Consort Lian’s face paled.
Was she unable to hide the slightest of her thoughts from her opponent’s eyes? As her heart quickly raced, Li Wei Yang said: “Rest assured, since those people were from your Mu Rong Imperial family are already dead, no one knows who you are.”

Consort Lian raised her eyes, her eyebrows slightly knit together: “You don’t blame me?”

Li Wei Yang slowly said: “Of course you are at fault.
You just wasted a perfectly good opportunity, and your previous actions put us all in danger.
If you were a bit careless, we all will be buried together.”

Consort Lian’s face grew paler by the moment, and her bright red lips became more distinct, bearing a strange demonic resemblance.
A flash of hope appeared in her eyes: “That building is still there.
The commoner woman that reported that is still being kept.
Tomorrow, I’ll find a mercenary—”

Li Wei Yang sighed: “It’s too late.”

Shock appeared on Consort Lian’s face.
Li Wei Yang looked at her.
A moment later, she smiled slightly and said: “The Jiang family was already prepared for it.
I think that without waiting for His Majesty to sent anyone out, that building would have long ceased to exist.
Your Highness, if you had brought the commoner woman looking to report it to the main hall today, and kill them before they could act, there may have been a bit of hope.
Unfortunately, you made the wrong move with this pawn.”

There was also regret on Consort Lian’s face.
Li Wei Yang sincerely believed that she was suffering more than what was apparent on her face.
She softly said: “But I understand you and know why you did that.
If it was me, and my family met an unfortunate end, I would stop at nothing to avenge them as a member of the Mu Rong Imperial family.
You want to restore the dignity and honor of the Imperial family and right the wrongs, and there is nothing wrong with that.
However, you were too hasty, as long as you overturned the Jiang family today, the Mu Rong Imperial family matter will certainly be investigated.
Then, of course, your grudge will be settled.”

Consort Lian’s beautiful face was stained with tears.
She couldn’t even say a word.
She was a clever person.
If she wasn’t blinded by revenge, she would understand the reasoning in doing that.

Li Wei Yang continued to speak: “Consort Lian, do you know where you went wrong? It wasn’t because you were too anxious for revenge, nor because you went against our agreement, but you took the wrong approach to revenge.
Perhaps, even if you are by the Emperor’s side, you do not understand how to please and control this man.”

Consort Lian’s skipped a beat.
She looked in Li Wei Yang’s direction and saw that although she always had an idle and calm smile on her face, her eyes were gleaming with sincerity, but only for a moment and then immediately replaced by other emotions: “Your Highness, do you understand what I mean?”

Maybe it was the sound of the wind and rain pouring in from outside, but Li Wei Yang’s words were vaguely hard to hear.

Consort Lian smiled slightly, took a deep breath, and began to speak again: “I want to hear the details.”

Li Wei Yang looked at her with a smile on her face, but the smile had left her eyes.
She was a someone who was difficult to read and projected a shadow of herself, a flickering shadow that did not seem to finally overlap with reality at any point.

“Mu Rong Xin—” Li Wei Yang uttered, referring to her with a name never used before.
Every syllable seemed to be dragged across burning coals, tempered by fire.
Once spoken, it had a significant impact, “You were born into the Imperial family, but Da Li’s Son of Heaven is completely different from the lavish and empathetic Son of Heaven of your Mu Rong Imperial family.
You share the same bed as him, breaths mingling with one another, but you still don’t understand him.”

The wind outside suddenly got stronger, rain splattering into the hall, sending the silk curtains flying and dancing.

Li Wei Yang’s voice, each and every word that reached her ears were vivid and decisive—

“Our Son of Heaven is clever and suspicious.
His cleverness allowed him to utilize his talents and ascend to the throne from a mere prince.
His paranoia makes him toy with court ministers in the palm of his hand.
However, a clever person has a bad habit.
If they are too clever, they will have a tendency to restrain themselves.
He is indeed a wise ruler, able to face anything and adopt any means he finds useful.
This is also the reason he made use of my solution, even though I am only a young girl of the inner household.
However, at the same time, His Majesty is also someone who is vindictive and vengeful, deciding everything in an unconventional manner and shocking court officials.”

