Chapter 11: Secret Videos

When he got home, Yin Chang sat alone on the sofa and thought about what Yao Manhuai’s said.
Three years ago, he was exposed to the public for the first time because of paparazzi photos.
Since Yin Dong reacted strongly to the exposure, he thought his father didn’t want him to get involved in show business.

Indeed, there are many negative things about the entertainment world, but after his father’s death, he also saw countless fans online expressing their heartfelt condolences.
Yao Manhuai was right.
Although Yin Dong sacrificed his time with him, his film and television works have influenced the audience and his efforts had helped many people.

Tonight, many celebrities came to Yin Dong’s ceremony to mourn for him.
Not only did they pay their respects, they came to offer condolences to Yin Chang and also to comfort and encourage him.
It’s all proof that his father’s life as an actor was a success.

It was for this very reason that Yin Chang had no confidence in himself as an actor.
To be honest, Yao Manhuai’s last statement about always being there for Yin Chang was more tempting than any of her other arguments.
From when he was young, Yao Manhuai was part of his life and helped him solve many problems.
Yin Chang treated her as a trusted relative.

Yin Chang had been mulling it over for two days.
Tonight, he realized that if not for his father, would Yao Manhuai continue to be part of his life? But, would she even answer him if he asked?


Leaning over, Yin Chang sighed and switched his seating position on the sofa.
He accidentally pressed the TV remote that was wedged between the cushions.
An image suddenly appeared on the TV.

As the message that the player was reading the disc appeared on the screen, Yin Chang thought it was just a movie that his father had been watching at home.
He was about to turn it off, but he stopped when he saw a younger version of his father appear on the screen.
He said: “Little Chang, look here!”

It was Yin Dong shooting a video of a boy that was looking down and playing with his toys.
It was Yin Chang when he was five years old.

“What are you playing with?”

“Transformers.” Yin Chang replied in a quiet voice while he was playing with his toys.

“Are Transformers fun?” Yin Dong asked the boy.

“Yes! They are fun!” Yin Chang’s words were very bright and clear at first, but his tone changed and quietly said: “But it’s not fun to be alone.”

“Why isn’t it fun?”

Yin Chang didn’t answer him.
After more than ten seconds he asked: “Dad, when will you give me a little brother?”

Without being able to see Little Chang’s face, Yin Dong replied softly: “Dad doesn’t have a lover.
How can I give you a little brother?”

Yin Chang demanded: “Then go find one!”

Yin Dong: “Dad is very busy.
I don’t have the time to find one.”

Now silent, Yin Chang fiddled with his Transformers instead.

Even so, Yin Dong continued to shoot video and asked in an easy-going tone: “Why do you want a little brother so much?”

It was at this time that Yin Chang turned his head to face the camera and firmly stated: “So I will have someone to be with when you go to work!”

Yin Dong said helplessly: “Don’t you have Fiona?”

Yin Chang raised his voice: “Fiona can’t! She’s an adult!”

Yin Dong tried to guide him: “What about your friends from school?”

Yin Chang was anxious and yelled: “My friends from school go home right afterwards.
They all have Fathers and Mothers and Brothers and Sisters.
I’m the only one alone!”

Seeing how upset he had become, Yin Dong immediately said: “Oh, don’t cry, don’t cry, dad will play with you!”

The picture swayed and then went black.
Staring at the screen, Yin Chang remained silent.
Before he had time to think about what he had just watched, another video started.

“Little Chang.
” It was still Yin Dong’s voice.

On the TV screen, Yin Chang was watching a cartoon with his back towards the video camera.
He was wearing a blue T-shirt with a Pikachu logo on its back.
This time, he looked about seven years old.

“Little Chang!” Yin Dong called him again.

Yin Chang stared at the TV intently, as if he hadn’t heard Yin Dong’s call.

“Little Chang, look here.
Dad is making a video of you.
Don’t you like it?”

“I don’t like it …” His wasn’t focused on Yin Dong at all.

“You don’t like it? Then, will you take a video of Dad?”

Yin Chang quickly refused: “I don’t want to.”

“Is this Pokémon? You’ve already seen it many times so why not?” Cajoling him, Yin Dong moved closer: “Come on, Dad will teach you about taking a video.”

Yin Chang was finally disturbed at scolded his father: “You’re so annoying!”

