do not worry“.” I handed the third note. 

I'm really having a hard time. 

A mixed race from eight countries, who lived abroad for a long time, graduated with a doctorate from one of the world's top university at the age of fifteen, and a genius president who is all-powerful in the business world. 

But these few sentences were written by the author.
After thinking about it, I had to bear with it, and I lowered my head and retreated to the wall. 

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The video conference was over soon.
The president turned his head to look at me with those bewitching eyes, and sneered disdainfully, “You are the first woman who dares to talk to me like this.” 

I didn't say anything, I wrote it. 

The president's cold and clear voice sounded in displeasure, “I said ten minutes, but you are late.” 

I recalled it several times and confirmed that there was indeed no such meeting on the schedule, but no one recorded the minutes of the meeting.
It was indeed my work mistake.
I sincerely apologized to the president, “I'm sorry, because my home is too far from the company, and the journey took a little time.
I'll find a room near the company tomorrow for rent.”

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[1] president is speaking in english here, and as you can see, it's wrong grammar…

[2] mc corrected him (btw, the italic and bold text are spoken in english in the raws)

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