Chapter 35: Birthday Storm

Approximately thirty minutes from Dee-International School, the Xue family’s home was located in a special development in the south-central part of the city.

Driving to the location, Yin Chang drove on a private road lined with French Plane Trees.
After driving along the road for more than five minutes, when he could no longer hear the hustle and bustle of the city, Yin Chang saw the large European style villa among the landscape.

As Yin Chang approached the main gate with his car, the iron doors slowly swung open.
He drove to the front of the house, parked the car then turned the engine off.
Preparing himself mentally, he paused and took a deep breath before getting out of the car.
Under the guidance of a butler, he entered the home.

At the entrance, Yin Chang surveyed the foyer.
Treasured antiqued decorated every nook and a huge crystal chandelier hung high above his head.
In addition, exquisite handmade carpets covered the floor and famous painting and special calligraphy works adorned the walls.
From corner to corner, the decorations were the epitome of luxury.

Walking through the foyer to the main living area, Wang Xuan saw Yin Chang enter the room from a distance.
She got up from the sofa to greet him.

Xue Zi’s mother, Wang Xuan, looked very young.
Standing next to her brother, the eighteen-year-old Wang Chen, it was hard to imagine she was the mother of an eight-year-old child.
Presumably before Yin Chang arrived, she informed her brother of the relationship between Shao Junling and Yin Chang.

When Yin Chang arrived, dinner was over.
The two boys were playing with a toy roller coaster on a nearby game pad.
Not far away, unfinished plates of food sat on the table.
In the middle of it, there was half a cake left.
Most likely, it was specially baked for Shao Junling.

Wang Chen had also eaten.
Although he was still wearing the clothes he wore while recording the TV show today, his jacket was tossed to the side.
The room was very warm.
He was uncharacteristically using a toothpick.
He awkwardly smiled at Yin Chang and said, “I really didn’t expect to see you again so soon.”

“Have you eaten yet? My brother mentioned the show’s recording was only completed one and a half hours ago.
You must not have had time to eat.
I’ll ask my cook to prepare you a bowl of noodles.” Even though Wang Xuan was very enthusiastic, Yin Chang wasn’t planning on staying long.

Although Yin Chang didn’t spend much time with Yin Dong growing up, he knew proper etiquette as he was diligently taught by his housekeeper, Fiona.
Before coming to take care of Yin Chang, she worked in a large household that paid great attention to upbringing.
She taught him every last detail of etiquette.
As a result, Yin Chang has become neither humble nor arrogant, a practical and kind person.

If he were just an ordinary 18-year-old boy he might accept the invitation to eat casually at the family’s home as a ‘friend of Wang Chen.’ However, Yin Chang is not.
Now that his father has passed, he is considered the head of the household, a representative of the Yin family and the only elder of Shao Junling.

His own brother ran off to someone else’s house without even saying a word to him.
Yin Chang felt very upset.
As a first-time guest, he arrived at the Xue house without a customary gift.
No matter how hungry he was, he couldn’t stay here to eat.
Yin Chang made of a quick excuse.
“Thank you, I already had something to eat before I came.” He looked at Shao Junling.

Fortunately, any of bullying and trouble-seeking that Yin Chang imagined didn’t happen.
However, Yin Chang noticed Shao Junling looking around anxiously as though he had been caught doing something bad.
Perhaps, it was only because of Yin Chang suddenly appearance as he had interrupted the boys play time together.

“You ate?” Wang Chen didn’t believe it.
He took an apple out from seemingly nowhere and bit it.
He asked,  “What did you have?”

“…Fast food.” Yin Chang quickly replied then ignored him .
He approached Wang Xuan directly to speak with her.
“My brother didn’t cause you any trouble, did he?”

“No,” Wang Xuan said.
Although she didn’t press Yin Chang about dinner, she asked the housekeeper to make a pot of Jin Junmei tea.
 She invited Yin Chang to sit on the couch.
” Although there was a small scuffle when they first met, the two boys play very well together now.”

She recanted the fight between Xue Zi and Shao Junling as a joke and said, “Zi is a devil king at home.
He is also the grandson of Xue’s family and his grandparents spoil him rotten.
Neither his father nor I can control him.
It’s good for him to experience some setbacks while young and learn from them now otherwise he will go out in the future as an adult and have a difficult time.”

After listening to Wang Xuan, Yin Chang knew she was an enlightened mother.
He felt a little less anxious now but, he was curious.
If Wang Xuan knew Shao Junling background, Yin Chang thought he would have seen gossip about him online.
 Although it is difficult to see a poor orphaned boy compared to himself now, as long as Shao Junling’s history is known, because of social taboos, many parents wouldn’t let their children associate with him.
Why was Wang Xuan so tolerant?

