Chapter 108: Rotting Until The End

(1) Like a pancake, made from eggs, flour, vegetable, and meat

The next day would be the day Li Chang Le took off the gauze.
Jiang Fifth had wrapped her face with gauze, but after removing the gauze, there was no way to hide it anymore.

Throughout the night, Jiang Fifth was so terrified that he could not sleep.
He was terrified of the next day.
While in a sleepy daze the next morning, someone suddenly woke him up.
The young maid’s face was full of fear: “Lu Gong, Young Miss… Young Miss…”

Jiang Fifth saw Li Chang Le’s face in his nightmare.
He sat up straight as if sleepwalking.
Calling him like that gave him a splitting headache.
He subconsciously brought his hand up to rub his face and then sighed.
Fortunately, his disguise was still intact.
For some reason, he was worried that Li Wei Yang would find out about his identity.
He was a bit afraid of this girl and genuinely felt that if she discovered his identity, it would certainly not end well.

After quickly washing his face and combing his hair, he walked out of the courtyard with determination.
Since he was an aristocratic man, he could not stay in the inner courtyard, so he had been arranged to stay in a room in the east wing.
Now, he had to walk past many doors to reach the inner courtyard.

There was heavy rain last night.
The shiny, green banana leaves in the courtyard were drooping.
A single bead of dew rolled down like a pearl, and with a crystal clear sound, fell onto Jiang Fifth’s head, scattering upon impact.
He felt even more tense and uneasy, resenting not being able to turn around immediately and leave.
However, he had already reached the door, so he couldn’t avoid it.

Li Chang Le had gotten up early and was seated and waiting, lavishly dressed.
She wore a lovely peach-colored top and a long skirt with beautiful michelia flowers that others could not turn their eyes away from.
The delicate silk veil was still covering her face.
Liu Mama calmly stood beside her while the pale-faced maidservants kept their heads bowed.

Jiang Fifth felt dizzy just thinking about the nightmare he had.
The fear of having to face death was plunged into his chest like a blade.
A chill swept over his head.
When he walked through the doors, he missed a step and hastily caught onto the door before he fell.

“All of you, leave us,” Li Chang Le sat there, poised and emphasized every word.
Her voice was pleasant as if to prove that she was still as beautiful as before.
Jiang Fifth should be happy, but at that moment, he really couldn’t smile. 

The maidservants all withdrew one by one.
Li Chang Le’s gaze seems to pierce through her veil, making him almost want to leave with them.
He reluctantly sat down in a chair.
The teapot on the table had grown cold.
There was the smell of candied melon seeds in the air, Furong cakes(1), plums and bird’s nest on the table, but no one was in the mood to touch them.
The entire room was under a terrifying silence.

Jiang Fifth had no other choice.
He went over and cautiously said: “I’ll help you remove the gauze.”

Li Chang Le could not wait to take off the veil: “Hurry up!”

Jiang Fifth did not speak as he held the scissors and with a slicing motion, cut open the gauze on her face.
The white gauze, tainted with blood, unraveled and fell to the floor with a soft sound.
Jiang Tian did not dare to look at her face and only lowered his head, looking at his wide embroidered sleeves.

Li Chang Le anxiously stood up and walked over to the mirror.
She did not expect to still see a face full of scars and screamed.
She grabbed onto the embroidery table and forcefully hurled it at the bronze mirror.
The mirror shattered, its life lost.
Tan Xiang, visibly afraid, anxiously called out: “Young Miss… Young Miss…”

Li Chang Le whipped around and as if had gone mad, smashed everything in the room.
The beautiful room was quickly reduced to pieces.
Liu Mama and Tan Xiang looked at each other, neither dared to approach her and persuade otherwise.
In her wrath, it was likely that Li Chang Le would give the order to drag both of them out to be beaten.
These days, three Yatous had been beaten for no reason until their skin peeled.

Once Li Chang Le smashed everything to pieces, she suddenly stared at Jiang Fifth.
He did not know what she was thinking.
Moments later, she still had not spoken.
Jiang Fifth felt a little scared and said: “You… Why are you looking at me?”

Li Chang Le slowly said: “I remember, when you were a child, your face didn’t look like this? Can you let me see your face?”

Jiang Fifth frowned and looked at Liu Mama, who was also blank-faced, not knowing why Li Chang Le suddenly made such a request.

Li Chang Le took a step closer and said: “I want to see.
Take off the mask and let me see!”

