the end his expression calmed: “Li Wei Yang, there is nothing that I cannot get, you also will become mine!”

However Li Wei Yang did not answer him, even not turning her head back to glance at him, it is obvious that his efforts today, to her is not worth a penny.

She want him to give up? He, Tuoba Zhen, in this life has failure, hibernation and setback, but simply cannot give up! Li Wei Yang, you clearly understood me but is too full of yourself, the current circumstances is definitely not favourable to me, but as for that throne, the obsession is already bone deep, he can never give it up in this lifetime… Tuoba Yu is only a loser, in the end you can only belong to me… I don’t care how many years I have to wait, until I am in control of this world…

Then, you have nowhere to escape.

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