Chapter 110: The Reveal of the Evil Spirit 



A warm and balmy scent of intoxication pervaded the palace court.
Right in the front of the court was the Emperor’s throne and directly sitting next to the Emperor was the Empress.
Seated below were Able Consort Wu, Virtuous Consort Zhang, Imperial Consort Mei, Consort Ruo, and other consorts who held high positions.
Seated another row beneath were a few favored guests. 

Below the main court, on the left were the male guests who were seated accordingly; first were the princes, then the royalty members, and lastly the officials who were seated according to their ranks.
On the right were the female guests and they were seated the same way the male guests were seated.
Even though this was just a simple banquet held by the Empress, the females of each family attended based on their ranks.
So this time, Li Wei Yang was actually positioned far ahead of Li Chang Le, which made the latter feel hateful to the point of almost biting apart her teeth.
She originally thought she could recapture everyone’s attention with her face.
However, these people only gazed at her for a few seconds and then fixated their gazes elsewhere.
She didn’t expect this from the start.

In actuality, if Li Chang Le didn’t have an alluring beauty, no one would actually give her a glance.
This was because her “glorious” achievements had been spread throughout the city.
Everyone knew she first offended the Emperor and then caused the Fifth Prince to be punished by the Emperor.
They’d also heard that she was dressed magnificently at her mother’s funeral …… Marry a wife for her virtues for the family, but who would dare marry this woman? The Official Wife isn’t a vase that can just casually be placed anywhere; she has to manage the household.
If they marry the wrong wife, it will bring damage to nine generations.

As Li Chang Le continued to think of this, she became more infuriated.
She faintly felt that the rotten scent from her body was overtaking the scent of the fragranced powder and couldn’t help but feel fearful that others would realize.

Li Wei Yang didn’t even look at Li Chang Le once.
Because her position was very close to Ninth Princess, she was being asked all sorts of questions by Ninth Princess. 

It had been a while; Tuoba Zhen couldn’t help but fixate his gaze on Li Wei Yang.
Even though he could only see her profile, he noticed the blue-colored gem on her forehead, making her look pure and fresh.
Observing her from afar, he saw how half of her face showed calm radiance and shone under the lights.
The gem on her black, fluffy hair was like the moon amid a misted spring night.
Her complexion was white so she didn’t really need to apply any powder.
Today she had applied some, which made her complexion even more pure white.
On top of her snow white complexion, she also had on a layer of rouge.
It was like the clouds in the morning, tender and alluring, making others think that it would break with a blow.
She was wearing a dress made with high-quality fabric.
With one glance, it looked like it was purple but in actuality, there was a layer of thin purple yarn shrouding the dress, creating a beautiful curve.
He didn’t want to move and didn’t even want to blink his eyes.
She was even much more beautiful than before; she was only 13 years old then so her body and face hadn’t become fully grown yet.
In a little more than two years, she had turned into a young lady.
The alluring buds in the past had bloomed.
Perhaps, because of his suppressed wild ambitions, her alluring beauty had become even more fascinating in his eyes.
Tuoba Zhen mindfully watched her as he thought about how it was a pity to ruin such a beautiful lady.

Right at this moment, Li Wei Yang felt his gaze.
Her deep and serene eyes looked towards his direction —— delusions suddenly appeared right in front of Tuoba Zhen; he felt that this was a beauty with a face covered with rosy clouds.
But these rosy clouds quickly dispersed and Li Wei Yang reacted yet he didn’t understand it.
Her long brows slightly cramped up and her eyes showed cold disgust and derision.
Ultimately, the emotions he felt suddenly melted away as if they had turned into taunts.
Tuoba Zhen felt that his mind was suddenly blank and his heartbeat almost gone, instigating endless emotions of anger.

At this time, a smiling beauty walked over to the Emperor’s side.
The Emperor actually made an exception and added a seat that was even closer to the throne than the Empress’s.
The crowd curiously looked towards the beauty.
It’s alright not to look but once the crowd looked, everyone gasped in admiration, similar to adding iced water into an oiled pot.

“This is Consort Lian!”

“I’ve heard she was sent by the Heavens to aid His Majesty!”

“That’s right, the Heavens blessed Da Li!”

