I suspect that the President may not know that there is a situation in this world where ” if she doesn't answer the call, she will call me back when she sees it.” 

The President's voice was as sinister as ever, “Ten minutes, if I don't see you in my office, you scram” 


I hung up the phone silently, turned on the computer and typed out four words: resignation application. 

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Although I hate the president, I am a good and dedicated employee after all.
With the written resignation application in my arms, I rushed to the president's office in the middle of the night. 

Opening the door just in time to see the end of a cross-border video conference. 

I stood by the wall and listened silently for a while, they seemed to be saying that Huangfu Mario[2] couldn't be more arrogant. 

Oh hehehehe, the second male appeared.

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[1] It's kind of a thing in china, they'd start a sentence saying “I'm not bragging” then proceed to brag….though, I'm pretty sure it happens not only in china haha

[2] Yes, you weren't blind, you saw it right, second male lead appeared and his name is Mario with a surname called Huangfu…

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