Tea Brewing Skills

She was enveloped in darkness as blood oozed out of the broken legs, being tormented day after day.

Li Wei Yang awoken from the nightmare, drenched in cold sweats.
Even her clothes and blankets were drenched in cold sweats.

She was panting until Bai Zhi lifted up the aqua blue curtains and asked in a low voice, “San xiaojie, are you alright?”

Li Wei Yang instinctively glanced at the bed with its paisley design.
She had only been dreaming.
She was still alive.
Shrouded in the dark, Li Wei Yang had a vague expression on her face.
A few strands of hair drenched in sweats had matted to her forehead.

“San xiaojie, did you have nightmares again?” Bai Zhi asked cautiously.
“Do you want to drink some water?”

Li Wei Yang shook her head.

Right then, Mo Zhu came in and asked in a gentle voice, “Are you feeling unwell, San xiaojie?”

Mo Zhu and Bai Zhi were on the night watch today.
Li Wei Yang briefly glanced at Bai Zhi.

Bai Zhi immediately said, “No, it’s just the blanket is too thick causing the sweats!”

Bai Zhi was a smart servant.
Li Wei Yang thought to herself, that year, the Li’s in Ping Cheng had also gifted Bai Zhi and Zi Yan to her.
Unfortunately, she had pitied the two of them, feeling sorry that they had to suffer with her, so she had never gotten close to the two of them.
She had listened to Da furen’s advice by allowing them to leave and start their own family.
Right now, she needed some help and these two servants also needed to be tested once more.

Mo Zhu was Lao furen, Meng shi’s, second rank servant.
She was then promoted to a first rank servant when she was ordered to serve San xiaojie.

After listening to Bai Zhi’s explanation, Mo Zhu turned around and stepped out to retrieve the warm water that was being boiled on the stove.
Returning with the warm water, she said, “Nubi will help xiaojie bathe.”

Li Wei Yang nodded.

Mo Zhi was quick.
She poured the boiled water into a tub then she took out a handkerchief made out of burlap and scented with fragrance.
She dipped it into the water then assisted Bai Zhi in bathing and changing Li Wei Yang’s clothes.

After changing out of the moist clothes, Wei Yang’s mood was better and she felt calmer.
She looked at the two servants and smiled.
“There’s nothing else to be done.
The two of you should go rest.
Should I need anything, I will call you.”

The following afternoon, Zi Yan brought over a small green ceramic bowl.

She said, “San xiaojie, this was delivered from the kitchen.
They said Laoye had invited over some guests today so they haven’t been able to prepare lunch.
You should drink the chicken soup first.”

Wei Yang was not like Zhang Le who had her own private kitchen.
Instead she had to eat with everyone else.
Listening to Zi Yan, Li Wei Yang simply smiled and said, “Okay.” She opened the lid and with a brief glance, she realized the chicken soup was watered down.
There was only four pieces of chicken meat in the soup, composed of the head, neck, butt and breast.
They were mostly bones, however.
Nothing was edible.

Li Wei Yang could only smile.

There were rules to be followed in Li jia.
On the surface, the way they treated the concubine’s children seemed to be fair and void of favouritism.
The decors were all expensive and luxurious items.
From appearance, it seemed as if Da furen was an extremely fair person.
However, all of these expensive items have been recorded and tracked down.
It could not be thrown away or damaged; otherwise one would have to compensate for it.
In total, she only had two set of clothings that were presentable in front of guests.
She had already been here for a month.
Despite Da furen often sending people over to take measurements for the new tailored clothings, those new clothings haven’t actually materialized.

In the past lifetime, Jiang shi hadn’t reacted this way.
She hadn’t been so obvious and had maintained her good image of a benevelant and kind stepmother.
Unfortunately, it seems as if she was holding a grudge from the last time Wei Yang had caused her precious daughter, Li Zhang Le, to be drenched from head to toe.
Consequently, Zhang Le had the coughs for two days.

It seems like even the servants were starting to look down on her.
Li Wei Yang looked at the soup with a ghost of a smile on her face.

Zi Yan’s eyes reddened.
“San xiaojie, I had argued with the kitchen staff, but they said it was the rules that even the other xiaojies had to follow yet San xiaojie was the one being picky about the food.
They also said when the other xiaojies wanted to eat something in particular, they would pay extra for it.
San xiaojie could do the same.”