Everyone was speaking rubbish.
Even though everyone knew stories about the Heavens were all imaginary, so long as the Emperor believed it, then they must believe it too.
As for now, the Emperor’s favoritism towards Neng You Lian wasn’t typical so everyone spoke on the same page and believed she was sent by the Heavens to serve His Majesty.
Listening to everyone’s admiration, Li Wei Yang couldn’t help but smile.
The so-called heavenly figure was simply a deceiving act and the victim being deceived was the Emperor, with the crowd being the spectators for support.
Thinking about this, Li Wei Yang’s gaze fell on Neng You Lian.
She had only heard about her through Min De and hadn’t seen Consort Lian in person.
Carefully looking at her now, this consort was in fact unusually beautiful.
She was so demurely beautiful that she made all the extravagantly dressed consorts unflatteringly dull and even more the fire in the lantern.
Indeed, this was the first time Li Wei Yang saw another woman who could rival Li Chang Le’s beauty.

The only reason why Li Wei Yang could look at Consort Lian with an ordinary mind was because she wasn’t one who relied on her looks to achieve what she wanted.
So she didn’t really care about others being much more beautiful than she was.
On the other hand, Li Chang Le couldn’t even maintain an ordinary mind.
She furtively looked at Consort Lian’s face, inch by inch, bit by bit as she scrutinized and analyzed.
She meticulously compared herself to her and became even more terrified as she compared.
This Emperor’s newly favored consort was a rare beauty.
Not only could her features rival hers, but also her noble disposition was like a bright moon in the night sky.
Li Chang Le clenched her fist; she could only rely on her beauty but now that someone’s beauty triumphed over hers, what else could she depend on!

“Younger Sister’s jewelry is very intricate, the style of your outfit is also new.
It doesn’t seem like the work of our craftsmen?” Able Consort Wu looked at Consort Lian and warmly asked.

Consort Lian was wearing a faintly red gem necklace with a pair of matching expensive earrings.
Consort Lian’s appearance was out of the ordinary, her complexion like jade and her body graceful like the moon.
This pair of splendid red gem jewelry and her was a perfect match.
Her exquisite skin emitted a calm red as if her neck were transparent.

“Older Sister, don’t you know? This jewelry was sent as a gift by a foreign ambassador! Since the past year, His Majesty treasured this so much and he placed it in his storage.
I asked for it many times but he wasn’t willing to give it!” Consort Ruo, who was the birth mother of Ninth Princess and Eighth Prince, smiled and semi-genuinely said.

The bloody agate was a glorious gemstone that couldn’t escape the notice of others, especially when the large red gemstone at the middle of necklace was the center of attention.
Virtuous Consort Zhang looked and calmly smiled: “Consort Ruo, how can you be compared to Consort Lian.
She is His Majesty’s dearest!”

The Empress looked at all the consorts from above: “Consort Lian is such an alluring beauty that I can’t even remove my gaze.
Do you all remember when you first entered the palace, each of you were like flowers? Look at how many years have passed.
Looking at the young and beautiful Consort Lian now, I can’t admit defeat.
Time has passed by really quickly.”

This was why she was the Empress.
With a few words, Able Consort Wu’s, Virtuous Consort Zhang’s, and Consort Ruo’s mood all turned sour.
The Empress wanted to remind them that they were already old and were no longer as favored and also to remind Consort Lian that even with such a beautiful appearance, she still had nothing in hand.
Age is the most powerful factor that is ever-changing.
It’s only the Empress’s throne that will never change.
Besides the Empress, everyone else is nothing.

Consort Lian smiled slightly with no change to her expression as if she didn’t hear the cutting remarks made by everyone.
Her gaze was actually fixated towards the area below the platform and eventually landed on the Jiangs.
Her expression in her eyes had slightly changed but not for long; her eyes moved away as if nothing had happened.

“The Crown Prince has arrived!” Up until here, a door eunuch announced as the Crown Prince walked in.
By his side were two magnificently-dressed beauties; one was his Crown Princess and the other was the highly-favored consort Jiang Lan.
Crown Princess of the He family came from the House of Duke Wen’s.
She had a tall stature, a duck egg-shaped face, short eyelashes, mid-sized eyes, slightly plump nose, and a drooping mouth.
She is considered a beauty but compared to Jiang Lan on the side, it was still fairly lacking.
Jiang Lan inherited the Jiang’s tall forehead and had a pair of bright eyes and a pointy-shaped face.
Her appearance compared to the arrogant Main Furen and Duke Wei Furen was more gentle and elegant.
She stood behind the Crown Princess and didn’t appear to be too intimate with the Jiangs as she didn’t even look at Jiang Xu.

