Gao Min coldly smiled; “First off, congratulations to you.
You are moving upwards, if you successfully become the consort wife of Third Prince, then that’s something.”

 Li Wei Yang watched her with a cold gaze: “Biao jie, besides speaking rubbish, what else are you good at?”
 Gao Min held back her smile, clenched her fists, and stared at her.
She grinded her teeth and said: “Don’t think I don’t understand your intentions, don’t forget, you are merely a lowly-born daughter of a concubine.
Don’t dream about associating yourself with the princes and becoming the main wife.
The most you can be is a concubine, by then —”
 Watching her domineering face, Li Wi Yang couldn’t help but feel disgusted: “What do you mean associating with the princes, don’t view everyone that way you see yourself.”
 Gao Min angrily said: “I obviously saw you and Third Prince together and you still dare speak with great confidence, you are shameless!”
 “Gao Min, why should I even explain it to you, what do you think you are!” Li Wei Yang stared at her directly, one word at a time, she slowly spoke: “Since you like Tuoba Zhen, go look for him, what is the point in bothering me, don’t you feel ashamed?”
 Gao Min couldn’t believe her own ears, Li Wei Yang outwardly pointed out that she liked Tuoba Zhen! Thinking about this, she had been speaking about Third Prince, who wouldn’t have been able to guess that she liked Tuoba Zhen?! Li Wei Yang wasn’t an idiot! But because now that her inner secret had been revealed, she became even more frustrated: “Li Wei Yang, you dare to speak to me like this?! Aren’t you afraid I tell the Third Prince?!”
 Li Wei Yang smiled sweetly: “If you want to go, then go tell.
I’ve never hid my temper in front of him.
Please remember to also tell him that you like him and that you want to marry him and see if he is willing to marry you as his main wife.
But considering that we are cousins, I want to remind you that Tuoba Zhen is a man of judgment and ambition, so your Father being a mere marquis wouldn’t be something in his eyes!”
 Gao Min bit her teeth: “What did you say?!” Deep within her heart, she knew what Li Wei Yang just said was the truth.
Wei Guo furen had once entered the palace to test the waters with Concubine Wu Xian.
Concubine Wu Xian didn’t say much but once she brought it up in front of Tuoba Zhen, he tactfully rejected her intentions.
The Marquis of Bo Chang, upon hearing this, scolded Wei Guo furen that she was too overconfident and said Tuoba Zhen had great ambitions and wouldn’t place their declining family as a choice of ally.
But as a young lady in love, Gao Min didn’t believe Tuoba Zhen would fall for a low thing.
She wholeheartedly thought that because they had less interactions, it resulted in Tuoba Zhen giving her a cold treatment.
As a result, she fought for this chance to tag along and who would had known that once Tuoba Zhen saw Li Wei Yang, he would abandon her.
She immediately assumed that Li Wei Yang was a nine-tailed fox, who stole Tuoba Zhen’s attention away from her! “Don’t act like a savage, Third Prince is mine! No one can steal him away from me!”
 “I can’t control who Tuoba Zhen belongs to nor do I care! What I had to say, I’ve already spoken it.
I don’t care about these metal scraps that you consider treasure, if you like, take it away as you please.
But one last word, take your Third Prince with you and run faraway, I don’t want to see a group of crazy dogs barking in front of me!” Li Wei Yang’s voice steadily rose, she approached her step by step as Gao Min retreated step by step.
The arrogance on Gao Min’s face slowly vanished as whiteness appeared. “Better work hard, I am giving you my blessings in becoming the Third Prince’s consort wife sooner or later!” Saying this, Li Wei Yang lightly sounded a humph, didn’t give her another glance and turned to leave.
 Gao Min was furious to the point of shaking.
She quickly approached a plot of grass and pulled out the grass one by one and then brusquely stepped on it.
 “Xiao jie, don’t get angry!” Her maidservant, frightful as she watched on the side, softly urged.
 Gao Min, without much thought, abruptly gave her a slap.
The maidservant held her cheek as she hid on one side.
 Gao Min’s face was warped; the enmity caused her whole body to shake, she clenched her teeth and then word by word whispered: “Li Wei Yang, I will remember this!”
 You’ve stolen Third Prince away from me and now you are acting arrogant? I won’t let this end! I won’t just sit there without doing anything!
 Giving it a thought, she suddenly smiled, her voice was sharp.
That’s right, as long as Li Wei Yang didn’t exist, the Third Prince will eventually notice her.
 If only she was dead!
 Li Wei Yang had always been in the Li residence and rarely stepped out so there wasn’t much a chance.
But not that she is out, to eliminate her, there were many ways!
 The maidservant on the side watched her face showed deep intentions of a cold war.
 Gao Min circled around twice outside Concubine Wu Xian’s tent.
Now that the Third Prince had all his thoughts on this bitch, marrying her would be sooner or later.
If she let her marry Third Prince first, then she will not have any hopes! She had both the looks and talent, how could she lose to a lowly thing! But now, how could she reverse her position? As she thought over this, she thought of Concubine Wu Xian.
She is Tuoba Zhen’s adopted mother, she raised him by her side and Tuoba Zhen had always listened to her words.
If she revealed everything in front of her, she will definitely stop Tuoba Zhen from marring such a lowly-born woman! After deciding, she approached the tent but once she arrived at the entrance, she was blocked by a palace maid: “Gao Xiaojie, Concubine Wu Xian had been summoned by the Emperor, she’s not in the tent.” The palace maid said respectfully.

