In Li Wei Yang’s courtyard, Zhao Nan was reporting back on Li Min Zhi’s current situation.

 “Si Shaoye’s caretakers are very meticulous.
Everything is well-prepared, and they always hold him and do not leave him on his own in the crib.
Furen comes to check three times a day and in the middle of the night, she gets up and checks twice more.
Laoye said she may not even do this for her own children.” Zhao Nan reported back emotionlessly but was clearly unhappy because Li Wei Yang had him watch over a child. Li Wei Yang smiled and said: “Overindulging a child will only harm him.” Zhao Nan noticed something off in her words but did not understand it.
Suddenly, a voice rang out behind him: “You still don’t understand? At first, Si Di was very quick and clever, able to turn in bed and sit steadily with a bit of help.
He is usually looking for Qi Yiniang everywhere, which is enough to show that he is clever and able to recognize others.
Now the wet nurse holds him and does not let him stay in the crib; she has an ulterior motive!” Zhao Nan saw Li Min De come in and quickly greeted him.
Li Min De waved his hand and said: “You really are blockheaded.
You were told to watch and listen closely and think carefully, but you are still dense!” For the past two years, Li Min De rarely came to Li Wei Yang’s courtyard to avoid suspicion, but this time, it was definitely essential to discuss Min Zhi’s predicament.
Li Wei Yang looked at him.
Li Min De wore garments with golden cloud embroidery and a cloak with silver fur lining.
The color was elegant and refined, making seem even more outstanding.
He smiled and said: “Zhao Nan is not well versed in these things, so it’s not surprising.”Li Min De slightly smiled: “Still has much to learn.” Having said this, he looked to Zhao Nan, “It can be said that Jiang Yue Lan is a crafty person.
You must know that there is a way to give someone the best foods to eat and best clothes to wear without teaching them well.
With something like this, there is no need to resort to beating, scolding and mistreatment, especially when she will also be praised by the whole family.”Jiang Yue Lan’s actions did not go unnoticed by Li Xiao Ran, who felt very grateful towards her.
Even if Min Zhi became ignorant and incompetent and acted arrogantly in the future, it would only be because he had an ill fate and could not be educated differently.
After all, he had been given the best of the best and had been carefully looked after and protected, why did he turn out this way? Even if someone discovered this in the future, at most, they would only say that where there is a kind mother, there is a useless son, in regards to Jiang Yue Lan.
She just spoiled the child too much.
It is hard to think of an ulterior motive.
However, Li Wei Yang and Li Min De were individuals who were fond of thinking of things in a vicious manner.
It was clear that both had reached the same conclusion. Zhao Nan still could not believe it.
The new fragile Furen was gentle and sensitive and seemed to genuinely love Min Zhi, worry for him, and held him in her arms afraid that he would fall.
She did not seem like someone with hidden motives in mind. Li Wei Yang smiled and said: “I used to put a lot of toys in Si Di’s crib.
I also put up many drawings in front of him every day and gave him more opportunities to listen, see, and interact.
Si Di latched onto things he was interested in to examine and play with, does Furen do that for him too?”Zhao Nan thought for a moment, then shook his head. Li Wei Yang indifferently said: “That’s precisely why.
Holding a child this old and spoiling him like this, even if he’s healthy and strong, he will grow up to be useless! I used to say that Da Furen was despicable, but I feel that Jiang Yue Lan is much more capable than Da Furen!” Li Min De smiled as he normally would: “Of course, Jiang Rou was the eldest daughter and had the entire Jiang Guogong family supporting her.
She had nothing to worry about.
If she despised someone, she would find a way to eliminate the thorn in her eye.
The Jiang family strictly disciplines their sons yet spoils their daughters indeed, but Jiang Yue Lan is different.
Although she was born the daughter of the official wife, her father was not as capable as Jiang Xu.
With a stepmother and many brothers and sisters, if she did not fight to climb over others, how could she get through a day peacefully? So she is good with underhanded methods that are not in the open and obvious.
This is what she is better than Jiang Rou at.”“Jiang Yue Lan is not only trying to deal with me.
She saw how Fuqin cherished and doted on Min Zhi and was afraid that in the future, her own son will be disadvantaged.” Li Wei Yang blankly said.
Indeed, Li Xiao Ran’s love for Li Min Zhi had far exceeded what it should have been for a concubine-born son.
No wonder Jiang Yue Lan was worried. Li Wei Yang was a bit worried.
Da Furen’s despicable actions could be easily dealt with, but Jiang Yue Lan was different.
She knew how to use her status as the rightful Furen to act and act openly.
Even if others found out, she would use their difference in status to crush resistance, making them helpless.
In any case, the right to raise and discipline children was still hers.
It is also true that she was carefully raising the child, so what was there to say? There was no way to express such grievances! On the other hand, you would still have to thank her and run after her.
It was a powerful advantage indeed! Had Da Furen used a similar method back then, Li Wei Yang would not have disposed of her so quickly. 


