The Princess Wei Yang Chapter 92 – Part 1

Li Wei Yang smiled faintly: “I don’t understand what Dajie is saying.
I only know that I am a daughter of the Li family, and Fuqin is who we rely on.
If Dajie announces that Dajie is loyal to the Jiang family in front of Fuqin, wouldn’t this leave Fuqin conflicted? No matter how good the Jiang family is, you are still surnamed Li.
You should not forget this!”Li Chang Le’s entire face had changed.
Her eyes became cruel, her beautiful face and facade replaced with a terrifying sight: “I will never forgive you! Just you wait!”“What did you say?!” A voice thundered behind them.
Li Chang Le turned around.
Li Wei Yang greeted him: “Fuqin.”Li Chang Le saw Li Xiao Ran and his serious face and paled.
She realized Li Xiao Ran had overheard what she said to Li Wei Yang, a storm of unease stirred in her heart.
She bit her lip and forced herself to calm down.
She did not know what to say, so she sincerely knelt down and said: “Fuqin, nu er has returned.”Li Xiao Ran frowned: “Stand up.”Li Chang le stood, her lips drawn in a taut line.
She slowly looked up, her gaze steadily meeting his – sharp and clear: “Fuqin, Muqin was killed by Li Wei Yang.” These words sliced through the air like a blade.“What did you say?” Li Xiao Ran was momentarily blinded by fury.
A thundering storm swept over his expressions.Li Chang Le resented Li Wei Yang.
Seeing Li Wei Yang standing there, she felt her blood, boiling and rushing up her throat.
She forcefully swallowed it and snapped: “Fuqin, I said Muqin was killed by Li Wei Yang! Muqin was still fine when I left, how could she pass away in such a short time?! It’s all part of Li Wei Yang’s schemes.
Fuqin, you and Muqin were married for decades, how could you be so indifferent to this?!”Li Xiao Ran’s face grew even more unpleasant.
He was furious because he had been asked this question time after time by others and Guogong Furen in particular! He tightly clenched his fists!Li Wei Yang let out a sigh: “Dajie, Muqin unexpectedly died because of her illness.
Dajie, do not make things difficult for Fuqin, it has been hard for him too.”

“Shut up!” Li Chang Le screamed, “I want an explanation! I cannot let Muqin die for no reason like this!”“You are the one who needs to shut up!” After shock came anger, Li Xiao Ran fiercely eyed Li Chang Le like a merciless wolf, wishing he could tear her apart.
He gritted his teeth, his anger flaring.
Every word seemed to be spoken through clenched teeth: “From here on how, don’t ever mention this again!”Li Chang Le had not expected Li Xiao Ran to be furious.
It was as if she had received a slap to the face: “Fuqin, you… I am your favorite nu er, how could you treat Muqin and me like this?””“You want to be like your Muqin and oppose me?” Li Xiao Ran suddenly regained his calm, his apathetic stare fixated on her, sneering.
Li Chang Le had never seen his face like this before, not only chilling but strange and ominous.Li Wei Yang smiled.
Li Xiao Ran had faced pressure from the Jiang family for a while now.
He was still a proud and reserved individual with a strong personality.
He could tolerate Da Furen for so many years to save face for Jiang Guogong, not because he feared the Jiang family.
Of course, Da Furen and Li Chang Le did not think of it that way.
They always brought up the Jiang family to threaten him and finally exhausted the last of his patience.The hostility in Li Wei Yang’s eyes shone through.
She slowly closed her eyes, suppressing her disdain.
When she reopened her eyes, her face was calm and indifferent.
She simply said: “Fuqin, you should go back to the hall, many guests are still waiting.”Speaking of guests, Li Xiao Ran quickly recollected himself as easily as putting on a mask.
He smiled thinly, though he was smiling, it was a mirthless smile: “Chang Le, remember, this is my last chance to you.
There are many guests today, you must act like an aristocratic Xiaojie who is mourning at her mother’s funeral.
Do not make the Li family lose face, if you dare to cause trouble, do not blame your Fuqin for being heartless!”Li Xiao Ran sneered and left, leaving a terrified Li Chang Le in the courtyard.Tan Xiang shot a fearful glance at Li Wei Yang and hurriedly whispered: “Da Xiaojie, Laoye is right.