Li Wei Yang thought that this Crown Prince’s consort was a figure.
In her memory, the Crown Prince loved her so much that they were inseparable and even treated the Crown Princess coldly because of this.
The Crown Princess had complained to the Empress multiple times but because the Empress wanted the Jiangs’ support, she also sided with Jiang Lan.
Because of this, the Crown Princess became depressed and passed away two years later.
If the Crown Prince did successfully inherited the throne, then Jiang Lan would have had the fate to become an empress.
But whether it’s in the past life or now, the Jiangs were still indifferent towards this consort.
Not only did they not help her out or even heavily back the Crown Prince, but they also didn’t lend a helping hand when the Crown Prince was forced to a dead end.
As for Jiang Lan, the first thing she did was abandon her husband and run back to the Jiangs …… thinking about this, this was beyond comprehension.
She had thought in the past that, witnessing the love between the Crown Prince and Jiang Lan, their marriage was perfect.
However looking at the result, the Jiangs had never thought of backing the Crown Prince and even Jiang Lan was just a facade.
Besides having their eyes on the throne, this whole family only paid their loyalty towards the successor of the throne.
As for who becomes the successor, this really depends on that person’s capabilities.

The Empress smilingly said: “Truly worth a beating, the banquet is starting soon, you actually dare allow your Imperial Father to wait for you!” Behind these words, there was actually no intention of punishing him.

The Crown Prince turned back to coldly glare at the Crown Princess.
They originally were going to arrive earlier but this Crown Princess caused a ruckus in the residence, which annoyed him.
Now he appeared late in front of everyone which was a loss of etiquette! The Crown Princess coldly glared back at him, her eyes filled with taunts.
You allow a consort to have preferential treatment well above that of a Crown Princess that you even brought her to welcome the foreign ambassador.
Since you’ve already made me lose face, then there’s no need for you to save yourself from losing yours!

As the Crown Princess and the Crown Prince were raging at one another, Li Wei Yang watched and could only shake her head.
Restlessness within the inner chambers was a shortcoming of the Crown Prince.
In the upcoming battles, Tuoba Zhen took advantage of this point.
These two have been glaring at one another like black-eyed chickens, did they not notice the Emperor was starting to be impatient? No matter what, the Empress ordered a young eunuch to set up a table.
It wasn’t until they’d finished working in a rush that a table was set up right beneath the Emperor.

“Crown Prince Brother has always doted on Jiang Lan, the Crown Princess is very angry! Both married to the Crown Prince on the same day but in the end, the Crown Prince stayed over at Jiang Lan’s, such a deep grudge!” Ninth Princess whispered to Li Wei Yang, “It happens that Imperial Mother always sides with Jiang Lan, which infuriates the Crown Princess.
I’ve heard there’s a small ruckus every three days and a big one every five days! The Crown Princess even broke the bed in Jiang Lan’s chamber!”

Li Wei Yang with astonishment looked at the Crown Princess, such a petite stature …… didn’t know she could be this overbearing.
But, no one can be happy having to share a husband with another woman, especially a gentle one who has been monopolizing her husband’s time.
It was difficult for Li Wei Yang to see her having any blood relations with the Jiangs, looking at Jiang Lan’s feeble body and pitiful face.
She didn’t even look a single bit like Main Furen and Duke Wei Furen.
Pondering upon this, Jiang Lan was birthed by a concubine.
So, the way the Jiangs’ attitude towards her compared to the other two differed greatly.
This seemed to be the answer to this unfamiliarity.

The Empress noticed Jiang Lan.
With a admiring expression, she tugged her hand and praised: “Lan-Er, your make-up today is very unique.”

“Thanks Your Majesty for your praise.” Jiang Lan gently spoke.

The Empress and Jiang Lan began chatting while the Crown Princess was left on the side without a chance to join in, leaving her feeling suffocated.

Not long after, Jiang Lan returned to her seat.
Her glance looked towards the side and then swept over Li Wei Yang’s table.
They just stopped momentarily and then moved away as if nothing had happened.

“Sister Wei Yang, you don’t know, this Jiang Lan is formidable.
She isn’t that beautiful but she is able to tantalize Brother Crown Prince ……” Ninth Princess bent over, whispering happily to Li Wei Yang’s ears, lacking the demeanor of a princess.
As she spoke, she turned to look at Jiang Lan but Jiang Lan had already fixated her gaze elsewhere.
On the contrary, she was looking towards General Wei Wu, Jiang Nan.
Their eyes met and Ninth Princess shivered all of a sudden, feeling that she was deciphered inside-out.

“What’s so extraordinary ……” Ninth Princess lowly uttered and then stopped speaking.

