mosphere between the two.

Especially Yue Tianhua, his “blushing ears” were still apparent to see.

The couple not only honestly disclosed to the fans “the truth” about their quarrel that day, but also apologized to everyone, for causing them unnecessary worries.

Fans were naturally delighted and began to send rewards and gifts through the LIVE streaming platforms one after another.

Wu Siyuan also took a peek at the LIVE broadcast.
Using his secondary account as the Protagonists’ Senior Shipper, he threw several Rockets[1] for the couple directly.

[The two there, can you guys give us more fan service? XD]

Once the message along with the Rocket gifts thrown showed up on the Screen Bullets, the other fans quickly followed and demanded more sweet interaction.

Looking at how the Protagonist Gong and Protagonist Shou were forced to show their affection online, it really did look endearing and adorable.
After all, in the original plot, outside the time spent used for misunderstanding, the scenes about them were actually romantic and worthy to be envied at.

The fans had accepted their explanation and let them go, but began to ask for more “sugar content“.

In this state, there was finally nothing wrong with their relationship anymore.

So after sending a few more Rockets, Wu Siyuan continued to send another request,

[Asking the Master to give us food, daily, Give us Mooore, Mooooawwr~!]

He Gaoyi gave his word immediately.

He had had this idea already in his mind.
Moreover, he decided to open more LIVE Broadcast in the future.
He used to disdain scrapping over what little money gained using this method, but after looking at the number of tonight’s rewards given by his fans, he thought doing a LIVE broadcast was actually a good idea.

Yue Tianhua just smile indulgently on the side, but got chilled inwardly.

‘I absolutely hate all of this!’

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But, even then, he had no other way out…

Regardless of his real feelings, he could only cooperate obediently, until someone else was willing to cover him.
Liu Tianhe once had been there, but now he couldn’t look forward to him.

As the audience, Wu Siyuan accurately spotted Yue Tianhua’s absentmindedness.
Therefore, he added more Rocket to his gift and send another message,

[Yueyue seems to be quieter tonight, is he shy?]

He Gaoyi glanced at Yue Tianhua and pinched him hard from the blank spot of the camera.
“Well, he’s a little tired today.”

The ambiguous answer caused the comment barrages to be full of “Ahhhhh“, and Wu Siyuan was finally able to retreat with peace of mind.
He didn’t forget to ask his subordinate to specially order a hotsearch about their interaction tonight.

The more popular they become, the more they would be deprived of the choice to separate from each other!


Another good thing in the way of resolving the Protagonists’ crisis was that, fortunately, the scenes they needed to take in the filming crew had all been shot.
They safely finished this one project.

Afterward, Wu Siyuan secretly helped them gain another contact, for them to receive several endorsements, naturally with them as a couple.

The endorsements given were not first-rate or even second-rated brands.
Just like how their current D-rated celebrity status, the brand they received similarly followed their grade.
However, all contracts were the same.
There must be agreement and constraints, in the case of couple models, they must maintain their relationship during the contract period.

It’s simply adding another padlock to the already immaculately-locked relationship between the two.

Therefore, regardless of whether Yue Tianhua was still in love with He Gaoyi or not, he no longer dared to propose a separation.

Later, after taking a few more endorsements with a similar stipulation in the contract, they didn’t even have the guts to mess around anymore.

Their Manager also frequently warned them,

“You have become popular once more due to your CP Fans, so don’t mess around and make trouble.”

He Gaoyi and Yue Tianhua nodded their head repeatedly.

The two guys had also begun to live under one roof as they once did.
Yet the more they shared their time and knew each other’s daily habits, the stronger they felt discontentment in their hearts.


On Wu Siyuan’s side, he couldn’t be more satisfied after his Love Variety Show wrapped its last episode.

When he was in a good mood, he quickly urged his subordinates to prepare the next show as soon as possible.

After all, he shouldered the Great Cause, namely, escorting the Protagonist Gong and Shou to the grand ending of their love, a.k.a, marriage, similarly, in the shortest time possible!

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He shouldn’t let any blunder slip out from his side, and likewise, others must not make another trouble for him either.

In this way, Wu Siyuan didn’t merely put his attention on He Gaoyi and Yue Tianhua, but also on the adversaries of the two protagonists.

Once he found out that some people were actually about to scheme on the two of them, he didn’t hesitate to take immediate measures to take care of the incoming trouble.

It was so heartbreaking, to think that such attempts had affected He Gaoyi and Yue Tianhua to begin wondering if their popularity was deteriorating once more.

What worried Wu Siyuan even more so was that in fact, He Gaoyi was a mere LIVE streamer right now, yet he could still attract the aggro from a bunch of other internet celebrities.

That’s right, the online celebrities who were dabbling in lovers’ business to gain audiences, despised the two protagonists.

Originally, He Gaoyi and Yue Tianhua had a fan base of their own.
However, once they devoted their time to being a LIVE streamer, not only did they snatch others’ places on the popular list, but also stole a group of fans from others.

There were finally some Anchors who directly and indirectly showed their animosity toward He Gaoyi and Yue Tianhua.
More of them even started to roast the couple.

What they took as a basis was how previously the two guys had framed and schemed on Qin Siyuan.
The matter later fermented and sprung into another new hotsearch.

Wu Siyuan first pondered about his next action, before finally deciding to express his stance on his Weibo:

[“Thank you for not brushing off the previous offense.
It’s true that I had no intention to pardon their action, even so, I sincerely wish the two of them to eternally stay together until old age.
Also, I really don’t want to be mentioned along with those twos’ names, so please, I wish I can be spared from being dragged into their affairs.
Otherwise, I can’t help but feel upset.”]

Due to Qin Siyuan’s statement, his name was finally less mentioned when the netizens talked about He Gaoyi and Yue Tianhua.
Though those who wanted to criticize Qin Siyuan’s move of denouncing the two people, of course, existed as well.

At any rate, he had gained what he intended to achieve, so Wu Siyuan was too lazy to deal with the rest.

He Gaoyi and Yue Tianhua’s CP Fans, however, had mixed feelings toward this Qin Siyuan.
In the end, they simply chose to ignore Qin Siyuan’s Weibo completely.

After another no-good hotsearch about him, He Gaoyi started to restrain himself.
His current status was not as good as before, and he was also not good at online fighting against those internet celebrities.

Time passed this way, and before they knew it, a new script was sent to He Gaoyi and Yue Tianhua.
However, this time was not a silly sweet couple, but a pair of vicious supporting roles.
For the sake of inheritance, the couple planned to kill their elder brother’s orphaned child and intended to hoard the inheritance by themselves.

Needless to say, He Gaoyi was displeased by such roles.
He tried to throw a tantrum and complained to his Manager, but the said Manager merely pushed his glasses upward and savagely responded,

“Then, you can take days off in this period instead.”




When Wu Siyuan heard that eventually He Gaoyi and Yue Tianhua agreed to take on the roles given, he was so pleased that he directly gave a thumbs up for himself.

‘Good job, Myself!’

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