Jiang Fifth was shaken by her strange tone and reluctantly said: “Alright! But don’t lose your temper anymore!” Having said this, he ordered Tan Xiang to prepare water and washcloths.
Tan Xiang quickly brought them over. 

He went into the inner room and came out an hour later.
The moment he came out from behind the curtain, the room suddenly lit up.
Jiang Tian’s natural face was very handsome, born with a charming and romantic face.
Compared to his Fourth Brother, he was less masculine in some ways but also more elegant.
Although he did not have phoenix eyes, when he looked on with his handsome eyes, the average person will be frightened by his charm.

Tan Xiang was the first to see him and stiffened; Liu Mama was also stunned.
Although she knew that this was the Fifth Young Master of the Jiang family, Fifth Young Master rarely made an appearance, so this was the first time she saw his face up close and was startled for a while.
Turning back, she was immediately worried that this would provoke Li Chang Le even more.
With her face destroyed like this, even a slightly pretty young maid would be taught a lesson, not to mention Jiang Tian and his extraordinary looks.

Li Chang Le stood in the same spot, not moving at all.
Liu Mama tensely stood up.
At that moment, Li Chang Le suddenly rushed over and seized Jiang Tian’s sleeves: “Jiang Tian, you have a way, don’t you? If you can wear a mask, I can too, right?! You have seen my looks before, you think I can live with a face like this?! I can’t! I can’t at all! Living like this is no better than being dead! Jiang Tian, no, Fifth Brother, save me! You need to save me! Please…” She cried, burying her face into his chest as she clutched his robe with both hands, so tightly that even she trembled slightly.

If it were any other day, Jiang Tian would certainly be happy to have a woman fall into his arms, but he had personally seen Li Chang Le’s cruelty in the past few days.
When her hair had all fallen out, she forced all the maidservants in the courtyard to cut their long hair and use it to make a beautiful wig for herself.
Because some maidservants had lovely eyes, she quietly found an excuse to dig out their eyes and then chase them out, even selling them into brothels.

With her beauty destroyed these days, she could not bear to have any pretty maidservants walking around her.
The former Li Chang Le had disappeared, replaced by a madwoman of extreme cruelty and wickedness.

Li Chang Le raised her head.
In the pond-like depths of her eyes, he saw his face reflected back.
There was a sly ripple, but around those eyes was a terrifying sight.
Almost everything can be said to be rotten flesh.
There was an intolerable stench up close.
He had done his best and could only save her life but had no way of completely removing the poison.
Her skin certainly will not go back to what it once was…

She held onto his arm with one hand, as firmly as steel tongs.
He winced, but she seized his collar with her other hand: “Fifth Brother, help me, help me! That little Li Wei Yang, I can’t let her get what she wants!”

The rotten smell from her body almost made him vomit.
He wanted to pull away, but she had seized him.
Tears fell onto the back of his hand.
In a fleeting moment, his heart softened.
He loosened his sleeve and gently wiped away the tears on her face.
He sighed and softly said: “What do you want me to do?”

“Your other face… You can make a face exactly like before! No, even more beautiful! I want to be even more beautiful! You have a solution, isn’t that right?!”

Jiang Tian lowered his voice and said: “Cousin, calm down first, I’ve already thought of this method!”

Immeasurable hope appeared in Li Chang Le’s eyes.
Jiang Tian slowly continued: “This face of mine is unspeakably costly, but more importantly, it is airtight, so it cannot be compared to a real face.
It is always stuck against the skin.
My face is fine, so I can put it on, but your face… If you wear this mask, you cannot imagine how those scars will worsen and rot.
Parts of your face that were not affected will become even more terrifying…”

As he spoke, Jiang Tian felt sorry for her: “This mask can only be worn for a few hours a day.
You cannot wear it all the time.
Do you want to see your entire face rot away? Even if you cannot stand it, this will bring you pain and torment when your scars cannot breathe and will only keep festering.
You must constantly reduce inflammation and take medicine, and someday you will die… Do you understand now?”

Tan Xiang’s eyes were wide in terror.
She could see it.
If the Eldest Miss wore this, her face will be unrecognizable in the future.
It’s no different than drinking poisoned wine to satiate thirst… She hastily said: “Eldest Miss, you can’t! If Young Miss wears this, what will you do when your face rots entirely? And Jiang Young Master said it can take your life too!”

