I hurriedly entered the president’s office, bowed slightly and waited for the President’s order.

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The president must not know why the heroine is leaving.

Sure enough, there was a hint of doubt flashing on the President’s face.

Just after the heroine introduced herself, the president proposed to let the heroine live in his 1,000-square-kilometer villa.
With the heroine’s personality, she really felt insulted, so she sternly refused, and then angrily slammed the door and left.

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The corners of my eyes twitched a little after listening to this, and I felt that the President didn’t quite understand the thoughts of ordinary people, “If you say that, the lady may mistakenly think that you want to take care of her.”

The President sneered coldly while looking out the window, “Woman, you successfully caught my attention.”

I quickly patted the heroine’s rainbow fart, “The lady is unwilling, which shows how free, equal, just, dedicated, and honest girl she is! Meeting someone who is hardly tempted, she isn’t a bad person, so don’t give up.”

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Secret love, because of Director Zhang inside my heart, I understand the pain of the President’s love that cannot be achieved.

If you give up after a small blow, then you will not be the president with the world in his hands.

After only a few seconds of losing his soul, the president came up with a brilliant idea with his mythical brain circuit.

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As long as you buy the landlady’s house in someone else’s name, then drive the heroine out, if the heroine is homeless, she may agree to live in the president’s villa.

As a secretary with conscience, I think I have the responsibility to inform the president of the legal risks of doing so, “President, this will not work.
According to the provisions of the contract law, the sale and purchase cannot break the lease.”

The President leaned back on his 80 million swivel chair, squinted at me and said, “What do you mean?”

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I explained the legal provisions to the president, “If the ownership of the leased property changes during the lease period, it will not affect the validity of the lease contract.”

The President nodded vaguely, “You contact the landlord privately first, then let her set the price at will, afterwards negotiate first.”

It’s been more than two months! I have been employed for more than two months, and there has never been a single time.
A single time where the President listened to what I said!

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