Gao Min’s complexion paled.
She obviously heard sounds within the tent, why was Concubine Wu Xian not willing to see her?! How could she have known that the Marquis of Bo Chang’s family, if it wasn’t for their marriage alliance with Prime Minister Li, wouldn't be highly respected? But it’s only Wei Guo furen who doesn’t understand this and as a result, the daughter she had raised also didn’t understand the complexity of this nature.
 Gao Min bit her tongue and a cool shimmer flashed across her eyes.
Concubine Wu Xian wasn’t willing to see her, what should she do?
 She angrily returned to her own tent and once she saw Wei Guo furen, she rushed over into her arms.
 “Mother, you must help daughter this time.
If Mother help daughter out this time, daughter will definitely succeed!”
 Wei Guo furen was frightened by her insane expression.
She quickly signaled the maidservants to leave and helped her up: “Min er, slowly tell me, what has happened!”
 Gao Min bit her lips, her face was pale white, the light in her pair of eyes were enough to frighten others: “Mother, you must help kill Li Wei Yang!”
 Speaking up to here, she told Wei Guo furen everything that transpired today; as Wei Guo furen listened, her brows clenched tighter and tighter.
 “You are saying, Li Wei Yang was with the Seventh Prince then?” She adeptly held onto this point.
 “Yes, they were speaking and smiling, she is really shameless!” Gao Min bit her teeth together.
 Wei Guo furen began to smile: “If that’s the case, Mother has an idea.”
 “What idea do you have, I originally wanted Concubine Wu Xian to stop the Third Prince and give Li Wei Yang a little punishment, but who would have known she was not willing to see me! She obviously looks down on our family!” Gao Min cried as expressed her grievances.
 Wei Guo furen coldly made a humph: “Ever since your brother died, who in the palace hasn’t been pretending to be respectful towards us but secretly looked down on us, oh, sadly, your second brother let us down, but, if we can’t go to Concubine Wu Xian, we can go to Concubine Zhang De!”
 The mother of the Seventh Prince? Gao Min frowned.


Wei Guo furen smiled: “Concubine Zhang De has high hopes for the Seventh Prince, do you think she would let the Seventh Prince like Li Wei Yang without stepping in?”
 “But —”
 “Foolish yatou, if we acted with our own hands, we would inevitably seek trouble upon ourselves.
But if the person who acted is Concubine Zhang De, no one can put the blame on us!” Wei Guo furen reminded, then immediately rose and said, “Let’s go, let’s go see Concubine Zhang De together.”
 Two hours later, a small kitten jumped into the tent, giving Bai Zhi a scare.
Zhao Yue was about to take out her sword when Li Wei Yang stopped her. This cat’s entire body was snow white, his eyes were amber, one look, it could be deduced that this was an invaluable breed.
Li Wei Yang already guessed which noble family the cat belonged to; she was about to order the cat to be release outside, a young palace maid entered, “Aiya, Zhui er, you’re here! You’ve troubled me to look everywhere!” She picked up the cat and then noticed Li Wei Yang and others, a smile appeared on her face: “It’s Xianzhu, this is Concubine Zhang De’s cat, she had been looking for it for a while, the cat actually came here.” Li Wei Yang calmly smiled and said: “It’s actually the concubine’s beloved pet, then quickly return it back.”