Of course, he was extraordinary.
Nowadays, the Emperor’s highly regarded civil official hailed from the Lis while the highly regarded general hailed from the Jiangs.
Although since the start of Da Li, civil officials were superior to generals.
But the Jiangs were an exception, their feats had already exceeded those of an average general so that they’re only lacking the title of a Duke.
Li Wei Yang’s gaze looked past Jiang Lan and Jiang Nan and settled on Jiang Xu.
He was exactly the same in her memory.
He had a valiant appearance, an upright body, and his smile seemed pleasantly warm.
If others didn’t know, they would have thought he was a civil official and would never imagine that he was a well-known first-ranked general.
She didn’t understand how his appearance at the banquet would change anything! Thinking of how Jiang Nan deliberately came to provoke, Li Wei Yang already knew clearly that today there would be a mishap, and it would be directed towards herself!

Li Wei Yang slightly smiled, what should she do that would allow her to reap the most profits?

Jiang Xu, Jiang Nan, Crown Prince, Jiang Lan, Tuoba Zhen, Able Consort Wu, and the Empress …… These people and their faces flashed across Li Wei Yang’s mind.
She looked down and thought all of them just considered her an eyesore but this eyesore could possibly affect the overall situation.

Jiang Xu, Jiang Nan, Crown Prince, Jiang Lan, Tuoba Zhen, Able Consort Wu, and the Empress …… The faces of these people flashed across Li Wei Yang’s mind.
She looked down and thought about how all of them just considered her an eyesore but this eyesore could possibly affect the overall situation.

Jiang’s men had always been defending the borders so they rarely appeared publicly in the capital.
With two young Jiangs here, it was enough to excite all the furens and misses.
Oldest Young Master Jiang Hai’s cold appearance resembled Jiang Xu.
He was talented and tall, resolute and masculine, but since he had already taken a wife, all the furens and misses were really interested in his three younger brothers.
It was three instead of four because Second Young Master Jiang Yang had already been conferred a marriage, and his fiancee was the Earl of Xiang Yang’s legitimate daughter Gao Wan’er.
Therefore, the Jiangs only had Third Young Master Jiang Hua, Fourth Young Master Jiang Nan, and Fifth Young Master Jiang Tian who had not been arranged marriages.
The Jiangs were a meritorious aristocratic family and their sons were all very distinguished and magnificent.
All the furens and misses were restless and began asking each other about them.
Jiang Main Furen couldn’t bear the vexation yet she still put on a smile, hiding her pride.
Yes, Jiang Main Furen had a reason to be proud because her sons were indeed talents amongst others.
Compared to the princes, they were not inferior.

Jiang Hai glanced at the female seatings across from them and then quietly voiced to his brother: “The one whose face is white and eyes are deep and serene is Li Wei Yang?” He had been away so this was the first time he had seen Li Wei Yang in person.

Jiang Nan showed a slight smile and said: “Could there be another ten-something years-old girl that would be sitting in the second-ranked Xianzhu’s seat?”

Jiang Hai nodded and then commented: “She has a good-looking appearance but compared to Chang Le, it’s still greatly inferior.” No matter how extraordinary a man is, he will always base his first impressions on a girl’s appearance.
His tone was indicating that, with her appearance, Li Wei Yang was forcibly lookable.
Of course, Jiang Hai had high tastes; not only was his wife of Han’s a striking beauty, others given to him were all beautiful women.
This had shaped his tastes so his remarks towards Li Wei Yang were understandable.
Of course, if Li Wei Yang were to find out, she wouldn’t appreciate his comment.

People by Jiang Hai’s side raised their cups to him.
He smilingly drank a toast in return and then whispered: “Father has said this before, don’t always go and seek trouble.”

Jiang Nan disapprovingly stared at Li Wei Yang who was sitting across from him.
He slouched his brows and said: “Eldest Brother, you are being too cautious; don’t worry, this will have nothing to do with the Jiangs!”

Jiang Hai frowned and said: “I’ll say it one more time, don’t cause trouble.”

Jiang Nan presumptuously smiled and said: “She has angered grandmother to the verge of sickness and you’re telling me to not cause trouble?”

Jiang Hai showed a smile so outsiders would think he was talking jovially and in a lively manner with Jiang Nan.
In actuality, he disapprovingly said: “She’s merely a small character.
Father doesn’t want us to ruin the overall situation because of her.”