Xiaojie should not cause trouble today and quickly go greet the guests.”Li Chang Le glared at her: “Silence! No need to concern yourself with my affairs!”At a loss for words, Tan Xiang closed her mouth.
Li Wei Yang noticed and smiled wryly: “Dajie, if you still have the time to argue with me, why don’t you take one last look at Muqin?”Li Chang Le’s face changed from sickly green to white.
She only remembered her anger and forgot about this.
Li Wei Yang shook her head.
Da Furen dedicated everything to Li Chang Le, but Da Xiaojie had only thought of her own future and had yet to think of Da Furen.She always said she would avenge her, but she was only venting her anger.
This so-called mother-daughter affection, seeing as Da Xiaojie’s sights had been set on personal interests, perhaps had drifted away with the clouds.Li Chang Le finally came to Fu Rui Courtyard.
When she went in, she saw Da Furen resting on a large, sandalwood bed with intricate floral designs with candles near her head.
A few Furens and daughter-in-laws of the Jiang family were gathered around her, grieving and weeping.
Guogong Furen emotionlessly sat in a chair by her side.There was only the sound of crying in the room.
Li Chang Le suddenly recoiled at the sight.Jiang Da Furen Liu shi looked up and saw her: “Muqin, Chang Le has come.”Everyone’s eyes traveled over to Li Chang Le.Guogong Furen Lin shi looked at Li Chang Le without a hint of a smile or warmth… The atmosphere had turned somewhat ominous.Li Chang Le held her face and cried: “Waizumu.” As she said this, she crumpled to her knees before Guogong Furen.

Lin shi looked at Li Chang Le whose tears fell like rain for a while then sighed.
She personally helped Li Chang Le up: “Child, you have suffered.”Hearing this only made Li Chang Le cry louder.Da jiumu Liu shi and Er jiumu Wei shi nearby quickly comforted her.
The other Jiang Furens wiped away their tears, the entire family burdened with sadness.
The person who was most calm was Lin shi, who was past the age of weeping in grief.
She waved her hand: “Everyone step outside, I have something to say to Chang Le alone.”Liu shi glanced around and nodded, saying: “Everyone go on ahead.” Soon, everyone in the room had left.Only Liu shi and Wei shi stayed where they were.
Jiang Da Furen Liu shi had a long face, narrow phoenix eyes, and a tall silhouette.
She was the wife of Jiang Guogong zhang zi[1] Jiang Xu.
Her birth family was the noble and meritorious Liu family.
She had four sons Jiang Hai, Jiang Yang, Jiang Hua, Jiang Nan, the four of them considered dragons among men, well-versed in scholarly pursuits and martial arts.
For that reason, Liu shi’s position in the Jiang family had been firmly established.
The woman accompanied Guogong Furen last time was her eldest daughter-in-law Han shi.And Wei shi was a shu nu of Lao Wei Ge and the wife of shu zi Jiang Li.
She only had one son, Jiang Tian, a prodigy whose talents were clear from an early age.
Unlike his tang xiong who joined the military, he was always on the road, wandering, and rarely home.
Compared to the rest of the Jiang family, he was rather mysterious.
Although Wei shi did not have a daughter, she personally raised Jiang Xin, who would later become Taizi’s favored Ce fei, so she had not fall short of Liu shi by much.[2] Now that Lin shi had chased everyone out, Wei shi seemed a bit puzzled while Liu shi remained quiet, her eyes calm and downcast.“Your Muqin had a heart diesase and was frightened to death.” Lin shi coldly said.“Heart disease…” Li Chang Le felt her hands and feet grow cold, “Muqin’s health has always been very good—”Lin shi sighed: “I was too careless and did not think I would lose a nu er at her hands!” Lin shi was not aware that Wei Guo Furen’s death also had something to do with Li Wei Yang.
If she did, she would faint out of both rage and shock!“Waizumu, you must avenge her!” Li Chang Le’s eyes were bloodshot, shaking with anger.
she wanted Li Wei Yang to pay the price! She wanted to send her to the hell!Incense drifted from a gold, intricate incense burner.
Opaque wisps of smoke escaped.
Amidst the smoke, Lin shi’s face seemed grave, her face remained solemn as if she had not heard Li Chang Le.Li Chang Le approached her: “Waizumu, since I was a child, you have always loved me most, don’t you want to take charge of this situation?”Wei shi noticed and quickly helped Li Chang Le up as she was about to kneel down: “Good child! How could you say such a thing? You know Waizumu loves you the most, how could your cousins compare…” These words were true.