Yin Dong: “…”

The camera continued to video Yin Chang watching TV for a short while.
During this period, Yin Dong didn’t speak again and Yin Chang never looked back.
As if it was a silent film, the only sound was the background music from the cartoon.

Watching on the couch, Yin Chang sat there dumbfounded.
He had no recollection of these scenes from the past.
After a short time, another video started.

Yin Dong appeared on the screen holding a video camera.
While muffled sounds could be heard, the picture switched direction.
Presumably, he put the camera in his hand by his side.
The image showed a hand knocking on a door.

“Come in.” Came a hoarse voice from inside.

The hand pushed the door opened and in view was the back of a teenager sitting in a swivel chair.
As the teen twisted his head to look behind him, he took his headphones off and placed them around his neck.

“Yin Chang …” Yin Dong asked unnaturally: “Do you have plans for the afternoon?”

“I asked Evan if he wanted to go see a movie.” On screen, Yin Chang lost most of his child-like features.
His straight nose and deep brow were that of an adult, but his cracking voice revealed his current growing period.

“I’m leaving in the afternoon.” Yin Dong.

“Oh.” His expression was unhappy and his tone was calm: “Have a good day.”

“That …” Yin Dong seemed like he was about to say something else.

When Yin Chang discovered the video recorder in Yin Dong’s hand, he furrowed his brow and asked, slightly irritated: “Are you filming me?”

“Oh, sorry, I forgot to turn it off.” Immediately, as the recording was turned off, the screen went dark.

Yin Chang remembered the incident in the last video.
It was his first year of high school and that evening was Family Night.
All of the students were invited to eat dinner together with their parents.

He didn’t tell Yin Dong because he had overheard him on the phone with his assistant.
In order to see Yin Chang for two days, he had pushed back the filming schedule, causing a delay.
His assistant was calling him to make flight arrangements as there was only one more flight out that would arrive in time for Yin Dong to begin work on the film set.

He knew that Yin Dong was going to leave this afternoon to film and there wasn’t anything he could say to make him stay.
If he had said something , it would only cause more trouble for his father.
Having lied, Yin Chang was afraid his father would find out, so he went outside and wandered around alone all afternoon.


Seeing these videos now, Yin Chang was enlightened….  It turned out, when he was a child, he could express his loneliness so straightforwardly.
It also seemed like Yin Dong was assessing his propensity towards film.

It wasn’t that Yin Chang didn’t have any inclination to film, rather, his aversion to acting steamed from the fact that, growing up next to an award-winning actor, any acting on his part seemed lame.

Thinking of Yin Dong quietly recording these scenes when he didn’t notice as a child and then playing them over and over again now in his home….
Was proof of his father’s love.
Yin Chang felt like his heart had been lifted up.

Yin Chang covered his face and slowly slid onto the carpet.
Between the gaps of his fingers, tears silently fell.

Early the next morning, Yu Chang sent a message to Yao Manhuai: “Aunt Yao, I think….
Well, I want to try acting.”

Since Yin Dong used his status to protect him so well, he was able to live abroad and enjoy a free and comfortable life for many years.
Now that he had decided to take over his father’s business, he must have some understanding of the industry.
Yao Manhuai’s suggestion had a point.

Yao Manhuai confirmed: “Are you certain? Do you have any questions?”

Yin Chang: “I’m just a little worried that I won’t be good enough.”

Yao Manhuai chuckled: “Little Chang, no one can be perfect from the start.
Just work at it little by little and you will grow.
Alright, don’t overthink it so much and as I’ve already told you, you aren’t alone.
I’ll be here with you along the way.”

Yin Chang: “Hmm.”

Yao Manhuai once again spoke: “However, now that you have decided on your future path, you will need to suspend your studies abroad and return home.
Spend the next few days dealing with things in Pasadena and plan to move back to China.
I’ll select an agent for you as soon as possible to help you make arrangements.”

Yin Chang was stunned: “You aren’t going to be my agent?”

Yao Manhuai: “I now have to take care of Nova Entertainment’s management.
I can’t be your agent like I was with your father, but you don’t have to worry.
I will be making all of the key decisions related to your development.
The duties of your selected agent are more like an assistant then they are at making career decisions.”

Yin Chang: “Okay……”

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