Chapter 12: The Calm Before the Storm

After hanging up, Yao Manhuai began to look for a suitable agent for Yin Chang.

It was at this time that Lu Lingxuan came into her office to make a report: “Director Yao, yesterday evening, a total of thirty-seven companies approached Yin Chang and seventeen of them were interested in doing business with him.
We have received additional business inquires today.
How do you want to deal with them?”

Yao Manhuai looked up at her in thought and suddenly asked: “What do you think of Yin Chang?”

“With his first-class upbringing and first-class looks, no matter what avenue he takes in the industry, Yin Chang has what it takes to become a popular star.” Lu Lingxuan expressed her thoughts in professional terms then continued with her own views: “Last time you asked me to go to Kenya with him and initially, as Yin Chang was a wealthy young man, I thought he would be rather difficult to deal with, but to my surprise, he was easy to get along with.
He was a complete gentleman.”

Yao Manhuai asked: “If I let you be his agent; would you fall for him?”

Lu Lingxuan: “Who wouldn’t like such a person … Wait, wait! Director, do you want me to be Yin Chang’s agent?”

Yao Manhuai: “Yes, he’s decided to make a debut.
But, unlike the other stars in the company, I’ll arrange his career plans myself.
However, my current time and energy are limited, so I wanted to select a full-time manager for him.”

At first, Yao Manhuai thought of three candidates: Yang Jiajia, Yuan Qian and Lu Linxuan.

With the most experience being Yao Manhaui’s right-hand, Yang Jiajia qualifications need not be explained.
Next, Yuan Qian was also a veteran agent with years of working in the industry.
He was very professional and has helped cultivate many artists to maturity.
Among the three, having been in the industry for only one year, Lu Lingxuan had the least seniority and has never worked with someone long term.
However, despite these shortcomings, her keen observations and quick response in business situations far exceeds other peoples’ intuition.
Given a chance, she would easily surpass anyone else.

In fact, when she arranged for Lu Lingxuan to accompany Yin Chang to Kenya, Yao Manhuai already had a plan in mind.
She told Lu Lingxuan: “I think you’re better suited for this position and if you do well, I’ll gradually let you take over his management alone.”

Lu Lingxuan excitedly said: “Really?”

As a new agent, she knew how important Yin Chang’s all-too-perfect-stock was to her, but she never expected Yao Manhuai to give her this opportunity.
Afraid Yao Manhuai would second guess her offer, Lu Lingxuan clenched her hand and gestured with a fist pump: “I’ll do my best!”

Yao Manhuai chuckled and replied: “I believe in you, but it will depend on Yin Chang’s choice.”

Lu Lingxuan face turned red: “Oh….”

Yao Manhuai: “In case he does chose you, I want to remind you of a few things beforehand.”

Lu Lingxuan: “What’s that?”

Yao Manhuai: “As an agent, especially for a woman, the most challenging aspect isn’t being a manager, but how to maintain an appropriate relationship with a male artist.”

Yes, Lu Lingjuan and Yin Chang were the closest in age.
In the past, Yao Manhuai has heard Yin Dong say that Yin Chang’s longing for affection was very deep.
Since an agent was intimately involved in an artist’s life, she was afraid that over time, the boundaries between work and emotions would become confused.

After listening to Yao Manhuai’s explanation, Lu Lingxuan realized just why she had asked her if she would fall for him.
She laughed and said: “Director, I assure you, there won’t be a problem.
I’m seven years older than Yin Chang and no matter how handsome he is, in my eyes, he is still a child!”

Yao Manhuai: “Even though Yin Chang is still young, after you become his agent, not only will you help him with work, you will also be helping him manage his life.
Since you will be with him all the time, inevitably, his trust in you will deepen and he will become dependent on you.”

“No way.
I look ordinary and Yin Chang wouldn’t look at me in that way.
Director, you over estimate me!” In order to appease Yao Manhuai, Lu Lingxuan laughed at herself and joked: “Besides, you know that I’m a Mi Xiu fan.
Even if I wanted to have a relationship with a famous actor, my first choice would be him.”

Mi Xiu was the top star of the new generation.
Two years ago, he became famous through a phenomenal talent show called, Absolute Idol.
He was only twenty-one years old this year and has already become popular in the entertainment industry.

Yao Manhuai: “Well, I’m sure you will handle it well.”

Lu Lingxuan gave an OK gesture: “You can put your faith in me and even if that happens — although I think it’s absolutely impossible — I will guide Yin Chang rationally.”

After discussions with Lu Lingxuan, Yao Manhuai sent information about the three agents to Yin Chang so he could choose who he wanted to work with.

As Yao Manhuai expected, Yin Chang chose Lu Lingxuan: “Lu Lingxuan.
I think she’s very good.”

After getting the answer from Yin Chang, Yao Manhuai took the time to find Lu Lingxuan and explained the arrangements she had made for Yin Chang to her for the next phase of his development.