Could it be… because of his father Yin Dong?

Yin Chang guessed correctly.
Wang Xuan said: “I’m a fan of your father’s films.
I worked in a TV station in my early years and met Yin Dong several times.
 It’s a pity that he died in a crash in his prime.”

Yin Chang understood the reason.
Wang Xuan’s tolerance for Shao Junling was out of respect for the son of Yin Dong.
Wang Xuan looked at Shao Junling and sighed.
“This child really looks like your father.
It’s such a shame Yin Dong passed away.
I even heard your father was going to add him to the family registry.”

Yin Chang’s heart tightened.
When Fiona saw him, she said the same thing as Wang Xuan.
Even though he knew Shao Junling and Yin Dong looked alike, he could pretend not to care.
However, when he heard someone remind him of this fact, Yin Chang thoughts immediately soured.
Even though he was also Yin Dong’s son, he was the adopted son and not the blood relative one.

Fortunately, Wang Xuan didn’t talk about it further.
She personally poured Yin Chang a cup of tea.
She smiled kindly and said: “Talking about this makes you sad, so we won’t.
Let’s drink tea.

Yin Chang whispered: “Thank you”.

She seemed to genuinely care for Yin Chang.
Wang Xuan said, “Now you will have to take over your father’s business as well as take care of your young brother.
Isn’t it very stressful?”

Yin Chang replied: “It’s okay.
” However, the opposite is true.
Even though he is under a lot of pressure, he would not admit such personal matters in front of a women he met for the first time.
Moreover, while chatting with Wang Xuan, Wang Chen was in the room listening and watching ‘the pair of pitiful brothers’ with curiosity.
It made Yin Chang feel very uncomfortable.
Thinking about the negatives things that Wang Chen had said about himself in front of Xue Zi before, Yin Chang felt even more uncomfortable.

After a few more pleasantries, Yin Chang said it was time to take Shao Junling home.
Wang Xuan didn’t force him to stay.
She got up and showed them to the door.
Yin Chang said to Shao Junling, “Say goodbye to Mrs.

Shao Junling obediently said “goodbye”.

Yin Chang looked at Wang Chen, who had come with them and said: “Say goodbye to… Mr.
Chen too.

Hearing Yin Chang say ‘Mr.
Chen,’  Wang Chen seemed very happy.
While squinting at Yin Chang, he smiled.
He waved his hand to Shao Junling and said: “Goodbye, little friend.”

However, Shao Junling turned around and left as if he hadn’t heard it.

Wang Chen froze momentarily , then walked back to the house angrily.

Wang Xuan smiled and said, “My son is still a child.
You don’t need to pay attention to him.”

Yin Chang wasn’t at all comforted after hearing her because Wang Chen could act recklessly under the protection of his sister and Shao Junling could be an ignorant child under his protection, but he could not.

Yin Chang respectfully said: “Today’s visit has inconvenienced you.
I will come back to thank you properly when I have the opportunity in the future.
” After saying goodbye to Wang Xuan, Yin Chang took Shao Junling and left the Xue family villa.

On the way back, fluctuating up and down, Yin Chang’s mood was in turmoil.
He didn’t know what to say to Shao Junling.
Noticing Yin Chang’s bad mood, Shao Junling kept peeking at him from time to time and fidgeted in the passenger seat.

“Why are you fidgeting?” Yin Chang glanced at him.
Shao Junling instantly sat still.

Yin Chang asked him: “Do you know that I was going to school to pick you up today?”

Shao Junling was taken aback and shook his head.

Yin Chang: “Speak.”

Shao Junling: “I didn’t know.

Yin Chang: “Didn’t you think I would come?”

Shao Junling said sullenly: “You said, you are busy.

Yin Chang choked on his words because he did say this to Shao Junling before.
“Then why did you lie to the teacher?”

Shao Junling: “…”

Yin Chang: “Why?”

Shao Junling: “Xue Zi invited me to his house.”

Yin Chang: “If he asks you to go, you just go? Do you like to go to someone else’s house for your birthday?”

Shao Junling: “……”

When they got home, the dishes Fiona prepared were all cold.
The ice cream cake that was in the center of the table looked soft.
It had melted a lot.

“Are you back?” Seeing the brothers coming inside, Fiona immediately greeted them.
She worriedly asked: “Are you hungry? Even though it is late, I’ll reheat the food so you can eat something.”

“He has eaten.” Yin Chang walked to the living room with a cold face.