“You know, my father is a respected official with a high position, but there are many people who envy him and want to claim his position as Prime Minister.
So over the years, reports of his misdoings are as plentiful as snow, but in front of His Majesty, my father always kept the appearance of someone afraid, pitiful and wrongly accused.
Every time, he will solemnly kneel before His Majesty to show how he had been singled out and left helpless.
He will plead guilty, failing to perform his duties and even offending many court officials.
He would ask to be dismissed and to return to the countryside.
The more he does this, the more His Majesty will refuse.
On the other hand, His Majesty will feel that he is a well-intentioned, loyal subject, which is why others isolated and targeted him, so he always protected and believed my father.
This is one of the reasons why my father has stood unwavering for many years, because his understanding of His Majesty had soon surpassed his opponents.” Li Wei Yang emphasized every word and revealed a shocking truth.

“Today, His Majesty clearly intended to let Jiang Nan go, but my father said a few words and moved His Majesty to murderous intent.
Do you know why this is? Because my father raised Jiang Nan and the Jiang family high with praise, making the Emperor feel that the Jiang family was now beyond his control.
He can tolerate corruption and bribery, smuggling, acting on self-interests, and even allow them to falsely report military affairs and kill innocent people, but he will not allow a subject to escape his control!”

Consort Lian stared intently at Li Wei Yang as if listening very closely.

Li Wei Yang continued: “However, Jiang Xu is also considered to be someone who understands the Emperor’s bad habit.
When the Emperor wanted to execute Jiang Nan, he acted out a play in front of the Emperor, letting him feel that a single decision from him could destabilize the Jiang family.
The Emperor would feel that the Jiang family is only a dog of the Imperial family, not worth worrying about, so Jiang Nan lost his official position but kept his life.
When speaking of understanding the Emperor, you cannot compare to my father.
When speaking of grasping the situation, you cannot compare to Jiang Xu.
Those two have great influence on the Emperor, but in the Emperor’s eyes, they are only his subjects, and these subjects in reality control the Emperor’s decisions.”

Li Wei Yang’s words stunned Consort Lian, leaving her wide-eyed, but her face remained very calm.
However, Consort Lian, who was only half a step away from her, felt as if Li Wei Yang was very distant, as if she was in a faraway place, watching the struggle without involving herself—this was rather frightening.

Consort Lian felt afraid and anxious.
She suddenly realized how grave of a mistake she made today.
Li Wei Yang was right.
When faced off with the large and powerful Jiang family, she needed to understand her opponent and understand everything within her control that could be utilized.
In the end, she did not have enough control over the situation, nor did she have any grasp of the Emperor’s temperament, so she was failed miserably.

Li Wei Yang smiled: “On the surface, every decision is made by the sacred decree, but as long as you understand him well enough, you can manipulate him, letting him think that every decision he makes is his own.
In truth, it will be because you indirectly influence him to make such a decision.
Of course, this is very dangerous.
If you let the Emperor realize your intentions, you will be shackled and left to die without being buried.
So, this is a game, and only when you understand the rules do you have a chance of winning.
The most dangerous thing now is that your opponent has studied and learned the Emperor’s personality, knows what he pays attention to, where his weaknesses are, and so what do you have to win?”

Consort Lian’s face revealed her shock, as if she had expected this.
Li Wei Yang smiled and said: “If that woman was successful, I will tell you what would have happened.
The Emperor would have immediately sent someone to verify this matter.
Then, he will discover that the Jiang family built a mansion that is inferior to the Imperial Palace, yet holds more treasures than the Imperial Palace itself.
Bright pearls even bigger than the Eastern Sea pearls on Imperial crowns, buildings taller than the Imperial Palace.
The Emperor will be furious, and the court officials will plead for action.
His Majesty will give the decree to appease the court and take the Jiang family aside for a scolding until they do not dare to go outside.
In the middle of the road, the Jiang family could hold celebrations of victory, thinning His Majesty’s patience.
After that, Duke Jiang will be forced to return and explain, but in any case, the Jiang family would bear the crime of treason, their entire family annihilated!” Li Wei Yang’s voice grew more and more urgent, revealing that her own impatience was no less than Consort Lian’s.

“At that point, their past wrongdoings will be brought to light.
In that way, the bloody case of your Mu Rong Imperial family will have another path and become evidence that they deceived the Emperor, an act of treason and deceit! Of course, there is a second possibility.
That is, the Emperor imprisons the Jiang family, but Duke Jiang resists it.
This is even better.
Dispatching nameless armies, unrighteous schemes, condemned by eight parties, the Jiang family committed treason and must die without a doubt.
So, at an intersection, all roads lead to death! Wouldn’t you say this is very good? No need to dirty your hands, yet you can have bloody vengeance.
But today, you saw for yourself, there was a drawn-out chaotic struggle to force out a crime of false reporting, but it only made them spill a bit of blood.
It simply did not shake them, what a pity.”