Jiang Nan couldn’t help but laugh.
He lifted his wine cup and said: “Eldest Brother, do you think grandmother will let me make a move myself? That’s ridiculous.” The Duke’s furen wanted to avenge Li Chang Le but she would absolutely not let Jiang Nan do it himself.
No matter what, even if the Jiangs wanted to tackle Li Wei Yang, they wouldn’t dirty their own hands.
Although they wanted her to disappear, naturally someone would do the work for them so they just needed to watch.
This was why Jiang prepared a last humiliation for Li Wei Yang because he knew he wouldn’t have another chance to see this face ever again, how pitiful? Haha, Jiang Nan smiled happily as he stared at Li Wei Yang.

Li Wei Yang certainly noticed his hostile expression but her expression didn’t change a bit.
She was steady to the point that she didn’t seem like a young girl of her age.


Tuoba Yu who wasn’t sitting far away was also ponderously staring at the Jiangs.
He finally understood why Li Wei Yang hated them.
They were indeed a bunch of talented men but that’s their business.
Relying on this pride, they look at others like dust and trample over them whenever they like.
This was not fun at all.
He thought back to three days ago when Li Wei Yang sent Zhao Nan over to deliver news and couldn’t hold back his smile.
He knew she would be making a move but he didn’t know exactly what she would do.
It seemed like it would be a masterpiece.

This place was filled with scheming and flying daggers.
All types of delicacies flowed onto the table.
Palace maids at each table diligently warmed the wine and arranged the dishes.

Li Wei Yang looked around and saw Zhou Tian Shou, who was standing close to the emperor, with his hands by his sides.
As for the emperor’s other favored taoist master Yin Tian Zhao, he was nowhere to be seen.
She glimpsed at the nearby Li Min De and it was as if he knew what she was looking for as his expression seemed to signal her to calm down.

“It’s rare that all my beloved subjects can gather together today.
Seeing how happy and relaxed you all are, the Empress didn’t put forth her efforts in vain!” The emperor laughingly said and then turned his head to the Empress and said: “We’ve troubled the Empress.”

After a period of recuperation, the Empress’s health was better than last time.
Her temper had returned to her usual geniality, so she smilingly said: “Your Majesty, it’s my duty to share your burdens.
Holding this banquet is also to make everyone happy!” After she finished her words, she looked at everyone and said: “Look, even the Jiang’s Oldest and Fourth Young Masters are here.
I remember the first time I’d seen Fourth Young Master was when he was only four.
At that time, he came into the palace with Main Furen and was causing a scene wanting to pick the peaches in the imperial garden and didn’t want to leave.
With a blink of an eye, he had turned into a valiant young general!”

The Emperor looked at Jiang Nan, his face filled with laughter: “Yes, with the Empress’ words, I remember.
It’s such a pity that Ninth Princess is still young or else I would marry her off to General Wei Wu, which would be a widely approved matter!”

Ninth Princess knew it was a joke yet her face turned cold and then she made a humph noise.

The Empress smiled and then stared at Jiang Nan: “I have a niece from my maternal family called Yun Yun.
She has a gentle appearance and is demurely virtuous.
She’s perfect to be matched with General Wei Wu!”

The Emperor’s smile become ruminating.
Noble Consort Mei smilingly said: “Her Majesty, don’t forget, Old Pavilion Liu has an unmarried granddaughter whose age matches Fourth Young Master.
She is good-looking and His Majesty has already promised to be the matchmaker!”

With the Empress’ niece and Noble Consort Mei’s son Fifth Prince’s huge supporter Old Pavilion Liu’s granddaughter, these two weren’t just recommended marriage arrangements but were clearly trying to rope in the Jiangs’ support.
The Emperor looked at the Empress and Noble Consort Mei before addressing Jiang Nan: “General Wei Wu, I want to ask you for your thoughts on this!”

Jiang Nan rose and everyone’s eyes in the hall fell onto him with varying expressions.
He looked at the tender Su Yun Yun and then looked at the daringly coquettish Miss Liu.
He didn’t know why but he shot a glance at Li Wei Yang who was enjoying the show.
He smiled and said: “Your Majesty has good intentions so how could your subject decline? It’s only that I’m good at fighting battles but not good at choosing a wife.
How about Your Majesty decides, whichever miss is good then you can grant the marriage and she’ll be my wife!”

Jiang Xu quietly rebuked: “How could you say this!” He immediately stood up, paid his respects and said: “Your Majesty, my son acted inappropriately, please forgive him.”