The palace maid didn’t budge from her position: “The cat was found at Xianzhu’s, then Xianzhu should come with your maidservant to return the cat.”
 Li Wei Yang conspicuously wrinkled her brows; the cat was obviously let in by someone, how did she become the one to have found it —— this meant Concubine Zhang De wanted to see her. She pondered and said: “Okay, let me prepare myself.”
 The palace maid smiled: “No need, Concubine Zhang De is waiting.”
 Li Wei Yang stood up and said: “If that’s the case, then please lead the way.”
 Standing in front of Concubine Zhang De’s tent, Li Wei Yang paused her steps.
A female official was standing at the door as she watched Li Wei Yang entered.
Her eyes coldly traveled on her and then stopped and said: “Concubine Zhang De is waiting, please enter.”
 Her condescending tone made others felt unpleasant.
Concubine Zhang De had always been known for her virtuous manner, how would she allow her female official to reveal such a haughty disposition? Li Wei Yang couldn’t help but suspect that they were displaying their authority to her. But why? Could it be because she and her son had spoken a few words? Then all these Xiaojies of Da Li who had gifted small purses, perfumed satchel, and even pillows would have been eaten alive by Concubine Zhang De? Li Wei Yang suppressed her complex thoughts and continued to walk forward.
 The decorations within the tent were elegantly arranged; a female official lifted the beaded curtain.
Li Wei Yang looked down and then slowly walked in.
Lavender incense was lit inside making the atmosphere inside serious yet also sweet.
Li Wei Yang actually didn’t like any lavender-scented smell so she stealthily held in her breath and then bowed with manners: “Greetings to Concubine Zhang De.” Silence lingered for a long moment that when Li Wei Yang almost believed there was no one there, a voice was heard: “You are the third daughter of the Li family?”
 “Yes.” Li Wei Yang answered softly.
 “Raise your head!”
 Li Wei Yang raised her head steadily.
Concubine Zhang De sat in her own throne.
Her posture was graceful and her green-colored skirt beautifully flowed onto the ground.
She was very beautiful, her brows were meticulously drawn with ink, her eyes shone with brilliance, the sunlight shining into the tent sketched the contours of her side profile, and her eyelashes were long. She didn’t know why her face seemed this crisp and cold, she runs in the same groove with Seventh Prince Tuoba Yu.
 While Li Wei Yang looked at her, she was also trying to read Li Wei Yang.
 Her eyes carried a trace of astonishment and a hint of probing, watched her and then sighed.
 “Born well, like a water lilies.” Merely one phrase, it seemed like she was speaking to herself.
Soon after, Concubine Zhang De smiled, the tassel on her dangling hair ornament sounded, “I’ve heard, you are a daughter of a concubine, your mother was a servant, is that true?”
 Li Wei Yang answered with no change in expression: “Yes.”
 “To be able to reach your position today, you must have come up with many ideas.” Concubine Zhang De raised her lower jaw and stared at Li Wei Yang, “What relationship do you have with Yu er?” Li Wei Yang looked up and directly into Concubine Zhang De’s eyes: “I have no relationship with the Seventh Prince, we are simply ordinary friends.” Perhaps, allies.
 Concubine Zhang De originally thought she was a lady that wanted to move upward but hearing her response and seeing the way she placed emphasis on the word ordinary, but now she didn’t understand her.  Confusedness appeared in her eyes yet momentarily vanished, she calmly voiced: “Your temperament, has it always been this direct?”