Fiona was taken aback.
She glanced at Shao Junling, who was following Yin Chang with his head down: “You ate? Where did you eat? ”

Shao Junling did not answer.

Fiona had watched Yin Chang grow up so it was easy for her to identify Yin Chang’s subtle emotions.
 It was clear the brothers were having a fight, but she didn’t know the reason.

Yin Chang didn’t like to talk much when he was angry.
Fiona simply asked Shao Junling, “I have bought a cake and cooked a lot of dishes for you.
Would Junling eat some more?”

Shao Junling seemed to have understood her meaning and nodded.
Fiona was very happy.
Seeing Shao Junling clutching his schoolbag tightly, she reached out to stow it away for him but, Shao Junling wouldn’t let go.

“Then you go put your bag away yourself.
Wash your hands afterwards then come and eat some cake.” Fiona rubbed Shao Junling’s head and gave him a wink, encouraging him.
She motioned to him to say something nice to Yin Chang.

Shao Junling pursed his lips.
He stood at the entrance of the apartment for a while before finally going to his bedroom with his schoolbag.

After ten minutes had passed when the food was warmed up, Fiona invited Yin Chang to sit down first.
Slowly, Shao Junling came to the table as well.
From along tie ago, Yin Chang was feeling famished.
Shao Junling was probably full.
Seeing how listlessly he was poking at the cake, Yin Chang knew he had no appetite.

After eating two bites, Shao Junling took out a small transparent jar from his pocket and showed it to Yin Chang as if to show it off.

Yin Chang: “???”

Shao Junling said: “The children gave it.

After several months of in-school tutoring, his expression skills have improved a lot.
Although he still speaks one word at a time, he is much more coherent than before.

Yin Chang took a closer look and saw that the jar was empty, so he casually asked, “Have you finished eating?”

He didn’t know what Shao Junling was trying to express.
Thinking perhaps Shao Junling liked honey, Yin Chang thought he showed it to him as a way to ask him to buy more.

Shao Junling shook his head: “I didn’t eat it.
It fell out.”

Yin Chang frowned: “Why did it fall? Where did it go?”

Shao Junling blinked: “Xue Zi’s uncle.
In the shoes.

Yin Chang: “…………”

Yin Chang almost snapped his chopsticks in his hand: “You poured honey into Xue Zi’s uncle’s shoes!?”

Shao Junling was startled by his loud voice and stared at him sheepishly.

Yin Chang asked urgently: “They invited you to eat dinner with them.
Why did you do this?”

He remembered Wang Chen’s reaction when Shao Junling didn’t say goodbye to Wang Chen.
A son does not teach his father’s faults, and a younger brother does not teach his brother’s faults.
Shao Junling was rude.
Yin Chang would only feel embarrassed by his actions.
Thinking that he would have to call Wang Xuan to explain the situation and thus, he would have to apologize to Wang Chen, Yin Chang was so annoyed.

The heart of matter is that look that Shao Junling gave.
Yin Chang couldn’t tell whether the look was one of confusion or rebellion.
It made Yin Change feel, once again, that he was the one that made the mistake.

“Why do you look at me like this? Am I wrong?” Yin Chang glared at him and said, “Do you know that people will think poorly of you.
They will think you are uncultured, uneducated trash!”

Shao Junling became very angry when he heard Yin Chang.
Unexpectedly, Shao Junling smashed the honey jar on the ground in front of Yin Chang.
A loud bang of shattered glass resonated in the room.

Yin Chang was boiling with anger.
This boy was really going against the heavens!

Fiona ran out of the kitchen when she heard the loud sound.
She saw the two of them at a stand-off.
She was frightened: “What’s the matter? Isn’t the food good? ”

Yin Chang pushed the dishes away and threw the chopsticks:  “What is the matter!? You asked him what is the matter! He lied to the teacher and instead of going home, he went to his classmate’s house for his birthday behind my back.
Then, he poured honey in the shoes of a relative of his friend!”

Shao Junling didn’t know how worried Yin Chang would be.
When Yin Chang couldn’t find him at school, he thought the child tried to run away again.

Fiona walked over quickly.
For the first time, she wasn’t there to appease Yin Chang.
Instead, she was there to protect Shao Junling.
She scolded Yin Chang: “He is still a child.
What do you expect him to say?”

Yin Chang was shocked.
Watching his most trusted nanny who had been with him for nearly 20 years, defend Shao Junling made him feel like he was slapped in the face.

Shao Junling is still a child with all the privileges of being innocent.
But, what about him? Who will tolerate his willfulness? Who will understand his heartache and hardship?