Li Chang Le’s voice grew colder and more vigorous by the moment: “I don’t care! I definitely don’t need this destroyed face! Fifth Brother, help me! Help me do it now!”

Jiang Tian looked to her in horror.
He truly could not understand.
It was very difficult to save her life, how could she go down the road to death like that? It was too terrifying.
The way he saw it, beauty was important but to throw your life away to preserve your beauty was not something he could do! Besides, watching as your skin rots underneath a layer of fake skin was horrific! As a man, he naturally did not understand Li Chang Le’s thoughts.
For a renown beauty, she would be willing to live ten or twenty years less to maintain her beauty and youth.

Jiang Tian shook his head: “No! I can’t do that, it would harm you! Grandmother wouldn’t agree with it either?”

Li Chang Le coldly eyed him: “You refuse?”

Jiang Tian shook his head again, but Li Chang Le suddenly let go of him and went over to the table.
She took a shard from a broken porcelain vase and placed it against her neck: “If I die, there’s no way for you to face Grandmother! She won’t forgive you!”

This maternal granddaughter was the flesh and blood of her own flesh and blood.
The Duke’s Furen loved Li Chang Le the most, even far more than her other grandchildren… Of course, Jiang Tian was aware of this.
He also knew that when the Duke’s Furen had fainted when she heard her face was destroyed and became bedridden ill… If not for that, she would have ran over here with an army, but Li Chang Le did not think of this.
She was only concerned with her own face.
Whether the Duke’s Furen was well or ill, she did not bother to ask about her health… It definitely made one feel cold all over.
Jiang Tian looked at her, calm again: “Alright… I will.”

It was you who wanted to wear a mask, so you will have to bear the consequences alone.
Do you think only your flesh will rot? A face that originally relied on drugs to stop the rotting must now be sealed off with a layer of dead skin, unable to breath.
It is conceivable that this decay will gradually spread to the head, neck and finally the entire body…

Li Chang Le was crazy, but he did not intend to stop her anymore.
He had already done everything he could, but this is her choice! To be honest, he had already had enough of this Eldest Miss who was beautiful on the outside but cruel to her bones.
Let her hold onto her beauty until death.
That fake face will only last a year and when the mask breaks, her life will also end…

Jiang Tian entered his medicinal study and exactly fourteen hours later, he came out in the middle of the night.
Li Chang Le never waited patiently for so long, but this time, she waited until Jiang Tian walked out with a box.
She opened it herself and found a layer of skin as thin and delicate as a cicada’s wing.

“Among all animal skins, the thinnest is human skin, but the lightest is suede, but it is not breathable and will crack after some time.
Every night, you must take it off and put it back into the incense box to keep it intact…
Because it is ultimately not human skin… You must think carefully.”

Li Chang Le’s gaze fell on the box, staring deeply into it.
She simply did not hear what Jiang Tian was saying.
She seized the box.
Her eyes were bright as if ablaze, and she had a mesmerized smile, “I can restore my appearance.
Li Wei Yang, you must have never thought I could restore my beauty, haha…”

“I only hope so.” Jiang Tian sighed deeply.

Li Chang Le could not hide that face for very long.
Soon, she had let everyone in the courtyard see her.

The sunlight was pleasant, but Lao Furen, who was drinking tea, felt the midday sun made her rather dizzy.
She lightly coughed and placed her hand against her forehead, “How can this be?!”

Li Chang Le came over with a smile on her face.
Although her expression was a bit unnatural, her face was exactly the way it was before.
There was no damage at all: “What’s wrong, Lao Furen?”

Lao Furen carefully looked at her face, turned away and softly asked: “Wei Yang, am I seeing things?”

When Li Wei Yang saw Li Chang Le’s appearance, her first reaction was shock, then it was suspicion.
What were the chances that an injured face could return to normal in just a month? Although she did not suspect Lu Gong’s medical skills, this was too absurd.
She believed in miracles, but she did not believe in supernatural miracles.
A scarred wound needed a long time to recover, and that day, she clearly saw that Li Chang Le’s face was beyond recognition.

Liu Mama’s face was full of joy: “Lao Furen, this is all thanks to Lu Gong.
His medical skills are truly unrivaled in the world.
Young Miss had taken off the gauze, and her face returned to what it used to be!”

Second Furen could only blink and could barely speak.
Beside her, Li Chang Ru was also stunned and speechless.