Considering that Yin Dong died recently, for the next six months, Yao Manhuai won’t let Yin Chang appear too active in front of the media.
Even so, since Yin Chang was a sensitive person, she wouldn’t let him rest for too long.
Since work and an established routine would help him recover from his father’s death, she wanted to start his training as soon as possible in order to avoid him falling into deep depression.

While Yin Dong’s death continued to be on everyone’s mind, Yao Manghuai and Lu Lingxuan asked Yin Chang for some basic information about himself and used it to start an official Twitter account.
The social media page would officially be used as and avenue for his debut and public relations.
Thus, by updating his personal status and events, fans can feel like they are part of his personal world.

Now that she had the necessary information, Lu Lingxuan contacted Yin Chang to confirmed with him: “Have you ever opened a Twitter account before?”

There is one.” Yin Chang said.

When he went to Kenya, Lu Lingxuan asked him to read the comments of netizens.
It wasn’t convenient to use someone else’s mobile phone so he created one for himself.
The account was called: #IWillGiveYouAllMyTenderness.

When Lu Lingxuan turned on her mobile phone to check the account, she found nothing posted and even the avatar was blank.
She said: “You can use this as your private account.
I’m talking about an official account with your real name.”

Yin Chang frowned: “Is that necessary?”

Lu Lingxuan said: “Give me your information and I will help you register one.
I will help you manage it in the future too.
Before I make an official post, you can check it over, okay?”

Yin Chang: “OK.”

Lu Lingxuan followed Yin Chang’s personal handle with her agent account and reminded him: “By the way, don’t post anything on your private account, especially if it doesn’t fit with your persona.
Several once-promising stars have fallen by the wayside because of what they posted on their private accounts.
The ending for the star was tragic.”

Yin Chang was confused and asked: “What do you mean?”

Lu Lingxuan explained: “Some stars in order to cater to the public, contrary to their naure, they would deliberately create a flattering persona.
However, once their true character comes out, the audience and fans are often greatly disappointed.
For example, if on the surface they were a kind lover, but behind the scene they were in fact irresponsible jerk.
Another example, if they portrayed themselves as quiet and pure but real evidence contradicted their persona, their manipulation makes them untrustworthy in the eyes of fans and as a result, the star’s reputation is severely damaged.”

Having listened to someone with experience in the business, Yin Chang was thoughtful.

Lu Lingxuan: “Of course, there are no shortage of rumor-mongering in the entertainment circle.
Take for example, the people who often make money by exposing corruption and gossip about actors for the sake of gaining attention because of some trifling matters.
The gossip is often exaggerated and foolish, but also mixed with some truth so it is very difficult for the audience to tell what is true and what isn’t.
Many times, it isn’t something that can be explained easily so the rumor becomes unmanageable.
Like stepping on shit, you can wipe it off, but you can’t hide the smell.
In any case, as long as you can sit up straight, you don’t have to worry about it because the agency will handle it for you.”

Yin Chang: “Oh …”

The following morning, Yin Chang’s official Social Media account was created.

At twelve noon, “he” sent a tweet: “I am Yin Chang.
Thank you for your comfort and blessings during this time of mourning and I look forward to your care in the future.”

The photo was the picture that Lu Lingxuan took last night when Yin Chang was standing by the floor-to-ceiling windows.

After the tweet was sent, Lu Lingxuan posted a link to Yin Chang’s page to the agency’s internal website.
Soon, not only did the artists from within the agency follow him, but all of the big stars and corporate business people that were at Yin Dong’s memorial follow him as well.
It didn’t take long for his handle to quickly rise in popularity and reach one million followers.

“At last, Yin Chang’s Twitter account has been created and the people who were left behind have organized!” [Cry]

“Oh my god, you’re here! Let us love you for Yin Dong!” [Heart]

“So handsome!”


However, in addition to the multitude of supporting messages, there were many voices of doubt.

“What does this tweet mean? The father’s dead son thought of becoming an actor?”

“The first star in history to take advantage of his dad’s death was really evil.”

In response to the malicious comments, Lu Lingxuan quickly offered criticism in attempts to control the flow——

“Funny, his father was a movie star so if he wanted to make his debut early, why did he wait until now?”

“At the age of eighteen, he has a net worth of over 100 million and is handsome to boot.
If you are jealous, just say so.”

“The son has inherited his father’s business so what’s wrong with Yin Chang learning about it now?”

“He just sent a Tweet to thank netizens for their previous support.
Where does it say he is going to make a debut?”


Under Lu Lingxuan’s careful management, the social media outlet was a harmonious and calm.
However, the calm before the storm ended at five in the evening when a news article published by Fast Dog Entertainment was released.
It was titled, “Suspected illegitimate son exiled to a tragic fate.” It swept through the internet like a tidal-wave, leaving Yin Chang’s social media page in its wake.
The destructive nature of the information was terrible for Yin Chang and his account became a battleground for gossip.

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