er enough strength to spit out a few words.

“Petina…is dead.”

“The demon! Is there any way to kill him?!”

Another relic we brought…that’s with priest Obs now…the white sword that he put in the demon’s head…if that sword penetrates the thick skin and pierces the fiend’s brain, the demon will die….”

Cornu, who squeezed his last strength out to utter those words, died then and there.
I put my hand on his head and closed his eyes.

“Dear Mother of Corruption, take this guy back.”

With a gentle prayer, Cornu’s body decayed in seconds, leaving only his crushed armor.
He was a two-fingers-worth man and became a hundred divinity for me.
With roughly all the information I needed, it was time to stop that wild demon.

I left the building and pulled out the Froststeel sword.


The demon was still running around.

“Hammer of Punishment!!!”

Hanging onto the demon’s head, Obs swung his hammer repeatedly.
Upon closer observation, I discovered that the hammer was hitting the handle of the white sword, not actually the demon’s head.
That must be the holy sword that could kill a demon.

The huge body crashed into the buildings in its way.
The earth shook violently under its frenzied stride while I calmly watched for an opportunity.


The moment when the demon moved around the corner, I jumped out and clung to his leg with my sword in hand.

My body shook violently with each swing of the demon’s foot.
But bit by bit, I climbed the demon’s legs and ascended to his head.

“Hammer of Punishment!!!”

The hammer of light fell once again with a violent roar.


The world turned upside down.
The demon began rolling around the floor with its gigantic body.
It was clear that if I stayed like this, I would be crushed completely, so I pulled out my sword and jumped away.

The air welcomed me as I fell.
The distant floor approached swiftly.
I rolled to minimize the impact of the fall, but my body was still swept away, and the white robe I wore was stained red with my blood.
My body was wracked with pain, but I pushed myself to my feet through it.
My drug-enhanced body responded to the brain’s command almost instantly.


A refreshed roar followed.
It didn’t take long to find traces of the smashed Obs.
Unlike me, he couldn’t escape the disaster that huge body created.
When I looked at the demon’s head, I saw the white sword still peeking out.

With the priests of Reformation dead, the demon began to carry on his indiscriminate destruction to relieve his pent-up rage.
The screams of those who couldn’t escape rang out.

I started running once again.
I ran over the flat road, over the ruins of buildings, and jumped over the roofs of those still remaining.


I swung, cutting into the demon’s tail.
Compared to its enormous body, the Froststeel blade was as small as a needle, so the damage it caused was pitifully minimal.
The demon ignored me and continued to destroy Guise.

I moved forward little by little, relying on the sword to climb up the demon’s body as it raged.
My target was that relic stuck in the demon’s head.
Perhaps Obs’ efforts weren’t in vain.
He had dug the blade deep enough that only a small sliver of white now remained visible.

The demon’s rampage would end if I pushed that holy relic a little further.


My body was jarred by the demon’s rampage.
When I couldn’t stand the shaking, I held the Froststeel sword and clung to the giant body, waiting for the tremors to pass.
The demon’s rampage was only intensifying in the meanwhile.

I persevered and reached the demon’s back, then a bit further until I finally reached the handle of that white sword.
The demon’s body started shaking violently again as I reached for the white sword.


Something shifted in my pocket.
Mother’s hand, thrown free by the shaking, flew into the air and started a free fall toward the ground.



Mother’s voice disappeared, and it was suddenly silent.
The anxiety of being left alone in the world was suffocating.
I couldn’t breathe properly.

Mother! Mother!!!

The sword in front of me didn’t matter.
Without hesitation, I jumped off the demon’s head.

The landing was a complete failure.
My legs were crushed by the fall, and I was left crying like a child.

“Mother! Where are you?! Mother!!!”

A small voice entered my mind.


I crawled toward the direction the voice was coming from.
My nails broke, and my fingertips turned red from scratching against rock.
And yet, I crawled on and on.
Finally, I reached Mother’s hand in the wreckage.
Peace returned to my mind.



“I’m sorry.
I’m sorry.
I’m so sorry.
I was in such a hurry that I almost lost you.”

‘Kill! Kill! Kill!’

“What are you saying… huh?!”

When I looked in the direction the Mother of Corruption was pointing, I saw Obs’ crushed corpse.

And a small mirror in front of him.


That mirror was the sealed relic we’d been longing for.
I snatched it up and smiled.

“You said it was a blessing in disguise.
That’s true, Mother.
Today was really fun.”

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