“This… is quite a miracle! Lu Gong’s medical skills are indeed godly!” Although Lao Furen was rather surprised to see Li Chang Le’s face had recovered, she outwardly expressed her joy, but of course, her expressions lacked a bit of insincerity.
She seemed a bit disgusted too.
Seeing Tan Xiang worriedly standing behind Li Chang Le, Lao Furen quickly found fault: “The Eldest Miss has just recovered, who told you to let the Young Miss walk this far?”

Li Chang Le quickly replied: “The weather is so nice.
I wanted to go out a bit.
Why? Does Lao Furen not want to see me, huh? Or is Third Sister unhappy to see my face has recovered?”

“Of course not…” Li Wei Yang slowly said: “I am naturally overjoyed that Eldest Sister has recovered.
It seems we owe Lu Gong a grand reward…” She spoke more slowly with every word, her eyes directed straight ahead.
She finally smiled and emphasized every word: “Eldest Sister, your complexion seems even more radiant than before.
I wonder what magical immortal pills Lu Gong used?”

Li Chang Le sneered: “If Third Sister wants to know, then make a cut onto your own face.
When Lu Gong also treats you, won’t you find out then?” Her face could not breathe at all and was always damp.
She could even hear the scar tearing wide open, the agony of skin peeling away from the flesh.
She had to endure bit by bit, but she desperately endured because even if she died, she had to let Li Wei Yang see her face.
She wanted her to know that she, Li Chang Le, will always be the most beautiful under the sky!

Lao Furen frowned: “Chang Le! What nonsense are you saying?”

Lao Furen’s favor towards Li Wei Yang had long been an open secret.
Li Chang Le did not answer her question and only bowed her head and smiled.
She suddenly raised her head, her eyes filled with repressed, loosely disguised hatred, looking straight at Li Wei Yang: “Third Sister, Eldest Sister was only joking with you.
What is there that can’t be said between us sisters? Don’t you think so?” Having said this, she solemnly turned around and left: “Tan Xiang, I can’t walk any further.
Escort me back.”

She suddenly appeared, then immediately left.
What was the meaning of this? Li Wei Yang frowned slightly, but then saw her turn back and ask: “Lao Furen, can I attend the Empress’ banquet?”

Lao Furen looked to her in surprise and stiffly nodded.

Li Chang Le nodded as if this was the reason for her appearance.
Then Tan Xiang helped her hastily run back home.
Li Wei Yang suspiciously stared at her retreating figure, then looked down in deep thought.

Beside her, Second Furen clenched her handkerchief: “How can that be! Her face was clearly destroyed! How could it go back to the way it used to be! Could it be that Lu Gong is a divine doctor!”

Lao Furen pondered for a bit: “Last time Min Zhi was ill, he also came up with a way.
It is hard to blame those who call him a divine healer.
It seems that is true! To be able to save the muscles, flesh and bones, he must be extraordinary!”

Li Wei Yang did not believe it because Lu Gong had said that her face could not recover in front of everyone.
How could it heal completely in the blink of an eye? Moreover, if Li Chang Le’s face was fully healed, why did she need to leave so anxiously? It seemed as if she was about to faint.
There must have been something that could not have been said.
But what was the reason that could make someone with a destroyed face restore their former beauty? At that moment, Li Wei Yang was not aware that behind Li Chang Le’s beauty was a horrifying torment, but this type of torment was far more terrifying than living with a hideous face.


Chapter 108: Rotting Until The End


Li Wei Yang was still contemplating after she returned.
She did not seem to hear Bai Zhi talking either.

When Li Min De came in, he saw Li Wei Yang resting on the lounge chair.
Her cold stare was oddly fixated on the sycamore tree in the yard.
When Bai Zhi saw him coming in, she was about to announce his arrival, but Li Min De waved his hand and said: “No need.”

He quietly approached and softly said: “What’s wrong?”

Li Wei Yang recollected herself and looked at him with a mournful face…and then the big bag in his hands.
She smiled a bit: “How come you have the time to come here?” There was no trace of anyone else around these days.

Li Min De’s gaze bore into her, then he suddenly said: “Show me your hands.”

So Li Wei Yang put her hands out.
Li Min De smiled and opened the greasy paper bag.
He then took out a pastry and placed it in her hand: “Just out of the oven.
Eat it.”

“Oh…” Li Wei Yang subconsciously put the fragrant, dried sweet osmanthus cake into her mouth.
It had a soft and fascinating aroma.