Li Min De looked to Li Wei Yang: “What should we do?” Li Wei Yang smiled thinly: “She owns the Yang Guan Road, so I will have to cross the single-plank bridge.
Just wait and see.” After the snowfall, the sun was rarely out, but it seemed brighter out because the sunlight reflected against the snow.
Lao Furen stood in the hallway with her hand warmer, looking at the red plum blossoms and snow outside.
She only felt the fragrance waft by, the fragrant chill seeping into her bones.
She could not help but smile: “This snowfall has ended up on the red blossoms.
A truly beautiful sight.” Luo Mama smiled.
“It is also because of Da Furen’s filial piety, planting red plum blossoms in the courtyard and also often inviting you here.” Lao Furen smiled and nodded, watching the falling snow and admiring the red plum blossoms.
She said: “She is also a sensible person.” Luo Mama chuckled but did not say anything. Lao Furen glanced over the snow, as if thinking to herself: “With this much snow, Min Zhi will probably be very happy to see a snowman made.” Luo Mama smiled: “Lao Furen, Si Shaoye is still young.
How can he run and play in this weather? However, with your love and care, he can run around in a few more years.” “The child smiles at whoever he sees.
It’s truly lovable.” Lao Furen smiled, “Pity he was born from an Yiniang.
If he was Jiang Yue Lan’s child, everything would be different.” Luo Mama chuckled: “Si Shaoye is blessed to be brought up under Da Furen now.
I heard that Furen lovingly holds him in her arms all day long.
One can see that she genuinely loves Shaoye, and in the long run, he will be no different from the children of the official wife.” Lao Furen nodded: “I agree.
I only fear that once Jiang Yue Lan has a child of her own, she will no longer care for our Min Zhi like before.” She said “our Min Zhi.” This had never happened before.
In the past, because of Da Furen, Lao Furen always felt distanced from Li Min Feng.
She did love him, there was a feeling, like an itch, that left her uncomfortable.
She was afraid Da Furen would be even more difficult to control because she had this son.
However, Lao Furen was not as cautious around Li Min Zhi, a chubby child that was always smiling at others.Luo Mama could not help but sigh.
In the end, Lao Furen still cared for her grandchildren at old age.
In any case, an innocent child like Si Shaoye was certainly lovable.
She said: “This matter… I fear will not happen.
I heard Si Shaoye was frightened last night.
Da Furen heard the yatous report back and rushed over, fearing the child caught a cold.
When they returned, Furen was still busy.
It goes to show how sincerely Da Furen loves Si Shaoye.
Besides, Furen is a clever person.
The child still has a wet nurse looking after him.
When he grows up, he can go out and study.
Furen does not need to overthink it.
In the future, Si Shaoye’s accomplishments will also be a result of Furen’s efforts.” Lao Furen thought for a moment, her frown easing away: “That is also true.” Luo Mama smiled and said: “Indeed, Da Furen truly has her ways.
You see, Da Xiaojie has become more sensible now.
Furen has taught her well.
Our household is also managed well with not a single thing out of place! Lao Furen need not worry too much.
Look after your wellbeing.” 