Pay extra? Li Wei Yang shook her head, laughing.
She was infamous for being the unloved concubine’s daughter.
She had no money to give the servants and staff.
Da furen was sweet on the outside but bitter on the inside.
She had gifted Wei Yang a lot of things but there was no money which could be used for practical things.
Even worse, she couldn’t sell the gifts for money.
Those servants must have already guessed Wei Yang didn’t have any money. How interesting!

Li Wei Yang’s eyes brightened.
She helped Zi Yan stand up.
“Bring over the scissors.”

Zi Yan had no idea what Wei Yang wanted to do but she obeyed nonetheless.
Her eyes were fixated on Wei Yang nervously, afraid that Wei Yang was thinking of doing something reckless.

Li Wei Yang grinned and took off her coat.
Using the scissors, she cut off half of her sleeves then allowed Zi Yan to haphazardly patch it up again.
When it was all done, she put her coat back on.
Nobody could tell there was something wrong from the outside.

She stood up and said, “I heard Wu meimei is already up and about.
Perhaps she’s doing her greetings at Lao furen’s.”

Zi Yan looked at Wei Yang with a clueless expression.

“Let’s go to Wu meimei.” The smile on Wei Yang’s face became even brighter.
There was also a hint of slyness.

Stepping out of her chamber, Li Wei Yang had plastered on a bright and cheerful expression.
After all, nobody liked to stare at a mournful expression, including Lao furen!

He Xiang Yuan was lively, filled with a fragrant scent.
Da furen was sitting beside Lao furen.
They were discussing plans for the New Year.

Li Zhang Le was in a snow white dress made out of fox skin with patterns of clouds and red begonias.
When it came to appearance, she was a lot more eyecatching compared to the other xiaojies.
Her stunning outfits were a perfect complement to her beauty as well.
Even if she was just sitting in one spot, she was still very attractive.
The other maidens in the room simply could not compare to her.
At this moment, she had on a delicate smile as she listened to her mother’s words, looking very elegant and patient.

On the other hand, Li Chang Xi was wearing a coat made out of mouse skin with patterns of red roses.
Her head was accessorized with rubies and a pair of matching earrings that dangled from her earlobes.
Her smile was natural and easygoing, completely hiding the sluggish and fatigued look from being locked up inside her room for an entire month.
It was obvious she had become a lot more clear-minded after the punishment.
She was wholeheartedly trying to get on Lao furen’s good side, sometimes speaking up to retell a light-hearted story.
Despite the efforts she put in though, Lao furen remained calm and unfazed.

Si xiaojie, Li Chang Xiao, was quiet and reserved like always.
Now and then she would lift her head up and glance at Er xiaojie, Li Chang Ru, who was Erfang’s daughter.
Everytime she looked over, she would catch Li Chang Ru staring intently at Li Zhang Le with resentment and jealousy.

Everyone in this room looked as if they were living in harmony with one another but the truth was they all had ulterior motives.

A servant, Lu Xin, brought over a tray and placed a cup of tea beside each and every person.

Lao furen, Meng shi, picked up the cup and took a sip of it.
She startled.
“Oh? The flavour of this tea is great.”

Upon hearing so, Li Zhang Le also picked up the cup and took a small sip.
Then she agreed with a compliment, “Mm, even the colour of the tea is pretty.
The flavour is long-lasting too.
It is definitely premium tea.” She looked towards Lu Xin and said, “As expected of someone under Lao furen.
You are talented at everything.
I have never tasted such greatly brewed tea!”

Tea brewing skills in this period was considered elegant and high class.
It wasn’t just popular with the royalties and beaurocrats; it was even popular among the commoners.
Not to mention, Da xiaojie Li Zhang Le was one of the many tea specialists, having been taught by a professional.
To receive her compliment must mean the person had exceptional tea brewing skills.

Everyone in the room began to taste the tea and complimented on it.

A smile plastered across Meng shi’s face.
“Lu Xin, your tea brewing skills have improved drastically.
This calls for a reward.”

Lu Xin bowed down.
“Lao furen, this tea was not brewed by me but San xiaojie.”

Everyone in the room was astounded.
There was a complicated expression on Da furen’s face.

In Lao furen’s eyes though, there was a smile.
“Oh, was it Wei Yang? Tell her to come in.”

All her efforts had done little to impress Lao furen, but Li Wei Yang had easily received Lao furen’s praises.
Li Chang Xi looked at Li Wei Yang who was entering the room.
She was instantly filled with anger and resentment.

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