Li Min De looked at her again for some time, then ordered Bai Zhi, who was holding a lotus bowl, to come over.
He fully opened the paper bag full of cakes and poured some out.
Jujube cakes, sweet Ruyi crisps, longan cakes, Auspicious crisps…
They all filled the small bowl at once, making a beautiful display of colors.

“Eat.” He held the lotus bowl full of pastries out in front of her face, his face clear as water, bearing a hint of a smile.

Li Wei Yang was a bit spaced out and subconsciously ate a few pieces in an obedient manner.
Once she finished eating, she suddenly realized: “You… are treating me like a child.”

In the end, it still could not fool her… Li Min De sighed and said: “Are you worried because of Li Chang Le?

Li Wei Yang was stunned and then nodded.

Li Min De smiled: “You provoked the beehive? And now you feel uneasy?”

Li Wei Yang couldn’t help but say: “Li Chang Le? Beehive? Well, it’s an appropriate description, but for Min Zhi sake, if it were to happen again, I would still kick the beehive.”

The tip of Li Min De’s finger was curled and resting against his lips as he casually laughed.
Li Wei Yang looked at him strangely.

Just half a year later, she—as his Third Older Sister—only stood up to his eyebrows and had to look up at who was once a little boy.

Unlike in the past, Li Min De wore an elegant, luxurious robe today.
The silk inner robe was woven with gold thread, paired with a faint blue outer robe.
His appearance was extraordinary with his black hair knotted high with the rest falling past his shoulders.
His face was handsome, his eyes bright and radiant, brimming with sincerity and beneath his tall nose were lips curved into a warm smile.
He had a slight rosy flush as if his face was dusted with a thin layer of rouge.
He had a proud and handsome stature with a dagger and jade ornament hanging from his waist.

“Why are you dressed like this today?” Li Wei Yang asked out of curiosity, no longer preoccupied with how Li Chang Le suddenly recovered.

Li Min De laughed and turned serious again: “I’m going to the banquet with you.”

“Attending the banquet with me?” Li Wei Yang was taken aback.
She then looked to Bai Zhi.
Bai Zhi held her forehead and said: “Young Miss, I have said so three times already.
It’s the Empress’ banquet today, and many people are invited! Young Miss, you have not washed your face, brushed your hair or done your makeup yet, you will certainly be late today.”

Li Wei Yang responded “Oh” and immediately smirked at Li Min De: “Dressing up like this to see the Ninth Princess?”

In the past two years, the Ninth Princess pursued Li Min De more fiercely.
If it wasn’t because she could not easily leave the palace, perhaps she would be seen at the Li family every few days.
It was a pity Li Min De did not seem to feel the same way and treated her coldly, hardly affectionate at all.
Hearing her mention the Ninth Princess, Li Min De only smiled slightly: “Go change quickly, otherwise we will really be late.”

Li Wei Yang complied and stood up.
She walked away, then turned back halfway and looked at Li Min De strangely.
Bai Zhi asked: “Young Miss, what’s wrong?”

Li Wei Yang shook her head and lamented: “I used to be the one to give him orders, now this kid comes over to order me around.”

Zhao Yue snorted, then felt Li Wei Yang’s glare and immediately turned her face away.

Li Wei Yang rarely participated in banquets at the palace.
However, this time, the Empress had sent the invitation, so every family sent members to participate.
Li Wei Yang had to go, but she did not like to do her makeup much and only used a green jade comb for her hair.
It was like a faint light, brilliantly nestled between layers of black hair like the stars of the night sky in her hair.
A color-changing sapphire, as large as a thumb, hung over the middle of her forehead.
Since this was a formal occasion, she had to wear the clothes Lao Furen had prepared specifically for her.
On the surface of her dress was a delicate layer of purple silk that subtly covered the elaborate embroidery underneath and gracefully fluttered behind her as she walked.

The moment Li Min De saw her, his eyes lit up.
He smiled and complimented her: “Whoever says Li Chang Le is the most beautiful has never seen you dressed up.”

Li Wei Yang gave him a look.
In this world, only he would dare to mention beauty in her presence.
Given her experience in the past life, what she hated most in this life was hearing others bring up beauty.
Beauty was only an external layer of skin.
If it were lost, then so be it.
It was not something she particularly cared or worried about.

