Finally, I drove to the service area.
I was kicked out of the car by the President the second I stopped.
Did he think I’d like to stay in the same car as him? huh?

I felt a little tired from running back and forth throughout the day, and I decided to go to the supermarket to buy a can of coffee for Director Zhang to refresh myself.

When I came back from buying a drink, I happened to meet Director Zhang.
I got into the co-pilot seat of Director Zhang’s car, and as soon as I handed him the coffee, I caught a glimpse of the President in the next parking space getting out of the car.

Not knowing what happened in the car next door, the President rushed out of the car with a face full of anger.
The scissor-style[1] door design prevented the President from trying to slam the door with a “bang”.
He couldn’t find a place to vent his anger, so he raised his foot and was about to kick the street lamp beside the road in the service area.

I threw down the coffee with a scream, rushed out of the car, and threw down the president, desperately hugging the President’s thigh, “Don’t be impulsive, President! Intentionally destroying street lights, mailboxes, public telephones, or other public facilities is enough to be punished.
You will be detained for more or less 15 days or given a warning, and you can be fined more than 200 yuan or worse.”

The President took a deep breath, lowered his head, and stared at me with stern eyes, gritting his teeth as he warned me, “Woman if you’re trying to anger me intentionally, I tell you, you’ve succeeded.”

Seeing that the president had given up the attempt to destroy public facilities, I patted the dust all over my body and stood up quickly, “No, I just want to do my duty as a citizen.
Please continue to walk around here to calm your emotions, but please don’t destroy public property.”

Turning back to Director Zhang’s car, feeling a little uneasy as I recalled what happened just now and asked Director Zhang nervously: “Director Zhang, do you think my actions just now seem like a scheming female secretary intentionally acting intimate with the President in front of the heroine?”

Director Zhang nodded solemnly as he handed me a wet tissue, “Wipe it, don’t care about those insignificant main plots.
It’s hard for you.”

I feel so happy to be in the same car with Director Zhang.
Looking at it now, this is the first time we’re alone together.
The scene in the service area was quickly forgotten by the happy me.

After hearing about my one-day experience in the suburbs, Director Zhang thoughtfully adjusted the seat back for me, took off his suit coat and put it on me, played a soothing music at a very low volume, and gently said to me, “Let’s sleep for a while, we’ll be on the road for a long time.
I’ll call you when we get there.”

Translator’s Note:

it’s like this…  ↵


It seems that Director Zhang also knows about the novel plot.

-J A E

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