He took the responsibility of taking Shao Junling home with him.
He followed Yao Manhuai’s direction and embarked on his father’s path.
He worked hard at being a good elder brother.
However, his own knot was never unraveled.
Whether it was his own life, or Shao Junling life, why on Earth did Yin Dong hide the facts from him?

After Fiona finished scolding him, she went to comfort Shao Junling softly.
Yin Chang couldn’t watch it anymore.
He stood up angrily, turned around and left the house.
Fiona’s panicked voice came from behind, but he turned a deaf ear.

After going downstairs, Yin Chang couldn’t think of where to go.
He has no close friends in this city and he can’t wander the streets alone.
Just as he was thinking about what to do, the phone suddenly vibrated twice.

Yin Chang glanced at it.
It was a message from the WeChat group.
Jia Siqi had posted a bunch of photos from the dinner party.
@Yin Chang: “Have you eaten yet? We just finished eating and getting ready to go back to our dormitory.
I am super happy that we recorded the show today! ”

Yin Chang smiled bitterly.
Thinking of his chaotic night he simply replied: “I didn’t eat it.

Jia Siqi immediately replied: “Why haven’t you eaten? It’s already so late! [Sorry] [Sorry]”

Bai Xiaozhi also sent a question mark.

When Yin Chang didn’t reply, Bai Xiaozhi sent him a private message: “What happened? ”

Yin Chang hesitated for a moment and said: “I’m just not in a good mood.

When Bai Xiaozhi saw his message, he guessed what Yin Chang needed now: “Meet up? Have a drink?”

Yin Chang: “Okay.”

Bai Xiaozhi: “… Can I bring Jia Siqi? Although he’s annoying… once you pour him a few glasses and get drunk.
He’ll quiet down.”

Yin Chang laughed: “Got it.”

Bai Xiaozhi chose a place that he often used when he met with Yu Ruize.
It was a private bar with a very hidden location.
He sent the address to Yin Chang and Yin Chang drove straight there.

When the three of them met, Jia Siqi really was nosy: “Yin Chang, what’s wrong with you? Are you in a bad mood? Why don’t you feel well? Unburden your heart! Talk to us !  Would you like some barbecue? The grilled eggplant and chicken here are great! But Bai Xiaozhi and I have eaten quite a lot already.
Why don’t we just watch you eat?“

Bai Xiaozhi quickly ordered a draft beer and poured a glass for Jia Siqi to drink.
Ten minutes later, Jia Siqi really did fall asleep beside him.

“There is nothing that a glass of wine can’t solve,” Bai Xiaozhi poured a glass for Yin Chang and said slowly, “Just one glass isn’t enough.
Two should do it.”

Yin Chang smiled again: “Thank you.”

After drinking two glasses of wine, Yin Chang felt more relaxed and smiled.
Even though he was smiling, in his heart, he continued to feel bitter.

After several drinks, Bai Xiaozhi tentatively asked, “What happened? You might feel better if you talk about it.
Rest assured, I can keep secrets.
No matter what I hear tonight, I won’t tell another soul.”

“It’s not a big deal.
I simply wanted to hang out.” Yin Chang said after taking a sip of wine, “Today is my brother’s birthday.” In reality, Yin Chang ran out because he was afraid he would get even angrier with his brother if he stayed at home.

“Huh?” Bai Xiaozhi knew that Yin Chang had a younger brother.
He’s seen the news before and Yin Chang mentioned it himself during the show today.
It turned out this was the reason Yin Chang left so early.
Bai Xiaozhi felt Yin Chang was quite concerned about his younger brother.

“What happened to the birthday party?” Bai Xiaozhi asked.

“I asked my housekeeper to prepare his favorite food and order a cake.
I thought we would watch a kids’ movie together later at night, but when I got to his school, he was gone.
My Brother lied to the teacher and went to his classmate’s house behind my back.”

Bai Xiaozhi: “Uh, well, lying isn’t good so you must teach him well.”

Yin Chang: “Oh, I can’t teach him.”

Bai Xiaozhi: “He doesn’t listen to you?”

Yin Chang: “Well…”

Not only did Shao Junling not listen to him, he smashed a glass honey jar in front of Yin Chang.
The only thing Yin Chang could do was become angry.

Bai Xiaozhi: “Is this issue because he isn’t very close to you? I’ve heard very little about your relationship.”

Yin Chang thought about it carefully.
His eyes darkened: “For so long, he only called me ‘brother’.
That was the day I went to the welfare home to find him… Can you believe it? ”

Bai Xiaozhi: “…This is too much.”

