There was no trace of fear anywhere on that beautiful smiling face.

“I will.”


I patted my struggling Mother’s hand and moved on.

The receptionist, who introduced herself as Erin, talked the entire way.
‘Are you a good swordsman? What happened today? If you search those heads in the wanted list, you might get an additional reward,’ and so on.
My cheeks were red from the cold, and the Mother of Corruption was wriggling in my pocket.

‘Kill! Kill!’

“Thank you for accompanying me!”

Erin smiled brightly and accepted the string of heads.
A pretty girl with those heads in hand…it felt a bit grotesque, but it wasn’t a very strange sight in this world.
Anyway, where do I sleep today? I wished there was an empty room where I slept last night.



“Do you have a place to sleep?”

“I’m going to look for one now.
Won’t there be an empty room for me somewhere in this big city?”

A room that I could afford with a budget of ninety bronze coins.

“It might be difficult to find a room on this cold morning.”

Erin smiled.

“If you don’t mind, would you like to sleep over here?”


My heart raced.


Mother’s hand wriggled violently.


“I knew everything.
I said yes because I knew everything.
Mother, there’s not a grain of black in my heart for that red-haired receptionist.
I’m telling you.”

Unfortunately, Erin’s suggestion was really pure.
The Mercenary Guild had several guest rooms, and Erin lent me one.
Once safely inside and alone, I brought up a personal tool to soothe my Mother, who was very upset.


When I took out Mother’s dried hand and gave her a massage, the voice I heard melted drowsily.

‘K… I… L… L…’


A sudden knock on the door.
I quickly put my Mother’s hand in my pocket and opened it.
Standing at the door was Erin again.

“What brings you here?”

Erin slowly blinked and held out the basket in her arms.

“I thought it would be uncomfortable for you to sleep in a priest’s robe, so I brought some extra clothes.
Did I happen to wake you?”

I accepted the basket and smiled.

Thanks to you, I can now sleep comfortably.”

“That’s a relief.
Then, get some good sleep and help me complete the paperwork related to this matter in the morning.
Since the priest is the only one who is fine, there are many parts that you need to explain.”

“I will.”

Erin nodded, closed the door, and left.
I took off my priest’s clothes and put on the men’s clothes she gave me.
They were so big that I could fit two of me in them, but they were comfortable.
I folded the priest’s clothes and placed them by the bedside.

The reason why there was no trace of any battle left on this robe was very simple.
It was a priest’s robe with the protection of the real maintenance goddess.
To put it simply, it had an automatic recovery function.
Though normally, it wouldn’t activate when worn by priests who didn’t believe in the goddess of maintenance, I was an exception.
As a priest of corruption, I could use objects containing the protection of other gods to disguise myself as any priest.
All this was thanks to the Mother of Corruption.


“Don’t worry, Mother.
I didn’t forget that I was rubbing your hand.”

When I pressed her hand, her voice melted away.

‘K… I… L… L…’



I woke up to another knock on the door.
As I opened the door, I was greeted by rich red hair and a consoling expression of Erin.

“I wanted to let you have a good night’s sleep, but something happened that I had to wake you up for.”

It was time to wake up anyway.
My body didn’t require much sleep.

“I’m fine.
But what’s going on?”

“The lord wants to see the priest.”

The lord? Suddenly? I didn’t have any connections here.

“Do you really mean the lord?”


“Do you happen to know what this is all about?”


Erin’s explanation was simple.
Galad died, and he was the illegitimate son of the former lord.
That was to say, he was the half-brother of the lord Thredon Philian, who now reigned over Guise.

“I don’t know the details, but that’s the only thing that comes to mind.
But it’s weird.
From what I understand, the lord treats Mr.
Galad as someone who doesn’t exist.”

“I’ll change my clothes and be out in a moment.”


After putting on the priest’s robe, I headed to the lord’s mansion with the guards already waiting for me.

I was met by a slender figure with a dull-looking face.
The cold-looking middle-aged man sitting in front of me was lord Thredon Philian, the current ruler of Guise.

And I immediately forgot a lot of the countermeasures I had thought of beforehand.
It was because the hand in my pocket drew a large ‘X’ with her index finger as soon as she saw the lord.
Meaning he was not a creature to be judged by the fingers.
Among the options, there was only one that could take a human form.

Thredon Philian.
He was a demon.

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