Every sentence, every word, Li Wei Yang spoke them with nonchalance.
Consort Lian did not expect her to have planned everything out so meticulously, so arrogant and determined… But she vaguely felt that following Li Wei Yang’s script, everything will happen as she said because Li Wei Yang truly understood the Emperor…

“I… I used the wrong crime.” Consort Lian suddenly wanted to laugh, but for some reason, the smile that appeared on her lips turned bitter, “I was too foolish…” Head bowed, she sighed deeply, “What is called bullying commoners, how could it compare to treason? Missed an opportunity, it’s too late to regret it…”

But at that moment, Consort Lian’s hand was lifted up.
She looked up and saw Li Wei Yang’s determined face: “There are still many opportunities.” Pausing for a bit, her voice became lower: “But you have to listen to me.”

Li Wei Yang’s voice was jarring and ruthless, that cold yet lovely face had captivating strength and dignified air.

Consort Lian looked to her, stunned, then conviction appeared in her eyes…

Right, she designed a trap for them before, of course, she could do it a second time.

As long as she cooperated with her, someday she would have her revenge!

Elation flashed across Consort Lian’s eyes: “What should I do now?”

Li Wei Yang smiled and said: “Wait.”

Consort Lian hesitated a bit: “Until when?”

Li Wei Yang smiled lightly, “Until you can control the Emperor and influence his decisions.
Until he cannot leave you, and your influence surpasses all others, including my father and the Jiang family as well.”

Consort Lian fearfully looked at her: “I… Do I have that power?”

Li Wei Yang had to laugh: “Of course you do! Because you are not only beautiful but clever, and most importantly, you risked your life to save the Emperor! Of course, it was because you arranged it, but he doesn’t know that.
On the other hand, you will become the most beloved woman in his life because you have done things even the Empress could not do! As long as you convey it well, you can have the Emperor’s power in your hand, let him be happy for you, angry for you, and kill for you!”

The Emperor’s prestige…

The Emperor had sovereign authority, so he could do as he wished and conveniently change others’ destinies.
With his identity and status, he could have everything.
As long as she could control him, sooner or later, there will be a day she could avenge her Imperial family!

Li Wei Yang’s eyes clearly conveyed those words, but Consort Lian also understood, so the mournful hesitation and reluctance in her eyes gradually receded and became determination.

As if hypnotized, Li Wei Yang firmly took Consort Lian’s hand and led her to the balcony.
Their shoulders were damp with rain as water seeped in beneath their feet.
Every step felt rather heavy, but Li Wei Yang still walked on, slowly, step by step, calmly and stubbornly pulling her along.
They walked to the edge of the balcony, where she pointed to a distant place: “What do you see there?”

Consort Lian followed her line of sight.
Father and son of the Jiang family, the pair was still kneeling outside the hall, completely soaked.
No matter how frightening the wind and rain were, they kept clenching their teeth and persisted, with no intention of leaving.

“Your Highness, do you understand now?” Li Wei Yang asked with a smile.

Consort Lian gritted her teeth: “A plan gone to waste.”

Li Wei Yang’s smile had a hint of mercilessness: “So, what should you do?”

Consort Lian smiled lightly, her smile beautiful and captivating: “I understand now.
Thank Xianzhu for your advice.”

Li Wei Yang took two steps back, gently performed the ceremonial greeting and said: “Your subject withdraws.”

As she watched Li Wei Yang and Min De leave, Consort Lian subconsciously touched the mouth of the wound on her neck and wrists left behind by her act and smiled.

The Empress told the Emperor that the father and son of the Jiang family continued to kneel in the heavy rain.
The Emperor did not believe it and went out to see for himself.
He did indeed find two people in the thick curtain of rain.
Jiang Xu was able to meet the Emperor, immediately kowtowing and admitting to the crime.
Jiang Nan clenched his teeth and followed, kowtowing as well.

“Understand your crime?” The Emperor solemnly asked.

