Chapter 001: Accident

“On the morning of the 17th local time, a Boeing passenger plane crashed in an accident shortly after takeoff, killing all 137 passengers and eight crew members from 22 countries…… There were seven Chinese passengers on board, including the well-known Chinese actor Yin Dong……”

“When the airplane crashed was reported, refusing to believe the famous actor died, fans of Yin Dong gathered at the airport collectively crying in grief…..”

“It is reported that they were on their way to a movie set in Kenya.
While the rest of the film crew had taken a different flight to their destination, Yin Dong and his assistant departed from Shanghai on the 16th and took a connecting flight in Ethiopia’s capital, Addis Ababa.……”


“Oh my God! Did Yin Dong really die in a plane crash?”

“It’s a pity.
I recently saw him star in the film, Thirty Years of the River.
I never would have thought it was the last film he would be in!”

“It’s not April Fool’s day, is it? Yin Dong is my favorite movie star!”


At the airport, numerous people were holding their phones looking at the shocking news report.
As the large flat screen TV that was broadcasting the latest news feeds came closer, a tall young man stopped outside the store and glanced at it.
Like many others, he appeared to be shocked.
Now confused and anxious, he continued along the concourse.

Upon arrival at the international customs desk, the youth took off his baseball cap and handed the man his passport.
The security staff stared at him for a few seconds in question because, while they seemed to be able to tell who is was, the passport clearly had an unknown name on it.

Nearing the exit, the young man felt his phone vibrate in his pocket.
When he answered, an urgent and loud voice was coming from the speaker: “Yin Chang, where are you? …The situation is a bit of an emergency.
I don’t know who leaked your information back home.
Now, numerous reporters are outside the airport and we are trying to arrange for a security escort….”

Since the signal came and went intermittently inside the airport building, Yin Chang didn’t hear much.
He had stepped outside of the airport already.

Someone shouted, ‘there he is’, and with numerous flashing camera lights, the crowed rushed towards him, blocking his way.

“You are Yin Chang right?”

“Yin Dong’s plane has crashed.
What are you feeling now?”

“Yin Dong has never disclosed your mother’s identity to the public.
Are you his illegitimate son?”

“Did you come home overnight to settle his affairs? Did Yin Dong inform you of his properties and assets?”

“What do you think of your father’s sudden death at the height of his career? Will your quality of life decline in the future? Are you taking his place in his business and entering the entertainment industry?”  


The young man being questioned was the only son of the movie star who just died in the plane crash, Yin Chang.

On the way home, almost everyone was talking about the news of the plane crash in Mandarin, Cantonese, and English.
Despite the different languages, one aspect was clearly repeated in his ear.
The fact that his father, Yin Dong, was dead.

At this moment, facing the wolf-like reporter, Yin Chang didn’t know what he was feeling.
They asked him things unceremoniously and without any reservation just to make a rise out of him: Indifference is heartless.
Excessive anger is unacceptable.
Grief is emotional collapse.

Since his response weren’t explosive enough, the reporters pressed him further and asked even more personal questions.
Like a hungry locust swarm ravenously devouring all, the reporters were enjoying the feeding frenzy brought about by the death of Yin Dong.

Soon, Yin Cheng was surrounded by the flashing camera lights, not only by the reporters and their crew, but by regular people walking nearby.
They also raised their phones to take part in the action and shoot photos.

Several female reporters stuck closely to him.
Instinctively, Yin Chang wanted to protect himself from the crowd.
When he was about to reach out to block them, a group of airport security came from behind and surrounded him all the while shouting at the reporters: “Back! Stand back! “

Yin, there’s no way out from here.
Please come with us…”

The chaos lasted for more than twenty minutes before the security guards were able to take Yin Chang away from the airport exit and bring him to an exclusive lounge inside.

Moments later, a man and a woman came in.
Wiping sweat from his brow, the man bowed and apologized: “I’m really sorry.
We didn’t know what the situation was like at the airport.
The arrangements weren’t made properly in advanced.
You must be shocked and frightened!”

Indeed, Yin Chang was shocked.
He had been out with his father in the past, but due to his father’s protection, he never had the experience of being besieged after being recognized by fans.

From near the doorway, the other woman stared at Yin Chang unabashedly.
At the urging of the man, she pulled out a mask and sunglasses from a bag.
Blushing, she handed them to him and said: “We can leave the airport out of the special exit in a few minutes.
There might be a few reporters in the underground parking lot.
To be safe, try not to get photographed.”

Yin Chang answered with a muddleheaded reply: “I know.”

In order to arm yourself against a paparazzi, Yin Chang had long been accustomed to this type of disguise.
However, he did not expect that one day, he would become the main character.


Half an hour later, in the general manager’s office of Nova Entertainment, Yao Manhuai received an intercom call from the public relations department.

“Chief Yao, open social media and look at the news feed!”

Yao Manhuai refreshed the entertainment section and saw several articles related to Yin Chang in the hot topics.

“Yin Dong was killed and his son Yin Chang returned home overnight”

“Yin Chang shows up at the Airport”

 “News Flash: Who is Yin

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