Oh, it seems I've gone off topic, I'll keep talking about the President. 

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I'm getting more and more sick of the president lately. 

Except for the outstanding appearance that the author forced on him, this person is really useless from head to toe, low in EQ, low in IQ. 

I am not bragging[1], this kind of multinational group, if it was built in the real world outside the book, it wouldn't even pass the business registration level. 

Last night, I was at home having a sweet dream of cooking with Director Zhang when my phone rang suddenly. 

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When I touched my phone, it was four twenty-five. 

At times like this, only the president with a negative EQ of 250, would call me. 

I took out this month's credit card statement and read it thirty-eight times, and recited “I want a meal” fifty times in my mind.
Then I put on a respectful tone and answered the phone, “Hello.” 

This is not a good sign.
Last month I only had to watch it five times when I first started. 

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Despite the long delay, the phone is still ringing tirelessly.
I suspect that the President may not know that there is a situation in this world where ” if she doesn't answer the call, she will call me back when she sees it.” 

The President's voice was as sinister as ever, “Ten minutes, if I don't see you in my office, you scram” 


I hung up the phone silently, turned on the computer and typed out four words: resignation application. 

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Although I hate the president, I am a good and dedicated employee after all.
With the written resignation application in my arms, I rushed to the president's office in the middle of the night. 

Opening the door just in time to see the end of a cross-border video conference. 

I stood by the wall and listened silently for a while, they seemed to be saying that Huangfu Mario[2] couldn't be more arrogant. 

Oh hehehehe, the second male appeared.

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[1] It's kind of a thing in china, they'd start a sentence saying “I'm not bragging” then proceed to brag….though, I'm pretty sure it happens not only in china haha

[2] Yes, you weren't blind, you saw it right, second male lead appeared and his name is Mario with a surname called Huangfu…

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