The Jiang family had many sons, so every time Li Chang Le visited, she was like the radiant moon among stars.Even her two jiumu who did not yield to anyone had to put on a smile in her presence, but things had changed.
Da Furen had died, would the Jiang Guogong residence still care about her like they used to? This was what Li Chang Le was most concerned about, so she wanted to use this matter of revenge to test Guogong Furen.
She desperately looked at Lin shi: “Waizumu, Chang Le waits for your response.
If you do not care about me anymore, I will shave my head and go to the temple instead of staying here with the Li family, living no better than the dead!”Lin shi was startled but continued to sit in silence.
She still did not know, what made Li Wei Yang bold enough to challenge the entire Li family? The most ironic part was that she had actually succeeded and taken Lin shi’s nu er!A few tears escaped as Wei shi said: “Silly child, you must be grieving… You must live with the times… Everyone is mourning, if something happens to you, what will we do!”Li Chang Le’s tears fell faster.
She was about to say something when Liu shi lightly coughed: “Chang Le, revenge is certain, yet now is not the best time.”“Why?!” Li Chang Le could not believe it, how could the Jiang Guogong residence not deal with a measly Li Wei Yang?Liu shi glanced over at Guogong Furen and only said: “If you go against Li Wei Yang now, it is no different from going against the Li family, don’t you see? The entire Li family leans towards Li Wei Yang.
That day, Li Lao Furen’s expressions changed with a couple words from her.
She even said Li Wei Yang was clever and very understanding.
She can understand people's’ hearts and is filial to your Muqin.
It was all your Muqin’s doing, so why she – even your Fuqin, you are no longer in his favor.
Everyone still stands by you, but nevertheless, we are outsiders, so it is not convenient for us to intervene in the Li family’s affairs.”

“Then when will it be possible? How much longer?” Li Chang Le gritted her teeth.Lin shi finally sighed.
Regardless of Jiang Rou’s wrongdoings, the Jiang family would protect her, but acting at this time… Everyone seemed to be leaning towards one side, seeing this child was heartless, having mistreated shu nu er and even harmed concubines of the Li family several times, leaving Li Xiao Ran with one heir.
Despite this, Li Xiao Ran did not abandon his wife to save face for the Jiang family.
If they were to demand that he deal with Li Wei Yang, this would be insulting the Li family.
If it were anyone else, the Guogong residence could do so, but Li Xiao Ran was the Prime Minister of the reigning dynasty, a notable official who the Emperor trusted and respected.
In comparison, these years the Jiang Guogong residence had surpassed a greater authority and began to face pressure from the Emperor.
Turning on Li Xiao Ran now would not be a wise move.“Wait until your Waizufu and Da jiujiu return, everything will be different,” Liu shi comforted her.“But they’re stationed at the border, when will they return?! Da jiumu is lying to me!”Lin shi angrily slapped her hand on the table, sending the cup of tea to the floor.
Everyone else was left in a stunned silence.
Li Chang Le immediately paled, desolately murmured: “Waizumu…”Lin shi saw her current state, and her anger and resolve began to crumble: “You do not have to intervene! I will have everything arranged!”“But Fuqin said that I will be sent back to the temple after ten days.
I don’t want to go back, Waizumu, that place is demonic—” Li Chang Le hastily said.A hint of disdain appeared in Wei shi’s eyes.
Her Muqin died, yet she did not mourn for her, she was only worried about her own interests.
Da Xiaojie truly had a heart of gold.“Rest assured, I have everything in hand.” Lin shi’s voice hardened like steel.
She turned back to look at Da Furen’s body, her face turning cold and cruel, “Rou er, the Jiang family will avenge you!”Liu shi and Wei shi were familiar with Lao Furen’s strong, stubborn personality.
Hearing this, their hearts jumped and they quickly bowed their heads.
They realized that the flame of resentment was buried deep in Guogong Furen’s heart.
One day, it will become a raging fire, burning everything in its path…After a busy day, Li Wei Yang returned to her room late at night.
She removed her makeup, let her hair down, and laid down on the daybed, her long sleeve fanned out.
Her face seemed even paler than usual against her sleeve.The window opened a bit.
Li Wei Yang slightly tilted her head and said: “Why did you run over here in the middle of the night?”A handsome face with a mischievous grin peeked in.