If she had Li Chang Le’s beauty, then she would not have to suffer in her past life.
However, she had to admit that although she knew praise was superficial, it was still nice to hear someone praise her.

“Although it is spring, the banquet is held at night, so there will be strong winds.” Li Min De softly said.

“No, the banquet is indoors.
It will only be hot!” Li Wei Yang replied offhandedly.

“Bai Zhi, go back and bring a cloak for your Young Miss.” Li Min De turned away.

Li Wei Yang frowned: “I already said there’s no need to bother with it.”

“Go.” Li Min De waved his hand.
Bai Zhi complied and quickly left.
However, when she turned around, she felt strange.
In the past, she only heard Young Miss give orders, but in the blink of an eye, Third Young Master had a strange sense of authority, making her subconsciously obey his orders.

It was not just Bai Zhi.
Even Li Wei Yang felt a bit surprised.
She hesitated, then turned to look at him and said: “When did you buy the loyalty of my servants?”

“It’s only because they know to listen to what is right.” Li Min De smiled.
Bai Zhi went in a timely manner and brought the cloak over within moments.
Zhao Yue intended to put it on for Li Wei Yang, but Li Min De held out a hand to take it, “Li Chang Le will also attend the banquet today, as will all the members of the Jiang family.”

Li Wei Yang arched an eyebrow: “Are you afraid?”

Li Min De laughed and said: “What do you think? If I was afraid, why would I go with you? They are the ones who should be afraid.”

She noticed the vague satisfaction on his handsome face and clearly felt she should feel the same, except at the moment, surrounded by the scent of the forest, her heart began to ache.

Was this youth also forced to grow up too soon by being by her side? If it wasn’t for her, perhaps he would be an ordinary person in an ordinary environment, studying literature and practicing martial arts.
Then he would marry and have children.
At that moment, Li Wei Yang had forgotten Li Min De was not fortunate enough to have a normal identity.
She hoped he was only an ordinary person who did not need to face the hatred and grudge that had nothing to do with him. 

Li Chang Le, the Jiang family, Tuoba Zhen, Able Consort Wu … These people had nothing to do with Li Min De, but because of her, Min De must always be on guard and cautious.
Those people could act against Min De.
Moreover, in the past few years, Min De must have had to face many challenges when she was not paying attention … But he had never mentioned them.

Looking down, she looked at his slender fingers and pale skin.
There were already signs of calluses in the palm of his hands, signs of wielding a sword.
Li Wei Yang felt a bit pained, a little guilty.
Perhaps she had only thought of herself and never asked him what he wanted to do in the future, completely focused on her plans.
He came up with a plan for everything, practicing martial arts and studying books.
He had done everything himself.
What she had promised Third Furen had not been done yet.
There was no need to speak of his identity, she didn't even know who his friends were.

Li Wei Yang’s stare was fixated on him.
He smiled, bemused, as he helped her fasten the cloak.
Li Wei Yang looked at him and slowly felt strange.
He seemed faintly satisfied by this simple action.
Her heart had been clear as a mirror, but at this moment, small ripples appeared on its surface.
Since when had the distance between them been this close, the teenager in front of her was too close, close enough for her to hear his steady heartbeats.

Suddenly, she gently asked: “Min De, do you have friends?”

He slightly raised his head.
The night wind blew past.
His hair was framed by the moon above, like the stars reflected, quietly running along the river at night.
He only had a small smile: “I don’t need friends.”

That tone was very certain.
Li Wei Yang could not help but frowned.

“I have you and that is enough.” Li Min De naturally said.

For some reason, a simple response explaining how they lived, relying on one another, would make Li Wei Yang subconsciously take a step back.

“When you go outside, bring the hood over your head.
Alright, let’s go.” Li Min De seemed unaware, as if he had not realized anything yet and continued to smile.

Li Wei Yang glanced at Bai Zhi and others but found they were all looking down, acting as if they did not see or hear anything.
She turned solemn.
She did not know when her servants did not notify her at the slightest when Li Min De arrived.

Lao Furen was not going today, but everyone else had left.
Li Wei Yang was the last to leave.
The newly appointed steward greeted her: “Xianzhu, the carriage is ready.”

This was the reason others did not want to leave with her.
Li Wei Yang had a lavish carriage appropriate for her rank, which was precisely what others in the Li family could not stand.
She paid no mind to it and only asked: “Where is Eldest Sister and Mother? Did they leave already?”