Yin Chang laughed at himself: “I owe him.”

Bai Xiaozhi: “Don’t say that.”

It wasn’t like there wasn’t a reason Yin Chang lamented.
After all, he’s Yin Dong’s adopted son and has enjoyed all the privileges that come along with it.
Those privileges should have belonged to Shao Junling.

After a while, Yin Chang said quietly: “Sometimes I look at him and feel like I’m looking at myself.

“…Huh?” Bai Xiaozhi didn’t understand.
He saw pictures of his brother in the news.
He was definitely not as good-looking as Yin Chang.

Yin Chang explained: “Neither he nor I have a mother and now we don’t have a father.
When I saw him in the welfare institute for the first time, I felt like I was the only person that this child could depend on.
Do you know what that feels like?”

Being an only child with both parents, the only feeling Bai Xiaozhi understands is how annoying Jia Siqi is clinging to him every day.
He would like nothing more then to kick him away.
He really couldn’t empathize.

Yin Chang said in frustration: “I want to be nice to him, but he doesn’t listen to me…”

Yes, Yin Chang was afraid.
He was afraid that no matter how hard he tried, he would not be able to get through to Shao Junling.

Bai Xiaozhi thought about it and tried to put himself in Yin Chang shoes.
Suddenly, he felt very sorry for Yin Chang.
Bai Xiaozhi thought a newcomer like Yin Chang, who stood on the shoulders of his father and became popular as soon as he debuted, was the child of destiny favored by God.
He would never understand hardships and struggles of the common person.

However, he was wrong.
Not everyone wants fame and fortune in life.
Even a man like Yin Chang, who is loved by thousands of people has his own problems.
He has a hole in his heart and his pain cannot be filled so easily.
Yin Chang’s suffering comes from family ties and affection that cannot be filled.

Yin Chang sighed and said: “Guess where he went tonight? ”

Bai Xiaozhi: “Where?”

Yin Chang: “Wang Chen’s house.

Bai Xiaozhi: “…Huh?”

Yin Chang: “To be precise, it’s Wang Chen’s sister’s house.
He and Wang Chen’s nephew are classmates at school.”

Bai Xiaozhi: “…”

Yin Chang: “When I went to pick him up, he was having fun at someone else’s house.

He neither liked Wang Xuan’s sympathetic gaze nor did he want to imagine Shao Junling enjoying himself in someone else’s home.

Yin Chang: “Moreover, he also poured a jar of honey it into Wang Chen’s shoes.”

“What kind of zealous operation was that?” Bai Xiaozhi tried to stop himself from smiling.

When it came to Shao Junling’s prank, Yin Chang also smiled.
Now he understood the reason why Shao Junling did it.
Probably, he was very angry at Wang Chen for gossiping about Yin Chang previously.
As a result, Shao Junling looked for an opportunity to take revenge.

However, this isn’t a petty fight between children.
Adults have adult methods to deal with this kind of thing.
When Yin Chang met Wang Chen he felt that Wang Chen wasn’t actually a bad person.
At most, he was a little childish and a little vain.

Now that Shao Junling had made his move, Yin Chang didn’t know how he should deal with Wang Chen in the future.
Also, knowing how long Shao Junling held onto his angry feelings in order to carry out his vendetta worried Yin Chang.

Bai Xiaozhi gave him a toast and advised him: “I’ll be honest, but don’t be angry when you hear it.”

Yin Chang: “?”

Bai Xiaozhi: “I think you care about him too much.
That’s why you put so much pressure on yourself.
If I have a younger brother and he dared to disobey me, I would drag him over and beat him up.
One time not enough? Try Two!  You take way too much crap from him.”

Yin Chang: “…”

Bai Xiaozhi: “What, am I wrong?” ”

Yin Chang squinted his half-drunk eyes and pointed at him: “If you did that abroad, you would be arrested by the police and put in jail.
At least six months and ten months in prison.”

Bai Xiaozhi: “…………”

Regardless, after confiding in Bai Xiaozhi, Yin Chang did feel a lot better.
Looking at the empty wine bottles on a table and Jia Siqi, who was sleeping unconscious next to him, Yin Chang smiled and shook his head: “I should get back.”



In the evening, when Wang Chen left the house to returned to his apartment, he put on his shoes and walked out the front door.
In a few steps, he felt something strange on the soles of his feet.
When he got in the car and took off his shoes, he saw the slimy, wet state his socks were in.

 “???” What is this?

Carefully he leaned in and sniffed.
The odor was a stinky and sweet smell.
Σ( ° △ °)︴

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