Jiang Xu’s voice trembled, his face streaming with tears: “Your Majesty, thousands of mistakes all belong to this subject.
It is because your subject failed to strictly discipline his son.
As long as it lessens Your Majesty’s anger, this subject now asks Your Majesty to punish this father and son more heavily!” His face changed to shame, and he let a few tears fall, quite pained.
His voice was choked as he said: “Your subject’s son falsely reported battle results and was impetuous.
Even if Your Majesty executes him, your subject would not dare to be resentful in the least…”

Compared to Marquis Yongning, who had just lost his daughter and still kept a composed face, Jiang Xu’s expressions made the Emperor feel at ease.
He thought to himself and wondered if he had been too harsh with punishment.
In any case, Jiang Xu did not do anything wrong.
The Emperor solemnly looked at them, his face calm as water.
He waved his hand a bit tiredly: “Forget it, get up!”

“Your subject, thanks your lordship’s grace.” A glimmer of hope surfaced in Jiang Xu’s heart as he waited for the Emperor to continue.
According to his understanding, the Emperor would comfort him with a few words, then a year later, there was still hope for military power.

Just as the Emperor was about to say something, an eunuch suddenly ran over and whispered a few things.
The Emperor’s face drastically changed: “What? Consort Lian was overly frightened and has a worsening fever?” The Emperor’s face suddenly fell.

“Your Majesty—” Jiang Xu began to panic and could not help but take a step forward.

The Emperor did not even look at him once, turning and hurrying away.
The eunuch holding the umbrella quickly ran after him.
No one paid attention to the father and son anymore.

Jiang Nan frowned: “Father, let’s go back!”

Jiang Xu turned back, and his left hand dealt a fierce slap to his face: “Go! Go! Go! Truly are a wretched animal!” He looked up at the sky and sighed.
There was no distinguishing between the tears and rain on his face.
He only knew that today, their Jiang family had lost their possessions and was left crippled!


In the carriage, Li Wei Yang lifted the curtain and saw the sky was covered with dark clouds and rain.
Her eyes were fixated far away—

In truth, she deeply regretted it, to the point where her heart was bleeding.

With such a good opportunity, the Jiang family would be undermined today!

Having once failed, the other party will take precautions, making it harder to act against them again.
How could she have nothing to say? How could she not regret it! And yet she still kept a calm face in front of Consort Lian, as if nothing was wrong, because she could not let Consort Lian lose faith.
If she was to challenge the Jiang family, Consort Lian would be a very important person! She could be by the Emperor’s side.There was nothing better than having someone on the inside collaborate with others on the outside!

A cloak was draped over her.
Li Wei Yang looked back and saw Li Min De smiling, his eyes curved up: “You say you don’t regret it, but you actually want to die of regret.”

Li Wei Yang sighed deeply: “Had I known, I would have chosen a more obedient beauty.”

Li Min De shook his head: “Silly.
How could you find someone more suitable? Like you said, beautiful women are easy to find, but it’s hard to find one that hates the Jiang family down to their bones and would not betray us.
Consort Lian is a clever woman.
Perhaps with this lesson learned, she will know who can help her and who she should cooperate with—” Li Min De took in a deep breath as he looked at the sky, then closed his eyes and slowly breathed out.
When he reopened his eyes, his expressions returned to normal.
Then, he lightly said: “A pity that our efforts are gone.”

Li Wei Yang slightly smiled and said: “You really are pretending to be innocent.
Be honest now, what did you to to that old Taoist back there?”

Li Min De innocently raised his hands: “I didn’t do anything! He was only punished by the Heavens for having ill intentions.”

Li Wei Yang laughed: “Even if the lightning rod on the stage was tampered with, he could not have been struck by lightning.
What method did you have?”

At last, Li Min De admitted: “I bribed his Taoist disciple and put two nails into his shoes… Did you know that when they are nailed to shoes, an accident will happen? It’s also because he has done too many things, evil remembers and evil returns.”

Li Wei Yang was shocked for a moment and thought to herself that he was more cruel than her in some ways.
At first, she only told him to destroy the lightning rod on the stage.
She only told him to do one thing, not expecting that on the other hand, he would want to do everything.

The rain outside got heavier.
Li Wei Yang looked at the heavy curtain of rain, not at ease in the slightest.

Li Min De softly said: “Don’t feel sorry for the efforts put towards a certain end goal.
The journey itself is meaningful.
What’s more is that we killed that old Taoist who was harming people.
Who knows how many innocent young women have been saved.
This is also a merit.”

Li Wei Yang laughed: “That also counts as merit?”

Li Min De solemnly responded: “Certainly.”

Seeing him justifying the situation, Li Wei Yang couldn’t help but laugh.
Her mind eased up at once: “You are right.
Overturning the Jiang family is not something inevitable.
I said the same words to Consort Lian, but now that it’s my turn, I feel anxious.”

