with The Sea King on his desktop. 

[Alright, proceed carefully.
You have to know your worth.
If Shi Xuege insists on going abroad for further study, he’ll find more choices.
So you have to work hard, and you can’t afford to make any mistakes, understand?]

The most important thing was letting Jiang Jingtong know his worth and status.
Shi Yuanbai was currently in the audition period, picking and selecting candidates.
So far he hadn’t found anyone who was more worthy than Jiang Jingtong. 

On the other side, Jiang Jingtong who received such a stern reminder;

‘How much worth do I have?’

He went furious looking at this sentence.
Did this Gu Siyuan was unaware of his identity, who his father and his family were?

He dared to let him, Jiang Jingtong, examine his own worth? How bold.
Did he intend to use such a scheme to attract his attention? If so,

You have successfully attracted my attention.’ Jiang Jingtong expressionlessly declared.

In reality, Wu Siyuan couldn’t care less what Jiang Jingtong would think about him in the future.
As long as he was strong enough, all kinds of attacks were meaningless.


Senior students would have no classes at all in the next semester.
To finish his plan, Wu Siyuan had to accelerate the relationship between Protagonist Gong and Shou this semester.

Giving advice and pushing from behind was just the first step.
Wu Siyuan had already been considering the second step. 

There’d be a basketball match next week in their college.
As the main force of their college team, Jiang Jingtong would not miss the last game he could have in college. 

Consequently, Wu Siyuan would also not miss this opportunity.
In the competition held by their Student Council, he’d have the chance to get close to these two people.

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After all, despite studying in the same college and knowing each other personally, it was not so easy to get close to Jiang Jingtong and Shi Yuanbai on weekdays. 

He was sure Shi Yuanbai would come to support Jiang Jingtong in the competition.
Then, when the two protagonists were on the same stage, it’d be convenient to enact his plan.

On this occasion, Shi Yuanbai would have to consider Jiang Jingtong’s face and would likely agree to give him some attention.
Therefore, Wu Siyuan would be able to use the acts and distort them in the direction he wanted.

The Student Council had already prepared the materials for the competition.
After reading the details sent by the group, Wu Siyuan asked Gao Min, the only one in their dormitory who was taken. 

“Brother Min, if you are playing in some match and the person you like is sitting in the audience, will you think that person may have prepared something for you?”

Gao Min pondered for a while, and answered, “I’m satisfied even if she just watches me perform.”

“Apart from it, let’s not mention shouting and cheering, but don’t you want her to give you towels, water, etc?”

Imagining the scene in his mind, Gao Min then shyly agreed, “That’d be the best.”

“Then, what kind of towel do you want from your beloved?”

Gao Min quickly shook his head, “Just the one that can be used to wipe my sweat!”

Wu Siyuan nodded in understanding.
That being said, the basketball club had always prepared towel sets for the players.
If it were the same towel as others, it would have no romantic effect. 

Therefore, Wu Siyuan browsed a shopping page, randomly packed a towel with the words Be the Winner! on it, and clicked purchase. 


On the day of the game, Shi Yuanbai really came to the auditorium, causing Jiang Jingtong to frequently throw his gaze at the audience.  

Their gaze met with each other, filled with; I have you in my eyes, you see me in your eyes.

It’d be better if Shi Yuanbai prepared things for him, but unfortunately, he was just here to watch.
However, Jiang Jingtong was already very satisfied with it.
This guy was simply hopeless. 

Wu Siyuan didn’t have much work, so he came to Shi Yuanbai with a towel and two bottles of water.
Luckily, there happened to be a vacant seat nearby.

“Shi Xuege, are you here to watch Jiang Xuege?” It was loud enough that everyone around was able to hear it.

Seeing that it was Gu Siyuan, Shi Yuanbai nodded.
“That’s right.
Since this match is the last one he’ll have in College, it is a moment worth commemorating.”

Wu Siyuan, “Oh.
Why don’t you take a few cool photos of Jiang Xuege? You can see and reminisce about it in the future.”

Shi Yuanbai took out his mobile phone reflexively when he heard Gu Siyuan’s words, and took random shots at Jiang Jingtong.
To maintain the character in front of brainless fan-Siyuan, he had to pretend to care.
If this brainless fan was no longer brainless, he might become the strongest opponent otherwise.

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Previously, he had asked a lot of people, and they all admitted that Gu Siyuan was indeed his look-alike, though his personality was vastly different.
Shi Yuanbai was honestly a little bit afraid that Jiang Jingtong would find a substitute to replace him when he considered their relationship had no possibility.
Fortunately, even if Jiang Jingtong might have the heart, as their CP brainless fan, Gu Siyuan did not.

After Shi Yuanbai obediently took out his mobile phone to take a picture, Wu Siyuan took out the things he had prepared for a long time.

“Xuege, this is something our Student Council has prepared.
You can give it to Jiang Xuege later.” He added a wink at the end, and said, “Perhaps after seeing the things you have prepared for him, he’ll be moved by your thoughtful care.”

After handing the important responsibility to the Protagonist Shou, Wu Siyuan left without turning back.
His today’s task had been accomplished.


On the way, when he saw someone taking pictures of the event, he said to the classmate, “Brother, if Jiang Jingtong Xuege runs over to find Shi Yuanbai Xuege later, can you take some pictures for me?”

The cameraman-Brother listened for a while, and asked him afterward, “Why do you want me to take pictures of those two?”

Wu Siyuan, “Of course, it’s to make new content!”

“What kind of content?”

“It’s for their CP posts in Super Topic. Now that they’ll about to give us a new sugar supply, we must taste it properly.
I believe, it’ll not be long for them to finally be together officially!”

“Are they really real? No, wait, are they really going to date? How can it be? Didn’t Shi Yuanbai keep saying that he and Jiang Jingtong are merely friends?”

Wu Siyuan looked at this Senior somewhat disbelieved with a little touch of despair expression.
He said, “You will find out later.
Besides, don’t you see the look in their eyes? If such expressions are fake, then what’s real love look like?”

Unable to hear Wu Siyuan’s words any longer, the cameramen-Brother felt his heart was broken into pieces. 

Actually, just the day before yesterday, Shi Yuanbai vowed to him that he absolutely had nothing to do with Jiang Jingtong.

Today, at the half-time of the game, Jiang Jingtong happily ran to Shi Yuanbai and gave him a sweaty hug. 

Cameramen-Brother pressed the shutter unconsciously.
There was a bitter smile on the corner of his mouth.
It turned out to be true, Shi Yuanbai lied to him.

Wu Siyuan left, hiding his merit and fame.

One of the potential Fish in Shi Yuanbai’s pond[1] had successfully been decimated in the cradle.



↑1 Shi Yuanbai is a player, The Sea King, so his targets are either called small fish, big fish, shrimps, etc

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