The steward smiled and said: “Xianzhu, the Eldest Miss and Furen have already left.
Furen ordered everyone to wait for Xianzhu in front of the palace gates before heading in together.”

Members of the family went in together.
They had no choice, even if they were unwilling to wait.
Li Wei Yang smiled and climbed onto the carriage.

“There are forty-eight households going to the palace today.
The official road may be blocked for two or four hours.” The coachman respectfully asked: “Should a detour be taken to avoid this?”

Li Wei Yang was about to say that taking a shortcut was no better than an unsafe road.
Li Min De unexpectedly said: “We cannot be late.
Take the detour.”

Simple but precise.
The decision has been made.
Li Wei Yang was momentarily left stunned.

Li Min De noticed she was staring at him, blinked and felt wronged as he said: “Blaming me for intervening?”

Li Wei Yang did not say anything.
What else could she say at this time? He already said to take a detour, would she still make the carriage turn around? Forget it.
She waved her hand and rested her face against her hand to rest, her elbow propped on a small table.

Bai Zhi immediately lit a candle.
She carefully took out an embroidery framework and continued to work on the unfinished embroidery.
Zhao Yue lowered her head and solemnly sat in the corner to polish her sword.

Li Wei Yang closed her eyes but felt a bright and warm feeling on her face, making her feel uncomfortable.

How could she sleep like this?

“We’ll arrive at the palace after a few more roads.
Rest for an hour.”

She gave a mumbled response because she was a bit tired, and her eyelids were getting heavier.
Something warm closed around her hand.
She subconsciously held onto it.

It was cold at the start of spring, especially at night when the winds were strong.
Despite knowing this, she did not bring a hand warmer.
She vaguely noticed that someone rather warm came close. 

Li Wei Yang gradually entered a dream-like state and had a strained, slight smile.
Dream and reality began to overlap.
Why didn’t anyone give her a bit of warmth in the past? If the Li family had been willing to give her a hand when she was sent to the Cold Palace, think of how much better off she would be.
She did not need them to save her.
Even the slightest expression of concern would have brought the warmth of loved ones, but she had received nothing.

Lao Furen seemed to love her very much now, but she herself did not believe in this love… As it turns out, she did not believe in anyone, but she still pretends to believe in life.
This false warmth… She could not help but hold the hand more tightly.

“Miss …” Bai Zhi spoke up.
It was too inappropriate, not right at all, absolutely not good.
She followed the Miss these few years and saw many siblings that lived with one another but had never seen something like this before.
Li Min De treated Li Wei Yang too well.
The way his eyes lit up, even as a servant, she could not take this lightly.
Ignore it… 

Yes, but how could this be? They were paternal cousins.
Even if Third Young master was not of the Li bloodline, as long as he bore the Li family name, this would mean chaos … The moment the thought crossed Bai Zhi’s mind, she stiffened.
She instinctively wanted to speak up and remind Li Wei Yang, but Li Min De suddenly turned around and looked at her with a slightly different look in his eyes.

It was clearly an ordinary stare, but Bai Zhi felt herself trembling.
There was a trace of panic in her eyes.

Zhao Yue was still carefully cleaning her sword, as if tending to flowers on the surface of her sword.
She genuinely recognized Li Wei Yang as her master.
These days, she wholeheartedly admired her, respected her, and even had a trace of worship towards her.
However, despite how much she respected Li Wei Yang, her real master was still Li Min De.

She clearly saw Li Miin De’s burning gaze, but she still pretended to turn a blind eye.
Although, she occasionally wondered, what if one day her master and Young Miss turned against one another? What should she do?

Li Min De waved his hand in the direction of the candlelight.
Bai Zhi immediately understood and quickly extinguished a candle and momentarily breathed a sigh of relief.

The interior of the carriage suddenly darkened.

Li Wei Yang was unaware of how Li Min De looked at her face, vaguely satisfied, and his right hand was tightly held in her hand.
He had an urge to heal the wounds of every scar in her heart…

With a bang, the carriage violently swayed.

Li Wei Yang’s eyes flew open.

“The road is a bit bumpy.” Li Min De slightly smiled, his eyes bright, “Afraid that you will not eat or say much upon arriving at the banquet and encountering many hateful people, I brought the remaining pastries with me.
You had not eaten much.
Do you want to have some first?”

