Theresia raised one eyebrow.

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She was wondering what was going on, though it was only because of this rumor.
Although it was disappointing to be swayed by the rumors, it wasn’t surprising considering that Hermia wasn’t that old.

With that thought, she slowly set the teacup down on the table.

It was a sign that she felt uncomfortable.

“I was wondering what it was.
Was it because of such a rumor? Of course, if I had a new maid, I would have known first.”

Aside from the natural fact that the person should inform herself directly, was that she had to be the daughter of a prosperous aristocrat or the wife of a powerful family in order to become the exclusive maid of the Imperial Empress.

In addition, it would take three months to just go through the proper procedures.

Even if Hermia was right, then she would have already known about it, but Theresia couldn’t understand why she was speaking as if it had been confirmed.

“…It’s not a rumor.”

Hermia looked a bit uncomfortable… No, she also looked angry.

Seeing that, Theresia frowned slightly.
Did the rumors spread that a noble maiden, whom Hermia had a bad relationship with, was coming as a maid of the Empress Palace…?

She comforted Hermia with her gentle demeanor.

“Why are you angry? Even if the rumors are true, she won’t be my maid because she wanted to.”

Theresia knew her own place all too well.

The derogatory name that she was the ‘Scarecrow Empress’ was not a mockery, but the truth.

For that reason, none of her maids were the wives of a prominent family or their daughters.
Only daughters of a fallen aristocratic family in need of money, or a daughter of a semi-noble family in need of fame as the Empress’s handmaiden.

The life of the Empress was so shut down that they ran out of the Empress’ Palace as soon as they got married.

“Young Lady who went crazy might have wanted it.”

Hermia snapped and retorted.


Theresia asked in surprise, before frowning at the name of her that came to mind.

“No way…”

“That’s the person you’re thinking of.
Lady Evelyn Garneid.”

Theresia widened her eyes and stared at Hermia.

For a moment, she doubted her ears.

There was no one who didn’t know Lady Evelyn Garneid, even though her life was closed off.

The young lady, who suddenly went crazy for no reason, had all kinds of eccentricities.
Among them, the most modest thing about her was that she threw herself into the lake during the writer’s tea time after being invited, so that said it all.

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Is such a young girl coming in as her own exclusive maid…?

Thinking so, she carefully opened her mouth.

“Is it possible that Count Garneid did everything he could to give his daughter a suitable marriage?”

No matter how much she was a ‘scarecrow,’ the power of the position as the Empress’ handmaiden was still powerful.

As long as Young Lady Garneid shows good performance as her maid, the image of her travels would gradually be washed away slowly.

Theresia smiled softly and added her words.

“If that’s the case, I can understand it well enough, even if it’s a shame that she didn’t tell me first.”

It was impossible for Count Garneid, who was just an ordinary nobleman, to communicate with the Empress’ Palace, anyway.
She was full of generosity to close her eyes and overlook if he was doing this for his daughter.

However, the words that flowed out of Hermia’s mouth as she shook her head were completely unexpected.

“It wasn’t something the Count did.
Young Lady Garneid’s marriage has already been decided.”


Theresia was now listening to her with interest.

After all, during her free life at the Empress’ Palace, she seldom had a chance to hear such an interesting story.

“Who was her partner?”

Hermia lowered her voice and answered.

“This is Lord Cassius Brudenell, Your Majesty.”


Theresia was truly surprised this time.
Even though she was quite surprised by other news as well, because Cassius Brudenell, whom she knew, was never a great man to marry a crazy maiden.

“What… was the reason?”

“Surprisingly, there have been many reports of Lord Cassius falling in love with the Young Lady Garneid.”

At her words, Theresia lost her words for a moment.
It was because whether she was a crazy woman or a sane woman, Cassius Brudenell was the kind of person who seemed impossible to love violently.

“…No way.”

“I attended the wedding proposal ceremony not long ago.
The feelings of Lord Cassius towards the Young Lady Garneid did not seem to lie.”

“Wedding proposal ceremony…”

Saying so, Theresia shook her head.

It was certain that the marriage was certainly not accomplished solely through family gains if they held a grand event that had never been heard of—a wedding proposal ceremony, not just an engagement ceremony.

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“Anyway, Young Lady Garneid seems to have regained her sanity.
I consider it fortunate.”

“That’s the problem!”

Hermia made an angry sound as she retaliated.

“Your Majesty, you should have gone to the proposal in person! It usually looks quite normal, but…”

She then paused for a moment to catch her breath, realizing that she had been overexcited.

“The Duke of Brudenell arranged for a very talented soprano performance.
Even compared to the Royal Family’s exclusive singer, she has a talent that is not inferior.
Though as soon as the performance is over, Young Lady Garneid says that she wants to sing, too! A self-composed song as well!”

“If Young Lady’s skills were good, I’m sure you wouldn’t have told me about this.”


Hermia grabbed her chest as she continued.

“It was really terrible, Your Majesty.
I thought my eardrum was going to tear.
What’s even more unbearable is that, after the song, Gabian DeViro even gave a shy flattery to the Young Lady…!”

