his large tail at full force.
The formidable whip broke down everything in its path and made its way to snuff that little life.

The muscles in Marnak’s legs burst to the limit as if they had been waiting.
He soared into the air, passing a hair’s breadth over the tail.
As it swung below, he stretched out and grabbed on, then used it to run up the demon’s body.

As the demon tried to tear at the creature running on its back with its claws, it realized one fatal fact.
He couldn’t reach his back.

Faced with the limitations of his body structure, the demon eventually chose a different method.
Once again, he decided to roll on the ground.
That swift creature would be crushed to death by his body, like the lump of metal that hurt him before.
At least he thought so.

The black body Marnak was running on started to tilt.
But this was also expected.
Marnak jumped from the creature’s back and landed on the ground.
The shock settled in his knees, but his amplified body endured.


Rotten intestinal fragments popped out of his mouth with that cough.

“This is faster than I expected.
It’s hard to use for a long time, Mother.”

There was no time to stop now, however.
A dark shadow covered the earth.
Marnak sprinted through the rubble again, avoiding the demon’s massive body rolling behind him.
The demon collapsed the streets of Guise with its ponderous weight.

Marnak kept running.
And then, after having fun rolling around, the demon rose again.
Marnak leaped to the demon’s feet and clasped on, ascending like a monkey climbing a tree.


The demon roared, but no matter how hard he tried to shake the small creature off, it refused to fall.
The screaming demon dropped his giant body again.
If once wasn’t enough, he would repeatedly roll until it stopped climbing.

Its body started tilting again.
However, Marnak didn’t jump down like earlier.
Having already reached the demon’s neck, his eyes sparkled with the reflection of the white sword stuck in the top of his head.


The Priest of Corruption glided across the slanting body below, then leaped into the air again with his hand stretched out.
Marnak’s hand nearly failed to catch the white sword.
If he pushed it just one more inch, the demon would be dragged to the other world.

But Marnak didn’t push the sword in.
Instead, he yanked the sword free.

“Wake up!”


The giant demon collapsed.
The dark flesh that fell below Marnak became a soft cushion, absorbing the shock.
Marnak stood up again and dug up a piece of flesh.
Then he smiled as he finally found the demon’s gaze.

“Have you lost your mind?”

The demon slightly frowned with his remaining eye, then laughed.

“Looks like meeting the priest was a real blessing for me!”

The demon loved negotiating and enjoyed talking in general.
No matter why he was angry, it was strange to go wild without saying a word.
After examining the condition of the demon, I came to one conclusion.

Something was forcibly suppressing his intellect.

The only thing that didn’t belong in that giant body was the white sword stuck in the top of his head.
Then the story was simple.
That white sword was the shackle suppressing his intellect.
So instead of pushing the white sword deeper, I freed his mind by pulling it out.

The demon, who lost one eye, two legs, and his left arm, lamented.

“Too much.
That’s really too much.
Guise is the city I’ve cherished for the past 40 years.
I can’t believe I destroyed it.”

I sat down next to the demon.
In the aftermath of the Corruption Arts, my stomach was turned upside down, and it was difficult to stand.

“What’s broken can be rebuilt.
How nice would it be to rebuild the city to be even better than before? In addition, if you look closely, the outer buildings are still intact.”

The demon chuckled.

“The priest is absolutely right.
It is also a very exciting, making my heart pound like this! Hahahaha! By the way, can I ask you a question?”

“You may ask.”

An eyeball and a hole containing only bloody flesh turned toward me.

“Why did you help me?”

“Didn’t you give me two gold coins? If a person receives something, they have to repay it.”

I smiled brightly.

“What do you think of my two gold coins’ worth of help.”

The demon grinned too.

“It was plenty.”

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