Li Min De gently smiled, his voice gentle as a brocade, more like a clear spring, cool and calm, slowly flowing into her heart: “No matter what it is you want, you must have patience, isn’t that right?”

Li Wei Yang nodded.
The warmth in her heart seemed to push away the heavy clouds, a ray of sunshine shining in.
Everything seemed brighter overall.
She couldn’t help but smile.
Li Min De saw her smiling and felt his heart soften.
He suddenly remembered a floral wine he once tasted and the fragrance and intensity invading his heart and filling in his limbs.

Once they returned, Li Wei Yang went to see Lao Furen first.
She knew that the old lady was certainly not asleep yet, waiting for her to retell what happened at the banquet.
It was indeed the case.
When Lao Furen heard the Old Taoist was reduced to ashes by lightning, she uttered a Buddhist prayer.
When she heard the part where Able Consort Wu was sentenced to death, she only shook her head.
As soon as she heard that there were assassins at the night banquet, she pulled Li Wei Yang closer and looked up and down for a while.
After finding that she was not hurt, she felt reassured.
Li Wei Yang saw that Lao Furen’s face and eyes were full of heartfelt concern and felt a bit uncomfortable.
She wished Lao Furen well with a few words and took her leave.

Looking at the heavy rain that had stopped outside, Li Wei Yang contemplated.
In the end, the human heart is still of flesh and blood.
Although Lao Furen had somewhat used her, she always had genuine concern that perhaps she did not realize herself.

Early next morning, Bai Zhi brought an invitation in.
The writing was exquisite with small, neat and beautiful calligraphy.

Li Wei Yang’s lips slightly curved up.
Sun Yan Jun was coming to visit.
She liked warm, genuine and open-minded people like that.

Sun Yan Jun was an impatient person.
She arrived in the afternoon.
Li Wei Yang ordered appetizers to be prepared.
Sun Yan Jun’s pale cheeks were flushed, her eyes clear as water.
She ate pastries and drank tea with a dimpled smile, telling Li Wei Yang things that happened the night before.

“That Eldest Sister of yours, isn’t she trying to compete with me? I don’t care who she is, I’ll only say: I won’t let you!” Sun Yan Jun said with a smile, “We’re not looking for trouble, but we’re also not afraid of troublesome things.
She usually bats her eyelashes, delicately swaying.
Seeing that irritates me so much, so I stuck out my foot and let her…”

Hearing this, Li Wei Yang could not stop laughing, “Good thing I didn’t offend you!”

Sun Yan Jun proudly said: “Who asked her to be so useless and fall from the stairs all the sudden? It’s really unbelievable.
Turns out it was a balding disease.
I want to die of laughter!”

Li Wei Yang shook her head: “I’m afraid Eldest Sister resents you to death.”

Sun Yan Jun did not like trouble things, but she wasn’t afraid of trouble! Li Chang Le wanted to compete with her.
She would naturally not give way to it, but she only wanted to humiliate her opponent.
She did not expect to expose such a big secret.
She was a bit satisfied as she said: “I am not afraid.
Prime Minister Li has a great beauty like that as his daughter and treats her like a treasure, constantly doting, protecting her and favoring her like this.
This is how she turns out so arrogant and self-entitled.
I just don’t like seeing her…”

Sun Yan Jun’s personality ultimately had a bit of boldness.
When faced with someone who was an eyesore, she liked to teach that person some lesson.

Except yesterday, she had just provoked Li Chang Le.
Today, she even dared to come over to visit.
This girl was a sly character, Li Wei Yang thought to herself.

“Now she’s really famous.
People outside are spreading it everywhere, saying the Eldest Xiaojie of the Li family has a skin disease.
All her hair has fallen out, left her completely bald!” Having said this, she glanced at Li Wei Yang: “How come you didn’t tell me earlier? This kind of news is rare!”

Li Wei Yang chuckled, her smile clear, and she herself seemed more radiant.

Bai Zhi and Mo Zhu both laughed.
It was rare for their Xiaojie to have friends.
She usually smiled on the outside as if not smiling at all, but now, she seemed to really like this Sun Xiaojie.

Sun Yan Jun looked at Li Wei Yang and also felt very close to her.
After going back, her mother said the Third Young Xiaojie of the Li family was still young yet acted calmly and listened closely to elders, unlike Sun Yan Jun’s childish and spontaneous temperament, and only listened quietly.
This was appropriate.
Her mother told her to be closer to Li Wei Yang.

