It’s too difficult to have a meal, so I can only humbly beg the second male.
If the second male is also mentally retarded, this grandma Xiao Mi may be honored to die today.

Entering the secretary’s office, I put on the most flattering and cheerful smile in my life and leaned in front of the heroine, “My lady, a beautiful, kind, and gentle lady, can I ask you something?”

She looked at me with clear eyes and nodded at me, “Sister Shushu[1], tell me, as long as Xiao Zhu can help, the Xiao Zhu will definitely do her best.”

What a good girl! “Are you and Mr.
Huangfu very familiar? Can you tell me where he is filming today?”

The heroine hesitated, “This…not so good…”

I must look like a pervert now.
It’s really immoral to force others to reveal their private whereabouts, but I can’t do anything about it, I’m really afraid of death.

I forced myself to squeeze out a few tears, took the female lead’s hand and wept uncontrollably, and aggrievedly told the female lead what happened just now, “If I don’t see the second male lead today, the president will fire me.
I still have a month to pay off my credit card, I don’t know what to do!”

If I had a choice, I wouldn’t do anything like this.
The heroine’s a very sympathetic person, she will definitely eat my way.[2]

The heroine looked at the two black tears that my mascara had turned into.
She couldn’t bear it.
She handed me a tissue and whispered, “Then… Xiao Zhu will tell Sister Shushu only this time, no more next time.”

The heroine is really kind! I’m going to blow a rainbow fart for your whole life! Be your licking dog!

I suddenly don’t want to pair the heroine and the president.
Such a good girl should be matched with a man with a clear mind.

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