I am a female secretary of an overbearing president in a typical dog blood drama text. 

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The kind of person who doesn't have a name at the end of the day, and could only be called “secretary”, one who wears a tight fitting black dress and a pair of 10cm high heels every day, running around in front of the president, humbly praying for the president's attention, and hating the heroine. 

It is me who everyone yells at. 

In fact, I really don't, I'm being wronged. 

Heaven and earth knows, I dare swear with my conscience, though a secret, that I never liked the president, even for half a dime, otherwise the sky struck me with lightning! 

The president thought that I liked him because the author deliberately wrote it like this, making readers think that women all over the world are fascinated by the president's charm, so as to highlight the uniqueness of the heroine.
After all, she is the only woman who wasn't interested in the president. 

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The one who gave me the motivation to spend 45 minutes before going out every day just to put on makeup was actually Director Zhang of the sales department downstairs. 

Director Zhang in author's dog blood always nodded and bowed to the President every day, wishing he could kneel down and call him father. 

In fact, Director Zhang is not like that. 

Director Zhang is tall and handsome, but the author just closed his eyes to set off the president and made Director Zhang greasy, which angered me a lot. 

I still remember that time I came for the interview and ended up getting lost accidentally.
The interview was going to start soon and I was about to be late.
I just graduated and I couldn’t be more panicked.
Fortunately, I met Mr.
Zhang, who was gentle and polite, he not only took me to the outside of the president’s office kindly, but also advised me a lot of interview skills patiently. 

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It was because of Director Zhang that I decided to stay in this company. 

Later, I often had lunch with people from the sales department, and occasionally I ran into Director Zhang. 

Once I accidentally saw Minister Zhang answering a phone call from the President.
Director Zhang rolled his eyes while chewing on a toothpick but replied respectfully.
I realized that everyone was acting in front of the President. 

There is no way, the author is blind, and we also have to eat properly. 

I just want to explain here, I didn't purposely eavesdrop on Director Zhang talking on the phone, I just had a meal at the fly restaurant [1] in the alley behind the CBD, and it was really hard to pretend to be deaf. 

Director Zhang hung up the phone and realized I was looking at him.
He was stunned for a second, and then gave me a “you know” look. 

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The warm breeze blew through my heart, Director Zhang leaned against the window, the bright noon sun casted a layer of radiance on his sides and edges, and my heart skipped a beat in an instant. 

At that time, I decided to pick Director Zhang as my destiny.



[1] 只是窝在CBD后面巷子里的苍蝇小馆里吃饭 I actually don't get this, it's either the name of the restaurant is “fly” or maybe it's actually a fast food restaurant..?? If someone knows, please let me know~

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I'm actually reading this as I translate, so it's really exciting,  I'm also knew to translating, so please let me know if I ever do something incorrectly lol…
just from this chappie alone, I already ship director zhang and mc, (>v < d




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