Li Wei Yang’s vision was a bit blurry.
Her gaze slowly shifted to his handsome face.
In terms of appearance, she had seen many handsome men, like handsome and masculine Tuoba Zhen, Tuoba Yu who was cold and refined like the moon, and even that arrogant Jiang Fourth.
They could be considered men with extraordinary looks, but compared to Li Min De, they slightly fell short.
It was hard to blame Ninth Princess for always saying that he was more handsome than her brothers.
In that moment, Li Wei Yang was not thinking of what happened outside but rather what kind of family had given birth to a stunning youth like this.

Before she could recollect herself, the carriage jolted again, and she fell into his arms.
He instinctively shielded her head with both hands and waited until the carriage steadied.
He helped her sit up and smiled at her: “Are you alright?”

Li Wei Yang frowned, what happened outside?!

Someone outside shouted: “Li Wei Yang!”

Wasn’t that Jiang Fourth’s voice? Li Wei Yang’s mind was completely cleared.
Many people will choose to take a detour.
They ran into Jiang Fourth here.
He was probably looking for trouble.
She was about to pull the curtain back and go out when she accidentally knocked over the tray of snacks.
All the pastries fell to the ground.
Li Wei Yang stiffened.

Li Min De carefully took her hands and helped her up, wiping the dirt off her hands.

The commotion outside grew more chaotic.
She wanted to lift the curtain to see.
Li Min De suddenly reached out and covered her eyes, calmly saying: “Don’t look, it’s just a mad dog.”

It turned out that while Li Wei Yang was talking to Li Min De, Zhao Nan on horseback, narrowed his eyes and saw a man on horseback riding towards them.
It seemed like it was leading up to confrontation, clearly looking for trouble!

He sneered and urged his horse to charge ahead, clashing with that man.
The two men only heard the sharp impact of swords.
In the struggle, Zhao Nan was forced down to the ground by Jiang Nan, left covered in dust.

“In face of defeat, you dare to show up in front of me! Have your master come out!” Jiang Nan stood tall, cold and haughty.
To be fair, Zhao Nan was highly skilled in martial arts, but in terms of combat experience on the battlefield, he was far inferior to his opponent!

The Li family guards were stunned.
They have never been so humiliated.
Seeing Jiang Nan’s forces acting arrogantly, they were already furious.
However, Zhao Nan, who was the most capable martial artist among them had charged forward only to be mocked.
How could they suppress their indignation? In the flight of the moment, they all raised their weapons!

“General Wu Wei! Anping Xianzhu is in the carriage!” Zhao Nan grudgingly got up from the ground and brushed off his sleeves.
He wiped away the blood on his wrist.
His gaze, like the fierce eyes of a wolf, was trained on Jiang Nan.

Jiang Nan laughed aloud: “Call her out!” Of course, he knew she was in the carriage.
He did it to humiliate her.

Zhao Nan’s eyes were ablaze with anger.
He smiled coldly and crossed his arms.
He whistled once.
A group of people dressed in black appeared under the dark cover of the night.
Jiang Nan frowned: “Coward, you have to call for help?”

Zhao Nan sneered: “See for yourself!” Jiang Nan wanted to push others around just because he had a bit of experience on the battlefield, but the two armies were completely different.
If it were one-on-one, Zhao Nan may not be a formidable opponent, but if his master’s secret guards were dispatched, Jiang Nan will not return safely!

Jiang Fourth brought quite a few people.
In the carriage, Li Wei Yang heard the uproar of neighing and hooves of horses outside.
She couldn't help but think of the highly skilled guards around Jiang Fourth.
These people followed him on the battlefield for many years, hands full of fresh blood.
If he decided to cause trouble, he will not be able to get away with it, but how will the Li family guards hold off?

“My forces are outside.
Don’t worry.” Li Min De smiled softly.
He did not pay any mind to the opposing army.

“You don’t understand.
They’re not ordinary guards.
If Jiang Fourth is determined to see me, I only need to go out! Would he even dare to kill me?!” Li Wei Yang coldly said.
She thought the Jiang family will cause trouble for her at the banquet, but what did Jiang Fourth want to do now!

Li Min De held her back by the hand: “He’s not worth it.”

Li Wei Yang was momentarily stunned.
The light and shadow from the curtain carriage crossed Li Min De’s face, highlighting his cold indifference.
His voice had unprecedented ridicule: “You should let him know while a crab moves sideways, there will be a day when it cannot avoid a stronger opponent.”

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