“Gabian DeViro…?”

Theresia was now really surprised because she was well aware of the high self-esteem of Gabian DeViro.

He doesn’t bend in front of the Emperor, but in front of the Duke…?

Now that he is old, he seems to want to live comfortably in the Duke’s house.
He can’t say that she’s good at singing, so I’m guessing he’s saying that she’s good at composing.”


After Hermia’s remarks, Theresia murmured to herself softly.

She knew Gabian DeViro well.
When he was in his heyday, she was also a young girl who had just entered the social world.
So, he couldn’t be bothered just for money and a comfortable life.
She knew that he wasn’t such a person as Hermia had said.

However, instead of telling her about it, Theresia just smiled and shook her head.

“You’ve suffered some hardships.”

“I’m fine.
I just had to hold it in for a while at that moment.
Although when I heard she was coming in as the handmaiden of the Empress, I came running right away to warn you!”

Hermia said before holding Theresia’s hands tightly.

“Please be careful, Empress.
Even though the Young Lady is fine, I’m afraid of what she will do.”

“Thank you for the warning.”

Saying so, she then grinned and persisted, “But, let me tell you one thing in advance.
I have no intention of throwing away the Young Lady Garneid.
Otherwise, it’s something that only a deceitful person would do to trouble the poor Young Lady.”

“Of course, I thought so, Your Majesty.”

At her words, Hermia didn’t seem surprised at all.

Notwithstanding, after all, Theresia was widely reputed for her upright and benevolent character.

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And, Theresia really intended to treat the Young Lady Garneid well.

Whatever the reason for entering the Palace, it wouldn’t be easy for the young lady with an undisputed spirit to work as the maid of the Empress without power.
So, it was common sense to treat her well.

Theresia opened her mouth to Hermia.

“You… You didn’t come all the way here just to warn me about her, did you? I’m sure there must be another reason.”

“As expected, you’re clever.”

She said as she nodded her head.
Meanwhile, Theresia just quietly glanced at her.
It meant that she was waiting for her to speak first.

Seeing that, Hermia raised her head with a slightly tensed look on her face before opening her mouth.

“…Please separate the Garneid Young Lady away from Lord Cassius.”

Puzzled, Theresia tilted her head a little.

“Well, it won’t be difficult… Can you tell me the reason why, though?”

At her question, Hermia licked her lips.

Seeing that she was nervous all of a sudden, it seemed that she must have been up to something.

Nonetheless, Theresia waited patiently for her answer.
Only after knowing what she was thinking that she could then decide whether to grant it or not.

At last, Hermia opened her mouth with her stubbornly determined tone.

“I want to marry Cassius Brudenell.”


* * *


Finally, it was the way to enter the Palace as the Empress’s personal handmaiden.

I was half excited and half nervous, modestly wearing the clothes and accessories provided by the maids since I didn’t want to make a bad impression from the start to someone whom I had to look good for at least a few months.

‘The longer I stay, the better.’

Isn’t there a saying that when the body is distant, the mind is also distant?

This is different from when I ran away, and Cassius came after me.

He knows where I am now, and we can meet at any time if we make an appointment.
It’s just that it would be quite difficult.

“The carriage is ready.”

I wanted to sleep in the carriage going to the Empress’s Palace since the night before I couldn’t sleep easily because of my stiff body and mind.

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I sighed.

‘…What kind of person is the Empress?’

Obviously, in the book, she was described as a merciful and gentle scarecrow Empress.

Nevertheless, that was just an external image.

No one knows what it would be like if she became someone I have to actually serve.
Of course, even if the Empress’s character was ferocious, it seemed that I would be able to breathe more easily than being next to Cassius, so I entered the palace as her handmaiden.

How long has it been?

Eventually, the carriage arrived at the Empress’s Palace, and I left all my belongings with the servants and entered the Palace.

The first thing to do, of course, was to attend an audience with the Empress.
Since I was not yet officially appointed as a handmaiden, I had to formally attend an audience to meet the Empress.

“The Empress is waiting for you.”

I opened the door to the audience, trying to appear as proud as possible.


What caught my eye was a middle-aged woman with a warm and dreamy impression.
Although she was surrounded by expensive clothes and jewelry, her simple and neat atmosphere made it easy for her to win the favor of people wherever she went.

I was mesmerized for a moment, though I quickly came to my senses and greeted them quickly.

“It’s Evelyn Garneid, Your Majesty the Empress.
It is an honor to finally meet you like this.”

“Raise your head.”

When I looked up, the Empress smiled.

I tried to smile along, but my lips twitched.

“You seem too nervous.”

Saying so, the Empress laughed out loud.
She then pointed her hand to the chair in front of her.

“Sit here.
I’ll ask them to bring out the table since it would be nice to chat while having some refreshments.

“Ah… talking with me?”

“That’s right.”

The Empress nodded her head.

Perhaps, it was just my feeling, but a sharp light was flashing in her eyes, which seemed gentle until now.

“I have a lot of questions about the young lady.”


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