Lao Furen nodded: “Li Chang Le is liked by others nowadays.
She occasionally accompanies Jiang Yue Lan to come and greet me, not falling short of etiquette.
I originally wanted to use this opportunity to warn her, but she has improved, so I cannot say anything.
In such a big matter, only a bit is enough.
In any case, in three years, she will immediately be married off.
Whether it’s a good or bad thing will depend on her fate.” Luo Mama only smiled: “Lao Furen is wise.” As she was speaking, she saw a young girl who had everyone’s attention walk in through the doors.
Lao Furen gestured at her, smiling: “Look, that yatou Wei Yang is growing lovelier these days!” Li Wei Yang reached the age of fifteen this year.
She was taller than before, slender and graceful.
Although her face was not up to par with Li Chang Le’s heavenly beauty, she was still a young, compelling beauty.Li Wei Yang walked over with a smile.
Lao Furen took her hand and said: “Why didn’t you bring a hand warmer, you were never fond of the cold.”Li Wei Yang only smiled: “A hand warmer grows cold when on a long road, so I chose not to bring one and came to Lao Furen’s place for warmth instead.
Won’t that be better?” Lao Furen smiled and said: “This child, you’re just trying to take advantage of me.” Turning away, she said: “Come inside and talk.” When Li Wei Yang came near the room, she felt the warmth like a spring breeze, making her entire body relax.
There were six pots of burning charcoal in the room.
From time to time, a slight crackling sound was made.
The warmth of the burning charcoal rose up to her face, bringing with it the fragrance of candles in the room.
She sat down beside Lao Furen. Lao Furen took a look.
Li Wei Yang had her hair done in an exquisite manner.
There were no gold accessories in her hair, only some crystal flowers.
Her garments were adorned with small plum blossoms and silver embroidery of snowfall, simple and gentle yet lively.
Lao Furen nodded to herself.
Although Li Wei Yang predominantly wore white, what she wore would not make anyone look down on her. At that moment, there were several crackling bursts from the charcoal pots as if it wanted to frighten others. Lao Furen waved her hand and a yatou brought a bowl of thick brown sugar ginger soup over on a tray.
Li Wei Yang drank it, and the yatou helped her take off her heavy, fur-trimmed outer robe. Lao Furen saw Li Wei Yang’s face had significantly improved and smiled: “Why did you come over here when it’s this cold outside?” Li Wei Yang smiled: “It was because of this cold weather that I wanted to send hot soup over.” She had Bai Zhi bring out a food box wrapped in thick fur.
The soup inside was still hot, partly because Li Wei Yang also added a charcoal warmer on the bottom of the box. Lao Furen nodded.
Since the beginning of winter, Li Wei Yang never failed to send Ginseng Lily soup over.
She smiled and said: “I can go a day without drinking it, no need for you to suffer like this!” Li Wei Yang smiled: “When winter arrives, Lao Furen’s throat will be sore from always coughing at night.
The lily is good for the lungs and the carefully chosen ginseng is not dry, both are very suitable.
There are not many things Wei Yang can do for Lao Furen, so why not little things like this?” Seeing she insisted on it, Lao Furen nodded in satisfaction: “I heard Min Zhi was frightened last night.
I was preparing to go and visit.
You should come with me.” Something flashed across Li Wei Yang’s eyes, but in the end, she only revealed a gentle smile: “Yes.” 

Arriving at Fu Rui Courtyard, they had yet to enter when they heard a child’s cry.
Li Wei Yang felt her heart tighten.
She glanced at Lao Furen to see her frowning too and quickening her pace. When they came into the room, they saw Jiang Yue Lan holding Min Zhi and restlessly pacing around the room.
Dark red jade beads were dangling over her forehead.
She wore a thick, silk outer robe as well.
Min Zhi laid in her arms, still crying very loudly. “What happened?” Lao Furen quickly came in. Jiang Yue Lan was startled for a moment and rushed to greet her while still holding the child.
Lao Furen held up a hand to stop her. Jiang Yue Lan was rather anxious.
She only held the child who kept crying the entire time.
No matter what she thought of, the child continued to cry, ignoring everything else. The child often laughed until it came to her place and became the god of crying.
How was she to explain this?! Lao Furen’s face darkened. Li Wei Yang quickly said: “Lao furen, Min Zhi has just arrived in a new place and probably is not used to it yet!” “It’s been ten days.
What is there that he’s not used to! What exactly is the problem here! Is it because of your caretakers are lacking?!” Lao Furen’s face became serious.
She was truly distressed for her little grandson. Jiang Yue Lan paled, her eyes suddenly reddening: “Lao Furen, I genuinely love Min Zhi.
After all, I am still young and may not take good care of him, so Laoye brought in an experienced wet nurse, but even she can’t do anything.” Li Wei Yang smiled.
The art of speaking was very important.
If Lao Furen was to blame someone, she should blame her own son. Lao Furen was still not satisfied: “With Min Zhi crying like that, it will become a bad habit sooner or later.
Look, the child’s voice has grown hoarse.” Jiang Yue Lan was speechless.
Whenever this rotten child got bored of crying, he would sleep.
In the past, he would not delay things when it came to eating.
Once he finished eating, he will continue to scream and cry pitifully.
She had looked after seven or eight siblings and never encountered such a thing.
She also could not explain why the child would cry even more fiercely when he came in contact with her.
Even though her scheme was successful, this crying child made her head hurt.Lao Furen looked at the child from head to toe.
She grew distressed and said, “Let me, let me, give the child to me!” Of course, Jiang Yue Lan did not dare to hesitate and immediately gave the child to Lao Furen.
Min Zhi curiously looked up, wide-eyed at Lao Furen, almost unblinkingly.
He stopped crying.
Lao Furen said, “You see, it’s because you don’t know how to hold a child!” Who would have thought little Min Zhi would cry harder with an even deadlier effect. 

