I still haven't courted Director Zhang successfully, so I can't just die so hastily.

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So, when I got home, I did a deep reflection.

When I rejected the president's unreasonable request and spread the knowledge of economic law to the president, the author did not get angry.

It seems that the bottom line of this book is that it is impossible to confront the president face-to-face to the point of resigning.

I took out the resignation application and read it through, folded it squarely with tears in my eyes, and stuffed it into the depths of my backpack.

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The next day was Saturday.
I woke up early and planned to go to see the houses near the company.
I searched the Internet for rental information.
There was only one house for rent near the entire CBD.
Maybe the author was too lazy to build the framework completely.

I resigned myself to my fate and dialed the phone number left on the Internet.

The phone call got accepted.

The landlord was a frank middle-aged lady.
She told me that the house was left to her before her husband died.
Her son was still in college, and it was time to spend money.
They renovated the house into single rooms and rented them out, subsidizing a little household.

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I sighed a lot after hearing this.
She was really an ill-fated and self-reliant woman.
I asked her again, the rent price was also very friendly, and there was only one vacant room left.
I hurriedly asked her if it was convenient to see the house today.

The landlady said yes, she was going out today and would come home later, but her son was there all day.

The landlady then asked me about my situation, and she was very satisfied with me.
She agreed that as long as I saw the house and felt that there was no problem, she would rent it to me, and when she came home later, she would sign a rental contract with me.

A lady with a strong legal awareness, I applaud her from the bottom of my heart.

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Afraid that the only vacant room left would be rented out by others, I grabbed a little food and stuffed my stomach, and hurried out to the city center.

The place was easy to find.
I got off the bus and searched for a while with the address I’ve written down in a small note.
I saw a beautiful two-story building with light pink exterior.
It should have been repainted not long ago.
There were two small flower beds in the yard, one on the left and one on the right, with colorful flowers blooming brilliantly, one can tell that the landlady must be a very interesting woman.

I pushed back the white garden fence and called out into the garden, “Is anyone home?”

No one answered.

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I crossed the small flowerbed, climbed the three-level low ladder and knocked on the door.
The door was unlocked and opened with a slight push.

It may be because the house was divided into single rooms for rent, and was inconvenient for tenants to come in and out every day, they simply unlock it.

I probed inside, “Hello, is there anyone? I'm here to see the house.”

At the end of the corridor stood a man and a woman, all of whom looked like college students in their early twenties.

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