The Emperor laughed aloud and said: “There’s no harm, I love his straightforward personality.” This kind of general was easier to control.
Compared to the experienced and astute Duke Jiang and Jiang Xu, Jiang Nan was much more inexperienced in front of the Emperor, which made the Emperor’s mood better.
He smilingly said, “How about this, let’s wait until General Wei Wu can settle down with a wife, then we’ll continue the talks.
Or else with him being this impudent, it wouldn’t be good if he offends his wife!” As he spoke, he laughed.
Everyone thoroughly understood and followed along in laughing.
Li Wei Yang understood.
The Emperor saw how each of the princes were maturing and had become more fearful.
Naturally he wouldn’t let anyone gain the Jiangs’ support.
As for Jiang Nan, he seemed to be muddled and rude but in actuality, he was hiding his profoundness.
If he chose Su Yun Yun, he would offend Fifth Prince.
If he chose Miss Liu, then he would offend the Empress and Crown Prince.
It was not ideal no matter what but if he kicked this ball over to the Emperor, the result will be different.
The Emperor didn’t want the Jiangs to support either side so they must maintain a neutral stance without taking any sides.
If they were just normal subjects, the princes would have considered them thorns in their flesh.
But the Jiangs controlled the army and had deep roots so it was difficult to complete annihilate them.
As a result, the princes sought many ways to garner their support, which contributed to the Jiangs’ stability.

Jiang Nan smilingly said: “Your Majesty, your subject was rash and ignorant.
I hope Your Majesty won’t mind but this time returning from the borders, I’ve incidentally found a pair of gyrfalcons so I want to gift them to Your Majesty.
Hope Your Majesty would kindly accept it.”

The Emperor smilingly said: “Really? Quickly send it up and let me take a look.”

In actuality, the Emperor wasn’t really that intrigued.
Gyrfalcons are born and raised in the wild.
They are captured by humans and then trained to be used in hunting.
However, it is difficult to capture and train these birds.
There have been common sayings that one would rather die than own this bird.
And because gyrfalcons are difficult to capture and train, there was a rule during the previous emperor’s reign: For all criminals who have been exiled by law, if he can capture and offer up a gyrfalcon to atone for his sins, he will be released from his punishment.
Therefore, many people offered money to purchase these birds in bulk.
But now the Emperor already had many gyrfalcons so it wasn’t remarkable at all.
He had even gifted them to his beloved subjects and princesses.
For example, Princess Yong Ning’s residence had one.
Back then, when Li Min De wanted to win the shooting competition, he even released one.
But when the eunuch brought up the gyrfalcon, the Emperor was shocked.

Not to mention the Emperor but everyone else was also shocked as they incredulously watched the gyrfalcons in the cage.

Amongst the gyrfalcons and its highest quality breeds, the ones that are pure black are considered the best grade while the ones that are pure white are considered the highest grade.
In his life, the best gyrfalcons that the Emperor had seen were the ones with white feathers mixed with other colored feathers.
But now in front of his eyes was the pure black best grade gyrfalcon and there were two, this was really rare!

“How rare, it’s actually a pair of high quality gyrfalcons!” The Emperor noticed the uniqueness of this pair of gyrfalcons and he laughed even more jovially.

“Your Majesty, gyrfalcons are magical birds.
Their temperaments are resolute and valiant.
They are strong like a thousand pounds smashed against a rock.
Their wings are fast like thunderous lightning.
For the past century, this is the first sighting of this best grade gyrfalcon, it’s an auspicious sign!”

On the side, the officials watched and busily stood up to chime in.
It was as if seeing the gyrfalcons was an indication of richly endowed seas and world peace.
Li Wei Yang watched mockingly as they chimed in.
No matter which emperor, all loved to hear the coming of good omens.
Like the previous emperor when someone gifted him a rock with a red print on it.
It was said to be a red-hearted stone that represented the support of the people.
The person was immediately given the title of Minister of Rites.
Such a ridiculous matter happened in every dynasty and generation.
Li Wei Yang watched how even her own father Li Xiao Ran also stood up to congratulate the Emperor.
She couldn’t help but subtly curl her lips.

The Empress smilingly said: “It’s certainly an auspicious sign, Heaven blessed my Da Li.”

The Crown Prince’s face showed unrestrained content: “To find this rare quality of gyrfalcon is difficult, Jiang Nan, you are His Majesty’s meritorious subject!”

“Yes, it’s also my first time seeing a pure black high quality gyrfalcon!” Tuoba Zhen raised his cup to toast Jiang Nan.

Jiang Nan slightly smiled and showed a rather humble expression.
He said: “It’s nothing, Crown Prince and Third Prince are overpraising me!”