 Li Wei Yang calmly said: “Concubine wishes Wei Yang to speak the truth so Wei Yang is simply expressing her own heart.
I know with my background, the Seventh Prince and I are not the best match so I never dared to think more.”
 Such firm determination! Concubine Zhang De was suddenly amazed, she rose and slowly approached her.
She lifted Li Wei Yang’s face, meticulously observed and then said: “Yu er really likes you, he would often find himself mentioning you .”
 He would bring up the Li family’s third daughter with delight.
 But seeing Li Wei Yang today, Concubine Zhang De was a bit disappointed; this yatou didn’t have an alluring appearance yet how did his son who had high expectations become infatuated with her?
 Li Wei Yang was surprised and then looked into Concubine Zhang De’s eyes and answered: “The prince only admires; love does not exist between us.”
 Concubine Zhang De astonishingly gazed at her and then released her grasp.
 “Since you are this humble …… haha ……” Concubine Zhang De continued as if she thought of something fascinating, she smilingly said, “But, Yu er’s future is limitless, he needs the support of many people.
An arranged marriage is the best way, you are after all the daughter of the Prime Minister and also Yu er’s true love, if you agree to becoming a concubine, then I can fulfill your wish.”
 Listening, Li Wei Yang was shocked and said: “Concubine, I don’t accept!”
 Concubine Zhang De gave her a glance: “What? Do you dislike that the position as a concubine is too low? Don’t tell me you want to be the main wife?” 
 At this moment, the atmosphere in the tent was sluggish.
 Li Wei Yang shook her head and said: “No, I don’t want to be the main wife neither.
Concubine is right, the Seventh Prince is of royal blood, he will fall in love with many people in the future.
In fact, he will definitely love them and dote on them but Wei Yang’s husband must love only Wei Yang this lifetime.”
 Concubine Zhang De was completely stunned and half of Li Wei Yang’s face rested amidst the light.
Her brows were delicate like a jaded sculpture.
Her crow black eyes held the glamour of the flashed lights and then carried an inexpressible determination and persistence. She was absolutely not joking.
 Concubine Zhang De almost couldn’t utter a word.
 “You actually want one true pair of a lifetime and an eternity — this yatou!” Concubine Zhang De reacted and was almost enraged.
Even though she didn’t like Li Wei Yang but for her son, she had truly consider letting her become the Seventh Prince’s concubine, but she failed to appreciate!
 “Concubine!” Li Wei Yang suddenly raised her voice, “It’s absolutely not that I look down on the Seventh Prince, but it’s the opposite.
He is not just an ordinary offspring of the royal family.
Concubine has great hopes for him so Concubine should never allow an immature and selfish lady like me by his side! In Concubine’s eyes, the Seventh Prince is invaluable and thus can only be matched with a rare jade.
As for me, I am merely a rock on the road.
I beg Concubine to not go further, I would never dream of becoming a phoenix! Instead of becoming a concubine of Seventh Prince and embroil myself in continuous schemes and plots, I can seek an ordinary family and find an ordinary man that will cherish and love me to spend the rest of my life together!”
 Li Wei Yang’s words were like needle poking into Concubine Zhang De’s heart.
She looked at her and felt terrified for a second.
She slightly opened her mouth yet she didn’t make a sound and instead, showed a furious gaze.
 “You are very naïve, which man doesn’t have three wives and four mistresses, who do you think you are?!” Concubine Zhang De had a hard time finding her own voice.
 Li Wei Yang wasn’t naïve, she had already walked through the path Concubine Zhang De had selected, royal prince and grandchildren, climb up the ladder quickly, but in the end, what did she get after a lifetime of fighting? A stretch of nothing, that’s it.
She originally didn’t want to say it this clearly but if she didn’t, Concubine Zhang De might still keep the idea of having her become Seventh Prince’s concubine.
Becoming Tuoba Yu’s concubine is no different than marrying Tuoba Zhen, it was nothing more than repeating the path she had gone down in her past life. It was not wrong that Tuoba Yu holds affections towards her but there were times when Tuoba Zhen expressed love towards her in the past, everything was simply transient as a fleeting cloud.
Who could guarantee that he will affectionately dote on her for a lifetime? So, she could never marry Tuoba Yu!
 Speaking up until now, there was nothing more that could be discussed between the two.

 Li Wei Yang thought of leaving but Concubine Zhang De said: “Do you know how to play a piece?”
 Li Wei Yang slowly said: “Not well-versed at it.”
 “Play a piece for me to hear.” Concubine Zhang De suddenly said.
 Music can open one’s heart, she wanted to know what type of person was Li Wei Yang exactly.
 Unlike the music played by the average ladies, Li Wei Yang’s music was oddly cold.
The music was like the sea melting into the skies, in a foggy night, a lonely boat flowing into the ocean.
This was a piece that made one feel cold and hopeless.
Just by listening to this, one can feel the loneliness and coldness in this young girl’s heart. As Concubine Zhang De listened, she didn’t utter a single sound.
 A corner of tent was suddenly lifted by someone and a palace maid rushed over.
A string suddenly broke and she busily stood up: “Wei Yang lost her etiquettes, please pardon me!”
 It was as if Li Wei Yang had a mirror in her eyes that separated her heart, coldly reflecting the outside world.
But as she began to play the qin, the mirror revealed a scar where Concubine Zhang De could clearly look into her eyes.
The quiet and submerging black bottomless double well within her eyes were boiling, she wasn’t lying.
Concubine Zhang De sighed and soon her eyes revealed an uncertain expression of either sadness or sympathy: “Your heart, is tougher than a rock, and colder than ice.”
 It was as if Li Wei Yang didn’t hear, she stood and then left like that.
 Concubine Zhang De didn’t block her.
 Lifting the tent, Li Wei Yang walked out.
She felt the sunlight and warmth outside was stabbing her eyes, she gently squinted her eyes.
 “What happened?”
 She turned her head and looked over to see Tuoba Yu approaching from a distant.
 Li Wei Yang coldly watched him, her eyes were like a piece of cool ice.
 Even though she kept a distance away from trouble, Li Wei Yang still showed a smile: “Your highness, please remind Concubine Zhang De that not everyone in this world wants to become a phoenix.” “You……” Tuoba Yu suddenly paused.
 She had never thought about marrying the Seventh Prince and even thought about the misunderstanding this person bought forth upon her.
Concubine Zhang De wasn’t a rash person and wouldn’t say such things because she and Tuoba Yu had been getting a little close lately unless Tuoba Yu said something in front of her! Most likely in front of these aristocrats, she was merely a thing and can casually be bestowed a fate; they want her to gratefully thank them for their bestowal! Dream on! No matter how infuriated she was, Li Wei Yang just coldly said: “Pardon.”

Tuoba Yu was slightly dumbfounded, the warm smile he had slowly disappeared. 


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