Chapter 13: Earth-Shattering Scandal

It was Luo Chao who broke the shocking news.
At the beginning of the article, the author first introduced a mysterious boy with some seriousness.
The 10-year-old boy named Shao Junling lived in the Welfare Institute.
Even though his parentage was unknown, his facial features were similar to that of Yin Dong.

The article raised the first question: Why does this child look so similar to Yin Dong? The author claimed that he not only visited the Welfare Institute, but also called the local Civil Affairs Bureau this morning to understand the situation.

According to the staff of the Civil Affairs Bureau, a half a year ago, someone called them specifically to inquire about the child’s whereabouts and soon after, Yin Dong showed up at the Welfare Institute.
In other words, he knew of the child’s existence early on and went directly there to find him.

The author proposed that there was a reason why Yin Chang biological mother was unknown even though Yin Dong had recognized Yin Chang ’s as his son to the outside world.
Since Yin Dong was unmarried, he implied that the mother of Yin Chang was also the mother of Shao Junling.

Immediately after the introduction, the article began to describe Shao Junling’s tragic upbringing and current fate.

The author added fuel to the fire when he described how Shao Junling had lived like a cat on the streets because he ate food from the trash.
He was eventually placed in the care of the Welfare Institute, but with the lack of clothing and food, and without being able to eat three meals a day, he appeared to be an eight-year-old boy even though he was actually ten years old.
The numerous scars and small wounds on his arms that Lua Chao saw that day in KCF and thus described in detail, swayed readers to believe Shao Junling experienced long-term abuse in the orphanage.
The whole description in words plus the photograph was eloquent and would bring anyone to tears.

After introducing Shao Junling, he compared his life with Yin Dong’s other son, Yin Chang.
The article showed photos of Yin Chang wearing designer clothing when he returned to China.
There were images of him when he went to Kenya and in them, fans were sending him off; he was surrounded by bodyguards and people.
With millions of Internet users giving their best wishes, it was like he was the most important person that existed.

The article raised a second question: If they were both children of Yin Dong, why were their two destiny’s so different? Then, the author posted a handwritten agreement signed by Yin Dong that revealed he was in contact with Shao Junling for the past six-months and alluded to the fact that Yin Dong intended to adopt Shao Junling before the accident.

At this point, the author raised a third question: If Yin Dong intended to adopt Shao Junling, why was Yin Chang completely unaware? Was it due to the sensitive identity of Shao Junling? Or, was Yin Chang ignoring his father’s legacy?

Luo Chao and his entourage were very well versed in inciting netizens’ emotions through gossip marketing.
Even though the article never stated that Shao Junling was Yin Dong’s illegitimate son, it was implied explicitly.
The eye-catching headline, which not only stripped Yin Dong’s identity as being unwed, it highlighted an unlawful affair and dragged Yin Chang down into the mire.

As soon as this article was published, everyone was outraged.

Since Yin Dong was dead, Internet users had only one place they were able to vent their anger and place their blame on: Yin Chang.
In a matter of hours, his Twitter account was filled with aggressive trolls.

“One child has no mother and the second child has no mother.
Yin Dong was a complete scum!”

“Does anyone think that the idiom of ‘down-in-the-dumps’ is particularly suitable for Yin Dong?” [Laughing Out Loud]

“What about Yin Chang’s inheritance? Was Yin Dong even his father?” [Smirk]


Without a response from Yin Chang, netizens were out of control.
In order to find more information, they began to investigate his private life.
They discovered Yin Chang ’s foreign school and his acquaintances there.
Several friends had posted pictures of him which clearly illustrated his luxurious life abroad.
Not only were there numerous photographs taken in bars with many friends, there were also lovey photographs of Yin Chang and his girlfriends at various places that he had at various times throughout high school.
Through these photographs, it was clear Yin Chang was as popular as his movie star father.

“A school with a tuition of 500,000 a year? That kind of money was enough to feed all of the children in the orphanage!”

“I thought he was the perfect male idol, but he turned out to be a playboy!” [Shock]

“Isn’t he just eighteen years old? How is he drinking?” [Addict]

“Wow, all of his girls were busty-blonde-babes.” [Drool]


Other people even gave voice to their belief that Yin Chang knew Shao Junling from before and he was keeping Shao Junling the orphanage so he could be the sole heir to his father’s fortune.