“Oh, no need to be humble!” The Crown Prince waved his hand and said, “Why don’t you talk more about the details of capturing these gyrfalcons!”

Jiang Nan’s expression showed unrestrained glory and he said: “Answering His Highness, I didn’t capture these gyrfalcons.
In fact, they knew we were returning to the capital so they flew back with our army.
Incidentally, after I discovered them, both of them landed on Da Li’s flag, which was unbelievable to me!”

The Emperor was awed by his descriptions.
Whether it was real or not, this was still a huge auspicious sign, which was why the Emperor was extremely delighted and even raised his cup to toast.
He said: “Jiang Xu, you have raised a great son.
He even attracted a good omen to me!” 

Jiang Xu hastily spoke: “To be loyal to Your Majesty is his duty and also the Jiangs’ fortune!” Jiang Xu’s expression was incomparably humble, leaving no trace of his valiant position as a general.
His respectful attitude towards the Emperor was even better than those eunuchs that served the Emperor.
The Emperor was extremely pleased and specifically ordered for Jiang Nan to be bestowed with gold and jewelry.

As Li Wei Yang watched, she suddenly smiled.

Ninth Princess quietly asked: “Sister Wei Yang, what are you smiling at?”

Li Wei Yang whispered: “I am, of course, smiling at how coincidentally this auspicious sign has arrived.”

Ninth Princess completely didn’t understand but seeing that Li Wei Yang had no intentions to explain to her, she unwillingly suppressed her confusion.

With this topic, the atmosphere of the palace banquet became much more fervent.
Everyone noticed how the Jiangs were enjoying a fair reputation so they all went to flatter and fawn over them, placing the Jiangs on a pedestal.
Li Wei Yang meticulously observed the Jiangs’ expressions yet couldn’t find a trace of pride, especially in Jiang Xu; his brows and eyes didn’t even move once.
It was either he didn’t care about this commendation or he had other dark schemes he was trying to hide.

Afterwards at this moment, Able Consort Wu shrieked and said: “Your Majesty, look?!”

The Emperor took a glimpse and then stood up from his seat.
This pair of magical creatures, which had been described as high quality breeds of gyrfalcon, suddenly flipped their eyes and died in the cage.

The eunuch guarding the cage kneeled and trembled.
Eunuch Xia busily rushed forward and announced: “Your Majesty …… the gyrfalcons …… the gyrfalcons are dead ……”

The public reacted with shock.
Jiang Xu’s expression changed and angrily said: “Nan’er, how did you take care of them!”

Jiang Nan’s eyes revealed an inconceivable smile, he said: “Father, I …… I …… I also don’t know! Ever since I entered the capital, this pair of gyrfalcons were fine, how could they suddenly —” He immediately kneeled to plead for forgiveness, “Your Majesty, your subject is at fault!”

The Emperor’s expression was turning worse.
Originally these gyrfalcons were merely birds, it’s nothing big if they died, it would just be a disappointment.
But since everyone heard these were signs of good omens and now that they’ve died, didn’t that mean there would be huge trouble! Can the good omens die?! Of course not! If the good omens died, that means there will be an impending catastrophe!

Dark clouds gathered over the Emperor’s face.
The ones that said the gyrfalcons were good omens stared speechlessly at one another like mutes.
A perfect silence prevailed in the hall, even the female attendees held their breaths.

Right at this moment, a sage-like taoist priest stepped in, his voice like a great bell: “Your Majesty! This is greatly inauspicious! There is an evil spirit in the hall!”

Everyone stared at the taoist priest with astonishment.
Someone immediately recognized him, it was Taoist Yin! It was actually him who was nowhere to be seen since the start of the banquet!

After a moment of silence, Li Wei Yang and Li Min De glanced at each other.
They saw a smiling expression in each other’s eyes, it was really coming!

Yin Tian Zhao was wearing a bayleaf crown and a eight-diagrams cloak.
He looked at the Emperor with respect: “Your Majesty, do you still remember my vision last time? At that time, I used all my efforts but couldn’t find out who is the evil spirit that will harm the fortune of Da Li.
Now I’ve found a way and will be able to make this person show his real self!”

The Emperor immediately widened his eyes and said: “Really?!”

