r Cinema had slowly begun to add more chains. 

Such serendipity was that apparently, Chen Xuyao’s family business had a focus on the Entertainment Company.
During this period of getting along with him, they had a lot of topics to talk about thereby.

He had been listening to a bunch of gossip in the entertainment industry from Chen Xuyao.
As a person who honestly didn’t have an interest in Stars chasing, Wu Siyuan was often dumbfounded at first.
He felt that the people in the circle really knew how to find excitement.

However, it was those gossip that occasionally gave him the opportunity to analyze whether a newly released movie would have a scandal affecting it or not.

After all, when the actors or actresses accidentally leaked their quirks right before the movie’s release, it might have a considerable impact on the market. Consequently, this also impacted the Cinema’s movies schedule and the daily income.

Wu Siyuan realized it was not enough for him to just know about handling his own Company.
He had to understand Entertainment Industry as well. Therefore, Wu Siyuan sincerely asked for advice and guidance from Chen Xuyao, who was familiar with Entertainment Business. 

Chen Xuyao himself didn’t mind sharing his knowledge and experience either.
In the past, this roommate of his never flattered him intentionally for his family background.
Even right now when knowing his business focus, he maintained the attitude of sharing knowledge and asking for advice, still without any flattery involved.
Chen Xuyao felt he liked it this way.
A friend should be one with a cordial attitude, not a bootlicker.

Chen Xuyao had been introduced and involved in his Family’s business since he was a child.
Their Entertainment Company could even be regarded as the leader in the Industry.
There were few details he was unfamiliar with.
One had the information and the other did not shy away from asking.
They hit it off.

Meanwhile, looking at these two people being immersed in their discussion, the other 2 roommates were unwilling to be left behind. 

They said, “Come and teach us as well! We can also give advice either.”

Thenceforth, the four of them were truly in the state of advancing and retreating together[5].


That day, during the basketball match the Cameramen-Brother dutifully captured JiangShi’s moments per Wu Siyuan’s request.
After sorting and processing the photos taken, he fulfilled his promise and sent him the ones Wu Siyuan wanted.

Later, the given pictures were quickly shared with Wu Siyuan’s dormitory roommates.
Four guys went to browse and post the pictures to the Super Topic in unison.
The same Four Guys also wrote a comment;

[Ahhhhhh! This couple is super sweet! JiangShi must be real! Don’t convince me otherwise!]

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[Sugar! Our CP is providing Sugar supply!]

[JiangShi CP forever, ever after!]

[It’s too sweet! Baby can’t stand too much sweetness~]

When Shi Yuanbai checked the Super Topic as usual, he felt his eyes had been greatly stained by both the pictures and the braindead comments.

It was exactly because of the basketball match incident that his two Potential Stocks who had a promising future with him previously, all of a sudden, kept their distance.
There was no longer any lingering affection in their actions and speeches, only reserved politeness to strangers remained. 

‘It shouldn’t have been this way!’

Even if he tried to explain that he was unprepared and Jiang Jingtong was the one who suddenly rushed over, it still couldn’t erase their doubt.
Their attitude still changed from being ambiguous to polite courtesy. Such a huge gap in the treatment obviously flustered even Shi Yuanbai.   

Biting his finger in anxiety, he was determined to find the cause and effect.

It was impossible for those two Potential Stocks to change their attitude just because of a trivial thing, a hug.
There must be more than that, an unexpected slip-up must have happened.

At that time he didn’t pay attention to who was sitting next to the two men.
Moreover, recently it seemed that many people knew about the JiangShi Super Topic on Weibo.

‘Could they really be affected by this?’

There were several leaders of the brainless fans in the Super Topic.
One of them was, of course, Gu Siyuan.
He had to figure out a way and prevent those brainless fans from causing any more chaos!

He didn’t have Gu Siyuan’s phone number, but Zhang Lianyue had it.
So, Shi Yuanbai hurriedly contacted Zhang Lianyue and asked for his contact information.

Speaking of it, he was unsure whether it was due to his anxiety playing on him, but since Zhang Lianze kept a distance from him, he felt even Zhang Lianyue’s attitude became lukewarm.

“Gu Xuedi’s contact information? Wouldn’t it be better if you ask him directly? Would you like me to inform him about it?”

The previous Zhang Lianyue would never speak in a roundabout way just to say a polite rejection.
But now she actually did.

Shi Yuanbai’s eyes were cold as he put down his phone.
There’s a high chance that Zhang Lianyue would deliberately forget to inform Gu Siyuan.
This left him with 2 choices, either he went to Gu Siyuan directly, or send a private message to him on Weibo.

In the end, Shi Yuanbai was a shrewd person after all.
He would never let any clue for others to speculate the reason he asked for this contact information.
Therefore, he went directly to the dormitory building where Gu Siyuan was located and waited for a chance encounter.

As the protagonist Shou, Shi Yuanbai was also blessed with a lucky attribute.
It didn’t take long for him to really meet Wu Siyuan.

“Gu Xuedi, Can I talk to you about something?” Shi Yuanbai greeted him with a smile. 

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If other people were here and saw such a smile, they would definitely say, ‘Aiyaaa what a gentle and benign smile.’ In Wu Siyuan’s case, however, looking at his smile, there’s only one thing in his mind, ‘What kind of scheme this person is currently harboring?’ 

It turned out to be a matter of CP posts on Weibo. 

Honestly, Wu Siyuan really wanted to laugh out loud and roll around as he heard Shi Yuanbai’s request. 

‘He’s in a hurry! He is anxious! He must be flustered!’

At this point, Wu Siyuan could actually slow down his plan in guiding Jiang Jingtong on how to capture Shi Yuanbai.
As long as he swiped clean all Small and Big fishes in Shi Yuanbai’s pond, The Sea King would be left with nothing.
At that time, the remaining Big Fish Jiang Jingtong would undoubtedly become a treasure.

Having said that, Wu Siyuan was ignorant of how many Fishes Shi Yuanbai had currently, and who they were.
For example, the Cameramen-Brother that day, was an unexpected harvest.
That guy had never been mentioned in the original plot.

In this case, he could only first clean up all the spare tires who had appeared and were mentioned in the plot.
Before they fell deeper and were unable to extricate themselves, hurry and slap them awake.

Afterward, the marriage of the Protagonists Gong and Shou would definitely be a matter of course.

Wu Siyuan promised Shi Yuanbai directly thereupon, that he would reduce his activity in the Super Topic.

“As for other fans, I will try my best to persuade them.
But whether they are willing to me or not, I can’t guarantee.”

Shi Yuanbai’s demand was not that high either.
“As long as you stop your weekly post to draw random comments, it’s fine.”



↑1 Senior Sister at the academic level
↑2 spare tire with a high background
↑3 a joke to refer to a Player, that is Shi Yuanbai, group of targets
↑4 gay or Bi
↑5 having a similar purpose, goal, and pace.

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