Li Wei Yang finished laughing and said: “Alright, we’ll talk about more appropriate things now.
When are you going to be my Second sister-in-law?”

“Nonsense!” Sun Yan Jun blushed, jumping up.
She clenched her teeth and stomped her feet, her cheeks reddening with the rush of blood.

Li Wei Yang genuinely said: “I really didn’t expect you to have feelings for my Second Older Brother.
I even thought the last last time Li Chang Le provoked you, this marriage had soon been ruined…”

Sun Yan Jun lowered her voice and said: “I originally didn’t want to push this marriage, the result was I accidentally ran into him on the road.” She saw Li Wei Yang was clearly smiling and hung her head low: “You can’t laugh, I’m not going to say anything else if you keep laughing!”

Li Wei Yang said: “Alright, I won’t laugh.
Say it.”

Sun Yan Jun sat down again and spoke softly: “On the road that day, I saw a young man save a child from under a horse’s hooves.
He was clumsy and accidentally knocked over others’ fruit stalls.
He was covered with injuries and didn’t even remember to bring any silver.
He was almost chased out of the pharmacy.
Fortunately, he immediately mentioned the name of his household, said he was the Second Young Master of Prime Minister Li’s household.
He was also a student at the National University, but it was too shameful, a grown man trying to help and making a mess.”

Li Wei Yang looked at Sun Yan Jun who looked like spring in full swing.
She carefully thought about this scene.
Li Wei Yang felt that Second Older Brother did indeed act shamefully.
In any case, he always had this chivalrous and righteous personality.

“Yan Jun, my Second Older Brother… He doesn’t have exceptional looks or is particularly clever either.
In the future, he will pursue officialdom and might not make it very far.
Moreover, if you marry him, there will also be a selfish, opportunistic mother-in-law.” Li Wei Yang reminded her.

A while later, Sun Yan Jun finally said: “I don’t know why, I feel that a man like him is reliable! It’s clear he doesn’t have the strength in his hands, but he dares to help someone else.
He doesn’t look handsome, but it’s nice when he’s smiling.
I also feel good and have a peace of mind!”

Li Wei Yang felt a little touched and said: “So you like men like that…”

Don’t laugh at me.
I just think he is that kind of person.
You say he has an average background and his appearance is not outstanding, but he treats others very well.
He has a righteous personality… What’s what makes me determined.
Wei Yang, you don’t know, but I used to like the Seventh Prince… I would occasionally think of him, but I never thought about marrying him… Mother always says she wants to find someone who will treat me well.
I think if it’s your Second Older Brother, he certainly will be very good to me.” Sun Yan Jun slightly paused, her face kept blushing.
On any other day, these words were difficult for her to say, but she felt that Li Wei Yang was not a mouthy person.

Li Wei Yang smiled: “You are right.” If she also thought of herself that year, perhaps she would not have ended up in that situation.
A woman that says she doesn't want wealth and glory.
In fact, she did not have the slightest thought to be someone strong and powerful.
Sun Yan Jun was more practical and open-minded.
A woman like her was indeed wonderful and easily lovable.

“Then… Have both families agreed to the marriage?” Li Wei Yang said with a smile.

Sun Yan Jun’s face got even more red: “My mother said she will immediately arrange this.”

Li Wei Yang laughed: “Don’t worry, my Second Older Brother’s previous marriage visits became too complicated.
Maybe you can’t escape this time.”

Sun Yan Jun reached out and pinched Li Wei Yang’s cheek: “Alright, so what if I’m in a hurry, I’m in a hurry to marry in and deal with this mouthy little sister-in-law!”

Li Wei Yang just laughed and did not evade.
A moment later, she said: “What news are there outside?

Sun Yan Jun pondered for a moment and said: “There is one more thing.
It seems like something big happened with the Jiang family.”

Last night, the Jiang family could not sleep.
After returning from the Imperial Palace, Jiang Xu did not say a word to Jiang Nan.
Da Furen worried there was a chance the two had gotten sick from kneeling in the rain for over two hours, so she quickly prepared hot baths and clean clothes, so they could return and rest.

However, after returning, Jiang Xu was rarely this furious.