Able Consort Wu ran her eyes across everyone and then her gaze fell onto Li Wei Yang.
Even though she swept past her, her expression carried a cold smile.
Li Wei Yang, don’t blame me, originally you and I didn’t have any ill feelings so I wouldn’t trouble myself to harm you.
But Duke Jiang’s furen promised me if I can get rid of you, she will persuade Jiang Xu to support Tuoba Zhen! The Duke’s furen’s influence on the Jiangs was not inferior to that of Duke Jiang.
Able Consort Wu and Tuoba Zhen immediately took on this gamble! Thinking about this, she smilingly said: “Your Majesty, Taoist Yin has never been wrong in his predictions.
Since he said there is an evil spirit in this court, then there must be or else how could Your Majesty’s good omens die without any reason?!”

She specifically emphasized the cause of death.
Li Xiao Ran didn’t know why but the words were extremely irritating to the ear.
He started feeling the rise of an ominous premonition.

Yin Tian Zhao calmly spoke: “I have to ascend the platform and then I’ll make the evil spirit automatically reveal itself!”

Tuoba Yu coldly watched and felt something was wrong as he continued to watch.
What was the reason the gyrfalcons died without explanation? But with the appearance of this taoist priest, something fishy was going on.
It seemed like he had to be extra cautious!

The Emperor certainly allowed his request.
Not only that, he even led all the officials out of the hall and stood at the spacious area below the platform as he watched Taoist Yin ascended the platform.
This seating platform was four meters high and was specifically made for him to pray for the rain.
Taoist Yin draped his hair over himself and then danced wildly on the platform.

At this moment, even the female attendees curiously walked out as they watched Yin Tian Zhao on the platform and discussed.

Li Wei Yang smirkingly watched without uttering a single word until Li Min De approached her and whispered: “In a moment, something interesting will happen.”

Li Wei Yang slanted her head: “Everything has been prepared?”
Li Min De smilingly replied: “My hands were itching …… so I made a small change.
But I am sure you will be pleased.” His handsome face was glimmering in front of her eyes.
Li Wei Yang was curious but seeing his two eyes staring at her, she lightly coughed and turned back.

No one knew what this young lad did that he showed such a cunning expression.

Zhou Tian Shou who was in the crowd looked towards Li Min De, awaiting for his signal.
He only saw Li Min De lightly smiling as his left hand slowly dropped with his middle finger on top of his index finger.
Zhou Tian Shou understood this signal and it meant the plan didn’t change and told him to follow the old plan accordingly.
Zhou Tian Shou smiled inside and quietly retreated into the crowd.

After the ceremonial bronze bells rang nine times, the ceremony began.
A troop of eunuchs held a burner top to quell the candlelights.
The platform was entirely dark so that the ceremony was covered by mysterious colors.
Yin Tian Zhao who was on the stage, loudly voiced: “His Majesty has sincerely worshipped Heaven and didn’t dare to slack, why can’t Heaven grant Da Li timely wind and rain, grant the citizens of His Majesty a peaceful life?” At this time, dark clouds covered the skies with muffled thunder beating; it was like an impending sign of flooding rain.
Moreover, Yin Tian Zhao’s body trembled greatly; it shivered without stopping.
With the flying sand and rocks and cataclysmic weather, this taoist priest really seemed to be communicating with Heaven.

Everyone who saw this extraordinary sight widened their gaze.
They didn’t dare gasp for breath and only looked right at Yin Tian Zhao.

Tuoba Zhen coldly smiled.
As a second-ranked Xianzhu and the daughter of Li Xiao Ran, to topple her with one strike, he must play this scene out in front of everyone.
Once the Heavens pointed out Li Wei Yang as the scourge, her days were near! If this intelligent beauty had chosen to be with him, it would have been great but she didn’t know how to appreciate favors! Tuoba Zhen greatly sympathized with her and felt a little pain in his heart.
This was something besides the throne that he wanted in his life yet now he had to sacrifice her to ingratiate himself with the Jiangs …… what a pity …… as he thought of this, he gave Li Wei Yang one last glance.

Goodbye, stubborn and intelligent young girl.
Since you are not willing to aid me in winning the throne, then you will become my stepping stone to the throne!

On the other side, Jiang Nan’s lips curled up and his face showed a cruel smile.

At this moment, countless lightning strikes flashed across the skies.
The wind outside also suddenly blew heavier as it flowed into the hall.
Not only did it cause everyone to waver back and forth but also caused the windows to squeak.
The veils in the hall also crazily flew up; with the sweep of the wind, a few fell down and knocked over a valuable vase into millions of pieces …… on the platform, amid the changing weather, Taoist Yin cried out: “Who is the scourge that dares to disrupt Da Li?”


Translator: Erica

Editor: Caroll L.

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