Li Wei Yang quickly said: “Is something making him uncomfortable?” “Physicians have been invited several times, but they did not find anything.” Jiang Yue Lan was conflicted.
She was truly innocent this time.
Even Li Xiao Ran had misunderstood her, thinking she had done something bad to Min Zhi behind his back, so everytime the child was in her arms, he would either cry or writhe and struggle. “Or maybe something unclean has been harassing him!” Lao Furen thought for a moment, rubbing Min Zhi’s head.
Min Zhi stirred and as if responding to these words, he continued to cry. “Harassing..?” Jiang Yue Lan was stunned and immediately said: “This… can’t be it.” Lao Furen frowned: “Who says it can’t be, this courtyard has not been clean!” When those words came out, not only Jiang Yue Lan, but everyone’s faces became unpleasant.
They all remembered the previous Furen had been cursed here.
Later, she moved back with the Jiang family to recuperate and soon passed away.
Could it be that this courtyard truly had something tainted? One could not blame everyone for being superstitious.
This kind of thing could not be easily explained.
Jiang Yue Lan forced a smile and said: “Lao Furen, why not invite a Taoist to examine Min Zhi?” 


Lao Furen thought for a moment and said: “I only fear it will have no effect.
Who knows how many Taoists were invited in the past, but they still could not get rid of those tainted things!”
 Jiang Yue Lan was silent.
At this time, anything she said would be seen as wrong.
She glanced at Li Min Zhi, still crying without end, and sighed.
She thought she had this child in her hands, but it seems he was also a terrifying hot potato.
If he continued to cry like that, her hard work will go to waste.
It would even make Lao Furen suspect her of abusing the child! Never had she seen such a difficult child to take care of.
It is best to send him back and avoid problems in the future, otherwise Lao Furen would hold her responsible.
She thought for a moment, hesitation in her eyes as she was preparing to say something—— Li Wei Yang smiled thinly, seeing through Jiang Yue Lan’s intentions.At that moment, Luo Mama suddenly exclaimed: “Lao Furen, look! Si Shaoye seems to have a rash!” Li Wei Yang panicked and took a subconscious step forward.
She grasped Min Zhi’s lotus root-like arm and closely examined it.
She discovered several red dots on Min Zhi’s hand joints that were vaguely black in the center.
Her heart grew cold: “What is this?!” When Lao Furen saw it, her tone immediately changed: “Jiang Yue Lan, see for yourself, look at how you’ve taken care of this child!” Jiang Yue Lan was taken aback and hurriedly came over to see, appearing to be extremely horrified: “Lao Furen… This… I don’t know what happened?!” Li Wei Yang involuntarily frowned.
Jiang Yue Lan managed to secure the child in her hands with much difficulty.
She would not harm Min Zhi for no reason, but could the little marks on Min Zhi’s body be from venomous insects? “Lao Furen, quickly invite a physician to examine him.
Min Zhi’s body is weak, who knows what will happen if something bit him!” From Lao Furen’s arms, Min Zhi weakly cried out in response.
Lao Furen’s heart tightened, and she hurriedly said: “Quickly invite an Imperial physician! Go!” She furiously glared at Jiang Yue Lan: “I left the child in your care, and this is how you take care of him! You truly disappointed me!” She placed Min Zhi in Li Wei Yang’s arms and coldly stated: “Let us return!”

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