Jiang Hai saw that the situation was bad.
He immediately persuaded Da Furen and Han shi to leave and send all the servants outside.
Once they were alone in the study, he said: “Father, you shouldn’t blame Fourth Brother.
In that moment, that matter is not entirely his fault! At that time, the military commander was Liang Wang.
He was intent on the Mu Rong family’s possessions.
If he let the Mu Rong family surrender, the Emperor will certainly grant them a title, then their riches would be untouchable! Fourth Brother was only corrupted by Liang Wang! Now all the responsibility is pushed to Fourth Brother.
This is a bit too much!”

Jiang Xu sneered: “No need to craft gold onto this bastard’s face.
What Liang Wang? You think I don’t know the likes of that Liang Wang? The Emperor scoffs at him, and he would not even dare to break wind.
Does he dare to desire others’ property? It was clearly Jiang Nan’s great accomplishment, simply not watching what he’s saying!”

Jiang Nan could not help it anymore and suddenly stood up: “Father! It’s what I did, I did it, so let me bear the consequences alone.
Over a thousand people of the Murong family were killed by me.
So what? What kind of dynasty does not have its fall! When it’s my turn, I myself—Jiang Nan, it becomes a heinous crime?! The empire of his Tuoba family also relies on our Jiang family guarding it.
If he kills us all, the world would immediately descend into chaos!”

“Too impudent!” Jiang Xu angrily looked at his own son, his eyes full of ridicule as he jeered: “You still don’t understand! Everything you have been taught these past years have been eaten up by a dog! This world will keep turning without certain people.
Without you, who knows what countless things would happen instead! Now we, father and son, have had our military power taken away.
You still don’t see how many people are happily laughing behind our backs!” He grew more furious as he spoke, blue veins rising on his neck.
He pointed at Jiang Nan’s face and swore: “I have seen countless self-entitled, arrogant people but not a one like you.
What is the Jiang family? Without Heaven’s blessing, we would all retire to the countryside!”

Jiang Nan fearfully looked at Jiang Xu, who was rarely this furious and violent, unable to believe it.
He froze, his lips moving without a sound for some time.

Jiang Hai quickly amended: “This time someone deliberately framed us! So we cannot destroy our family’s harmony, that’s right! Fourth Brother, stop arguing, don’t make Father angry!”

Jiang Xu coldly sneered: “You heard what your Eldest Brother said? Well said, someone wants to harm us, so with your virtue, you fell into their trap, making others want to die of joy! In the end, you still don’t understand your mistake.
It was not because you wanted a great achievement, nor because you killed left and right, but you are too arrogant towards the Emperor.
It caused the Emperor to almost be assassinated.
If the Emperor was injured today, our entire family will have to be buried with you!”

Jiang Nan looked at Jiang Xu and vaguely had the impression of spitting flames in his eyes, but he did not speak because he knew Father was right.
Today, Jiang Xu was there to save his life, so his attitude naturally softened.

Jiang Hai quickly offered Jiang Xu tea, “Father, please calm down, don’t worry about Fourth Brother, he’s just a child.”

Jiang Xu sighed deeply: “Indeed, a child.
I used to think that when our Jiang family had your support, we will be able to stand, but now I realize you are the source of trouble! This matter, I am afraid I cannot keep from your grandfather, I might as well personally write a letter pleading guilty to this.”

Grandfather had a violent temper.
It was very likely he would beat Jiang Nan to death on the spot.
Jiang Hai was worried.
He quickly lowered his voice and said: “Father, Grandfather’s 60th birthday celebration is coming up.
Can you delay for the time being? Wait until the house is built and present it to Grandfather to wish him a long life, then his anger will be dissipated.”

Jiang Xu frowned: “House? What house?”

Jiang Nan hastily said: “The one that someone in our clan built especially for Grandfather, saying that in the future, Grandfather can retire in old age—”

Jiang Xu was unable to hold back his fury and suddenly stood up: “Insolent, now others out there are trying to seize a weakness, and they still dare to construct it.
It’s simply stupid! Quickly order them to cease!”

Jiang Nan sounded conflicted: “This—is their good intention and is almost finished with construction.
It’s an estate with a large expanse, hundreds of miles, how could it be stopped?”

“Hundreds of miles?” When Jiang Xu heard it, he had cold sweat running, “Immediately order them to stop—no, carefully inspect the house!”

Jiang Hai frowned: “Father, why are you—”

Jiang Xu slowly sat down, “I simply feel that not only the Mu Rong family was involved in the matter today.
Think about it.
Mu Rong assassins could infiltrate the palace, proving that they have internal support and long-term motives.
At today’s banquet, with a few words, Consort Lian almost put our Jiang family to death.
Perhaps she has connections to the Mu Rong family.
We must carefully investigate her background! As for the death of Yin Tian Zhao today, I also feel it is strange, it’s best to be careful!”

