I grabbed a piece of firewood lying next to me and pushed it in.

“I am like a white snowfield that no one has stepped on.”

That’s surprising.
So, do you have a type?”

As Carmen asked, his eyes twinkling as if he was having fun, I felt a calm wriggling from my pocket.

I like a woman who stays with me.”

The wriggling in my pocket stopped.
Carmen nodded in agreement.

“Well, it’s worthwhile to wake up in the morning and see a woman sleeping next to you.”

“Now that I’ve talked about me, why don’t you talk about yourself?”

“You mean the type of woman I like?”


Carmen, scratching his cheek as if embarrassed, stared into the flames.

“To me, the heart is the most important thing.”

‘Kill, kill.’

Mother lifted her finger as if she was very satisfied with those pure words.
But before she stopped moving, Carmen drew large breasts in the air with his hands.

“It’s obvious, but since their hearts are in their chests, to have a wide heart, you must have a bigger container to hold it.”


The Mother of Corruption was genuinely perplexed by the sudden, strange direction of the conversation.
Carmen turned to look into my eyes and gave a big smile.

“Priest Marnak, I like big breasts.”

With that dignified attitude, I felt a different sense of innocence from him.
Before I could say anything, Mother shouted loudly.


I chuckled as I patted Mother’s hand, who was wriggling to get me away from that lewd man immediately.

“It’s not a bad thing to have a strong taste.
It will be a flame to light the way for you in the future.
But, if I can give you a piece of careful advice, it’s better not to talk about it in front of the person you like.”

Carmen laughed loudly.

“Hahaha! I don’t go around talking about things like this often.
It’s all because I’m with you.
Besides, haven’t we gotten along quite well over the past few days? When I talk with you, I feel like you’re an old friend.”

In fact, I also really liked this cheerful man.
I replied with a grin.

“So do I.”


We greeted the morning with Mother yelling at me, telling me to choose my friends carefully.
But now it was time to enter the ancient ruins.


“I’ll open it.”

Tonisa mumbled an ancient language in a low voice and pushed the ‘key’ into the air.
The space distorted, and the black hole opened its mouth.
The way to enter the ruins of the ancient empire was very simple.

Obtain a key, the key item to enter the ruins.
Move to the coordinates written on the key and read the ancient language.
Finally, push the key into the air and turn it clockwise or counterclockwise as desired.

If you met these three conditions, you could enter the ruins of the ancient empire.
However, since only wizards could read the ancient language written on the key, a wizard’s presence was indispensable in exploring them.
The only exception to this was in the players of this game.

I could read the ancient languages.
I couldn’t use magic because I didn’t have magic powers.
I had tried many times to get the keys to the ruins before, but they were quite precious, and I had no connections to this world.

“Let’s go in!”

Carmen, shouting, stepped toward the opening.
Then, in turn, Succus, me, and finally Tonisa entered the ruins.
The black hole slowly disappeared as Tonisa entered with the key.
The only way to leave the ruins was to use the key or find an exit somewhere.



Carmen and I exclaimed together.
In fact, seeing the inside of the ruins that I had only ever seen before through screenshots on the Internet made my heart flutter.

It was a huge white building at the end of a tunnel made of white stone.
However, there was no sign of life to mar this neat beauty.
There was no chirping of tiny birds, no loud chirping of insects, no animals bounding.
There was no sound of life; only the years’ silence settled.

The lingering aftertaste of emotion faded, and Carmen smiled against the dreary stillness.

“Shall we go inside? It seems like a better-preserved ruin than I’ve ever been to, so there must be plenty of relics.”

Well preserved? I braced myself at Carmen’s words.
The fact that the ruins were well preserved meant that the rating was quite high.
That said, there was a high probability that a high-level guardian would appear.
Of course, there was the possibility that it could be a bonus ruin without a guardian.

There was nothing wrong with being nervous ahead of time, though.

I moved forward with pounding anticipation after Carmen’s lead.

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