“Ordinary Brothers fight each other for a bowl full of noodles while the rich throw their younger brothers in a Welfare Institute to steal their inheritance.” [Smirk]

“Even if they are half-brothers, they are still bound by blood.
This is really disgusting!” [Rage]

“No matter how handsome he is,  I can’t follow a jerk.” [Goodbye]

“Debut at noon and rolled over at night.
Yin Chang was the fastest star to rise and fall.” [Laugh]  


The momentum came too quickly and Lu Lingjuan was too late to respond.
When Yao Manhuai called her to the office, the poor girl was crying: “I’m sorry, President Yao …” She apologized profusely and wanted to make up for it: “I didn’t even understand the ins and outs of this matter so I didn’t know how to fight back.”

Yao Manhuai was very angry when she saw the situation on the Internet.
She went through great lengths to give Yin Dong the perfect curtain call with the most perfect image, but it was all destroyed by the news in an instant.

Since it wasn’t Lu Lingxuan’s fault, she couldn’t put the blame on her.
Even she didn’t know of Yin Dong’s plan and was shocked by the news.
“What’s the situation like currently?” Now with a headache, Yao Manhaui rubbed the bridge of her nose.

“I closed the comment area and tried to find a PR team to delete the comments, but it didn’t help at all.
There were too many people negatively criticizing Yin Chang and Yin Dong.
Many media outlets have turned their attention to this matter.
Although Fast Dog Entertainment has a poor reputation, the articles they normally produce aren’t without facts.
Plus, the emotional impact that the article produced…..
Ah, Yin Chang’s fanbase fell as fast as they rose.
His true fans are all running away.” With red eyes, Lu Lingxuan lamented.

“His account was only opened for one day there is no way his fans are that true.
These types of fans come and go all the time so you don’t need to concern yourself with them.
Continue to contact PR to withdraw the comments and monitor his account.
I will take care of the rest.
There is another matter that is more important than this….”

The telephone on the desk rang.

Lu Lingxuan: “What is it?”

“Keep an eye on Yin Chang.
Don’t let him go out.” Yao Manhuai signaled to Lu Lingxuan to let her leave then she answered the phone.

“Sister Yao, I found out…” On the phone was Yang Jiajia’s guilty voice.
“The day after the plane crash, we did receive an e-mail from the Welfare Institute, however, it was mixed up with the numerous other emailed-letters of condolences.
Since Yin Dong had donated money to the Welfare Institute, we thought they also had sent a letter of condolence.
As a result, the email wasn’t read fully….”

Yao Manhuai was angry now and her commanding tone reflected her current state of emotions: “Whether the email was read or not wasn’t what’s important right now.
What I want to know is whether or not Yin Dong had a parent-child relationship with the boy over the past six months.
Do you know anything about it?”

“Usually, I was only responsible for work related matters.
Yin Dong didn’t let me interfere with his private life that much.” Yang Jiajia answered her and then followed up: “In January, he did specifically ask me to leave his schedule open every Saturday unless there was something extremely important to do.
At the time, I had asked him what his reasons were… He told me he was making arrangements in his private life so I didn’t inquire about it further.”

In an instant, Yao Manhuai was furious: “Only responsible for work? Didn’t dare to take charge? Yang Jiajia! Although Yin Dong is already a famous star, he is also in your care! You don’t even know what he had been doing every Saturday for six months and you call yourself his agent!? What the hell! Do you think even in his position, he couldn’t crumble? You forget about Peng Long! He was more famous and an international martial arts superstar.
Look what happened to him in a moment of negative news!  Yin Dong was only a domestic star!”

Yang Jiajia weakly retorted: “Yin Dong and Peng Long aren’t the same …”

Hearing Yang Jiajia’s fallacious arguments, Yao Manhuai became even more angry.
She slammed her fist on the desk and scolded him: “How can you take this so lightly? How many people are jealous of his achievements!? How many people are jealous of his status!? You don’t even have a little sense of crisis! “

Yang Jiajia was crying.
There was nothing to say but “sorry”.

Disappointed in him, Yao Manhaui yelled: “Don’t tell me you’re sorry! If this matter can’t be turned around, I’m sorry for Yin Dong in his grave.
Yin Chang had given us the future!”

Yang Jiajia choked up.
He took a moment to think about what Yao Manhuai’s was saying.
He replied: “I’ll call the Welfare Institute right away.”


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