Jiang Hai glanced over at Jiang Xu.
Although he felt Father was too paranoid, he still instinctively obeyed: “Yes.”

Jiang Nan suddenly stood up and ran out.
Jiang Xu shouted: “Where are you going?!”

Jiang Nan coldly responded: “I have something to do!”

Jiang Xu was even more furious, unable to hold back: “Insolent child! Did you hear what His Majesty said, he wanted us to close our doors and reflect! You’re running out now.
You want others to point us down the road to death?!”

Jiang Nan sneered and turned back: “Father, rest assured, I am going to catch the ghost behind this!” Having said this, he turned away and left.

Jiang Xu was so angry he could hardly speak.
Then, he loudly shouted: “Go! Go far away for me! You’re capable now, don’t even come back!”

Jiang Hai rushed to say: “Father, don’t be angry—” At that moment, Grand Duke Furen’s voice suddenly rang out at the door, “What is going on here!”

The two in the room were startled…

In the room, Li Wei Yang listened as Sun Yan Jun continued to say: “I heard that after returning yesterday, Grand Duke Furen received news that the two hundred thousand troops had been lost.
Wide-eyed in fury, she lost consciousness.
Now, the Jiang family is recruiting physicians to collectively examine.
To keep others from saying they are a tall tree swayed by the wind, they did not dare to invite an Imperial physician!”

“Oh? Is Grand Duke Furen alright?” Li Wei Yang raised her eyebrows, interested.

Sun Yan Jun smiled: “That Old Furen’s body has always been healthy.
These days, she seems to face a lot of blows.
First, Duke Wei Furen, then her eldest daughter, and next, her grandson’s military positions are gone and the troops her son commanded reduced to nothing.
A flower once in full bloom now wilted.
You see, no matter how health her body is, it cannot withstand such pressure.”

Li Wei Yang smiled slightly.
If that old hag stopped breathing soon, then it would be great.
Don’t blame her for being cruel.
When dealing with this malicious old woman, she must be just as ruthless and mercilessly give her a stab!

Sun Yan Jun had tea and pastries and walked around the garden twice.
She still did not see Second Young Master, nor did she meet the unlucky Eldest Young Xiaojie.
Naturally, she felt a bit disappointed, but with Li Wei Yang accompanying her, it was less of a disappointment.
An hour later, she left with a cheerful smile.

Bai Zhi brought a cup of tea over with both hands: “This Sun Xiaojie is really interesting.
She wants to marry into the family but also offended Eldest Young Xiaojie.”

Li Wei Yang smiled: “With her personality, it’s too easy to suffer.”

On the other hand, Bai Zhi smiled and said: “But this servant is worried the Jiang family suspects you, Xiaojie.”

Li Wei Yang had never cared about this.
As long as she remembered her opponent’s arrogant stance, her heart, liver and intestines were in chaos.
It would be better to let it go, so she said: “It’s alright, I have arranged for the rest.
If they stopped construction, then fine, otherwise, it will be a dead end for them.”

Li Wei Yang sat in the garden, looking at flowers in full bloom throughout garden.
She listened as Bai Zhi reported back situations of each courtyard recently.

“After returning, Eldest Young Mistress has yet to step outside and shut herself in room.
She refuses to see anyone except physician Lu.”

“Oh? Lu Gong?” Li Wei Yang repeated the name again.
It was unclear what she thought about, but she slightly smiled.

Bai Zhi saw her smiling and felt strange: “Xiaojie, is there need to send someone to investigate.”

Li Wei Yang shook her head: “Don’t mind her.” Li Wei Yang had always been curious about how Li Chang Le suddenly managed to recover her beauty.
However, today, that person could not raise wind or rain, so why should she pay mind to it?

Bai Zhi was about to say something when she suddenly saw Zhao Yue stop at the entrance of the pavilion.
Her eyes vigilantly fixated on someone approaching.

Li Wei Yang looked up and saw the person who had arrived was a tall, young man with a shining and regal air as before.

Li Wei Yang slightly smiled: “Third Dianxia came to visit Eldest Sister? Wait a moment, I will immediately send someone over.”

Tuoba Zhen stared intently at her, his eyes vaguely revealing strange, conflicted emotions.

Li Wei Yang frowned.
Never before had she seen him make such a face, it was so strange—

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