He quickly jumped in through the window, carrying a jade plate in hand with many colorful pastries.
As if wanting to win her favor, he brought it before her: “Today must have been overwhelming, so you probably haven’t eaten yet.
I had the kitchen prepare this, try it.”Li Wei Yang looked at him then sat up and took a pastry, smiling as she said: “You must have been burdened with many responsibilities during the day too.”Li Min De smiled and set the plate down: “Mostly trivial, not worth worrying about.”The guests today accounted for a couple hundred people.
The aristocratic guests were personally received by the members of the Li family whereas ordinary guests were welcomed by someone else.
Li Wei Yang was willing to say Li Min De had a difficult time escaping, but she only laughed and did not remark on this.Li Min De noticed she was preoccupied by her thoughts and said: “I heard Da Bofu knows Dage ran away and smashed many plates and cups on the spot.”Li Wei Yang smiled: “Although he was secretly saved by the Jiang family, but he still went against Fuqin’s will.
He could keep his life for now, but he also lost Fuqin.”Li Min De was still worried: “But he’s still the only heir.”

Li Wei Yang’s lips curved back: “Fuqin is still in his prime.
He will naturally have more sons.
You know, Jiu Yiniang is pregnant.
The physician said they are twins.
Fuqin was overjoyed.
If not for Jiu Yiniang’s low birth and status and the Capital did not have a rule against making a concubine a wife, I’m afraid Jiu Yiniang’s status would be different now.”Hearing this, Li Min De frowned: “If she gives birth to a son, it will still be a shu zi.”Li Wei Yang did not think of it that way: “You think the Jiang family will leave the position of zhu mu empty? Earlier, someone hinted to Lao Furen that—”Stunned, Li Min De looked at her in wide-eyed curiosity: “Earlier?” Then, he sighed: “They are too hasty and anxious.”Li Wei Yang shook her head: “The wife has passed away.
The family’s children must uphold filial piety for three years, but the husband does not need to follow and can marry someone else a year later.
As long as Fuqin agrees, remarrying after 49 days is not impossible either.
But the Jiang family will not let this opportunity idly go by, they will find a way to send someone in through the doors.”“You mean — but the Jiang family does not have…”“The Jiang family does not have an unmarried woman indeed, but Jiang shi has many relatives.” Li Wei Yang smiled, seeing Li Min De’s disbelief, her tone of voice changed: “No need to worry, this will not happen immediately.
Lao Furen will not allow a woman from the Jiang family enter the household so easily.”Li Min De knew Li Wei Yang was only reassuring him.
With the Jiang family’s status and power, in addition to Da Furen’s suspicious death, if they were to make the request, it would not be easy for the Li family to refuse…“Nevertheless, it is not entirely a bad thing that Da Furen died, at least—” Li Min De smiled, “At least Li Chang Le cannot marry in the next three years.
She is fifteen now, three years later, when she can be engaged, she will already be eighteen years old…”Li Wei Yang had to laugh: “With her looks, whether she is twenty or older, she will still be the most beautiful of all, what is there to be afraid of?”In her past life, Li Chang Le was already twenty five when she became Empress.
Given her age, she would be considered an old aunt in the Capital, but because of her beautiful face, compared to other younger beauties, this beauty was not without an advantage.Li Min De reminded her: “Now that she’s back, this will be a disaster.”Li Wei Yang remained silent, Li Min De continued: “You might not have noticed, when Guogong Furen arrived today, I saw her piercing glare towards you.”Li Wei Yang also felt the same way.
It was not only Guogong Furen, whose hatred was hidden in her eyes, but even Liu shi and Wei shi seemed hostile.
Of course, she had offended the entire Jiang family.
Pretending to be well-behaved would be useless, so there was no need for pleasantries.Li Min De quietly added: “Our numbers are too few, who knows how many servants in the Li family are spies following our every moves.
Now with the Jiang family like a prowling tiger, we must be even more careful.”Li Wei Yang exhaled, lying on the bed as she said: “So, we must strike first.” Her remark was deliberate as if it had been something foreseen and planned ahead of time.Li Min De was briefly surprised before smiling as if guessing her thoughts.
His smile was sly like a defiant little fox.
Li Wei Yang poked his forehead, his smile only grew wider.————————————————-Translator: ChauEditor: Pending

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